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Here Peter Hanley looks at small business marketing solution and how to lift your business above the rest and make some money without paying out a bundle.

Small business marketing

So you have a small business and you want to push it along and grow more sales.
Having a small business usually indicates a local business catering to a clientele within a radius of about 8 km or say 5 miles.

This is what we call the Mom and Pop stores situated in nearly every town and city across the world.

First things first.

Signage would be my first offering. Although it has a cost it is essential that your business stands out to the passerby. Window decals, flags, Overhead sign saying who you are and what you do will stop them in the tracks.
The “what you do” is called you’re USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and it brings attention to your business. The best Butcher, award-winning pies,  hardware without the hard bits etc.
Give yourself a tag that the world will adopt and believe.

Know your customers

You need to get email addresses, mobile phone numbers and names so that you can contact them later. Building a list is not a nice to do it is a must do.
It will become an asset of the business and the more names the greater the value.

An example.
A local Fish and chip shop ran a couple of entry forms into prises and giveaways when they first opened, Now I get a regular email with the current offer specials. We all line up on a quiet night for our free Squid entre or something similar. They are the latest entry of about 6 shops and have become the busiest.
They took the time.

Support local kids sporting club with a small contribution. The other parents will be loyal and bring their friends to shop with you.

WebPage and SEO

You need a local web page with a Keyword bringing people to your shop.
When people search for you give them a phone number and address because chances are they are looking to come on down. You don’t need the fanciest site in town you just need to tell them about you and what you do.

Social Media

I probably should have had this at the top of the page. It now ranks as one of the most important things you can do but the trick is to own one media.
First of all, we all need to be with LinkedIn. Current picture, good Bio and phone number and address.
Then register with Facebook and Instagram and set up your business accounts. These are free but the flip side is they take time, everyday updates.

Own a media to succeed

That is why I suggest owning just one of these because they demand attention.
I have a lady’s dress shop near me that is the busiest in the area. She posts three to five times a day, every day on Facebook and it works great.
I have family that use Instagram, two to three posts every day. She is a Hairdresser so all the new cuts get posted. It is her only form of marketing and she is fully booked.


Leave the grumpy face at the door.

Customers like to be liked, they want attention and to feel good about the visit so they will return many times.
I frequented a local coffee shop because I liked the woman that owned it. Always greeted by name and made to feel special. There were cheaper and better places around but the personality got me every time. Not just me but the whole clientele.
I went to a Hardware store on the weekend looking for some bolts to put a lock on the gate. The major chain store stated they could not help but to go to a bigger store. As I drove past a small local Hardware store I ducked in to ask the question, the old guy behind the counter stated that I was just approaching the job from the wrong way, do this and this and it will work. I walked out without spending a dime and fixed the Gate. Guess where I will head first next time?

Letter Box drop flyers

Like anything else, it is consistency that makes the difference. Do they work? Businesses would not keep doing them if they got no return.
Make a plan for a time like every two months and work the plan. It won’t work overnight but it will grow over time.

In conclusion

It ends and starts with a plan. Plan your activities, set a budget and follow the plan religiously.
It is so easy to fall off the rails so if you are to busy delegate, outsource or spend an Hour on a weekend just make sure it gets done.
Regularly blog to the website, post pics to your chosen social media every day.
Discover email marketing SMS marketing and any new form and make it work for you.

This can also be found at my free training site with everything you need to know about small business marketing solutions.



small business marketing solution

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