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Why did Facebook fail?

marketing in a pandemic


First up Facebook did not fail it just corrected.

Mark Zuckerberg lost about $12 billion of his current net worth of $77 billion which is not loose change but don’t feel sorry for the guy as he falls away from the big guys.

Facebook has seen a big rise in recent times and dropping $120 Billion still has it well above say March trading and a tad over $500 billion as we speak.
Original trading started at about $80 ( may 2012) billion but dropped to $69 billion within the first couple of weeks so this is not unusual

Why the drop.

Why did Facebook fail?

Who can really tell about market concerns but the reported views on privacy issues certainly are having an impact.

These issues may be blown up, fake or real but sentiment and emotion drive a market.

So how does this affect you?

Every business is vulnerable to the loss of value almost overnight.

You have a great corner store with excellent passing traffic and then roadwork’s bypass you and store traffic and your net worth dies.

Perhaps you have a great little hardware store and a super chain opens up in the main street.

or maybe you sell a brand of clothing on line and it goes out of fashion because of a reported happening or event.

The list of events is long.

In these days of Internet it is even more frightening. A couple of bad reviews on a web site can drive traffic away regardless of the truth or integrity behind the review.

The value of any business is generally the income it generates times a market variable, multiple.

So you drop your profit you drop your value.

Say a business has a great turnover say $1 million a year and nets say $250,000. The business is worth between the $250 k and a four times multiplier say 2.5 as an average therefore a value of $625 k

The business then loses its biggest customer that contributes 20% of income that then drops the value using the same formula to $500k overnight. It happens believe me as a I talk from experience.

So even your business is vulnerable to a Facebook like drop but what can you do about it?

Some things are out of your control and the only way out is to work a contingency plan.

Take control early

If you lost one big customer can you find 10 little ones to replace them? Can you improve your buying margins to keep the profit up. Certainly adjust your cost base by eliminating some labour cost to help ease the pain.

Business is an ongoing battle but the golden rule is to plan to sell when you start, work those issues that add value to the business,

Not only profit also include image, Brand, control and efficiency to maximize your value, Facebook has gone up by seven times the original price in six years not a bad dip in value.

In conclusion, my site New Business on line includes many articles to help the business owner succeed in this brave world of business.

Why did Facebook fail?Peter Hanley


Busy busy

Busy busy

So you are busy busy but are you under achieving


Hi, my name is Peter Hanley a long time owner of small businesses and not so small so I understand Busy busy.

Here I list out some things that might make your life a bit easier. Busy is not always constructive and in fact, it is sometimes exactly the opposite.

How many times do you take on a task to avoid the necessary? Hey don’t feel bad I do it regularly but have learned to pull myself back in line.

You can immerse yourself in really important stuff that takes you to know where. Yep, your busy but are you producing.

I have seen I offices where people act so differently, those that carry a bit of paper and move smartly around always look to be on a tight schedule, in fact, it’s probably all an act.


It all starts with daily or weekly planning, in writing, in bold print and usually in the order of priority.

busy busy

You use colour to highlight important tasks and spend time getting organized and then go off and check your emails or Facebook and think about some coffee.

What will make a difference to your day, week or even life? Then give it the priority.


So you have a job to do and you set off to complete it. Good for you. Avoid distractions and set a timer to stop. One hour is good, half ok but 1 ½ probably stretching the attention span to the limit. The mind starts to wander and the hands follow, check an email, look at Facebook. This is the time to get up, stretch, walk around the chair and re-prioritize. If you need another time slot to take it and start over.


Does what you are doing have a purpose to achieve your goal, if not change direction and restructure.

If you have a regular pattern or a process then template the process so you can improve the time spent and increase the result.

I write a blog like this every couple of days among all my other work.

I have a process that I work through to get it posted.

I select keyword, select Header. Then all my subheads or h3 headings. This is all done before I write a word. I can come and go as I please because I am following a set up not trying to reinvent.
Next comes pictures and a few technical bits and posting.
Takes me a couple of days because I write in blocks and it is not the most important task for the day. It is, however, a task to which I am committed and it gets done among the more important work required.

