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Internet marketing training online

Internet marketing training online by Peter Hanley. How you can keep up to date with just a few minutes per day and learn easy ways to grow your business 7X

Internet marketing training online

I have today changed to WordPress 5 and the new format page builder. Wow, things change quickly around here and this serves as a reminder the internet is a constant learning curve. It really does take a lot of time to keep up with trends and changes.

Many years ago I had to have my first webpage built. This was back in the days when it would cost about ten grand to do a basic page. 
I had one done in-house to suit the simple requirements I wanted. It looked OK but I was not really happy with it. So started my journey on the Net.

As a business owner, I had to understand

I needed to know what worked and what didn’t. The whole area of marketing was changing and I needed to change with it.

Unfortunately, I got hooked on the internet because it is exciting and opens a new world of opportunity.

Internet marketing training online

Age is no barrier, let me tell you that I was over 60 at that time and now 10 years later still working to understand what is going on.

Change is constant

There were no social media, SEO cost hundreds of dollars a month and lot’s more you don’t really want to know.

I currently use WordPress for websites, as do over a third of the rest of the world, and their change this week is massive. The change is so big it is being staged over a couple of years. The move to the Guttenberg platform is supported by being able to use an older version.
Guttenberg is a webpage building template that takes a step into new structures of creating a wonderful and attractive site or even Blog.

I am using this example of a change to show how dynamic the internet can be. 
Facebook changes every Year or so and so does Google and Instagram, emails and messaging so how do you keep up?

Internet marketing training made easy

That is why I started a web site to offer quick updates and Ideas for small and medium business. You need to spend time on your business, but like me, you also need to know what is going on.

Every couple of days I post a new 1000 word blog on a marketing issue that keeps you in the new world of marketing on the internet.

Some you will keep, some you will delete and some you will share but I guarantee that you will gain massive benefits from following on the work I have done.
Take for example;

New Business on line

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Check my website report
  • Small business marketing
  • Targeting Black Friday 
  • Wealthy Affiliate training

That is just the last week or so and there are over 150 more like this on all sorts of subjects to help you in small business.

Sonia S 

These are so good can I use them in my work.

Gavin N said

Every business needs these.

If you miss the boat your sales will fall and your profits will decline over a short time and It may just be too late to come back.

Do you understand retargeting? If not be in the majority that ponders how advertising follows you around the internet. 
This one item is more than 20% of the budget of every internet marketer yet accounts for a great ROI.

The most common remarketing tactic is targeting relevant ads at people who have already visited your website. 


You can do this with Facebook, Google, Instagram and others to gather valuable buyers at a low cost.

Email marketing has changed and we provide guides on how to obtain better results.

SMS is a great marketing product but do you know the rules. We explain this and lots more as we tell you the best way to get results.

Go to University

We all so offer the greatest value Internet training available on the internet and it’s all yours for free.

At Wealthy Affiliate, there are answers to nearly every problem and the online forum makes your life easier as you search a solution.

Do you understand Keywords?

Without an understanding of this one simple, you will be lost forever. For those that do understand Keywords how do you check for traffic and availability?
At Wealthy Affiliate, we offer a free online checker that you can use to check this.

Act now to secure your future.

In Conclusion

You have only seen the tip of the Iceberg in this short article so duck over to the home page and sign up for your regular dose of Internet marketing training online.

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