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Email marketing tips

Vital ingredient # 1 How to structure your messages

Email marketing tips are where we look at the best ways to email for greater opens and more returns on your investment in time and money.

A handshake message

First of all is to tell your future customers about yourself, who you are, what to expect from you and what they should do next.
Naturally, if they have requested pricing or specific information this will be attached or followed immediately.

Just like meeting someone for the first time, you swap a few details and set the opportunity for a friendship.

Then we need to supply a bit of a hint on what is to follow, In the Book By Ryan Deiss The Invisible Selling Machine.

Ryan Deiss states that
Tension creates attention.

Give them something to look forward to, something to anticipate, and also want to open your next mail.

We are sending you the ultimate list of ways to increase your disposable income by 20% without taking a part-time job.
Look forward to my next email and make sure I am whitelisted and don’t end up in your spam file.

Then we move into;

Engagement series

Here you will focus on their needs. This may comprise many emails in a row but not all hard-hitting.

Some product benefits, maybe other uses, tempt them with teases but always have a buying signal. I state again always have a buying signal if you don’t ask you don’t get.

How many emails? Well, it depends on your return from the sale, making just a few bucks, not that many but on big-ticket items as long as they hang in.

Email marketing tips and three emotional hooks

Target the three emotional hooks.

Gain, what they want
*Do you want to lose 10kgs and look so hot you’re on fire?
*How to take 2 strokes a week from your Golf handicap with the 3 iron!

Logic, what they understand
* call me mad but …
* hello of course you know that.

Fear is something they will potentially lose.
* Time element
* Fear of some loss
* price increasing
* Short supply

and most of all continue with interest and advice.


Ascension series of emails is to follow up on those that buy your product. Because your buyers are in the mood and you can do the famous McDonald’s approach with “would you like fries with that”?

They have moved from the original list to a whole new one that will target a new need

For example, I could say you have bought my book on Autoresponders, now consider Facebook marketing (link) where you learn to get unlimited free clicks for your business.

A great example of this is on the Amazon bookstore. You look up a book and it gives all the details, the first chapter the price and most Importantly it finishes with a panel that states others who have looked at this book also bought, and a series of other books to buy. It works for Amazon it will work for you.


Segmentation is a critical element of the system and one designed to deliver results
Many on your list will have different needs and wants to find out what they want by using clicks and reading more contacts and placing them in a new channel on your Autoresponder.

This is both after they have bought your initial product and you introduce them to say an upgrade or when they are not interested in the main product but show an interest in something else you offer.


Many on your list will remain silent, ignoring all your wonderful offers and exciting material and actually hurt your program. Google loves to chatter and activity and penalizes one-way traffic.

Anyone on your list for a period of say over 60 to 90 days should be segmented off to a new list with a new hard-hitting series of emails to try and solicit a reply.

Try surveys, asking questions, linking to Facebook, requesting a free product any gambit to get them to smile, and then segment them off in a different direction.

Leads are hard to get but at the end of the day, non-responsive leads hurt you. At this time cleanse your list and wave goodbye.
Perhaps you could provide the last link by saying something like, you have been on my email list for 90 days and I really don’t want to annoy you so this is the last in my series. Then you can if you want the link to my newsletter (new Autoresponder ) for ongoing general information about product xxx, or, perhaps go into my email group (Link) to see what others have to say.

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Finally coming next is Vital Ingredient #2 The subject line

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