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Why do businesses fail

Why do businesses fail is discussed by Peter Hanley with remedies and suggestions for a survival kit. You can change to win.

Why do businesses fail
Will they affect your business?

There are many reasons businesses fail

Some are from outside influences, some are bad management, cash flow factors, lack of attention manufacturing shortfalls or lack of marketing.

The first is a declining market.

If you don’t act early you can only ride the wave to the end.
Print media is a current example in the early days of demise.
Another recent one was the video market and those that kept the doors open too long suffered.
Faxes and faxing are on the wane and you would need to bail now.

Next is the failure to remain with technology.

Look no further than the Mobile phone market. Motorola invented the phone, Blackberry had the first type to message model and Nokia was top of the tree. Where are they now?
This will affect you if you are a Motorola dealer and trying to swim against the stream.

Changes to passing traffic

When a bypass road creates a backwater situation of a business or even a town. One day you are on the main street next to a back alley. Should you have seen this coming?

Changing fortunes of small business

There are many situations that you control and one of the most relevant at this time is not adjusting to social media

The giants are killing the local business.

Think, Amazon, Aldi, Ikea, the big Hardware chains even the major supermarkets.
These chains draw people into the web with price advantages as well as stock selection and unless you change you will be run out of town

Social media and small business

You don’t have to do social media but you will lose business to those that do. Fact.

Businesses are built on Facebook and Instagram because of branding.
These are not selling tools they are branding tools that deliver buyers to your webpage or your front door.

In the good old days, you had little control over your marketing. This has now changed where you can make a difference.

If you are not active become so and make a difference

Your web page is important.

Never underestimate the value of a good web page. It silently sells every day for you and needs to be kept current. You need to regularly blog to improve your SEO.

This is the selling entity of your business to make it sell.
Failure to do so will lead to business failure.

The rule of seven

It is said that a customer won’t be enticed into the fold until they have been touched 7 times.

If you are sitting back hoping they come through the front door you are dying.

Continuous customer contact is absolutely paramount with so much competitive activity.

Your customers will be drawn away by the lure of your competitor’s marketing.

The bad press brigade in small business

Bad comments on Social media, Google searches and other outlets can cripple you. We can all cope with one or two but when there is a whole swag of them people will stay away.
Failure to attend every bad comment and find a fix or solution is a path to disaster.

I will give you a simple example.
ON eBay buyers and sellers are asked to rank or comment on the transaction. Get a couple of bad comments and you are doomed because people will skip over you. Have good comments and the buyers line up. Pretty simple stuff.

Customer service in business

Failure to attend to customer requests leads to customer loss. Word of mouth is a devastating enemy that you can not see or control and it can impact you severely.

Businesses living in the past.

When you walk into the same old tired business every day you get bored with the whole scene.
One day when you go to a competitor that is bright and modern you get a whole better feeling and continue to frequent away from the old.
Spruce up or get out.

A reason to come to your business

By offering a special attraction you can draw customers into the store.

Many Service stations are now offering $1 coffees. This pulls people into the store and increases sales.

Near me, we have a food hall-style outdoor dining area. Many people gather every night to eat and drink. A 24-7 supermarket opened in the middle of all this activity.
They offer soft serve icecreams for $1 and the same with coffee. Diners end the night by visiting the supermarket. Many only buy the specials but many others also pick up other necessaries while there.

Near me, I have half a dozen coffee shops that I frequent. Mostly I go to the one with a free newspaper to read, not just one copy but half a dozen so that I can check the press while waiting

The old loss leader still works a treat so give people a reason to come to you.
If you fail to do these things you fail to attract business. What happens next is door closing.

Video, the new kid on the block for business

Youtube has become the search term of preference in many cases.

  • Sales
  • How to do things
  • Brand building

It is all there for you to do and the video world has got relatively simple. No more big production costs.

Newsletters are a must

This may be just one of the 7 touches but the idea is to inform and entertain with regular good articles. They may not buy today or tomorrow but when the time comes you will be front of mind.
I receive one from a local sign Writer. He sends snaps of the latest vehicle or building wrap. It is entertaining and in front of mind for me or someone, I refer to them.

Email marketing is easy

I bet you get lots of emails? We all do and most rubbish but some have an effect, get opened and acted on.
I had a new contact call me recently to say you have worn me down with your emails, can you help with my problem.
This resulted in a sale a long term recurring income and a referral. Good business.
I got this because I did the work and not sat back and waited.

Training in new ideas

The internet world changes every day and so does your business world.
My blog posts daily ideas that you can follow or you or one of your staff can take it a bit more formal with a program that takes you through every idea and component in marketing.

The good part is that it is free and can be shared with others.

Let me summarise the things you can do something about

  • Have a social media campaign
  • Be registered in LinkedIn
  • Keep your web page current and blog often
  • Follow the rule of 7
  • Fix complaints when they happen
  • Excellent customer service
  • Keep up to date, neat and clean
  • Have a loss leader
  • Do some videos
  • Have a regular newsletter
  • Employ email marketing
  • Training

That is 12 simple items that you control and can do something about to save the inevitable slippery slide of business failure

Why do businesses fail a blog by Peter Hanley

Strating an Internet business
Peter Hanley is a business owner Blogger and marketer.

How to make money on home for internet

How to make money on home for internet
Working from home

how to make money on home for the internet. If you are here you need help with Keyword selection and making money the easy way.

Can you make money on the internet?

The answer is a resounding yes and the ways so varied that you need to narrow down to a more specific choice.
The Internet is such a broad area that you cannot achieve in everything so I will highlight the easiest to do.
All working from home, not spending much money, if any, to achieve a goal.

Training always comes first

You need to develop some basic skills before you do anything else to have any chance of success.

If you have a basic understanding of the Interent it helps you achieve in a skill set of your choice.

Now don’t go randomly searching high priced training programmes when nearly everything I tell you will be basically free.

The internet is full of scam sites and they are generally the most enticing.
Hey, I was just talking to a guy that is 13 months into his training of 24 months and the subject was how to make money on E.Bay. US$99 a month and he has not made a cracker, He can’t break the contract so he is stuck.
I recommended him to the free training at Wealthy Affiliate and he is now starting to turn things around.

Training helps choice

With an understanding of what is available your choice of direction will become abundantly clear.
You can then narrow down your approach to start kicking goals a lot earlier.

I can not provide you with every opportunity but I can give you a starting reference of areas that may interest you.

Local area, national or worldwide opportunities

Local area

This is a great place to start because within a few miles of you there are probably a couple of hundred small businesses. These small businesses need help in marketing with the internet. They work hard and they don’t have time to learn however they are losing business because of it.

