SEO Website WordPress

SEO Website WordPress

Here Peter Hanley looks at SEO Website WordPress and how things have changed with the intro of Gutenberg and WP 5 to make life easier for you.

How are you doing SEO on your site

First of all there are housekeeping things to do.
There are two plugins that you can use to a lot of the work for you.

Both are free and widely supported with millions of uploads.

  • Yoast SEO
  • All in One SEO pack by Michael Torbet

Some will say don’t use both and to chose your favourite but they do have different roles and personally, I use both.
They are downloaded from the plugin page and activated to allow the use.

Furthermore using WordPress 5 will provide you with all these options as we go through this.

SEO starts at the top

Your Keyword needs to be in the opening paragraph and a H1 or H2 heading.
But let me take a little side step  here and talk about WordPress 5.

You need to upgrade to the Box builder format because not only does it make page building easier it provides SEO guides as you go.
What is your Category?
Add your tags.
Set your feature image
allow comments
do a precise

Also, I also use Rapid SEO Indexer plugin to ping the site map and submit to google. As a result I am nearly done, well, not quite.

Writing is important with SEO

While you need lots of subheadings be careful to not range in H# You start big and go down from there I like to use H3 throughout the page.
You are directed to write less than 300 words between headers so don’t ramble on.
short sentences are best.
The use of Pictures that are relevant to the subject is encouraged because it draws attention to the subject>

Image of person writing
Remember to provide Alt Text 

Yoast will guide you on a writing guide by providing tips along the way therefor making life easy.



There are two types of links which are internal and external. Internal is on a page or post you have on your website and external are authoritative sites. A good example is Wikipedia for more information.

Each picture posted can also be linked to another post or section. Importantly you have the option of passing the reader to a new platform or making them come back to you. This is really important because you don’t want to lose your reader to another site.
When you load the image and provide the link you have a small option to
open in a new tab.

SEO Website WordPress
Don’t link to Facebook

Don’t waste them on Facebook because it is filled with exciting offers and posts of interest. Therefore they will never come back.

Introducing  colour

The jury is out on this, particularly on background colours. Certainly, don’t use dark background colours that make reading difficult. With Basic WP 5 your choice is limited.
I don’t believe this has any effect on SEO but it can distract the reader along the way

Writing in colour is also optional and you have some ability to shade the colour through a very narrow spectrum.

It is simple to shade and change as you go.
For a greater range of abilities, I chose the page builder Elementor that can be used with WordPress. It is a similar build but a lot more abilities.

Adding lists and quotes to WordPress

It seems like Google loves lists. So they, the experts say anyway. I always try to add a list somewhere and as I write I am wondering where to do this so that it works with the article. I think I shall save it to a summary.

Quotes are also good value and can give the reader some things to ponder and consequently build some like and trust.

Building tension is great but it is an art form and one that I have not managed to excel at.  Especially relevant is that the best is yet to come.

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”
― Anton Chekhov

Tell a story not a fact

“You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.”
― Jodi Picoult

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”
— Louis L’Amour

The gallery should be what you are writing about.

OK, I am not writing about cats or injuries but I love a good gallery of pictures and these come from a series I do on Rescue cats, a bit of a hobby
horse of mine.

Writing for mobile

This is an important part of all writing on The web.
Google now rates your mobile SEO before the web and
maybe if it is no good you are Dead in the water.

Luckily most themes these days are mobile friendly

Where to find out more?

I use and recommend the Wealthy Affiliate free training and web hosting site for all my activity. While there is training on every module and advanced support it is free and consequently great value.


Finally, I list out your check sheet

  • Install Yoast or All in one SEO
  • Use WordPress 5 or higher
  • Best Keyword use the tool
  • Use the toolbar for Tags etc
  • Writing for success short sentences
  • Linking. Internal and external
  • Pictures, great assets
  • Colour background and words
  • Mobile phone for Google to see
Image of author
by Peter HanleyHome

Rather than guess your way through because of a lack of knowledge you can do the Wealthy Affiliate training and easily get up to steam.

Free Keyword Search Tool

free keyword search tool

Finding a Free Keyword search tool is the first part of building a lucrative website or online income promoting your selected word or phrase.

Pay big bucks or Pay nothing it’s your call.

A Keyword is just one small part of the equation. We can all pick a Keyword that attracts traffic and I use for example the word Nike.

free keyword search tool
The keys to successful words

Nike is a Keyword, everyone knows it, most will search it over a lifetime and it guarantees a huge volume of traffic. The problem is it is not traffic to you.

Add a tail to Nike like Nike golf shoes Tiger Wood and you can have a chance of being seen.

