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The best way to build an email list

Do emails still work and what is the best way to build an email list? Plus, what you need to do with a list to make it work for you.

There are good and bad email lists

What’s the difference between a good and bad list you may well ask.

We take the time to email to get a result. one that will deliver sales and a bad list
gets to go straight in the bin.

A warning first up that buying lists can lead to trouble. They can be untested and you get the flack.

I recently ran a new list through one carrier and got blacklisted for a single spam complaint.

However, had been using Constant Contact with the same list-building tools for several years without a problem.

A clean list is a good list and it pays to drop those that never open an email.

Building a list

Everyone you come in contact with goes on the list, friends, family, casual meetings, business cards picked up, people that buy from you, get proposals, or even make an inquiry.
You will have a lead magnet on your website and on any or all printed literature.
You can run competitions, surveys, and referrals to get names.

The important part is segmenting the list. Breaking it down into smaller lists.
Family list
Friends list
Website etc

When you send an email you select a list and away you go.

So how do you build an email list?

Writing great content is a good start. Everyone likes good content but remember to be under 300 words.

Always have a share button on the email so people can forward your mail to others interested
in the subject.

Your Website should have an opt-in box with a giveaway.

Post a link on all your mail both print and written and even feature it with your signature.

Trade shows, breakfast/ lunch meetings, tradespeople you use.

Run an online contest

Use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Youtube can be a great source

Write regular blog posts

Always a/b test to increase readership.

Run a rewards program, Achievers club, and VIP members.

Do webinars and audio chats.

Instore programs

Everyone you come in contact with could be on your list, they don’t want everything you market but they may want something one fine day.

Keep your list clean

image about keeping your list clean
Keep it clean

Building your list takes time and energy but the rewards will be well worth it.
However, not everyone will be a good contact. Some will unsubscribe and others will never open or click a mail.
They depress your results so have no hesitation in deleting them. It is not personal to you it is just business.

Email in Marketing

This is a no-brainer, of course, you need to do emails and I wrote a long blog on marketing with email recently.

The bigger your list the greater the results so keep working on growth.
I made a sale this week to a guy that had been on my list for 15 months. He opened some emails, he clicked a few and when the timing was right he bought from me.

list building and more

This is a long subject so I have written about it many times, for alternate views you can have a look at List Building for small businesses.

Is spamming bad for you

It sure is so don’t attempt to email not approved lists. The law hates it, the carriers are scared of it and the complaints will upset you.
I set up a new list recently to try a different carrier, a price-saving exercise I thought. I used the same methods employed over the years and had a complaint, One guy said I had spammed him. My new carrier immediately canceled my account and said goodbye.
I had not been spammed but had no right of redress. Interestingly I downloaded the list, changed carriers, and continued as normal.

I get a regular unsubscribe list and check the names with what I have sent. It is not personal, times change and we part friends.

Using your list with an Autoresponder

When a contact arrives interested in a certain product it is only correct to put them into an automated email series that will take them on a journey.

It walks them through the product with a pre-posted email leading to a sales result.

Finally, the best way to build an email list

You are not just building a list, you are building a valuable asset that will increase the value of your business. When the time comes to sell the list will add real dollars to the sale price.

I had a customer that unfortunately ran into bad times, closed the doors, and walked out. Her largest competitor contacted me to say they were happy to buy the list as they could bring the clients over. The bad news was she had no list. It was the only real value in the business and it was non-existent.


Emails, newsletters, and broadcasting will remain the best and cheapest form of client contact available.
You need to stay at top of your mind with your client base so this is an easy form

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