Affiliate programs that pay​

Affiliate programs that pay

Affiliate programs that pay. What a question to ask a struggling entrepreneur.


This is the most famous program used by millions to sell a product. It is easy to set up and they are not in the highway robbery business. You can truly believe you will get paid on every sale.

Affiliate programs that pay​


Amazon has a great habit of cancelling accounts for no reason at all. Just one day they are gone. Sometimes this is from a lack of sales or effort on your part, sometimes no reason given.
When it is working well it is a great move.
Amazon University is a paid course on becoming an affiliate

Warrior+ and JV Zoo

Deals every day and again to big to upset the little people. It is all automated and shows on your login so feel comfortable that you are safe here. Both have training programs for the uneducated.

Affiliate programs that pay​

Affiliate programs that pay​

Recurring income

I have spent my life around recurring income businesses. You can build a future income as you go that can take you into financial comfort. Even become a saleable asset.

Selling a product today and getting paid is great but you need to maintain a consistent and relentless push to get sales.

What if you had a month off and your payments kept rolling in, every month a growing cheque.

That is what happens with recurring income.

Affiliate programs that pay​

Wealthy Affiliate

this is probably the best value on the market today.
First of all, it’s free to join. Furthermore’ you get complete training on becoming an affiliate in any Niche you choose.

It does not stop there either. You can build a free website and learn as you go.

If you want affiliate income you need to learn how first.

Join now

Many more affiliate opportunities that pay

We have just skimmed the top of the tree above with the best available. It depends in some ways on your interest or niche or where you want to be taken.

For instance, to do  training on any subject the leader is

Affiliate programs that pay​

Here they sell courses on thousands of ideas and you can become an affiliate.


To become an affiliate you need to apply to the company and tell them why you should be accepted. Details of your website, the number of leads those sort of things.

The best way forward is to choose your market or product and then set up a website. With a bit of traffic that you can learn how to do Here, you have a chance of being accepted.

Big ticket affiliate sites.

Most of these are based on training and leveraging you through an upsell program. is one that was going to work. You could earn thousand per lead but it costs you thousands to get in.
Your initial entry cost is just a few dollars and this allows an introduction to the course and the Blue sky opportunities.

Affiliate programs that pay​

Then the upsells start, you are sucked into the scheme and keep handing out money to achieve a greater level of income.

When I originally posted this page MOBE was all the go. It has now been branded a scam and shut down by the USA authorities and put them into bankruptcy. I have left this in as a warning that the market is full of challenges

Can you make money as an affiliate?

Of course, you can, people just like you are doing it every day, making a regular income every month.

Some even make it to the top and make the big Million plus a year.

You cannot, however, achieve this without effort.

Unless you have basic skill levels and the ability to invest your time in education and know how there is no magic wand.

Nothing comes for nothing.

Finally, now that I have put in a few roadblocks I believe

” it is the best game in town.”

Affiliate programs that pay​

Peter Hanley


Affiliate programs that pay

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