Will Messenger take over from email?

Will messenger take over from Email?

Will Messenger take over from Email?

Will Messenger take over from email? Sms was not able to dislodge email now Messenger is showing early signs of dominance and performance

The rise of instant communications with real-time messaging is upstaging

Emails may / may not get opened. They may sit for days before being answered.

Whereas messaging needs a response.

I have noticed an uptake in Messenger service from businesses over the
past months and this coincides with the rise of the so-called BYOD method.

Bring your own device

Bring your own devise or BYOD is the new trend in businesses. No one
wants to carry two devices and we don’t want just a company unit
so we add a business element to our personal phone. Be it mobiles or IPad the result is the same.

This brings its own problems for IT security in managing its add-on network.

Email v SMS

Will messenger take over from Email?

The email was challenged by SMS for some time because of the mobility of SMS
but it has not taken over.

As SMS became a product the use of email addresses on mobile phones
increased thus dampening the damage to industry.
They can both contain attachments but SMS is limited in message length giving strength back to email.

There is also a big cost difference with SMS far more expensive than email, particularly in bulk sending.

International borders also favor email as the web is truly international in aspect

Now we have Messenger which may be more damaging.

It has a quicker acceptance mode than emails. It can have attachments It is really cheap to operate
Good competition prevails with other services It is International and the message length is not limited.
Pictures, logos, and links are available

In fact, Messenger includes the best of all services

Facebook’s messenger service is just
one of the new breed services driving the need for innovation and
enhancements Google G mail is also included in this line

Will messenger take over from Email?

Others include;
What’s App, Face
time, Facebook, We Chat, Line, Viper, Blackberry
message, Telegram, Kakao talk

I personally resisted messenger to
start because it resides away from my main phone programs but has
now moved it to a more prominent position so it gets my attention.

My younger brigade started using it so I was forced to conform and take
a look at what it provided.

I notice that many vendors now use messenger as a platform service and I include Microsoft Outlook as an example.

This drives greater use of the product to the users. Interactive games and a few other great add-ons as well.

I see Instagram in a different field as Facebook which has a message ability but neither is mainstream messaging.

I don’t downplay either service they just play in a different Playpen.

Email is not going anywhere just yet. I continue to use Email on a daily basis and still achieve good returns as I do with SMS but we should always be prepared for the rise and fall of products.

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