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Find telephone numbers on a website


 tried to find telephone numbers on a website and came up with a host of options. I explain where the telephone number should be and why

Why have a telephone number on a website?

First of all, it depends on your purpose with the website.
If you are a local company, Trades-person, selling real items to real market people who want to call you. Your website is there to do the selling so how do they sign off the deal.
Making a website booking is fine but what if they want more?
Every website in this category should have a telephone number but where?

If it is a basic blog site or funnel and you are trying to get email addresses then a telephone number may not be necessary.

Finally, if you want personal interaction then show a number, but where?

Are there different types of numbers on a website?

Depending on the country in which you reside there will be a range of numbers from local, national, and what is generally known as Free call numbers.
1800. 800, 0800, etc. Plus of course Mobile numbers.
Each of these has a different market and should not be used in error or you may spoil your opportunities.

Local Numbers.

The traditional linchpin of numbers It says local business, reallocation, Ok to deal with and probably known with local marketing.

When your market is local you only want to deal with local people.

Countrywide market

Because your market is countrywide you need a different approach.

800 style numbers

Perhaps you can then hide behind an 800 number. Or, you could be anywhere you are not defined by a location. When you have size, more than one outlet, and are still prepared to deal locally.

Mobile numbers

A mobile number says local guy or Gal, works from home could be ok but lacks backup and support.

Now the world is International. Calls can be made from anywhere to anyone with one exception, you can not generally call an 800 number from overseas.

So what does your number say about you?

Can you see how your number could affect your business both good and bad?

Now I operate a national business so I use an 800 number for the business.
I have a local number for in-state marketing and contact and I offer my mobile for quick contact. Yep, all three are targeted specifically at a market but used in different media.

Where should the number be on a website

If you are a local or national business.

Let’s just step back a bit and look at the purpose of a website.
The website is there to inform potential clients about you and your products.
In these days of instant search, we often look for a phone number or address to search for you So why not make it easy to do.
I have mine on the front page because may just want that. Make it hard and lose them altogether.

Nearly every day I do a google search for a company to get a calling number. I want it easy and displayed clearly on my Mobile phone and not have to search>

Do this and see a difference

Do not send customers from your website to your Facebook page.


The Facebook page or Instagram is to entertain and send them to your website that gets them to you to sign the deal. How often have you visited a social media site only to flit around being entertained? We all do it and often never return.

Saying that, make sure you have contact details on these pages as well just in case they want to buy something.

Internet-based website

In this case, a phone number is not required but some contact regime is necessary, in the comments or an email address.

In conclusion

I have provided you with an insight into numbers that you can use to your benefit. Use them well and comment below.

Finally, you can learn everything about your
website, marketing, and numbers at this free training

Find telephone numbers on a website by Peter Hanley

Find telephone numbers on a websitePeter Hanley



Find telephone numbers on a website by Peter Hanley

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