How to make money on home for internet
  • Social media placements
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter feed.
  • Linked in specialist
  • Web Page enhancements and SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Retargeting
  • Advertising
  • SMS marketing
  • Online sales and marketing
  • Videos and storing
  • Photos and pictures

I could go on for a long time but by now you will see that there are many opportunities.
Can you really do these things and make money?
I personally do email and SMS marketing and get a return. I have a family member that Specialises in Facebook marketing and yet another that built an online shop presence and now contracts out her skills to others. All in the local area.
So what is stopping you?

National marketing

You may select your total country as the target market and adapt your ideas to a wider audience.
This requires a bit more skill to obtain customers other than one on one presentations.
It is not hard because the skill sets you are adopting can be passed on to others with proof of achievement.

The World is your market

The very best product here is Affiliate marketing. That is selling someone else’s product and getting paid for it.
No stock, no billing just straight internet marketing.
The best known of course is Amazon now based in many countries. You sell from their massive range of goods and earn a small commission for your effort.
Most companies now have Affiliate opportunities and are easily searched.
You will, however, need to know what you are doing. To get accepted you must have a presence and to be kept on you must have success.
It is both an easy position and a hard one at the same time. Those that grasp the opportunity can make big money

Is blogging for you?

The second question is can you make money from blogging.
The answer is yes if you can build a reasonable following the advertises will follow. You will earn from every advert that pops on your blog.
It is however not that easy unless you really have writing ability and topic of interest.

What about an online shop?

If you have a design bent and able to develop simple shops on the internet using free hosting WordPress and a woocommerce plugin This is your baby.
You can sell Virtual products, affiliate products or even your own products.
Another outlet is Shop.com Lots of training, lots of ideas bu a monthly ongoing cost

The video opportunity

More and more every day the making of Videos is needed by a business. This is a remarkable opportunity.

  • How to do things
  • Selling
  • Branding

This was once a specialist program but I can show you how to knock up a video in minutes.
You can learn for free and make a heap out of this without any real skills needed.
If I sound like a salesman there is no camera needed, no sound recording. voice overs done for you everything in place to start today.
Let The Samurai people tell you more and give you a free trial.

In fact, I have even organised a free playbook on what can be done. Free playbook.

I also add the pitch from Content Samurai because I could not say it better.

This may help you with Video marketing

Want to know how to create professional content videos that are capable of generating millions of views and snatching easy front page rankings?

If so, you need to check out this new video system called “Content Samurai”…

Content samurai link

I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this before…

Mark my words, it’s going to completely change the way you do digital marketing forever.


As you know video is now critical for just about every aspect of digital marketing today…

However, because creating videos has always been a laborious, expensive and highly technical process, in the past it’s really only been available to big businesses with BIG budgets.

But finally, that’s all changed…

Because Content Samurai’s revolutionary new video creation system is SO EASY to use, generating tons of professional videos that produce an avalanche of traffic is now anyone’s game…

And it’s fast, REALLY FAST…

So, if you want the ultimate shortcut to start killing it with video, do yourself a favour and check out Content Samurai out now…

And best of all, it’s totally free to get started!

You can get free access here:

How to make money on home for internet
smiley face

You can thank me later 

How to make money on home
How to make money on home for internet
Peter Hanley

Business and the Internet

What has Business and the Internet got to do with you? Here Peter Hanley tells you how important it is for your financial future.

Change is here, get on the train for the ride.

Image of a train
A journey to change

I am a business owner plus I also follow and blog about the internet for business. I see changes every day that impact small business and those that don’t take these opportunities to fall behind.

10 ways to business improvement

This was a training method of the past that told us to make a lot of small changes to improve the final result. If you were to make a 1% change in ten different areas you could end up with a 10% improvement.
Now a one per cent change is not a whole lot say we ramp that to 5% change in ten different areas would we get a 50% increase? the percentage matters not but we definitely would get an increase.

However, if things are failing maybe read here.

So why is the Internet different

If you were to use everything available on the internet and got a small percentage increase would this not increase your business?
It would have to so let’s look at a few ways to achieve this.

Let’s start with your web page

A great percentage of people going to your web site is using a mobile phone and seeking either a phone number or address.

  • Check your site is mobile friendly?
  • Do you have your phone number above the fold
  • Can you see the address above the fold
  • Is there a contact button.

So often I am out and about looking for something and search your business from my mobile only having to go on a long treck to find an address.
Is your site mobile friendly checker

The new leading social media

We will look at Social media and the impact on your business by different elements. The first is;

Business and the Internet
The new kingmaker


If you have not noticed Instagram is taking over from Facebook and others. Businesses are finding a greater response on this media than on all other forms of Social media. Why
I don’t really Know as I confess it beats me but my feedback is positive, it works.
In part, it is because of the changes in Facebook and the attitude of Gen x and Millenials to change.
Instagram is a more visual approach and can build to tell a story to keep people coming back.
The important issue is to post regularly at least daily for better impact.
It is a chore so get someone to do it for you either internal or external.
Just do it.

Twitter the trendsetter

This is an interesting one and many of you will snigger at me suggesting this as my number two application but hear me out.

An old guy has made an art form of this. He does not have the highest number of followers at 53 Million yet retweets probably outclass everyone else. His name is Donald Trump.

Again I say as a member of the silent generation I was very slow in accepting this. I now see the rise of followers on world leaders, singers, actors and even Soccer players. as an example Cristiano Ronaldo at 148 million followers.

Every day I see new twitter feeds pop up that get my attention. Because they are live comments the ability to brand build is excellent.

It takes but a few short minutes to do a tweet.

We now come back to Facebook

The old favourite is still in play and needs attending on a regular basis.
Facebook is used in many ways and one is to form an opinion on your business. I will often look at a Facebook page to see who and what posting showcases you.

If I see a neglected page, posts 2 and 3 months old I change my mind and move on.

Facebook is also an excellent source of information. I often search the About section to obtain addresses and other information>

Although there have been a host of changes Facebook is still a must-do product.

like all forms of social media, it must be current and posted to on a regular basis

Retargeting or remarketing

These are those adverts that pop up after you have visited a website or a Facebook page. They recognise that you have an interest and will keep hounding you until you wear them down with lack of response.
You pay when someone clicks on them and comes to your site. You need to be professional but it does work. The important thing is to earn more than you spend.

LinkedIn a must-do.

If you are in business you really should have a LinkedIn profile. Whilst it might not deliver a bundle of enquiries it is an oft-searched media.
When people want to know more about you it is generally for a good reason so tell them in glorious detail and have them come away with a pleasant image. Update regularly and even do a few posts.
You can use LinkedIn far more aggressively as a marketing platform if you choose this as your platform of preference.

