Work from home ideas

Work from home ideas. Can you do it and make money?

Here I cover just a few topics that lead to my free book that has over 69 pages of ideas.


Multi level marketing

This is probably the easiest venture to embark on but comes with some cost involvement and a lot of time contribution.

There are many MLM opportunities and you will know some of them by name.



Herbalife, Arrix and Kyana are into nutrition

Nuskin and other cosmetic builders


There are legal and bookkeeping plus many others that can be searched online.

Most likely you will be approached at some time with a great opportunity that will take your fancy.

You will get stories of the money made and career opportunities.

This is mostly for the top 10 producers, the rest work their butts off trying to keep afloat.

It is, however, a good training ground. They have set formulas and If you follow the guidelines you may be relatively successful, Top 10% unlikely.

Making things at home

This is ideal if you have a particular skill set or interest. Toys, plants, clothing etc come to mind.

A friend of mine sells flowers in peak times. She goes to the markets, buys up flowers and then sets up a roadside stall.

This works well for Mothers day, and other public holidays but any weekend will probably achieve a result.

The other is buying cheap fruit from the grower and bundling it up on a roadside stall, You might get moved on by the council authorities occasionally but you can live with that.

We could include Vegetables as well in season

Selling on eBay

What have you got to sell? You can buy cheap goods from Alibaba or others in China and resell under your own name.
What can happen is that people also search the wholesale site and buy cheaper than with you.

Always trial a product before you go full-fledged into this.

You might get products from other areas that are collectables and resell to your area.

Team jumpers or artefacts are a good example

Selling on Amazon

You can Go to Amazon university and learn a new trade. Takes a while and commissions are low and if you can’t manage to sell they close your account.

While it was good in the past maybe we have moved on. They certainly own the market and affect other businesses.


Internet affiliate sale

If you want to learn all about the internet be prepared to spend some time and a little money.

Furthermore, one site that has it all for free is Wealthy affiliate where you can learn the whole roll without spending a dime. Most of us on the Internet have invested in all sorts of training and programs to reach a level of competency



In conclusion, my full book is available for free at 100 home business ideas with over 100 great ideas.



Peter Hanley

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