What is business marketing?

It is selling products

Here Peter Hanley asks the question of what is business marketing? And how does it affect you? In a fixed or virtual business, proper marketing is essential.

Without marketing, you rely on just goodwill

Whether you be a local shop, larger business or even an online entrepreneur marketing is the backbone of a business. It drives customers into your shop or store.

There are, however, many forms of marketing that may be long term or one hit wonders and they all add up to a result. Here Wikipedia describes it for you.

Where does marketing start and finish?

This starts with an idea and the finish is up to you but my first place goes to a brand.

Do you have a brand?

While this is set up early it lasts a lifetime so it needs the relevant respect.

Great brands include Amazon, Apple, Samsung, Google, Facebook etc which are names that roll of the tongue.

However the name means many things but all are liked and trusted the key ingredients, as well, they have a massive revenue spend on marketing.

Most interesting is that they are all new age names outranking the AT and T of this world by a long way. Remember Walmart and Microsoft as well as the world bank of China in ICBC in the top 10.

In addition, as little business, we can not compete on the world market but we do have our own sandpit to lord over. Just how can we do that?

A Name a logo and a USP

All businesses start with these three things and yours should to although change can be made.
Your unique selling proposition is what your business is about.
A good example is Samsung who reinvented the failing brand by entering the mobile phone market and pushing
quality, design, and price as its USP.

Another that reinvented itself was a small Korean company called Lucky Goldstar. They made TVs for the market that were rebranded to other names. A good name in a small Asian country but not a well-known name like LG where “Life is good”

Every business needs to identify what and who they are with a USP. You can search these for hours and they all say something about you.

There is a little bakery around the corner from me with a bland name like Brighton Road Bakery. They tag everything with ” 3 times voted the best tradesman pie”

We all know Tradies love a pie and they often have a discussion along these lines and the Brighton Road wins every time.

So you have a name, a logo and now add your USP.

Virgin Airlines, make flying fun, made it different from the traditional safety aspect like Qantas who push absolute safe flying.

How the world sees your brand

What is business marketing
A Branding example we all know

What is your shopfront like, your Webpage, all your basic marketing materials like flyers, invoices, calling cards?
Consistency is King and great companies never vary. No logo change, no colour changes, same font etc.

Shop fronts are a window of your business. They invite people in and are fresh and portray what to expect.

Perhaps it is a restaurant with an old world look or a hotel with a large outdoor area and people having fun.

It could just be your website or your Social media call to action. It is what connects to your USP.

Virgin, for instance, have Sir Richard Branson having fun anywhere in the world and Apple with the absolute quality pushed by Steve Jobs.
This is all basic stuff but will make a difference to your result and you can go back and start again.

Then came Social Media

For years we were stuck with written marketing like the Yellow pages or similar that delivered a message to a small area.

Now the world is your market or maybe just your local village the choice is yours.

  • Facebook a must have
  • LinkedIn is necessary
  • Instagram the new favourite
  • YouTube is a must do
  • Twitter in some cases
  • Web Page and SEO
  • Funnels and sales pages
  • others as you wish

Then other things you must do

  • Email marketing
  • Autoresponder
  • Newsletters
  • SMS
  • Adwords
  • Networking
  • Flyers
  • Cold calling
  • Door knocking
  • E.Books
  • Blogging
  • and more

Your marketing. Is your head spinning yet?

If you did every one of these properly you could not handle the business. Each of these can work to send you business.
Yet it is virtually impossible to do them all without a couple of agencies working for you.

Time in business is important and you need to spread yourself over many areas so how can you ever compete in this market?

What is business marketing
Make it easy

Business marketing made easy

Nothing is easy but we can at least have a go at simplifying things.
You must have a good webpage and SEO for any business. It must be ready to sell or direct people to you to take the money. It is a shopfront and back and the one thing that you must do and do properly.

Furthermore, what to do next is very dependant on your business and where you get the most benefit.

Then consider the age are your customers, where do they live, what are their interests and what will draw them in.
Then you design a customer Gravitar and that is where we start.

Facebook is now for the 30 plus group
Instagram 18-30 years old. Storytelling
YouTube 10-60-year-old. Brand and how to do things
LinkedIn for business owners and professionals
Twitter more the educated or academic. Probably good for accountants, Lawyers, writers, political observers and for following the lives of the rich and famous

Easy to set up and a must have media

First of all, you and everyone in business should have a LinkedIn page with a good Bio and Photo promoting your business. When people want you this is the first place to search.
Just this week I had two friends on either side of the country and haven’t spoken for years. Now Jo sells travel and Stanley is in Overseas construction. When we were talking about this Jo Immediately went to LinkedIn contacted Stanley and started negotiation for the $200,000 travel package.

This takes very little time to set up and manage, costs you nothing and If you get the traffic you can upgrade and market your business based on results.

Facebook is dying

What is business marketing
The rumour is not true

Well, actually no it is not, it is just changing and still remains the biggest media on the market.
Think of this as a signpost to your business, it does not sell anything it is there to get interest and deliver people to you directly or by retargeting in paid advertising.
It must be kept up to date and it allows for message scheduling so you only need to do it weekly or longer.
However, a neglected site is not the look you want.
Do your Facebook and do it properly.
I often look at a Facebook site to get an idea of a business, how they are doing or not doing.