Advertising on Social media

Businesses make a great return on using paid response marketing.
It could be Ad-words to drive your WebSite presence or Retargeting.
Facebook and Instagram advertising also show a great return if done correctly.
It does depend on the commodity being sold and the return over what you spend.
As it can be expensive I would leave it to an expert

Email marketing is still viable.

You may have thought this had gone away but it works as well today as at any time.

You should have a monthly newsletter at the very least. Not a selling newsletter but an informative article on something useful. Recently I wrote on the 7 touches
where your customers need constant support and this age-old rule applies equally today.

Collecting emails and entering into Auto-responder guarantees you will get some return from the might buys.

You can do wonderful things with personal emails by target marketing what their interest is.

The visuals on actions taken by your customers will provide a road map of what they want.
To this day I can still generate an open rate of up to 40% on random customer emails so you can too.
I use Constant Contact but MailChimp, Aweber and others are just as good

SMS for an instant return

I love SMS and use and recommend it in many situations.
The beauty of an SMS broadcast is that you get almost instant feedback, those that are interested generally respond straight away so it is easy to test market and change to meet monetary goals.

Another use is general contact. I have several customers that have Bi-monthly supplier functions. The old way was to call each customer and have a chat, time-consuming and costly.
Now they send an SMS one week prior and then on the morning of the meet. The attendance rate went way up and the cost and effort way down.

Inbound SMS

This is a bit different and not for everyone but when it works it is a great service.
An inbound SMS service delivers a mobile message to a computer so that it can be actioned by any staff.
Appointment cancellations or contacts make it easy for those busy people on the go. They don’t want to talk they want to message. They may be at work, in a meeting or an area where a conversation is limited.
Sending it to a computer allows any staff member to action the result. You can even get an automated reply that says message received.

Remember your list is an asset that can be sold with the business.

Finally, number 10 is support

In any business, this has become critical to your success. You must action any request or complaint immediately to stop the trolls badmouthing you in writing.

Adverse reports are devastating even if the customer is wrong, accept it and move on.

Requests for support or complaints are in the same basket, fix them or face the penalty.

Trade shows a bonus

Trade shows external and internal, popup stores and product presentations all add to your brand and sales. I wrote about this recently on what to do at Trade shows for your business. It is great for branding and to lift sales.

Need internet training for you or staff.

You can view some of the free training by clicking here to enter the first of many episodes that cover everything on the net for business and private.
Keep up to date on all things Internet, it changes daily.

Business on the internet by Peter Hanley

Picture of author
Peter Hanley

Internet for elderly

Am I qualified to advise on the Internet for the elderly? First of all, I am a senior, I am still working and have an active Internet life. So yes, let’s go.

Image of internet history
A short journey

The internet is so big we need to bring it down a bit

Let’s have a look at a few things you can do.

  • Google search is probably the biggest one.
  • How to do things on Youtube is next
  • Buying stuff on the internet eBay
  • Selling it later also on the net eBay
  • Reading books, listening to music
  • Follow a favourite blogger or become one
  • Become an Amazon follower
  • Use Facebook and Instagram
  • Enrol in programmes
  • Complete quizzes
  • Keep your mind working
  • Impress the kids
  • Make money

All will not be new

You may have ticked a couple of boxes here and I hope got some ideas to explore because anything you want is available. You just need to know-how.

First of all my point is do not be scared. You can not break it, you are allowed mistakes and no one but you will know.
Big Brother is not really interested in you other than to sell you something and it will devour a lot of your time.

My next important point does not spend your money on dreams. Just like in life there are some bad guys out there that want your money.

Research everything before paying out anything to anyone. You rarely need to pay for anything so keep the purse closed.

Finally in my words of wisdom age is no barrier. I am mid 70’s, I have a friend who is 80 and still writing and so many others similar to you.

In fact just today my wife was out for coffee with a friend. The friend had wanted to buy a special birthday present for her daughter and had shopped all over the town to no avail.
My Wife said to hold a minute went to eBay on the mobile, found the product, ordered it for two-day delivery and went back to having coffee in all of a few minutes. She is past 76 but her friend who is over 80 said: ” I thought I was good on the phone but that beats me”.


As a final fact when you see words in this blog that are coloured, probably blue, that links to a site about what we are talking. If you want to know more just click on the word.

We start at Google search

I am sure most of you will have tried this. It can be done on a Computer, a Tablet or a mobile phone regardless of brand.
You just need an internet connection.
I am not going to teach you how you can search for it.

Youtube when you want to know how

Youtube is entertainment, music social commentary, fun and a learning tool.

I ride a pushbike and my brakes needed adjusting after I repaired a puncture. Try as I might I could not adjust them. Go to YouTube query adjusting my brakes, watch the video of some guy doing it live and the job is done.

I wanted to listen to a song from the movie A Star is Born recently, yep listened to it on youtube. For free.

What is blogging and what good is it to you?

What you are reading is basically a blog. My interest in the internet written about so you can follow me.
You have Food bloggers, Mummy Bloggers, kid Bloggers, Movies, Reading and just about any subject you want.
If you imagine yourself as a blogger then read on.

The great Amazon mystery

Ok, you know Amazon started in the USA and now in many other countries as well. You can buy all sorts of stuff from them at a good or at least fair price with lots of guarantees.
This is online shopping at its best and they have hurt a lot of local stores.
Amazon is not the only online store. Now, most businesses come with an online presence so you can search for anything you want.
To refine your search shop local, eg best Men’s cowboy boots in Dallas Texas.
Compare with Amazon and shop where you wish.

Web pages and you

Web Pages are just like a shop front, yellow pages, directory, about page and more.
Nearly every business now has a webpage so they can be found on the internet.

Back in the olden days, you had to write code and do things in a foreign language. It was difficult and specialised and cost a fortune.

Nowadays you can have a WebPage up and going in minutes not hours or days, what’s more, anyone can do it. I might even teach you how?

eBay and similar online markets

You can buy and sell just about anything on eBay.
Spare stuff around the house, mostly second hand and at good prices. There are some guarantees with eBay but also be careful because there are a lot of scammers as well. All buyers and sellers get rating scores so use the best and most reliable.

Backed up by Paypal

Paypal is an international banking device that protects the buyer and seller for money transactions over the internet.
It can be unwise using your credit card with some overseas sellers so it is thinking and look before you act

Social media and you, the kids and the grands

I love Facebook, I keep up with the family exploits and my friend’s social activities. It hurts no one but pleases many. Interestingly my wife won’t have a page of her own but trolls mine for information.

Setting up a page takes but a few minutes and you follow people that you want to see. Yes, you get other posts in what they call your feed but just ignore them.

