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Internet Small business

Internet Small business for super powering your sales is discussed by Peter Hanley and how to apply world leading ideas to small businesses.

How to add Rocket Fuel to your business


Internet for small business can be helped by these basic models used by the Big end of Town.



We recently looked at four business models that can make a difference and provide for rapid growth in your business


We look at how a local business can enjoy the benefits of large corporations.


1 The on-demand model

You order what you want and expect instant results. Think Uber and Uber eats as a model.

Internet Small business


The growth in Home food deliveries has been startling quick in its adoption.


Coles and Woolies and pre-arranged dinners are achieving massive growth results.


Interflora was an early adaptor and has survived the long-term growth to a particular market.


Can your business adapt to this model?


2. The Freemium market.


Give away your product and on-sell upgrades and bonuses.


Most of us have a LinkedIn account which is free for all to use but they continually push for a premium upgrade. The premium product offers some advantages over the normal model. DropBox and Mail Chimp are also internationally recognized


The model is based around the premise that a small number of payers (as low as 5%} will cover all the free market.

Being free you draw on many more customers than a paid service, dependent of course, on service delivery.

In its own way, Facebook qualifies in this. It is free for all to use but they get massive advertising revenue from those using the service

A premium web hosting company Wealthy Affiliate offers free hosting for two websites which includes free training and other benefits. They then show you all the advantages of a paid service.



A Tyre company checks your Tyre pressure for free, mechanical does safety checks, your health service provides a free consult.




3.The Virtual market

Internet Small business

A great example was the recent game Candy Crush. It was free for everyone.


They then offered to sell you a cheat sheet and other ways to get on top of the pile and they went on to make a bundle of money.


There are many other examples like this in the market.



4 The Shopping Annuity

(Annuity; The payment of an allowance or income)


This is where people shop for things they use every day and build a valued income stream from the actions of others.


Internationally has done this in over nine countries and states;

Internet Small business


In a recent interview the chairman said;


“The Shopping Annuity is converting everyday spending into earning —it is the foundation of our business model and is like rocket fuel for our un-franchise business,

The basics are building a level of affiliate incomes across everyday products


“People don’t just shop for luxury items, they shop for the things they use every day. By making those purchases the cornerstone of a Shopping Annuity we feel this concept will revolutionize the retail industry as well as our economy.”



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Internet Small business

Internet Small business




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