If you get your work habits right you get more time to do the good things. Yes, it’s not all about work you have a life but a life of worrying about the things you should have done is not a good life

Reporting on Busy Busy

Did you have a constructive day or did you waste most of it? Matters not, it is gone and nothing you can do about it other than self-criticize. Plus, vow never to do it again and promise to be better next day.
Whatever you are doing needs analyzing to determine its value. It is no good repeating roles that continually underperform. Make your changes and make them early by thinking about them.


Busy busy

Remember to celebrate your results. This not only gets you feeling good but inspires you to the next level of production.
Don’t ever start the day with a heavy heart.

It happens to us all, the pressure of everyday living weighs heavily on the shoulders as you brood the events in your life.

You can change your attitude, but only you can choose to do it. If you want to worry make a time for it and get on with life, it’s the only one we have.

The Journey

There is only so much time available in a day so the better you use it the better off you will be.
Make time for work, play and family and live your life to the fullest, you deserve it so demand it.

more by Peter Hanley

Peter Hanley

Busy busy


How to get new clients

How to get new clients


10 guaranteed ways to find new clients

Put a sign out the front

Don’t laugh at this, signs work. A street sign will always get attention even for tradies. Plasterer working here, a system being installed, carpets by Bob.
Just a small A-frame will get attention. Bus stop signs work really well in a local area.

Just make the words stand out

Telephone call them

Like all selling, I use cold calling to introduce myself and the basics of my product. I then seek an email contact so that I can How to get new clientssend information on my product before going in person. This provides an opportunity to both get the report and to glean useful information from them. Remember it is not personal not everyone wants your product otherwise it would be too easy. Work the numbers and aim for improvements

Cold call them in person

You will be surprised at the good reception you can get if you arrive with a good presentation.
Meeting people helps with the know and trust part of the puzzle. Whenever you want to call after that first hard meeting will be easy.

Have something specific in mind that you want to introduce that will benefit them and help change their life.
We market a loyalty program for others and I recently went to a large business and introduced the product. My introduction was that the whole business may not benefit from using our product but one part really needed some support and we could contribute to its success by delivering repeat customers.
I would never have got a leg in here by starting at the top down. I went for the small part to go up from there.

Email them

You must gather email addresses by legitimate means and then send either single or programmed emails. This is a really cheap form of marketing and highly effective if done the right way. Start with an introduction and never oversell

Advertise for them

Target there Facebook and other social media.

75% of all businesses say they use social media in the buying process (Binology)

With a figure anywhere need this it states you need to do Social media and do it now.

Facebook. Linked In, Instagram, Snap chat etc all have a place in your business and if
you are not employing them you are missing out


Not this old chestnut I might hear you grumble but you are wrong. Referral marketing is still working and
in certain industries, it can be the mainstay of your business. We were discussing local coffee as a subject the other day and where to get the best buy. Starts with the best coffee and then price but service delivery is high on the radar. My best and cheapest coffee comes with slow service, mostly because they are too busy. As I stated in the conversation with my group it is not worth going there in the morning you will have a 15-minute wait. We all decided on next best in a group conversation


Providing loyalty points both bring them back and brings them in. It works because the emotional pull to gain something for free is a bond that stands. This is why all the big retailers have a loyalty program, they work

Local Directories

How to get new clients

Now, this is often missed by many companies. In your area or industry, local directories exist and with the sole purpose of sending customers to you. Search Google in your trade and or industry and you will quickly find local directories at the top of the page. They are generally free and while they don’t send a stream of traffic you can accept a consistent trickle


Join local groups that have breakfast or lunch meetings and pedal your wares. This really works if you are that type of guy or Gal. Look for an invite as a guest first and check out the crowd.

Letter Box or mail drop.