I have a Facebook page all about Rescue Cats. I set it up one day as an experiment in gathering a following and it has now grown to have a life and many regular contributors. It is just a fun thing that provides enjoyment for many.


Internet for elderly
The new Social media darling

Instagram is different, it generally includes pictures taken by those you choose to follow and is good for both business or fun. I participate but don’t really get it. However, it is taking over by storm as more people use it on a daily basis.

I believe that the 18-35-year-old females found this as entertaining. When they snap baby pictures, of course, the parents then need to be involved and so the movement grew.

Twitter is another one. A tweet is a short sentence about something and sometimes includes pictures.

internet for the elderly
The twitter king

Probably one of the more famous players is Donald Trump the president of the USA, he is a prodigious user to get his point across. It has worked really well for him. Love him or hate him he has used Social media as an art form.
Furthermore, he is 75 years old so no young hipster anymore
I do follow several politicians and analysts for current information and thoughts so this is used by every age.

Now, this is a who is who profile of mainly business and professional people. If you want to find out about someone you look up LinkedIn.
Recruitment agencies use this a lot when looking for new employees so you need to be seen.

The kids love this because photos and comments disappear quickly, never to be seen again. Nosy parents can’t keep a check.

The government involvement, forms and you

Nowadays many Government applications and form filling is done online and only online. You need to be able to navigate this at some time in your days.

I was at the Local Welfare bureau recently. They handle payments for all sorts of issues from low income, unemployed, out of work, seniors and more.

You can do an online application and not visit at all but you can also go in to speak with them.

However they have a bank of computers set up and you must do your online bit before they will talk to you, there is no way to avoid this. It saves them time in doing it.
The world has changed.

Finding information online

Just about anything you want to know can be dragged from a computer. Have you paid for your car Licence, any outstanding fines etc the amount of information is massive,
In Fact, here in Australia, all our medical records are housed in one spot. Your local Doctor has online access to all your procedures and problems. This is mainly good but it does come with an Opt-out provision for those wishing so.

internet for elderly
Do your research

You have a need to know the basics

Yes, you can nearly always call for help but there are times you will want to be independent.
Having a basic understanding of the abilities of the Internet puts you in a better position.
It does keep the mind active and the fingers dexterous as you type on the keyboard so it can only be good for you.

Where is a good internet learning place?

This is a very long list and it depends on what you want to learn. I did start out by saying watch your money and I will say it again. The best adds are the most costly mistakes.

The most used school of books is probably at Udemi with courses on just about anything but they do have a small cost.

Amazon provides a heap of training about both buying and selling online with information that can be used anywhere.

One to consider

Learning about websites and making money on the Net is free at Wealthy Affiliate and can give you a great insight as to how it all works. Follow the 80-year-olds and the 20-year-olds to get information and support for your learning experience. ( PS it is free)

If you think you can blog and want to try everything is available here for free, training, a blog site and support. Go on you can do it.

All things bad

I can’t possibly cover all of these but a few come to mind

Online Gambling where no one has control of the odds. The cards are stacked against you, beware.


I am a believer that Crypto will be the mainstream product in the years to come. However, the market at this stage is far too volatile to risk your money. A bit like playing with Penny dreadfull shares, mostly a dream rarely a reality.

Other gambling scams

Horse racing, share trading with inside information. You may get contacted with a great opportunity to make money. Let me tell you the only money made is by the promoter, stay clear.

let me tell your future, you will be tempted and it can be fun but it is not real.

And there is more


At some stage, you will be tempted to buy something and it will be just a low price so no big deal. Horoscopes are a good example.
So you pay out for $20 or so and get the information. To really make it work however you need to buy the special pack at just $49.99.
Then there is more el supremo is $199.99 and it is a must-have.
By now you are hooked, you can’t get off the boat, they fill you with excitement and you give it one last shot, and there is more.

Get out early, learn and leave.

A great example was a training program called MOBE. $49.95 entry ended up at close to $20,000 of borrowed money. This went on for years until the USA feds closed it down.
They were good they got me for two hits before I bailed

Online Dating

This deserves a paragraph on its own

The word for you is to stay well away from overseas sites. You have probably read about the consistent demands for money made by supposed online partners. Huge amounts in some cases to a call centre in Nigeria or similar and never to be recovered.

Do not send money.

I said at the start do not waste money on any internet purchase. Do your research and be careful and this is an area of particular concern.
Google online dating scams then take the love Hat off and bin it, what appears to be true will not be.

In conclusion

Thanks for reading and we will add more in the future on deeper understanding of what you really need to master

internet for elderly, image of author
Peter Hanley

Furter on this at the Internet for seniors

PS. If you want to know more leave a comment below, good or bad.

Affiliate internet marketing web

affiliate internet marketing web

Affiliate internet marketing on the web is the best job in town says Peter Hanley in this quick review on making money the right way with affiliate marketing

Affiliate internet marketing web

What the heck is affiliate marketing anyway?

From the urban dictionary

A marketing practice based on the internet in which affiliates are rewarded for marketing on the behalf of other companies, bringing customers/visitors to the business’s site.

One version

So you need no stock, no shop, no billing nothing except a marketing machine.

What sort of products can affiliates sell?

The list here is pretty endless and It all depends on you. What sort of thing are you interested in.
You can sell insurance, health products, Animal things, building bits, Jewellery, watches, clothing, shoes, sporting equipment, computers, phones and on and on.

You can sell virtual products like training programs, e.books, games anything you can download could be available for you to make money on.

Log into Amazon the biggest affiliate marketer in this world and see the list of products. These are all available to you to sell.

  • Low value and volume products
  • High value targeting products
  • Recurring billing products
  • Repeat business customers

Each of these has a specific market and it is just how you target the market that makes the difference.

Where do you start with Affiliate marketing?

Like any business or activity, you need to gather the basics before you start. To not do this will lead to frustration and failure.
Furthermore, if you have no idea or plan you will not get accepted as an affiliate, or worse accepted and cancelled for not performing.

Amazon is the easiest to get into but also the easiest to get out of as they cancel for non-performance.

people running imge

You wake up one morning and decide that running a marathon is your thing. Now you have your product what comes next?
The Boston Marathon is eight months away so that could be a great goal.
Your problem is then a mile/kilometre is a long way so you need to work up to it.
You now plan a training program based around an end result.
Doing a half marathon first is a good start but what of equipment?
Don’t ever do long-distance running without a very good pair of shoes or injuries will happen.

Then you will need a nice pair of loose-fitting shorts, same with a T.Shirt and if a girl some support for the bouncers.
Running distances is hot and hard so have some vaseline handy for the parts that rub together.
Trust me I have done this.

Then starts the challengers, good days, bad days, cold days, hot days, minor injuries and the list goes on.

Affiliate marketing is like a marathon.

