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10 ways to improve your email marketing


10 ways to improve your email marketing and what you need to do.

First of all, let’s look at what you want to achieve.
Constant Contact says that you should get back $38 for every dollar you spend in Email Marketing.

That is a good return on any money and you would do it all day if the return was guaranteed.

Fortunately, the costs of mailing are very low and depending on your product the return may be very high.

Here we go with 10 top tips and a few more things you need to know.

Where to start, the beginning is a great place and that is your name or business name

Tip 1

Get your name accepted and trusted before you start anything.

10 ways to improve your email marketing


It is a fact we only open our mail by the sender address. I know I scan my emails every morning and delete by name. The first thing that shows up is the sender name.
To achieve this part of the know like and trust you must introduce yourself in your first mail and inform the readers there is more to come

Tip 2

10 ways to improve your email marketing

Your headline is the next important part. To help with this I use free tool which is located at the bottom of their page


45A simple guide to better email                     results 45

37a beginners guide to the best email            results 37

53is email marketing good for your business             53

49email marketing made easy                                    49

5610 of the best email marketing tips                         56

6410 ways to boost your email marketing      results  64

6410 ways to improve your email marketing              64

6310 ways to have success with email marketing     53

49How to have success with email marketing           49

50How to improve your emails and have success     51

56So you want to improve your email marketing       56

55So you want to improve your email marketing,
what can you do                                                    55

The best I could achieve was a 64% result which is less than I would normally go for. I like in the late 70% before I go ahead. You can see my first choice was only 56% so I improved my result

Tip 3

Build a promise of things to come, gather some excitement and anticipation so your readers will look forward to opening your mail.

Build a story so they will follow along and read the emails until something you
write grabs their attention.

Tip 4

Don’t write a book but still tell a story. Attention spans are pretty limited so stay
short and to the point. Use bullet points and get to the chase as quickly as possible.

I vary with the number of words I write depending on what I am trying to convey.

It is true that people will read a lot when they have an interest, they want to learn
more and they want to be told. An example could be a short email on Say Nike
running shoes. You may have a learn more at this quick link, this goes to a
web page that may run at 1400 words.

Those that click the link want more information, they are nearly sold follow
then closely.

Tip 5

Have some links both internal and external. The reason we use links is to gauge the

10 ways to improve your email marketing
Interest in a subject. Do you like hot food or Vegetarian? (See tip 10)
Be careful though in your choice of links because you don’t want them wandering
off target. Contact, pricing, styles, more pictures are ok but going to a competing
site may lose them forever

Tip 6

Use some pictures to tell a thousand words. It is true that Pictures paint a story but they must be appropriate to the subject.

Tip 7

Have a call to action. We are not there only to entertain we want to lead readers to an action. This should be on every page after the first mail and even then a contact  link should be inserted

Tip 8

Be consistent in style and format so you are recognized and accepted. You are
building a brand as you go to stay focused. Timing can be part of this if you want to email every month make sure you do. Customers will expect it and notice if you are inconsistent.

Tip 9

10 ways to improve your email marketing

Never oversell let them buy the product because you have led them to the
only decision they could possibly make, buying your product.



Not everyone has the same interest so as you move along try
to change your targets. It is no good flogging Vegetarian to a carnivore you won’t get the interest.

A few extras that you really need to know.

a) Talk about them, not about you. Customers don’t care about you, sorry but it is true they care about themselves and the effect on their lives.

b) Discuss benefits, How you can change their lives for the better and let them visualize themselves enjoying the benefits of what you provide.

c) You can use humour, testimonials, actual situations, stories and pictures to achieve your purpose in leading them to a destination.


Finally, start with a plan and follow the plan until you achieve the result you want.

10 ways to improve your email marketing by

10 ways to improve your email marketing

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