Does this work, I believe it has a low rate of acceptance but my letterbox is always overflowing with offers. Other than shopping I get a lot of Real Estate and trades services chasing my business that has continued over the years so it works if it is your thing.

Some other options

Combination marketing. If you are calling on a client always visit the neighbours on either side. Put your sign out and drop a few brochures. Pick up a couple of phone numbers from nearby businesses to call

You had to travel there make the most of the time.

Radio Advertising. Test with a few slots on local radio before going mainstream. If it works then perhaps consider TV. You need a big budget but if it sells product and you get a return why not.

I hope you picked up at least one idea and tried it out, nothing is easy it just needs consistency.

How to get new clients

How to get new clientsPeter Hanley


10 ways to improve your email marketing

10 ways to improve your email marketing


10 ways to improve your email marketing and what you need to do.

First of all, let’s look at what you want to achieve.
Constant Contact says that you should get back $38 for every dollar you spend in Email Marketing.

That is a good return on any money and you would do it all day if the return was guaranteed.

Fortunately, the costs of mailing are very low and depending on your product the return may be very high.

Here we go with 10 top tips and a few more things you need to know.

Where to start, the beginning is a great place and that is your name or business name

Tip 1

Get your name accepted and trusted before you start anything.

10 ways to improve your email marketing


It is a fact we only open our mail by the sender address. I know I scan my emails every morning and delete by name. The first thing that shows up is the sender name.
To achieve this part of the know like and trust you must introduce yourself in your first mail and inform the readers there is more to come

Tip 2

10 ways to improve your email marketing

Your headline is the next important part. To help with this I use CoSchedule.com free tool which is located at the bottom of their page


45A simple guide to better email                     results 45

37a beginners guide to the best email            results 37

53is email marketing good for your business             53

49email marketing made easy                                    49

5610 of the best email marketing tips                         56

6410 ways to boost your email marketing      results  64

6410 ways to improve your email marketing              64

6310 ways to have success with email marketing     53

49How to have success with email marketing           49

50How to improve your emails and have success     51

56So you want to improve your email marketing       56

55So you want to improve your email marketing,
what can you do                                                    55

The best I could achieve was a 64% result which is less than I would normally go for. I like in the late 70% before I go ahead. You can see my first choice was only 56% so I improved my result

Tip 3

Build a promise of things to come, gather some excitement and anticipation so your readers will look forward to opening your mail.

Build a story so they will follow along and read the emails until something you
write grabs their attention.

Tip 4

Don’t write a book but still tell a story. Attention spans are pretty limited so stay
short and to the point. Use bullet points and get to the chase as quickly as possible.

I vary with the number of words I write depending on what I am trying to convey.

It is true that people will read a lot when they have an interest, they want to learn
more and they want to be told. An example could be a short email on Say Nike
running shoes. You may have a learn more at this quick link, this goes to a
web page that may run at 1400 words.

Those that click the link want more information, they are nearly sold follow
then closely.

Tip 5

Have some links both internal and external. The reason we use links is to gauge the

10 ways to improve your email marketing
Interest in a subject. Do you like hot food or Vegetarian? (See tip 10)
Be careful though in your choice of links because you don’t want them wandering
off target. Contact, pricing, styles, more pictures are ok but going to a competing
site may lose them forever

Tip 6

Use some pictures to tell a thousand words. It is true that Pictures paint a story but they must be appropriate to the subject.

Tip 7

Have a call to action. We are not there only to entertain we want to lead readers to an action. This should be on every page after the first mail and even then a contact  link should be inserted

Tip 8

Be consistent in style and format so you are recognized and accepted. You are
building a brand as you go to stay focused. Timing can be part of this if you want to email every month make sure you do. Customers will expect it and notice if you are inconsistent.

Tip 9

10 ways to improve your email marketing

Never oversell let them buy the product because you have led them to the
only decision they could possibly make, buying your product.



Not everyone has the same interest so as you move along try
to change your targets. It is no good flogging Vegetarian to a carnivore you won’t get the interest.