The Youtube opportunity for business

YouTube is ideal if you want to share how to do things, display things, unpack boxes, Brand your product and even as a sales site.

Interestingly Youtube has nearly as many monthly searches as Google so it can not be ignored. I offered a free trial of a great product on a prior blog under YouTube Free
Perhaps you can use an Ipad, mobile phone or camera just take in a few basics first,

Local directories

What is business marketing
Shout it out as much as possible

While you won’t see this mentioned all that often but it does work. There are over 100 local directories where you can add your business for free. The top three will generate millions of calls per month over the subscribers.
To find these just google your business name, town or product and have a look at the first couple of pages and you will find a half dozen or so listings, I recently blogged on this at Online directories

Finally to Instagram, ignore this at your peril

What is business marketing

This is the new kingmaker because with a bit of effort it can work really well for many businesses, particularly retail.
Social media has always been about entertainment but Instagram is about to turn stories into selling tools with online buy now buttons. It is a story on its own but makes sure you set up a business account and post regularly.

When your business is failing seek help

What is business messaging by Peter Hanley

What is business messaging
Peter Hanley

Read my blog

Coronavirus and business

Why would you want to read my blog?

Why would you want to read my blog? First of all to see what I have to say, more importantly how I say it and what action you will take because of my content.

Blog writing starts with the end in mind.

You are writing your blog to achieve a goal. That goal may be to convince people that paleo is the diet of choice, Nike is the best shoes, The world is really flat or any conversation you wish to have.

Do you want to know exactly how to achieve this?

There is more than one way to write a Blog

First of all, A blog is a story to be told, A story that won’t be read unless your title has intrigue. No matter how good the story, unless the cover gets you in nothing, will happen. There are however exceptions to this.

  • A subject of great Interest still needs to be exciting
  • An Author you follow. Not everything ill is read
  • A great photo at the start, halfway there
  • Using celebrities to headline your story
  • Posting a mystery to be solved, gets them every time
  • Intrigue, a bit of mystery
  • A brand. Something you follow but the title still opens the page

So no matter the subject the title is the second most important element.

Image of blogging
What takes your interest

I get lots of emails and read just a few. I search many articles and read-only selected entries usually on the first page.

This all then comes down to niche blogging and defining your Niche.
If I am into fishing I won’t read housing sales and If I am into Flycasting I won’t read deepsea trawling.
The art of defining a niche is really important because that is how you will be found.

Image of blogging
Pick a Niche and let’s get going

The most important element is Your Niche

A niche can be too broad as in the subject fishing for example when I am interested in Trout fishing during winter on Lake Ontario.
If I Googled just fishing I would never get to my desired location and find out what I wanted to know.
When I get to Lake Ontario then the subject line will draw me into what I will read, it will probably be in the first four entries on page one of a search.

Creating a Brand for your blog

This is not an overnight item and it may take months or years to have a Brand that people follow. When you are considered an expert in your particular niche you may pull a following of people with similar interests.
This comes back to the Know, like and trust formula for internet marketing.
Think about who you follow and why? You will have seen prior material, almost certainly a photo of them and have liked an article written by them.

I personally don’t know any Fishermen in Ontario having picked that out of thin air but I do follow certain people.

At Wealthy Affiliate where there are over a million bloggers many on a daily basis, I follow just a handful of the top contributors because what they have to say is generally relevant but contains factual information.

Saying this I am still attracted by the subject line and maybe the pretty picture before I commit my time to read the article.

Although we are in the same niche of internet marketing that has a billion sub-niches I have followed them for their brand. They are high achievers and want to help others in interesting ways to achieve better results.

Halfway through this blog and we have not yet got down to what we want to say

My point in all this is that you can write all day and no one will ever read it unless you promote your self, your niche or brand and have a way to market.
There is no doubt that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other Social media entities provide a pathway to your door. Either organically or paid searches
but they, the visitors, still have to drink from the well.

Image of blogging
Blogging tips

Some niches are easier than others, what to look for.

I guess this is not rocket science although it mostly comes down to how broad the search terms are or how local you wish to be. The narrower the search term and the area for the greater the chance of being read.

Now to blog writing and three must do’s

At last, you say what are the tips on writing a good blog?

Spelling, headings and pictures are my first three issues. No one wants to see a lot of spelling mistakes or grammatical errors as you read. You will lose readers very quickly. I use a free product at Grammarly to help me.
For the speed-readers heading summarise the writing and pictures pull them to attention.

There should be no more than 300 words between headings and over 1000 words a blog is good

headings should range down with the largest H1 at the top and the smallest at the bottom.

Other blog writing tips you need to know.

You should write in a positive voice being the authority than you are and include many transition words throughout the article. I use the Yoast Seo Plugin for word press that corrects me for my failings.

Next and no less importantly is both Internal and external linking to your other writing and outside sources as reference material.

