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kardashians and business

Kardashian and business?
Kardashians and business? What does this mean to you and what do they have to do with business? They are a business and you can be too

We talked about Trump and business and how he went about branding himself now let’s look at something different in branding.

Making a business with a name like Kardashian

Branding yourself brings a degree of trust between you and the reader. Now I don’t suggest that you go to the lengths of this family but what they do works.
They are all good-looking and display themselves as openly and outwardly as they can. Like em, or loathe them they have a following.

The highest-paid writers and trainers all display pictures of themselves prominently in every post because they want recognition. When you see a photo of someone you know you are instantly attracted to it.

How Virgin became a business




Another great example is the guy in the photo. The guy, not the girl back on track here, we don’t know her but we sure know Sir Richard Branson.

He has gone out of his way to brand himself and all the ventures with which he is loosely associated. Does it work? Don’t be silly he is one of the richest guys in the world and a guy that grew up with a Learning disability. Not really good-looking in the traditional way, not a great sportsman so he invented himself as an action man, every man’s man, and every woman’s as well. We love risk-takers and he is one.

I brand all my posts, not because I am good-looking but because I want to be seen as credible and not hiding behind a wall of words.

What other ways are there for visual Branding?

An interesting question but a simple answer. The best way is in person at meetings for all the purposes you can think of. Breakfast meetings, lunch meetings anywhere you can be seen with a group of people.

Hubspot did a post on this recently with a list of 20 LinkedIn Groups that you should join  HubSpot groups
The lists are endless and searching local groups came up with Support groups, Meetups, Communicate, and many more.

Get into Networking and drive your brand.

kardashians and business
Get into Networking and drive your brand.
I hate networking, that is just a personal issue on the types of meetings but many of you just love them so drive them hard.
I do get coerced into groups at different times and mostly come away with a new client after the meeting so I understand the power of networking.
just be authentic, don’t oversell present professionally, and take the orders.

kardashians and business and branding

Is Facebook a type of visual branding?

Facebook logo

It sure is but I say this with a major condition.
If you put a picture of your kids on your page you are wasting space. make it about you, what you do, why you do it, and entertain them.

I often scan a Facebook page to find out about a potential customer and make my mind up based on that search. How often you post and what you post about, how many followers you have, and the quality of the posts. Facebook is there to entertain and send them to your webpage to be sold.

Linked in is a type of Visual branding

LinkedIn logo

Not on LinkedIn, shame on you get up and do it. add a nice Photo, a great Bio, and a bit of self-advertising.

Now do it with all your staff and get them involved.
It may not sell a product but it does promote you and your business in a professional manner that compliments your image branding.

kardashians and business and branding

The six types of personal Brands


Furthermore, In an article by Bryan Kramer, he looks at the 6 types of personal branding. I chose mine can you see yourself?

The Altruist

Altruists are individuals who are highly recognized for their commitment to helping others. These are people who not only dedicate themselves in terms of actions, but also with regard to being mindful of their personal relationships.

The Careerist

True careerists are those who have shown a preference for professional advancement above all other personal achievements.  More often associated with business-related networks such as LinkedIn-careerists constantly share information that will raise their status in their industry.

The Hipster

The hipster branding refers to a recognized subculture of progressive individuals who embrace individuality above all else. Although the term has existed since the Jazz age, modern hipsters are usually associated with young millennials who eschew mainstream trends. A hipster is also a person who likes to try things first and share them with others. Hipsters can adopt aspects of both altruism and careerism.  For them, sharing is seen as an essential part of their existence.

The Boomerang

The boomerang brand type refers to people who share content and generate interactions simply to create discord through controversy. In many cases, they do not necessarily agree with the content-choosing to pass on the information for the potential of being seen as provocative.

The Connector

Connectors are people who pride themselves on their ability to bring people together. These are usually the individuals who are well connected and openly use their network to unite. Typically creative, they obtain validation and satisfaction through others.

The Selective

The selective is a person that only shares information with specific people. They usually carefully curated information based on the general needs and interests of the target audience. They are largely known for being resourceful.

So, which of these personal brand types best fit you? To determine that often takes careful self-analysis that will allow you to reveal your values, strengths, and weaknesses. There are lots of excellent resources available which will enable you to determine your most authentic self.

Which are you? I am, I believe, in the selective group that shares only where I choose. That is why I pen these blogs for the small business community and online marketers

kardashians and business

In conclusion and to wrap up I have suggested that this is one premium way to gain recognition and branding in a cost-effective manner.

Finally, though you don’t need to be a Kardashian you need to be your authentic and loverly self.

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