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Email newsletters how to set up

Email newsletters how to set up and keep sending to attract buyers is today’s message by Peter Hanley in a must read before you try article

Email newsletters

Your Email newsletters can be the same content but they can also be addressed quite differently.

Newsletters by email are a way to keep a great form of customer contact over time.

They are designed with your brand in mind and to keep your customers or potential customers up to date with the latest products, ideas and even staff news.


Newsletters have been around for a long time but unfortunately, in most cases, they have no chance of success.


What is the purpose of a Newsletter?

Email newsletters how to set up


Most players use them randomly, usually when looking for something to do and try to sell a product or service to an unsupported crowd. Your newsletter should be entertaining and informative delivering information to the reader.

Email newsletters how to set up and consistency

Do newsletters need to be consistent


Even I find it hard to remember the newsletter sending on a regular basis. That is why you need a plan and a template. Work out in advance what you are going to send and then fill in the blanks along the way. So be regular in your sending so that the clients expect them


A customer of mine is a Sign-writer. He posts pictures of his best job every month and just tells the story. What they set out to achieve and a result. Gets me in every time.

Not everyone is going to rush in to buy today but guess how you will feel when someone calls and says something along the lines of “you know that building on Main Street you did, well I want something like that” Pow, a $10 grand job at such a small cost.


 Will newsletters make me money

Properly managed newsletters are a wonderful resource that will generate great returns for little outgoing or even time commitment. You can even outsource the demands for a small payment.

For you, the hardest part is constructing a list and maintaining it in a current manner.

Emails can be obtained from sales sources, billing lists, enquirer forms, staff requests, web pages, lead pages, referrals. In fact just about anywhere you have obtained the details legally in the course of your business.

Email newsletters how to set up and branding

Is Branding in newsletters important

Email newsletters how to set up

Now, this gets interesting, it can be done as an email message or a template message that is constructed around your branding.
I use templates almost exclusively because I believe they typify a business newsletter and can be recognized quickly.

I know the ones I open are the ones I recognize and expect.
The exception is in email marketing where a standard email format can be employed.

Newsletters ideas

How are Emails and newsletters different


Emails tend to be direct in your face focus whilst Newsletters have an informative view and term commitment.

They both have a from address and a subject line to entice a good open and read rate.

Both these conditions can be a course on there own since they have a really important role.
In fact, do as I just did, have a look at your daily emails and see what ones promote you to open the page, ask your self why and then think how you can copy the idea.

Do newsletters need to have clickable links?

Email newsletters need to have clickable links so you can gauge readers interest and act on that interest. If I posted, for instance, the best deals on I-phones and Android phones I would probably get a 50/50 split. You can then segregate your audience into two separate streams for those products.

With a product like general Mobile products, you remain with the full list.

Email newsletters how to set up and auto responders

Do you need an Autoresponder with a newsletter?


This is also where an Autoresponder comes in. Your audience seeking Android ( don’t know why you would but that’s just me ) products you can specifically target with an email campaign.

Who do I use?

I use A-weber. Why? I have tried many others without the same success in overall features and training and at a reasonable price.

Price is not really important because only a few dollars separate them all and what you need is performance with good analytics.


Email List Growth Blueprint

Peter Hanley

Email newsletters how to set up

Newsletter for success


Email newsletters how to set up by Peter Hanley

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