I use here as an example Wikipedia

Where can you get more information on blogging

I use the free training at a wealthy affiliate where many guest bloggers lead the way in telling you how it should be. This training by my friend Israel titled Blogging is fun and you won’t get bored and is worth a read.

Wealthy Affiliate is a hosting platform, training system and affiliate program that leaves all others behind. It starts out free for a basic service including a free blog page. You will learn the difference between a Blog, a Page and a Funnel and how best to get to your market

read my blog, image of author
Peter Hanley
Home page

In conclusion, I believe this can be fun, interesting therapeutic and make you money. The trick is in how you achieve it. Without basic training, you have little chance of success. To improve your chances and join me at Wealthy Affiliate

Art of a sale

The art of the sale

The Art of a sale is cloaked in mystery to many but the procedure is relatively simple as explained by Peter Hanley in this easy to follow post.

It matters not what you are selling, it is how you sell that matters.

We all get sold to every day. What is important is that we don’t all buy every day. So what is the difference?

  • We buy from people we like
  • Mostly only what we want
  • It is always for a reason
  • Price is not a consideration
  • Trust is important

Know, Like and Trust

First of all, we need to look at the art of the introduction.

Whether it is a quick sale or a drawn-out process the procedure is the same therefor only altered by time.

Let me run an example. You are introduced to someone at a Barbeque that maybe needs what you are selling.
You introduce yourself and chat about generalities and drop where you work or chat about products but there is no selling. perhaps you might follow up the next day or week and reintroduce yourself and suggest you may have something of interest. Then you are known because you met at the Bar-b, liked because you shared a Beer and trusted because you have mutual friends.
If you went straight into a sales pitch you are dead in the water.
Hey Jim, nice to meet you how about you buy some Life Insurance from me.

Perhaps your introduction goes down the line of meeting Brian, he is looking for some car tyres perhaps you can help.
Now you fast track the situation by giving some background to build your credentials. Then establish their need and promise them to follow up with some great stuff tomorrow. perhaps I can help you with a deal.

In the first example, your purpose is to create a need for the product in the second solution.

I only tell you this because you need to create like and trust before any selling is possible.

Creating attention in a sale

Many buyers have a small attention span as their mind wanders around a store looking for something else to stimulate them.

This is when you need to keep their interest high by including them in the conversation.

You do this by asking relevant questions.
Do you want High-performance tyres or Price based plodders?

I believe Michelin is best but would you be happy with Kumo?

Asking the right questions and listening to the answers is a skill.
Remember it is not about you, focus on their needs and wants and find that buying signal to take them forward.
” My mate just got Kumos and he reckons they are great,
so now pushing Michies is a waste of time, change tack and continue, “Off-road or performance” and etc.

This is also a step for

Setting up small decision steps in a sale

They call them soft yesses, the more times they say Yes the easier the final one will be.

Is that your Beemer out the front?
Love the colour did you choose it?
How many miles / Klms did you get from the tyres,
are you happy with that?

Have you heard of Michelin tyres?
They come with a great history don’t you think?
BMW insists on a high-performance rating tyre and as a true believer, I bet you have to agree.

I have dumbed this down because your business is like no other it is just that the rules are the same.

People buy for various reasons.

  • Fear. Insurance
  • Prestige Mercedes
  • Quality Toyota
  • Reputation Tag Heuers
  • Money Aldi
  • Time-saving  Home delivery
  • Location 7-11 local

What is your client looking for, ask the questions and drill down to a few simple conclusions before pushing the point?

Beware, buyers are liars, they don’t mean to be they want to be sold so they keep their cards close. Have you ever done this?

Remember the price is forgotten long before the value is realised so don’t sell on price.

Price is closer not an opener.

The soft yes, If I could get it for you at $x would we have a deal?

The Cooper Tyres will give you a 100,000 Klms while the Sumo only about 30,000
As a result which way are you leaning?
There are however closing signs if you ask the right questions.
He responds “my mate bought Kumos and he loves them”
You would say “did he get a good price” and then it is about prestige. Everyone loves to Oneup there mates on price, game over.

My most important sales tip ever

Now, this is one any experienced salesperson has encountered. It is an awful moment of realisation that you have just messed up, big time.

Your customer says yes so you continue to sell benefits and explaining how good it is. Then you see a thunder cloud come over their face and they say, “Look I need to think about this a little more.”

The customer and the sale are gone forever. There is no coming back.

So when the customer says yes then shut the frig up! and process the sale. Chat about the Weather the kids’ anything except what you are selling.

It has happened to me, the point of no return as your stomach shrinks at the moment you realise you just lost a sale and there is no going back.

The art of Storytelling

Image around art of the sale
Storytelling is a sales strategy

” I was reading an article recently about Alby Mangles the explorer and danger man. He was in outback Africa and blew three of the four tyres on the Jeep he was thrashing. It was the second set that had gone in as many days and he desperately wanted something better. This little old African man, all five foot of him, looked him up and down and said to Alby ” that’s really pretty dumb trying to get those soft on-road tyres to last in amongst the conditions out here. What you need is these great Out of Africa road grips that will get you to Capetown and Back without a problem.” What choice does Alby have? The sale is made.
By the way, I have some in stock want to have a look?

