Does wealthy affiliate work

Does Wealthy Affiliate work?

Wealthy Affiliate is a multi-dimensional business that defies the name. Wealthy Affiliate (WA) encompasses most parts of the Internet for those that are site building, marketing or trying to make a $$ on the Internet.

They base the site building on WordPress an open source platform.

Building a website starts right here, you can buy a domain cheaper than most places and start your journey.
Does wealthy affiliate work



Your website must be hosted somewhere. Furthermore, it must be accessible and changeable at will and connect to the Google search engine. SEO is important and this is well covered in my last article.

At WA you can actually host two websites for free with most of the facilities. When you want to increase the number of sites it is a fixed monthly fee up to 50 websites $49 a month.

However, it does not end there, With your hosting, you get a free website builder that has an anti-spam facility, speed upgrade, site health meter, comments and feedback, support and security.

No one does it better!



When you search the Internet you search with Keywords to find what you want. They are the dominant factor In search terms

Using Keywords on your web page is a real art. Most of all it determines whether you will be successful or not In web page building. WA Hosts a free Keyword Builder for basic searches. and as a result, you can search before you choose. There is an upgrade for the more gregarious but the basic is free.

Does anyone else give you this?



Does wealthy affiliate work


Where do I Start? Well first up the training is free and furthermore, it is as good as anything on the Internet.

The training is as easy for newbies as it is for the more experienced and is modulised so you can return anytime.

Pick a subject and go to it, You will have both a written summary and a Video course on each subject.

If you are considering either building websites or wanting to go to affiliate marketing this is:

The best training available, you would pay thousands elsewhere.


The active community is available at any time for help, support and feedback. Many do regular posts with encouragement and ideas to succeed. On many sites, high achievers cannot be identified or approached. Here at WA, you have access to any member to follow or comment. Many declare incomes or ways to achieve it.

I have seen posts where they state you can not make money out of WA. We can prove to you a part of the income of any member because of the competition banner which is on every header.

Affiliate site

Yes, you get paid for recommending Wealthy affiliate and any links on this page will take you to a login page. Now, I don’t earn a lot for a free service but if eventually, you upgrade I make some money and the world goes around. There is not much you do on the internet that someone does not make a dollar. Want to join in?

Click here and have a look. Oh, and by the way keep your credit card locked away you won’t need it.


Alice in Wonderland a journey down a hole.

Does wealthy affiliate work

I just commented to a new member that had joined WA and was wondering where all this would lead to, I said “

It’s like the Rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland; when you enter and participate anything is possible.

I suggest starting a Rubix free website in any niche you can think of and then start the training at “Get Started here” By the time you finish, you will be like the Mad Hatter doing a dance.

It is a journey you will enjoy.

I am glad I entered the Rabbit hole but I made mistakes because I thought I knew more than I did.I had previously built sites on another Hosting that could not succeed because of a lack of knowledge.

In addition, I recently asked a top 20 members a question on success. He replied that he followed the training and it found him. No better way than saying that.

Does wealthy affiliate work

Thank you for being in the Rabbit Hole with me.

Peter Hanley
Does wealthy affiliate work


Ps Be prepared to be blown away by success.



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