  • You need a product
  • A plan keeps you on track
  • You start a training program
  • Then some easy steps
  • Have the correct tools
  • Plan for an emotional ride
  • Achieve your goal.

Now products are everywhere and all you need to do is decide what sort of products suit you.
Type into Google a product then the word affiliate and see the list.

Places like JZ Zoo, Commission Junction, CJ affiliates, shop .com, Share a Sale, Clickbank all have lots of affiliates offers but most are not that good. I would say about 10% will make you money the rest will take your money.

Do you have to pay to be an Affiliate?

This is a yes and no answer. Some products require you to pay and some to join. Others will insist you use their product while buying advertising is not out of the question.

At the start keep your money in your pocket.

The internet is full of scammers and they are often the better adverts. Promises of riches beyond belief working but a few hours a week from the couch while watching TV. Furthermore, your Ferrari is being washed by the home help as you plan an extended offshore cruise.

To this day people still get sucked in big-time so don’t let it be you. You are warned that affiliate internet marketing web sites are ready to take your money.

How do you learn Affiliate marketing web pages

First of all, you need to learn a few skills along the way.

Then you will need to know about marketing and web pages, SEO and links and Funnels and Blogs and all things Internet.

Finally, you will need an understanding of attracting people to your affiliate site so that you pass them through.

The best place to start is at The Wealthy Affiliate.
Now, this is a program that takes you from step one to step money in easy lessons.

The important thing here is that none of your money changes hands until you are trained and ready to launch a great Internet career.

This will be at a time when you have an understanding of just what you want and how you are going to go about it.

It will be like the Boston Marathon because you have taken all the steps to get there and be confident of success because you are ready.

You will be so ready to take the challenge because you have already started to rack up minor victories. Symbolically the 12 k run done, the half Marathon done and a three-hour prep finished. You are so ready you can not fail.

The prize of success is yours for the taking.

Don’t just take my word as gospel

When you log into Wealthy affiliate you will see the Blog forum with members comments, read them and learn from them because they are users just like you and me.
Folks from all over the world, every nationality and age included in a family atmosphere. There are no prejudices here, everyone is equal and the only leveller is your very own personal work ethic.
It is not an overnight success. Nothing comes that easy but it can be an overriding success.
See comments like got my first sale today to one saying I made $40,000 this month. This from genuine members with nothing to gain but sharing their enthusiasm.

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Peter Hanley

Affiliate Internet marketing web by Peter Hanley

Age is just a number

Age is just a number that changes every year but do you? here Peter Hanley looks at how age becomes equal when hiding on the internet.

Image woman pouring coffee
Too young or too old

Are you too young or too old?

I remember in my younger days going for a job and you were always too old or too young for the position.
It was often just an excuse but it was and probably still is used as a factor not to employ you.

Have you experienced something akin to this?

Jobs for young and not so many jobs for old

The world changes in its attitude to age. My first example is a very recent one that happened to a family member.

When coffee became a mainstream product shop sought out well seasoned Barista.
You needed experience and age to understand the intricacies in smelling and dishing out the aroma.

Older guys with curling moustaches, tattoos and bad attitudes pumping out endless arrays of coffee choices.
My friend an older female won Barista of the year and best visuals on a cappuccino.

Have a look around now and the baristas will be trendy young, 20 something, females doing the same job for half the pay.

She is now too old for the job at 40+. WHY?

Girl working
Young barista

In this case, the advance in technology has made it easier to make a bad cup of coffee. The machines are all press here for this coffee etc taking much of the skill away from the coffee maker.

When Andria related this to me I thought it was the old excuse syndrome. I then looked at a dozen local coffee shops and noticed the change. Backpackers, students, and part-time workers all young and hogging the front line.

Sometimes you are too young for a job

I give you example number two. When young is not good and age is just a number.
The medical profession is like this. We don’t want to go to a young Doctor. Straight out of school with no real experience we much prefer the older more wisely person.

It recently happened to me. I pulled a muscle in my shoulder and needed to go to a local Physio.
It is not a common occurrence so I rang and made a booking for someone available for advice.

I got there and out walked a 20 something, attractive female. Now I, like most males, don’t mind a young female but I was taken aback. I wanted someone with some time behind them and not a girl on work experience.

OK, I was wrong but I am an old bloke and didn’t know better.
Jen my new fav person did a great job and I would recommend her to anyone. It was my initial reaction that I am writing about.

Age, retirement and occupation.

image older man working

The age of retirement in many countries has changed. The original age of 65 has gone out by a year every two years as they head towards retirement at70.

I understand that 70 is the new 60 and we are all considered much younger than our parents.

What this does not take into consideration is manual labour. Those involved in heavy manual labour are worn out by 60. Backs and knees no longer take the strain. yes, you can get smarter but you need to change before it is too late.

Internet, the age equaliser and remember age is just a number.

I started writing this because a friend in our internet group turned 80 recently and is still an active contributor.

She is not the only one though as there are many over 65 that are succeding in Internet marketing

On the internet, you are not an age you are all equal to your contribution. In fact, we older generation use it as a badge the same as the Young.
The 20-year old says I am only 20 and doing this and the 80-year-old states I am 80 and still going.
In between, it matters not.

You can be completely invisible on the net. I use a picture of myself so you can see I am not a young punk but I could be 60 or 75.
In fact, many use a much younger picture of themselves to hide there age I use it as a tool.
My years of business experience and development into the internet helps me in many ways.

What does the internet provide for the older group?

The answer is anything and everything. There are no age barriers for those that want to learn and adapt.

As an affiliate marketer no one knows your age, no one sees the wrinkles or arthritis creeping into the hands.

If you want to learn you can. Many won’t of course, some are old before their time, not willing to go with technology. Can’t use a mobile phone properly, program the Sat Nav needs the kids to look up facebook I see them all the time.

I also see those that want to stay young learn and adapt to the constant change that the Internet throws at us.

Learning all things Internet is easy

At Wealthy Affiliate, they have a free course on making money and being successful on the net.

Training is written and video and self-paced so anyone can follow along. You learn the basics before branching out into an interest that suits your needs and abilities.

I quote from a bit of Fran’s writing just today, She is 80 years old

Yes, it is true that I am not physically as active. However, I am fortunate that my life has been very stimulating and, yes, very active. I have viewed all the stages of my life with great interest. “Now” feels no different.
Now, again, I am involved in something new. I view with awe and astonishment the world I’ve entered with WA. I find that I am not too old to keep learning.
It is very rewarding to me to realize, first-hand, that life is a continuum and that age is relative. It is only one standard of measurement. Quality of life depends on many other factors as well.
The ability to learn more, to grow and commune with like-minded souls, and to move onward and upward, regardless of our age, is a most provident opportunity.
Thank you, WA, for entering my life and teaching me that, if I am young in mind, I have found my own fountain of youth.

