Create your own website free


Create your own website free

Create your own website free


Create your own website free is a look at what goes into building a website. It is easy and free as we hold your hand to simple training and quick completion


So you want a website and you want it for free but what about all the other bits and pieces you will need.

Things like Domains and hosting and SEO and Pictures and writing and set out. The list is long but stay with me and I will take you on an adventure.

What’s your webpage about?

Is it a simple blog page, maybe for a Create your own website free
business or even a shop front to sell lots of great products. Or, perhaps you just want to learn how to create a site.

Now you have made up your
mind what will you call yourself?

Every website has an address. A www.your Sometimes this depends on what is available and we can search for that later.

You need to buy a domain name for about $10 or piggyback on someone else’s domain.

Create your own website free

I run a facebook site about Rescue cats. I wanted a simple webpage but did not want to outlay funds.

We used
a free hosting service with Wealthy affiliate because it was a way to see if it worked

Now you need a hosting service.

This is an in the cloud type services where all your domains live and anyone can look at them at any time plus you make changes when you want, all very secure and cosy

They cost money, well nearly all do anyway and anywhere from a few dollars too much more, either monthly or annual payments. But hang in there we will get to the free bit.

You have a name a domain and a host what comes next?

The correct software to
build your webpage.
But it must be free as well.

Create your own website free

By far the most widely used software is called Word Press. This is what they call open source software that is built so anyone can use it without paying any money.
It is good and easy to use.

What’s more, it comes with a lot of supporters called Plug-ins that do a lot of the work for you. There are some you need to pay for if you want special things done but generally, most are free.

You don’t need programming skills or any special talent and it all comes really easy in a WYSIWYG format. What’s more, if you are into programming they have an area just for you.

What about all the beaut
pictures that are on sites?

Create your own website free

I will take you to a million free photos to use when you build your site that you just click and paste anywhere you want. There are also sites that supply
pictures for free or amounts like a $1 or two if you want something special.


Yep free as well. Try for your daily dose of fun.


Pay for this by searching the web or follow me further for the best free training on everything  WordPress and site-building you can ever ask for.

You really need some basics before you roll this out so hang on in there as we roll on down.

Finally SEO or setting
up your site, so people find you.

Create your own website free

You can pay hundreds of dollars a month or do it yourself for free with a little help from a couple of plugins. Yep, the plugins that tell you what to do to make the site better and be

found by anyone searching for you.


There is only one place to get everything for free.


Create your own website free

In conclusion, I use and recommend Wealthy affiliate every day.



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