Today I was actually in a tyre store to get a couple of tyres, I knew what I wanted so the discussion came down to price and price only.
Well, that’s what I thought. The tyre guy walked me to the car and went to the little tyre plate inside the front door where he said, ” In a BMW x5 you must have a special speed-rated tyre as written or you will get a humming noise in certain conditions, have you ever noticed that? Well yes, actually I have I replied.
Therefore the Tyres you need are a hundred Bucks more but they stop mechanical damage to your front end.
I paid the extra and went out knowing I had the best quality and the fear of damage was satisfied.

Treat every sale as an opportunity to help.

I went to the hardware shop recently to buy some Gate Hinges, bolts, nuts etc to fix a problem with a loose hanger. Told the guy what I wanted and he asked what I was trying to do. The screws in the hinge have come loose and no matter what I do I can’t fix them, So I am going to replace them all.
Because he was an older guy, probably an ex Carpenter I listened and he said, Just put a driver in your drill and hit the current screws with a quick drill blast and the problem is fixed.

The guy was correct it worked a treat, hence I saved on the hinges and he missed that sale for the day.
Especially relevant is what he got, however, was my return business forevermore.

Selling is a true Art

Finally, treat your role with a Professional approach no matter what you are selling.
Furthermore, It will pay you handsome returns for caring and sharing with people that will continue to Like and trust you, therefore, they will recommend you to others.

The whole business comes back to the fundamentals of know, like and trust and when you realise these simple rules your life will be one of success.
In conclusion, the Author Peter Hanley has over 50 years in selling experience in all manner of products and loves to share this with you on his home page at Newbusinessonline.

Image of author
Peter Hanley

Getting noticed with Email

email list
Getting noticed with email is an Art.The first two steps make a difference to the whole success of the mail. Miss these steps and you won’t get read.

My date with Meg Ryan

Remember that great movie way back in 1998 with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan?
Yes, it is 21 years ago so some of you were not sending mail back then and most likely can’t remember the movie.
It was a love story and around the start of emailing when it was all a bit personal. However boy gets the girl so all ends well.

This was all about getting noticed with email.

I mention this because now 21 years later what has changed?
When I look at my emails today none are from Meg Ryan, unfortunately, but I have about 80 from others that want my attention. Here we look at getting notices with email

Here we start a journey

The two most important features in an email have nothing to do with the subject.

  • Who the Email is from, do they know you?
  • The subject line or attention getter

Think of your own daily experience with emails.
You most likely quickly scan the list looking at the sender’s name. If it gets your attention then we go to the subject line and make a decision, do we open this or not?
The average open rate based on the UK experience across all categories is just 19.8% and interestingly this has only changed marginally over the past couple of years.
Most noteworthy is that this is to a known audience, not random emails.

First of all is getting known

This all happens early in the series when you introduce your self, your company and what you want to achieve. No selling whatever.
I liken it to meeting someone at an event or even a party and firing off into a sales pitch. no one wants that.
So your first email is a shake and greet nothing more.
At the party, you have exchanged names and pleasantries when the subject of “What do you do for a living” comes up.

Your answer is general in nature about your role in the company and what they supply, perhaps an address and phone number nothing more. We are at a party, not a sales conference.


The next days you catch up and are known and what you do is in line with there needs. You might say Have you had a look at such and such, got some good deals on at the moment are you interested or will I keep you in the loop.
The point here is by now you are known, liked and trusted and If they want a deal it will be with you. Your emails are the same.

It is different with your Newsletters or touch emails.

You are already known liked and trusted and done the hard yards, but they are busy people and they can’t be bothered with trivia. You only get one shot so it better be good.
Remember the trust thing could last forever the new subject line but a few seconds

Getting noticed with email; A subject line

Breaking down a subject line

  • `A direct benefit How will opening the email get them something they want?
  • Curiosity, my favorite but you can also combine it with News or self Interest
  • Scarcity, but it must be real, limited quantities, deadlines etc
  • News, Something that is new to the reader
  • Social Proof, comparing what other people have done
  • Story; The start of a story blended with curiosity
  • Humanity issues
  • Thanks to Ryan Deiss the Invisible Selling Machine

Any of these can be used to invite the reader in. I did a recent post saying “You have been Pwned.” This blends curiosity, news and social proof embedded in the body. An open rate of nearly 40% double the national average.

Here are a few examples under the headings

  • Get your business funded in 2019. A benefit
  • My favorite marketing tool. Curiosity
  • 50 % Sale ends in one day. Urgency
  • Will 2019 be better than 2018? News
  • All my customers loved this. Social interest
  • Did you hear Google+ is closing and why? Story
  • Merry Christmas to you from? Humanity

All this before they read a word

Email marketing is a lengthy subject because it is so varied.

Are well covered in a prior post as with email marketing tips
So I am not reinventing the world

In conclusion.