Fran K Wealthy affiliate member

I could not have said it better. Whatever your age start your learning now.

In conclusion, I close by saying that learning keeps your mind young and your will to live a better life more enhanced than those that give in to age. Remember age is just a number.

Age is just a number by Peter Hanley

picture of author
Peter Hanley

How to Affiliate marketing

If you search How to Affiliate marketing you join a whole group wanting to make money on the internet. Here Peter Hanley starts your new career.

What exactly is affiliate marketing and are there different types?

Image of how to affiliate marketing

Let’s look at the Urban dictionary

A marketing practice based on the internet in which affiliates are rewarded for marketing on behalf of other companies, bringing customers or visitors to the business’s site.

Urban dictionary

My warning to you, don’t attempt anything until you read all the following

The best job in town

If you get this correct it is far and away the best job in town.

  • It can be done from anywhere at any time
  • You have no rent to pay or shop front
  • There is no stock to carry
  • No debtors or creditors or bad debts
  • Very little capital is required
  • Sell big-ticket items
  • Fast-moving items
  • Recurring billing income

What things can an affiliate sell?

Just about anything you can think off can be sold by affiliates. It is a fast-growing area of sales across the world because it moves product.
It could be:

A virtual product like software, online training, E.Book, games, insurance, health care, videos

Hardgoods of all kinds, Plains trains to toy cars.
Health products, clothes, shoes and more

Recurring billing services, web hosting, backup, Video storage etc

First things first for affiliates

You must have a basic idea of what you want to do before you enter this market. I can show you a million affiliate offers but you won’t get accepted or be successful unless you understand the basics.

Affiliate Marketing training to prepare yourself for success.

It is going to take a bit of your time but none of your money.
Consider this. You contact a company and they say great, how are you going to market my XYZ shoes. You reply dunno what do you suggest? They say how many contacts on your list or your webpage.
Your answer is, not many really so the interview is not going well. You then get an email saying thanks but no thanks, it hurts, you feel jilted upset and probably want to give up all because you were unprepared.

How hard is affiliate marketing

Beware the affiliate scammers

Because this is such a massive market the sharks do circle the unready.
Do not pay money to learn how to be scammed.
Reliable institutions like Amazon University and Wealthy Affiliate are ok but many or I might even say most are not.

Amazon University focuses on their products and how to sell them. This is great starter territory but a quick search will show all the paid ads in this category. This is a fair indication of the paying traffic. ( If you don’t know what a paid ad goes straight to the training below you really need help)

How to find Affiliate products to sell

This is the easiest part of this whole post but first of all, you need to determine what you want to sell.

It is no good considering selling anything out of your comfort zone because it will make life so hard at the start.
Yes, a good marketer can sell anything to anyone but you are not there yet.

In addition to this, and I will tell you how to get products we will look at The stores first

Affiliate Marketing stores

First of all, we have people like JV Zoo and commission junction where it is really easy to start.
I am lukewarm on them as a majority of products are not all that good yet I do have a couple I really like. Furthermore, it gives you a good idea of what virtual products are out there. Remember however most are pretty basic with low commissions and high return rates.

Then you have people like Share-a -sale, Clickbank, CJ affiliates, Shopify and many others that act as a conduit for a lot of products.

The reason for this is that it takes special software to properly manage the sales process so many companies outsource the problem.

So you want the affiliate answer?

By now you have an idea of what you want to sell.
It may be anything. Now to go to your search engine like google, type in what you want to sell, for example, say Shoes then space then affiliates.
You now have about 230 million searches to choose from.

Not bad hey?

But wait! will you be accepted? With Google, for example, you get in easy but if no sales are made in three months it is goodbye baby.

Other sites are more selective and want details on how you are going to get sales, some demand you have the product, a website, blog or funnel. A source of leads etc.

Here is the free training I promised you.

Yes, it is also an affiliate site, a Webhosting site and quite a few other disciplines as well.
You can become an affiliate on day one and walk down your street telling friends about it and earn money. You must, however, do a lot more than that.

It is not an overnight occupation. It will take some time and personal effort however it will repay you many times over.
At Wealthy Affiliate, there are hundreds of people making a living from the training they have received. In some cases a six-figure living in all sorts of products.

You won’t, of course, take my word for it, and neither you should because I am trying to lead you into a product although my intentions are honourable.

What I want from you is enter the Wealthy affiliate portal and have a look around. No Credit card cash or your second child.
Have a look at the training and the members portal and even follow a couple of members to see what they say.

My dare is for you to find a bad comment.

What you can not do is promote your products or try and sell anything on this site. The site is very strict in some way so you are not inundated with crappy products to buy.

You can get a free website and learn how to set it up, learn about Keywords and use the included tool and start some affiliate activity. By this time you have not paid out a single dime. No nothing.

You have the best training on the net, a free website, bundles of 24-7 support and the ability to hit it big.

My dare is for you to find a bad comment.

When you upgrade as a full Affiliate at a small monthly cost You have a 50 website package and the ability to really stretch your wings

You are a click away from the start of a journey. A click away from a life-changing experience that will captivate you and have you wanting more.

As a result, there is always more as you gain the knowledge to grow your boundaries far past anything you could ever imagine.

Picture this, you are earning about $5000 us a month and they want to fly you to Las Vegas America, all expenses paid and wine and dine you like a King or Queen.
Furthermore, you will mix with other achievers and learn how they make more than you to get you excited for the next leg of the journey.

The only thing stopping you is You.

Finally, it is all there for you, just take the first step and thank me later.

How to affiliate marketing by Peter Hanley

Image author
In conclusion, I am happy to put my ugly mush to guarantee a product I love and respect. Peter Hanley

How to Affiliate marketing by Peter Hanley

Wealthy affiliate legit?

Is Wealthy Affiliate legit? A lot has been written about this but listen to the users and not the Knockers to get a true perspective.

wealthy affiliate legit

What does Legit stand for with regard to Wealthy Affiliate

Let’s look at the urban dictionary for a definition before we start this journey.

a shortened form of the word “legitimate“. however, this term is nowhere near the real meaning of “legitimate”, since it is commonly used to describe things as cool or extremely awesome.

I just love the Cool or extremely awesome description because it describes my journey with Wealthy Affiliate.

Yes, it is a legitimate company and has over a million really satisfied users that shout its credentials every opportunity they get.

First of all, I have always wanted them to change the name because it does not do justice to their business.
Affiliate marketing is only a part of what they do.

Probably something like “Webhosting, training and page building with an opportunity to make money in many ways” was more appropriate but they thought it a bit long.

