How do I achieve success

 How do I achieve success when everything is so hard, the answer may be easier than you think when you look at the steps to take

How do I achieve success
The U curve of success

Uninformed optimism

It starts with uninformed optimism. You have a new project like Accelerator that you have paid for and read all the promises and are really excited about the prospect of instant income. You are going to make $10,000 a month and all your problems will fade away.
You are prepared to do anything to make this a success, the world is full of hope and sunshine.

How do I achieve success

Know your reasons for doing this and the benefits you hope to gain

First of all, you must know your WHY

It might be a second income or a work-from-home business, a way out of the mire or any one of a million reasons that are personal to you.
The important thing is that you know what you want to achieve and write it down so that you can remind yourself at a later stage.

Informed Pessimism

You have all the details and doing all the steps required to take you on this journey. You are getting feedback and hearing about the success of others but the world is moving too slowly for you. You have heard all these great stories and waiting for newfound riches and just know that hard work will get you there.

The Bottom of the curve Time of Despair

This is when most people throw in the towel. It is all too hard, the promises were not real and the results not coming. It was going to be easier than this and you can’t go on. Nothing is working why did I start this in the first place?
OK, take a deep breath and go back to your reasons for doing this in the first place, remember your optimism and the success you could see in the future and make a commitment to continue this to the end.

When you accept failure

We will all give in at some stage, maybe we set our target too high, the timing was impossible we had unreasonable expectations and the whole thing is probably a scam anyway. Time to walk away.
However, is this not what happened last time and the time before, believe me when I say the next time and the time after unless you break out of the cycle.
So many of us threw the bicycle to the ground and walked away crying because we could never learn to ride. Some never came back but most tried again and again until they succeeded. If others could do it why not you? The funny thing is that once you got it then it never went away it stayed with you for life.

Informed optimism

This is when you start to see results, they may be small ones but they are actually happening just like the promises. You make a few bucks here and a few more there and gain a couple of subscribers. Your database starts to build and the sky starts to look blue again.
You find a new enthusiasm for doing things and making them work.

Progress is happiness

Tony Robbins

It takes action to win the war

You need to do at least three things every day, they need not be monumental they just need to move the needle forward even in the smallest steps.
Some action is always better than sulking in a corner. However, when you start to see results it is far easier to commit yourself. You are riding the bike if not all that well but you haven’t fallen off all day.

Fulfilment and or success

This is the prize package when you see the results you envisioned at the start. You can check your written WHY and be thankful that you have achieved what you set out to do. You did not give in, you weathered the bad times and now you can tell the world about success.
There is little that equals achieving a goal that you set and weathering the journey through all the stages without giving in.

The journey is never over

Every success is part of the framework for the bigger picture. You have made it this far then now is the time to take a new journey and suffer the U curve once again.
You rode your push bike but now it is motorised so the learning starts over.
You have done it once so your confidence will be a lot higher and the outcome more certain.

Rob Dial tells it all


Failure is not an option if your plan is based on reality in time and delivery. It is just working to the point of success. Look at the U curve and think of where you are and the steps needed to work your way out

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