Creating unbelievable value

The training at Wealthy Affiliate has many episodes on all aspects of email and one in particular, Creating unbelievable value is a must read. free and no obligation

Email works as well today as it ever has only the strategies have changed.
Customer contact is necessary so keep it up with email.

Who is the best email provider, Constant Contact and I tell you why.

Getting noticed by email by Peter Hanley

Image of author
Peter Hanley

Gillette Commercial and your brand

Here Peter Hanley looks at the Gillette commercial, what it means to you and how you can learn from it for your marketing.

Don’t tell me you have not seen the Gillette Commercial

OK, your the only one in town or perhaps like me you are a Man and don’t give a fig over the hyped up response to a commercial.

Wait on, don’t take sides we are not here to debate the integrity of the advert we are here to judge on the effect.
So first of all find the advert and view it.

Did Gillette deliberately set out to get readership?

If they didn’t they certainly got it, everyone is looking at it and getting all in a knot over the masculinity of men.
My take is that the Gillette brand, owned by Proctor and Gamble, needed a boost into a new marketing niche.
The younger age set and this was the lever to achieve it.
They were deliberately controversial to get a Brand fixed in the mind of buyers.
Do you think it worked?
I do because when I go to buy a new razor the brand jumps up and says buy me, and I do. Why? Because of brainwashing, advertising and or promotion, whatever it is it worked.

An interesting format in the Gillette advert

The advert was deliberately made long format at nearly 2 minutes to move into Social media where most views will be seen.
It tells a story and keeps your attention to the very end and then you jump out of your chair with an opinion.
Buying a two minute Add on commercial TV is extremely expensive and in most cases avoided at all costs.
The Ad Agency (Grey Global Group based in New York) certainly should know what they are doing but being a risk taker sometimes backfires.

I see this as taking a Brand into a new demographic by targeting an age group that care.
We old blokes have been buying Gillette for years and find this mildly entertaining. Because the 20-50 age group are the buyers now they are the new target.


Lets face it Gillette is all about brand recognition

In marketing parlance, you can solve a problem, overcome a fear or put yourself in the result.
A simple version is a travel advert, they don’t show long queues or boring plane flights they show crystal clear water lapping on white sand and buff bodies strolling hand in hand down a quiet stretch of beach.
Hardly reality for most of us but we dig it, we want to be like that.
Gillette put you in the advert, you take sides, discuss issues maybe even rant and rave but hence you remember the name Gillette.

A great Advert or a misfire?

Furthermore, you should take your stand and be outraged but also remember what they are trying to achieve.

In conclusion

You will learn more about brand building and how you can advance your business into a new market in the free training at Wealthy Affiliate.

Gillette Commercial and your brand


I am a pioneer in business marketing based over many decades and have moved into the new millennium of Internet sales.

In conclusion, I provide coaching and an almost daily blog on a business subject

Image of author
Peter Hanley

Gillette commercial and your brand


Take your side but remember this is brand building.



Gillette Commercial and your brand, a discussion.

Is FOMO Real?

is FOMO real?

I am often questioned Is FOMO Real? As a long term veteran of this industry and a long term FOMO sufferer, I want to tell you it is real and manageable

What is FOMO?.

It is described in modern day parlance as “The Fear Of Missing Out”

When you search the web you will find a bundle of articles on this mostly related to teens and Facebook users.
I searched Wikipedia and Urban use pages and did not find the one I wanted so had to make up my own mind on this.

My family have accused me of this since before the word was first introduced and it predates the electronic version of the word.

I do like to be included in the fun things and would feel rejected if left out.

In fact, there was a saying along the lines of ” Don’t ask Peter unless you really want him to come.” The belief was that I would accept every invitation offered me. Hardly true of course but I accept the comments graciously.

Along came Facebook and messaging and the world changed, now add Instagram and a few others and we really have a reason to be anxious.

Yes, I have Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and LinkedIn because I just have to be there.
We need to like every post or make a comment lest we are thought less of.

Fear of missing out, or FOMO, is “a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent”. This social anxiety is characterized by “a desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing”.

Where it all starts

I experienced this recently at the birthday party of a two-year-old. This is a great time for the kids to get presents because they can really enjoy them for the first time and lots of Aunties and Uncles are keen to show they care.
At the same time, the four-year-old sibling is having a national crisis with no presents coming their way.
I am old school and let them suck it up but many buy a special present to appease the tears and tantrum. Does this create a life long phobia?

Yes, every time someone else gets something or does something good they need to be rewarded as well. A special present that will last for life.

My problem started in reverse. I had an older brother by four years so he was able to do and get things before me. New Scooter, a push bike, a car the list of my envy goes on and stays with me to this day.
I was missing out, pure and simple.

We are also guilty of promoting this in children’s’ sport. Think about this for just a moment.
The kids play a team sport and every week someone gets an award. It is something small in size or price but huge in consequence and recognition.
To make sure everyone is included it is not given for achievement it is rotated among everyone on the team. Each week little Johnny needs to suck it up a bit but understands the rules that their time is coming.
Would you think this as a training school for FOMO

The Internet took FOMO a step forward

Your Bestie posts great photos of a recent hang out on a tropical Island.
Everyone message to say did you see this and you quickly load Facebook for a gander at suntanned bodies sipping Pina Coladas in a Pool bar.
Oh, how the envy starts.
Not for them of course but the better photos they posted and everyone else is raving about them and forgotten your Ski trip of just a month ago

The young teens have a hard time with this when that invite to a birthday bash does not come to them. It even surpasses FOMO and is upgraded to social bullying. How dare they forget your little darling.