I also considered starting a business with no money but this was shelved as well.

Using WordPress as a page builder

Wealthy Affiliate legit
Used by world-leading companies

When you start building webpages, as I did. WordPress provides a great opportunity for accelerated learning.
It’s not like the old days of code writing it is now all about block building and creating great graphics.

Things called Plugins support your activities and guide you on the correct path. Most are free but the more advanced ones may cost a few bucks.

Hey at 75 years old If I can do it so can you.
As an example;
While writing this post I am guided on my writing skills and importantly SEO, or getting your page seen on the Google search.
For a result, I use a plugin called Yoast SEO, which is free, and guides you right through the process and marks your writing skills, offering suggestions to change.

Keywords are the starting point of all internet activity

It is true that Keywords are your search term and Wealthy Affiliate even supply a Keyword Tool that tells you what is good and bad. They are there, free and every contribution to the net starts right here.
In addition, they provide a Pro version but learn on trainer wheels before paying out money.

Have a basic understanding of the internet before you go anywhere. Training is the key.

Do you know where the best, free and full training module on the Net resides?
Yep. you got it in one.
There is no doubt this training is second to none and comes at a price anyone can afford.
In fact, log in here to have a quick look at the first lesson, plus more if you want, it’s all free.

How about a free website to get creative with

Where do you get this? Yep right again at Wealthy Affiliate. In fact, you can have a couple of sites and they are yours forever. When you want to pay for the full package it will be there for you. By a full package, I mean the 50 website package.

SEO is on the table

wealthy affiliate legit

Without some help with SEO, you will be forever lost in the wilderness. It really matters and you will discover the basic rules you must follow to achieve a first-page ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Or, you can pay for traffic

What? Spend money? Yes but spend it wisely to generate a return that is greater than your spend
so you can rinse and repeat.
The problem is that if you do it wrong you are really just wasting money. AT WA they cover this in the training so you have a chance of success.

Can you use WA for any business or just for Affiliate marketing

The answer is any business you want. My journey started in learning basics to better manage my daily business. Furthermore, I wanted to know what went into a website and what it could achieve.
In addition, I was paying good money for someone else to do it and I wanted to keep track of them. Finally, I had them change to my learnings for a better experience and to get a product that achieved all the rules and made page number One

What about Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is getting paid for recommending a sale of someone else’s product.
Amazon is a great example of this and just about any product you can think off can be searched on the net.

Wealthy Affiliate is no different in that they pay you for every successful recommendation. What’s more, you get paid every month for the life of the client thus allowing you to build a business around this product.
Furthermore, you can even do this as a free member. Perhaps you don’t earn as much but it is still a great deal. get a couple of deals on board and upgrade for virtually free.

Support is a must-have

Furthermore, when things go wrong you need someone to talk to. With Wealthy Affiliate, there are several ways to do this.
You have a 24-hour support line for all things technical. Having used this I find you usually get an answer within the hour.

Chat line. For simpler things, there is a chat line to overcome drafting or similar situations. I have spent hours trying to work out a problem when a 2 min chat would have helped.

Ask the forum. This is something special where the question is out of the square but you need an answer.
One I liked recently was “is Yoast SEO or All in One SEO Best for my site”
The debate got going and a consensus was taken with a clear winner.

Sometimes one of the owners will chip in for their say and help guide you forward. Plus they are always available for contact if things go wrong

What about a forum to share ideas.

Our people share wins and losses, personal issues and current topics. It is like Facebook for Affiliates and a very family environment.
In nearly all cases they are raving fans. They frown on spammers and no pushing products are allowed at any time. While this upsets a few it is very necessary for the majority.

Senior members and ambassadors

Everyone gets a rating from 1 to about 300,000. You then grow by participating within WA where a common goal is the top 200. The top 20 are the ambassadors. Many of these members post regular training and ideas that you can follow and learn from.

Another way of learning is to follow my daily blogs at New Business online where I share ideas in starting and growing a business to profit.

Other income from Wealthy affiliate

Affiliate income is not the only source of earnings. In addition, they have an advanced Keyword tool called Jaaxy that you can promote and earn a recurring income from. You can get paid for building training programmes and commenting on another website.
Beginners to experienced all get the same opportunities.
Using Tools like Videos to help grow your following and create extra income. I use Noble Samurai and here I Discuss using it with a free Videomaker.

No program without competition is any good

This is an interesting one because your competition is only you. Should you achieve a certain level of new connections over the year you get an all-expenses-paid vacation to Las Vegas plus share in a bonding and learning session with other winners.

If you think this is an average achievement read what the winners say. We had to hose them down this year they were so excited. Ordinary people like you and me that have followed the training to the end.
At 300 sales you have already achieved a living wage so this is really the icing on the cake.
No, I was not there but I shall give it a shake this year. I can see it.

Finally the Webhosting details

  • Everything is included.
    Free security to SSL
    Enhanced page speed
    Domain purchase
    Spam Blocker
    Your Site Health
    Plus Site Comments
    Then site feedback and
    Email Accounts

In conclusion, should you want anything else, I have probably missed it.
Try it now to start your future today.

Further reading on the internet.

Is Wealthy Affiliate legit by Peter Hanley

Image of the author
Peter Hanley

What business for me?

What business for me? A very common question as we seek to build our own future in doing what we love and earning what we want.

Pick something you love and never work another day.

Image of Confusus

The actual quote is attributed to Confucius when he said

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.
— Confucius

There is quite some conjecture about the origin of the saying and perhaps it was not he who said it but it still remains true to this day.
So let’s go for one more while we are at it.

You Are Never Too Old To Set Another Goal or To Dream a New Dream

CJ Lewis

At my humble age of 74, I am still learning and planning. I dream of new adventures and write a blog every couple of days in my interest group.

So whether you are 17 or 70 this applies to you.

What business are you in?

The simple answer may be that you are a Bricklayer or carpenter but the answer is wrong.

I had to face this reality recently after reading a book by Michael C Gerber called the E.myth revisited. Because I run a Message service for small business and when asked what I do I answer as such.
I run a message service for business.

First of all that is a product of my business among many similar products. So I went searching for an answer to my business description.

Bear with me here because this will relate to you and your business and how you will describe what you are looking for.
My first attempt was sales and support products for small business, Not bad I thought I can live with that but it still does not convey a feeling.
To cut it short I sell “peace of mind” we look after a side of the business you can’t control

Makes me feel good and my clients understand what they will receive.

How does the e.myth relate to you?

First of all the E.myth is the entrepreneurial myth
and all about succeeding in business It is about being in the 80% and not 20%

So what drives you? Perhaps you want to care for animals, the environment, design snazzy clothes, be a better landscaper or work on the internet.

