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Fear missing out

FOMO the trend of the twenties the fear of missing out.

Now this can apply to many areas friends, Facebook, parties, jobs the list is endless but there is one important one,
There is one FOMO that should drive you mad with desire.
Are you making money on the Internet like the Nerd down the road?

What! You’re not? But my friend everyone is raking it in.
$5000 a month low end $80,000 chasing the big million and you’re not in the game?

The great internet earnings myth.

Work from home, on Holidays, in your PJ’s whenever you want, life has never been easier.

Everyone is doing it. It’s like a second job taking over so you can leave the 9-5 and tell your boss what you really think.
Now sit back and watch the money comes in.
Making a living online is possible. The figures quoted are real, opportunities abound but so do the scammers.

No free rides with Internet

Fear missing out

Any sort of income making venture takes work. There are no free rides and you really need to know your stuff.
I have personally bought hundreds of products, written books, Coached, had an online shop paid my upgrades and 99% were called experience.
Like Thomas Edison and the light bulb, all the fails were just eliminating what does not work.

How do you get online experience?

Getting experience with online income generation is hard. There are literally tens of thousands of ways to make money on the internet and you can’t do them all.
You can only choose one or two and run with them. Which ones you may well ask, well, I don’t have an easy answer.
My recommendation for foundation training is The Wealthy Affiliate. I and many others searched through a lot of dog products before finding this Utopia.

Is earning money on the internet possible?

Don’t believe me log in and follow some of the members’ comments, it’s like a big family.
Have a look at some of the earnings among the members, ordinary working people just like you and me that went an extra yard and now live on the earnings while travelling around.

Shiny object syndrome

This is a well-known phenomenon when first trying to make money online.
This should be avoided like swimming with sharks and other risky ventures.
Randomly buying get rich products is costly and time wasting. Money can go into many thousands of dollars as you are promised rewards that make me blush. I know you will try it, we all do, it is part of the learning curve but do it with some insight. Understand the market before you venture forth.
One great example was a company called MOBE. They got so many of us mortals involved with an introductory $49 offer.
That offer then went to $199 right through to over $20,000 for the few that went the distance. Fancy paying out $20 grand for some internet training.
Yes, it was slick and the main guy Matt was sincere but splashing a lot of money around. What was the end result was  The American FTC closed it down and clawed back $125,000 million in assets?  A bundle of intelligent people lost money I being one of them but my $49 investment served me well.

 What can you do to learn the Internet?

My advice is to look at what is available and concentrate on that. Make yourself an expert in a product and then tout your wares to others at a cost.

It might be LinledIn, or Instagram, Facebook or Twitter it may be Amazon affiliate or Udmey reseller. You may set up a Shopify site or go into local marketing. Maybe coaching is your role or building websites, SEO or videos but whatever you chose you should target your choice.

We all go to wide to start and that is part of the learning curve. It is like leaving school and wondering about a career choice, some know early and some decide late, It matters not when you decide it matters that you do decide.

Who am I to tell you what to do? I see your strengths and you know where they lay so head in a direction that will end where a decision is evident.

I see the people that have the greatest success are those that specialise.
Do some basic training first, the Wealthy Affiliate has it all, log in for free and learn from others as you advance in the internet world.

Fear missing out

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