FOMO in business

My take on this is that it is a good thing. I don’t care whether it is called Jealousy or FOMO it drives me to be competitive.

This fear of missing out has driven me to compete more aggressively and to lift my achievement level. Then I get a reward for effort not just for competing.

I need to be seen as successful on my terms not because everyone gets a reward it’s because I went out and earned it by hard work and persistence

I post on Facebook because, not to, is not a consideration.
If someone is doing better than me I don’t sulk and throw a hissy fit I find ways to catch up and be in the winner’s circle.
You then get rewarded by success.

FOMO started in my childhood

FOMO starts in everyone’s childhood. It starts early and it’s now promoted by parents who encourage participating for fun and rewarding mediocre performance.

Everyone is your friend, we are all equal and we should be treated thus.
However, life is not like that. there are trolls and bullies and preferential selection of invite lists and we will miss out.

We just need to suck it up and not get all emotional about it and challenge our selves to do better.
FOMO is not a disease it is a learned art that needs to be unlearned. We need to self-cure to move on and be more comfortable in our own skin.

Is fomo real, image of penguines ignoring one.
Say no to FOMO

In conclusion

In conclusion, I would like to say I am no expert, have no formal training or background to make comments. Being a relatively new problem we all have an opinion. Feel free to share your below


I have been in marketing for more years than I can remember. This includes being very active on the Internet for over 10 years. I promote free internet training at The Wealthy Affiliate.

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and post on a different subject on most days.

Is FOMO real?
Peter Hanley


Positive attitude

positive attitude

Maintaining a Positive attitude is all in the mind they say but there are things you can do to help you have more up days than down.

Take Your Meds

I don’t say this lightly as I understand that some people rely on them because of a medical disorder and trying to go solo most often ends in disaster.

My simple solutions to a positive attitude

Simple solution #1
                  Have a plan of action on what you want to achieve. Not in your head, on paper with dates and outcomes so you can track progress.

When you have no goals or outcomes and you simply wander free you are not achieving anything worthwhile.
All of the most famous achievers had one thing in common. a well thought out plan.

Wishing and hoping are not planning nor is mindlessly doing a day Job. Rock up at 8 and wait for payday is a plan for mental disaster. I HATE MY JOB. 
Hello, anyone in this camp that wants out? What about a change of attitude with some outcomes that you want.

Not all plans work

That’s why they call them plans not outcomes, you are allowed to change and modify with circumstances that are out of your control.

Meditation is a plan

Simple exercise #2

I am not going all Buddhist here but clearing your mind of negativity works on your soul. Spend time by stripping all thought from your mind. Sounds easy but it takes practice to eliminate those nagging negatives streaming into your brain and draining you of power.
You can Hum, chant or imagine a relaxing pursuit just relax, relax.

Does exercise work on attitude?

Simple exercise #3

There is unlimited evidence on exercise increasing your endorphins and giving you a feel-good attitude.

It can be a Gym, a run a walk, Yoga, Pilates, swimming. Bike riding or any exercise that dominates the body.
I Swim most morning, Sometimes I struggle to the beach and make excuses all the way on all the reasons not to do it

positive attitude

Afterwards, I bounce up the beach ready to take on the world. At night I walk to break between work and family so I can change attitude.
There is an old saying that you should leave your problems at the door, hang them on the coat rack they will be there when you get back. That includes the work door and the home door. They don’t mix well.

Simple rewards for achievement

When you achieve something you have planned reward yourself in some small way as recognition of success.
We all love presents so be the giver and the receiver to experience gratitude for effort applied

When you have a problem have a plan

We all have worrying problems that eat away at us and even keep us awake at night. You’re not on your own in this everyone has problems real and perceived. The difference is how we handle them.

Back to planning, Get your problem, have a strategy and work the plan. you will stop worrying if you are doing something about it.
Lack of action the greater the problem the more the worry leading to negativity.

In conclusion

These are a few simple ideas from a layperson without training that I hope can help.
In my 70’s still working, a couple of jobs 5 kids and partners, 13 Grand-kids and a lifetime in business has helped me stay sane and focused using all the above even to this day.

Hope I have given you some simple insight

positive attitude
by Peter Hanley


Internet marketing training beginners

How about Internet marketing training beginners to help out the new kids wanting to achieve results, here Peter Hanley takes you by the hand and leads you forth

Internet marketing training beginners
The journey

What is Internet marketing and how to get training

Nearly all business marketing is now done on the internet, from emails to Twitter and all in between.

It has been steady growth since about the year 2000 with new products regularly being introduced.
You Tube 

Its a lot to learn and a lot to do

My best advice on Social media

Learn one media in full and practice that before moving on.
I will take you to University for free but it takes time, your time in learning about the internet.