The first page of any search term 

The average web user won’t go past the first five listings on a search engine results page (SERP). According to a 2014 study from Advanced Web Rankings, more than 67% of all clicks on SERPs go to the top five listings. Things start to get grim when you look past those first few results. Research shows that websites on the first search engine results page receive 95% of all traffic is seen on page one leaving only 5% for the remaining search results pages. 

It gets worse

With the word Nike, there are over 1.7 million searches a month and If you are on page one you might see 296,000 hits on your website if and only if you are consistently on Page one, which is not going to happen unless?

Buying your way in

On every Page there resides some paid adverts, usually the first three or four spots. Using Google AdWords you pay every time someone clicks on your advert, pretty easy stuff except for one simple reason. Cost!

A word like Nike might cost you about $40 a click. Then only 1/10 might buy so your cost of sales would be $400 hardly worthwhile.

So you need to get to page one for free if possible.

How many are ahead of you

This is a very important question with a very easy answer.
Having Nike in your domain name always helps but it is  protected by copy-write so that is not an option

In the USA there are about 100 pages ahead of you or some thousand companies that you must be better than so that is not going to happen.

There are many factors that come into the equation before you make a decision. Age of the website, the number of backlinks, internal links,
to name just a few.

Addressing the keyword issue

The answer is, of course, long-tail keywords. This is when you construct words around Nike to narrow the search term. An example could be Tiger Woods  Nike golf shoes where you could be on pages 3-4 quickly and go to the top by adding just a bit more like a location.

How do you check your keywords?

OK, now we are getting down to Keyword checkers. My favorite is actually free for limited searches, great for amateurs with an upgrade for pros.

You can play with this and get a basic understanding of what you want to find out.

The other end of the market 

I really like UberSuggest, this provides all the information you will ever need but it takes a bit of training

I can go on with this to Google trends, Semrush, and Moz plus you can search google for lots of paid versions but I have given you the top choices so don’t waste time looking for a better answer.

How to use your Keyword

Knowing and having a keyword is just the start of the offering. It is using it in the best possible way.

  • Great if you have it in your URL
  • Use it in your heading.
  • Must be in the first paragraph of your post
  • In your Title and description
  • and one H# heading

Finally, a warning to not overuse it in any post or 
page, Keyword Stuffing in a past issue, and you can now be penalized for it.

All things Internet and training

The Keyword is just part of the broader picture. For complete training on the internet I recommend starting with the free version of Wealthy Affiliate, you even get a free keyword analyzer thrown in.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment on the free Keyword search tool provided.

Free keyword search tool by Peter Hanley

Image of author
by Peter Hanley

Free Keyword Search Tool by Peter Hanley

SEO outsource

How to plan your marketing

SEO outsourcing is no longer needed for most small businesses. Here Peter Hanley tells you how to save money by doing SEO in-house. Times have changed.

SEO Outsource not needed 

I was paying $600 a month for 10 keywords to try and rank on page one.

The site might have made it a few times but most of all they asked for more time and another month of money. I thought Yellow pagers people were robbers but these guys take the cake.
Still to this day I regularly get offers to take my money but now manage my own SEO.

Writing content to win

First of all how many words go into a blog that is acceptable to SEO.
The jury varies on this except that 300 is considered a minimum and that around 1500 optimal. The content value, however, overrides everything else.
Your Headings should be from largest to smallest going down and paragraphs not too long. Sentences short and too the point without waffling on.
Google does not read words but senses structure and grammar. 
Spelling and grammar mistakes are easy to pick ( spell check) up as are length and style.

Pictures in a Blog

Seo and image of young girl

The Pictures are an asset provided they can be associated with the writing.
although good looking people usually get a look in.

You must fill in the Alt image box describing the picture. Houston we have a dilemma. Do you place the Keyword in the Alt Image or an actual description of the picture? Again there are two trains of thought. I always place the Keyword in the Alt box and don’t get marked down on it

Lists, Links, and videos to complete the blog

To this, you can add quotes, comments, audio and galleries all designed to keep you inline, online and achieving.

You need both in and out links to complete the party and as many as you can gather. Link to other pages or even on the page as well as outside authorities websites. Government, universities, corporations are all good

Categories, Tags and excerpts

Categories are the most important of the three because Uncategorized is not a good look nor good for your Seo so make sure you fill these out.

In your settings and reading fix your category on the most used one in case you forget to fill the box

You can learn more about this at Wealthy Affiliate in the University training  which is a free course

Comments and reply’s

Interaction on your site is always positive for several reasons.

