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Positive attitude

Maintaining a Positive attitude is all in the mind they say but there are things you can do to help you have more up days than down.

Take Your Meds

I don’t say this lightly as I understand that some people rely on them because of a medical disorder and trying to go solo most often ends in disaster.

My simple solutions to a positive attitude

Simple solution #1
                  Have a plan of action on what you want to achieve. Not in your head, on paper with dates and outcomes so you can track progress.

When you have no goals or outcomes and you simply wander free you are not achieving anything worthwhile.
All of the most famous achievers had one thing in common. a well thought out plan.

Wishing and hoping are not planning nor is mindlessly doing a day Job. Rock up at 8 and wait for payday is a plan for mental disaster. I HATE MY JOB. 
Hello, anyone in this camp that wants out? What about a change of attitude with some outcomes that you want.

Not all plans work

That’s why they call them plans not outcomes, you are allowed to change and modify with circumstances that are out of your control.

Meditation is a plan

Simple exercise #2

I am not going all Buddhist here but clearing your mind of negativity works on your soul. Spend time by stripping all thought from your mind. Sounds easy but it takes practice to eliminate those nagging negatives streaming into your brain and draining you of power.
You can Hum, chant or imagine a relaxing pursuit just relax, relax.

Does exercise work on attitude?

Simple exercise #3

There is unlimited evidence on exercise increasing your endorphins and giving you a feel-good attitude.

It can be a Gym, a run a walk, Yoga, Pilates, swimming. Bike riding or any exercise that dominates the body.
I Swim most morning, Sometimes I struggle to the beach and make excuses all the way on all the reasons not to do it

positive attitude

Afterwards, I bounce up the beach ready to take on the world. At night I walk to break between work and family so I can change attitude.
There is an old saying that you should leave your problems at the door, hang them on the coat rack they will be there when you get back. That includes the work door and the home door. They don’t mix well.

Simple rewards for achievement

When you achieve something you have planned reward yourself in some small way as recognition of success.
We all love presents so be the giver and the receiver to experience gratitude for effort applied

When you have a problem have a plan

We all have worrying problems that eat away at us and even keep us awake at night. You’re not on your own in this everyone has problems real and perceived. The difference is how we handle them.

Back to planning, Get your problem, have a strategy and work the plan. you will stop worrying if you are doing something about it.
Lack of action the greater the problem the more the worry leading to negativity.

In conclusion

These are a few simple ideas from a layperson without training that I hope can help.
In my 70’s still working, a couple of jobs 5 kids and partners, 13 Grand-kids and a lifetime in business has helped me stay sane and focused using all the above even to this day.

Hope I have given you some simple insight

positive attitude
by Peter Hanley


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