This is not your usual pay on entry and then keep paying. This is entirely free to do the training and the only cost is when you are ready to build websites and make some money

Read the reviews and follow the blogs and pick your training from hundreds of subjects

Pick your training module

Emails are still a product that works as well now as anytime in the past 20 years.
You must, however, follow a few simple rules and in a recent blog, I have gone over this to help you

Further beginner training

I regularly blog on all sorts of small business ideas and internet ways to gather customers for business or Affiliate marketing on the internet.
My site New Business Online has nearly 200 free articles many with giving away products and ideas to quickly elevate your internet experience.

Any new experience requires a commitment in time and sometimes money to learn everything you need to know.

That is why a general overview is good and then select an area in which you wish to excel. It may be Web page building. SEO, one of the Social Media platforms email marketing or even SMS

The University of the Internet

I can not teach you internet in one blog post. What I can do is take you by the hand and keep you from harm’s way.
Ask anyone that knows internet marketing and they will tell you about a list of products bought from the market. $10 products to $5000 products to speak internet. 

Buying training programs is not necessary

I am Guilty. I have files of programs that have taught me little and cost me lots and just about everyone else is in the same boat.

Eventually, I came across one product that had the answers. There is no upfront cost and no upgrade charges until you want to start your own websites.
The most you will ever pay is $49 a month with 50 included websites. 
As I say if you just want the training it costs nothing.
Here is just a sample  of our training
This is about starting your journey and what you need to do. It is written and aural but do both as they do include different elements.

Take a social media option

 You can pick your training from the basic 70 modules that assign you over 207 simple tasks so you really get a hold on what you learn.

Perhaps Web building is your buzz or any of the other elements you can choose but I advise not.
Why? you scream at your computer so I shall tell you.
When I started and because I knew it all I skimmed the course missed the Audio logs and jumped around. 
Eventually, I went back and started from day one and did it properly.

The internet changes regularly so how do you keep up?

I did a recent blog on the changes in just Social media over the past few years and you need to keep up.

At Wealthy affiliate, members are regularly posting training programmes on all sorts of subjects. Where to make money, How to make money changes to websites.

Just recently WordPress the most used website builder did a 360-degree change to building website. It horrified many and there was great resistance to change. So much So WordPress allowed the old method to continue.

Learning WordPress 5 is not difficult. change is difficult for many established players and it will take time. I embrace change because it is generally done with a purpose to better the product.

My point here is that constant learning is necessary because the internet curve is constant.
With this training, you stay ahead of the market and can pass your knowledge to your industry or market

In conclusion on the internet training

You have an advantage starting now, you can learn from the mistakes of others and advance your learning at a far greater rate. 10 years ago half the products were not yet thought off and 10 years time there will be many more.

Internet marketing training with
Wealthy Affiliate

By Peter Hanley a 30+ year small business and internet marketing coach


SEO outsource

How to plan your marketing

SEO outsourcing is no longer needed for most small businesses. Here Peter Hanley tells you how to save money by doing SEO in-house. Times have changed.

SEO Outsource not needed 

I was paying $600 a month for 10 keywords to try and rank on page one.

The site might have made it a few times but most of all they asked for more time and another month of money. I thought Yellow pagers people were robbers but these guys take the cake.
Still to this day I regularly get offers to take my money but now manage my own SEO.

Writing content to win

First of all how many words go into a blog that is acceptable to SEO.
The jury varies on this except that 300 is considered a minimum and that around 1500 optimal. The content value, however, overrides everything else.
Your Headings should be from largest to smallest going down and paragraphs not too long. Sentences short and too the point without waffling on.
Google does not read words but senses structure and grammar. 
Spelling and grammar mistakes are easy to pick ( spell check) up as are length and style.

Pictures in a Blog

Seo and image of young girl

The Pictures are an asset provided they can be associated with the writing.
although good looking people usually get a look in.

You must fill in the Alt image box describing the picture. Houston we have a dilemma. Do you place the Keyword in the Alt Image or an actual description of the picture? Again there are two trains of thought. I always place the Keyword in the Alt box and don’t get marked down on it

Lists, Links, and videos to complete the blog

To this, you can add quotes, comments, audio and galleries all designed to keep you inline, online and achieving.

You need both in and out links to complete the party and as many as you can gather. Link to other pages or even on the page as well as outside authorities websites. Government, universities, corporations are all good

Categories, Tags and excerpts

Categories are the most important of the three because Uncategorized is not a good look nor good for your Seo so make sure you fill these out.

In your settings and reading fix your category on the most used one in case you forget to fill the box

You can learn more about this at Wealthy Affiliate in the University training  which is a free course

Comments and reply’s

Interaction on your site is always positive for several reasons.

  • Feedback is good and recognized by Google
  • Time on the site is an important Matrix 
  • Other users stay longer reading comments

Key phrase and its use 

This is probably the most important issue we will discuss because it is the start and end of the journey.