  • Feedback is good and recognized by Google
  • Time on the site is an important Matrix 
  • Other users stay longer reading comments

Key phrase and its use 

This is probably the most important issue we will discuss because it is the start and end of the journey.

We have talked about Keywords and how they apply to your business now we will discuss placing them on your page. 
In the olden days but a year or so past Keyword stuffing was all the rage. This has done a three-sixty and is now considered bad format.

Certainly in your domain name is great for your main page but in a blog or post the target keyword in your heading.
Then in the first paragraph and one in a H# title
The Meta description is vital that you have the keyword included as well the associated slug.
Yoast tells me Keyword density is a minimum of 0.5% with a maximum of 2.5%
so use them cleverly and mix them in the writing.
If you use keywords correctly the SEO outsourcing is not needed as an example 

Check your site ranking

There is a very easy way to check your site ranking at this free site ranker

I have discussed at length in a post on check your site rank where 
 there is a section on checking your whole page for errors and corrections.

This is particularly helpful as errors and problems subtract from your SEO

Social Media

Social media impacts your results with linking and sending traffic and as the search engines like Facebook and Instagram among others because of the link juice they provide.

Warning though your updates on Social media need to be current  with good quality material

Blog posting

Consistent and regular blog posting is required to keep your site in front of mind and Google penalizes lack of attention. Make sure you link your posts through to Social media and link to High profile sites for extra value

Outsource some of the work

Posting to Social media and Blog posting can be a hassle so maybe give a staff member some authority to do this on a regular basis.

I recommend Scheduling your posts for a week in advance so you take the one-time slot to do this. I regularly adopt this method to keep up to date

Do some extra training

We recommend you use  Wealthy Affiliate for all your training on everything website and SEO and because it is free you can slot your staff in as well.


It may seem like a lot of work but with a  bit of organisation and thought you can make this quite easy. your managers can outsource internally or externally for much of the work. Go to places like Fivver .comWhere you can get anything done for a low price particularly blog writing.

image of author
by Peter Hanley


SEO outsource

Create your own website free


Create your own website free

Create your own website free


Create your own website free is a look at what goes into building a website. It is easy and free as we hold your hand to simple training and quick completion


So you want a website and you want it for free but what about all the other bits and pieces you will need.

Things like Domains and hosting and SEO and Pictures and writing and set out. The list is long but stay with me and I will take you on an adventure.

What’s your webpage about?

Is it a simple blog page, maybe for a Create your own website free
business or even a shop front to sell lots of great products. Or, perhaps you just want to learn how to create a site.

Now you have made up your
mind what will you call yourself?

Every website has an address. A www.your Sometimes this depends on what is available and we can search for that later.

You need to buy a domain name for about $10 or piggyback on someone else’s domain.

Create your own website free

I run a facebook site about Rescue cats. I wanted a simple webpage but did not want to outlay funds.

We used
a free hosting service with Wealthy affiliate because it was a way to see if it worked

Now you need a hosting service.

This is an in the cloud type services where all your domains live and anyone can look at them at any time plus you make changes when you want, all very secure and cosy

They cost money, well nearly all do anyway and anywhere from a few dollars too much more, either monthly or annual payments. But hang in there we will get to the free bit.

You have a name a domain and a host what comes next?

The correct software to
build your webpage.
But it must be free as well.

Create your own website free

By far the most widely used software is called Word Press. This is what they call open source software that is built so anyone can use it without paying any money.
It is good and easy to use.

What’s more, it comes with a lot of supporters called Plug-ins that do a lot of the work for you. There are some you need to pay for if you want special things done but generally, most are free.

You don’t need programming skills or any special talent and it all comes really easy in a WYSIWYG format. What’s more, if you are into programming they have an area just for you.

What about all the beaut
pictures that are on sites?

Create your own website free

I will take you to a million free photos to use when you build your site that you just click and paste anywhere you want. There are also sites that supply
pictures for free or amounts like a $1 or two if you want something special.


Yep free as well. Try for your daily dose of fun.


Pay for this by searching the web or follow me further for the best free training on everything  WordPress and site-building you can ever ask for.

You really need some basics before you roll this out so hang on in there as we roll on down.

Finally SEO or setting
up your site, so people find you.

Create your own website free

You can pay hundreds of dollars a month or do it yourself for free with a little help from a couple of plugins. Yep, the plugins that tell you what to do to make the site better and be

found by anyone searching for you.


There is only one place to get everything for free.


Create your own website free

In conclusion, I use and recommend Wealthy affiliate every day.



Create your own website freePeter Hanley   Create your own website free