But bring it down to bite-sized ideas.

For example, the internet is a massive depository of ideas and opportunities.

  • You can build and repair computers
  • Maybe you can write software
  • Specialise in Website building
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social media
  • Blogging

Each of these is really different and require very opposed skill sets. I have no idea of building computers or writing software but love doing websites and blogging. even Social media leaves me although I have become an active participant.
In saying that I confess to going on a journey with Social Media.

To learn about building and building a Social profile I looked for an interest that I had and could share with others.
having recently adopted a rescue cat I chose that as my subject. Then I chose a personality for my cat and a plan for posting. The idea was to get to 2000 followers.http://www.facebook.com/katiehan1616/

Now with over 5000 followers, it takes me all of 30 minutes a week to keep the site current and interesting.
I do it for the return I get from the followers and as an exercise that I can share with others

So more on you and less on me

What do you like, what are your interests and then develop from there?
When you discover your interest then brake it down even further.
So you love animals, don’t we all but are the best one’s Horses or dogs, wild animals or snakes.

Horses have a specialist in riding, training, buckjumping, gymkhana, shoeing etc.

Then there are Racehorses, draft horses miny shetlands so even further down to a desire.

Specialising is the starting game. Unfortunately, you must also have an understanding of the whole horse before you specialise in Hoofs.

To understand the Internet you need some training
on all the basics. No matter what business you chose the internet will drive it.
All marketing is now internet-based, all internet skills can be learned online.

One great place to start and finish is the training at Wealthy Affiliate. first of all, it is free to start and comes with a free webpage also has advanced training and the ability to make money well.

In conclusion,

  • Find your niche
  • Narrow it down
  • Do a bit of learning
  • Start the money-making journey
Image of author
Peter Hanley

Home business reviews

Home business reviews have a look at the good and the bad of the internet and trying to make money online in a day on the internet.

Plus my unique 13 rules guide you to success.

Try out all the crappy internet methods so you understand the good from the bad

We all make a start where we don’t require any skills, just a bit of time and inflows a truckload of money. NOT

This includes all the sucker bait like surveys and emailing and then all the paid ads at the top of the Google search.

Rule number 1.
Don’t give them any money.

When starting your journey you are at your most vulnerable to the dreams of instant wealth and living the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Rule number 2.

The people writing lifestyle advertising are experts at it. They format the writing like the proverbial spider drawing you into the net.
Just pay a little now and you are off to instant fame and fortune by joining a real exclusive club.

Rule number 3

You will see ads with promises that you need no money, no experience, and just an hour a day to start generating like the pros. It is not possible.

Rule number 4

Be realistic in your consideration of any promotion. If it seems too good to be true it will be.
Dig in and see how they promote and promise using glowing testimonials from unknown people.
Link to a Facebook page and see real comments.

Rule number 5

You can work for people like Fivver and make a small amount of money or you can do it for yourself and make more money. If you have a particular skill and want to gain a following this could be a reasonable choice. However, use it to build your customer base of value-paying clients

Create your opportunities with Home business reviews.

Rule number 6

Try and narrow down your attention to a specific role or opportunity. Maybe you are good at creating Visuals, using FaceBook, providing SEO, WordPress guru or whatever really excites you, and becoming the local expert. More at-home business ideas

Rule Number 7

Start local aim national. It is far easier to market face to face than it is being noticed on the world wide web. Hone your skills in your own paddock where you can better monitor and manage.
Online business opportunities are everywhere.

Rule number 8

Become a teacher, train others in your new-found skillset, mentor, advise, and consult.
Each and every element that you are learning has many levels of learning as you dig deeper into a subject. Let’s have a look at one example. In this particular case, I use Facebook

  • Why use Facebook? The Pluses.
  • Can a business do without Facebook?
  • Difference between personal and business.
  • How to set up a page.
  • What to post on a site.
  • Graphics
  • Building a following
  • Automated posting
  • Association with a webpage
  • Linking with other media
  • Advertising
  • Retargeting or remarketing
  • Building an income
  • Setting up groups

Plus a lot more I have forgotten. One simple subject provides a long-term discipline at Home business reviews

This is information you must lock-in

Rule number 9

Consistently upskill yourself by taking new training modules and adapting the principles learned.
The internet is ever-changing so you should be as well. Opportunities come and go and stay with the former

Rule number 10

Have a backup skill in an associated environment.
Facebook is still very active but there has been a movement on Instagram so you need an understanding of the impact on your marketing.

You also need to associate Facebook with web pages and what you are trying to achieve and how to do it.
Remember Facebook is to entertain and deliver customers to a website. A website is to sell the product and not lose the attention span to be lost in trolling Facebook.

Where is the best place to learn the Internet?

For a start, to finish a free course there is no place better than Wealthy Affiliate.
You can pick a subject, ask questions, and seek special training to use support as you build your knowledge.

There are no tricks, read the comments, and reviews and make your own mind up. Then pick a training module that interests you.
My suggestion is to start at the start unless you have a basic working knowledge of all things Internet. I wrote a review on Wealthy Affiliate that might be of interest.

Video, the new kid taking over

Video is growing so fast that it must be the rule

Rule number 11

Video on Youtube, on a webpage on Facebook anywhere you want.
Search how to, why, when, etc to find a Video that gives you information.
It is now easier than ever and I recently discussed it in a short blog

Because this is a pretty extensive subject I have sourced a cheat sheet for you that will help you understand the market it is on Content marketing

Making a quick buck

If you want to make a quick buck this is the opportunity you can not ignore. This free tool is also yours to give away or more importantly used to teach others. It also comes with an Affiliate opportunity.

Affiliate marketing

This is the big end-all of internet ideas and a market so big that it now dominates sales across the world.

You will know Amazon but they are just one in a market that will sell any product, anywhere, and as a result worth investigating,
To prove my statement think of a product, any product, and type it into google followed by the word affiliate. You will see hundreds of searches that offer an opportunity for just about anyone to participate. OK time for a new rule.

Rule number 12

If you don’t know what you are doing you won’t get accepted. No, they will send you away disgruntled, and furthermore, you probably give up.

So, first of all, start a business plan.

Have an idea of what you want out of this and then set up your roadmap to have any chance of success

I wrote more on this recently that may help your new career path

In conclusion
Rule number 13

Understand Keywords. If you miss this you will be whistling Dixie as they say.

When you go online with most packages little respect is paid to the most important Internet point of understanding
Your Keyword is what I use to find you, something of interest that I want online.

I also offer you a free tool that does this on a blog I recently wrote on Free Keyword research tool and how to use it.

Finally, if you get nothing out of this whole blog packed with great ideas this one tool is worth grabbing. It is used daily if you are active online

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