We have talked about Keywords and how they apply to your business now we will discuss placing them on your page. 
In the olden days but a year or so past Keyword stuffing was all the rage. This has done a three-sixty and is now considered bad format.

Certainly in your domain name is great for your main page but in a blog or post the target keyword in your heading.
Then in the first paragraph and one in a H# title
The Meta description is vital that you have the keyword included as well the associated slug.
Yoast tells me Keyword density is a minimum of 0.5% with a maximum of 2.5%
so use them cleverly and mix them in the writing.
If you use keywords correctly the SEO outsourcing is not needed as an example 

Check your site ranking

There is a very easy way to check your site ranking at this free site ranker

I have discussed at length in a post on check your site rank where 
 there is a section on checking your whole page for errors and corrections.

This is particularly helpful as errors and problems subtract from your SEO

Social Media

Social media impacts your results with linking and sending traffic and as the search engines like Facebook and Instagram among others because of the link juice they provide.

Warning though your updates on Social media need to be current  with good quality material

Blog posting

Consistent and regular blog posting is required to keep your site in front of mind and Google penalizes lack of attention. Make sure you link your posts through to Social media and link to High profile sites for extra value

Outsource some of the work

Posting to Social media and Blog posting can be a hassle so maybe give a staff member some authority to do this on a regular basis.

I recommend Scheduling your posts for a week in advance so you take the one-time slot to do this. I regularly adopt this method to keep up to date

Do some extra training

We recommend you use  Wealthy Affiliate for all your training on everything website and SEO and because it is free you can slot your staff in as well.


It may seem like a lot of work but with a  bit of organisation and thought you can make this quite easy. your managers can outsource internally or externally for much of the work. Go to places like Fivver .comWhere you can get anything done for a low price particularly blog writing.

image of author
by Peter Hanley


SEO outsource

I upgraded to WordPress 5

I upgraded to WordPress 5

I upgraded to WordPress 5, a very brave move considering the changes made but I came away with a positive feeling that all will be OK


I upgraded to WordPress 5

Considering that I upgraded to WordPress 5 a very brave move with the changes made but I came away feeling that maybe this is better than I initially thought.

If you are scared of WordPress 5 and Gutenberg take the journey slowly because it takes a considerable brain shift to get it going.
Gutenberg was a template to ease you into WordPress5 and no longer necessary.

The First thing to do on upgrading

Back up your website using a plug-in or save feature. This is just in case things go bad.
As I host at Wealthy Affiliate they back up for me so this is not a big concern 

You can use WP clone or Update plus plugins as a great free service


Now to download classic editor

The classic editor is a plugin for WordPress5. You can change to the old or new editor simply by activating or deactivating. This is particularly useful when updating old posts. Let’s stick with the new editor for the moment as we whizz through some of the changes.

The little + at the top left

This allows you to add all sorts of boxes to your site and is used every time you want to change a box.

  • Paragraph; The most used writing block
  • Headings; start big and work down
  • Images; import or use library
  • Gallery: this is a group of images
  • Quotes, Adio, covers, files 
  • Embed, this is new and for Youtube etc

When the little + appears you just select what you want to do. In the classic editor, this was fraught with problems as your paragraphs would blend with your headers requiring separation problems and fixes. This is one of my favourite fixes saving heaps of time.

Try to use every block

My first attempt was to try and use every block in my post so I could see how it worked. I could always delete later and you discover just how easy it can be.

I upgraded to WordPress 5

We must remember to fill in the alt image and any links you want. You can go back and right-click the box and edit at any time.

Now for a Gallery

In the past, I had always found this to be hard work but now it is very simple, click on the gallery and add pictures relating to the post

You can see I added words to the pictures to explain why they were there. This took but seconds

Peter Hanley said;

WordPress 5 is really easy and saves you a lot of time.

Testimonials in pages work really well and this one was easy because I am the author of my own destiny.
I also use and recommend a product called Wealthy affiliate and have completed the university degree there.

I used the custom HTML box and inserted my affiliate code supplied by WA. Again a simple process.

The word count

Over 300 words in a post are necessary over 1000 is good and over 1500 is great if you believe the experts. Furthermore, I always use Grammarly that checks on my spelling and writing as an essential free tool.

Where to find the word count

This one had me bamboozled for a while as it has moved from the bottom left of the page in a little box to the top left with a little (i) it said 754 words, 9 headings 16 paragraphs and 22 blocks. A heading and 5H# headings.

This is certainly an advantage over the old counter as it checks all the important points.

Using Yoast

Yes, Yoast is still there in a big Y up the top right criticizing my writing and giving me suggestions to improve my SEO. Once you have two green lights you are good to go. 
We all having writing styles and Yoast has made mine more positive over time to contribute to a better writing style. You just need to accept criticism and use it to your benefit.

Document panel in WordPress5

Before we finish here flip over to the document panel top right.  Here you will complete your categories, tags, visual header and a quick excerpt all to help with SEO. 

In conclusion

There are a few more things you can add in like music and embedded you Tube, but start with the easy stuff and get all that working before moving on. I hope I have given you some support in this new career as a WordPress blogger that has moved on.

Image of author
by Peter Hanley