A few extras that you really need to know.

a) Talk about them, not about you. Customers don’t care about you, sorry but it is true they care about themselves and the effect on their lives.

b) Discuss benefits, How you can change their lives for the better and let them visualize themselves enjoying the benefits of what you provide.

c) You can use humour, testimonials, actual situations, stories and pictures to achieve your purpose in leading them to a destination.


Finally, start with a plan and follow the plan until you achieve the result you want.

10 ways to improve your email marketing by

10 ways to improve your email marketing

Peter Hanley


Shopping Annuity

Shopping Annuity

A Shopping Annuity

The latest drive in customer acquisition

You will Use your spending to create earning with a “Shopping Annuity” in a simple process that anyone can achieve.

First of all, let’s look at the basic elements of  Shopping and an Annuity.

Starting with the term “Annuity”. An “Annuity” is a process by which a fixed payment is made to you at specified intervals for a specified length of time.
This is generally associated with investment funds where you amortize an investment over a selected period to provide a regular return.

A Shopping Annuity works exactly the same way, only with one major difference. Your investment fund is what you and specific others spend on everyday shopping. The fixed sum payment is not made by contributing money but from converting part of your everyday spending into Earning”.

When you fund a Shopping Annuity with purchases that you are already making and by referring others through a program that provides a value incentive on their purchases you fund the Shopping Annuity. This will create a residual and ongoing income. Your Annuity.

Furthermore, this income can be used for everyday shopping or saving to fund holidays or luxuries.

Why does it work?

It is estimated that the average shopper spends at least $15,000 on necessaries every year. Your own shopping could have a 10% return on this spend before adding others into your group.

The Shopping Annuity does not require anyone to change or alter their buying habits, but simply allows them to make their normal purchases and adds discounts, cash back and incentives to fuel their savings and to reward them for their customer loyalty.

Used economically the shopper may benefit by further saving on fuel costs, time, reduced stress, and more accessibility to products, product variety, and product education.

In many country’s Shop.com is the online company of choice.

Owned by Market America they carry a bit of history with them. Wikipedia

They tend to lead the experience in Annuity Shopping but they charge the user to be a member.

The retailer

The benefits to the Retailers are a very polished customer loyalty program, a reduction in overhead costs, new business and a marketing and reports back office program.
These benefits can in turn also bring costs down for both retailers and consumers. It definitely is a Win-Win for both Consumer and Retailer.

How does one start?

At Shop.com click on the name and visit the website for more information.

In Australia at CashBackApp go to an authorised retailer to get your simple QR code

Shoppers sign on at the point of sale with a simple QR reader card.  This is quickly registered and details filled to the downloadable Mobile App.
the App or card can then be used at any Cashback retailer


Programs in the USA and other like countries are seeing rocket-powered growth in customer take up.

Shopping Annuity

Want to know more

Peter Hanley

Shopping Annuity



Email newsletters how to

Email newsletters how to

Email newsletters how to

What are Email newsletters and how to best manage them and make them work for your business?.

Newsletters sent by email is the best way to keep a form of customer contact over time.

The newsletters are designed with your brand in mind and to keep your customers or potential customers up to date with the latest products, ideas and even staff news.

This form of communication has been around for a long time but unfortunately, in many cases, they have little chance of success.

Most people or businesses use them randomly, usually when looking for something to do and try to sell a product or service to an unsupported crowd.

Newsletter consistency is necessary

Even I find it hard to remember the newsletter sending on a regular basis. That is why you need a plan and a template. Work out in advance what you are going to send and then fill in the blanks along the way.

A customer of mine is a Sign-writer. He posts pictures of his best job every month and just tells the story. What they set out to achieve and a result. Gets me in every time.

Not everyone is going to rush in to buy today but guess how you will feel when someone calls and says something along the lines of “you know that building on Main Street you did, well I want something like that” Pow, a $10 grand job at such a small cost.

Email newsletters how to
Manage your newsletters

Properly managed newsletters are a wonderful resource that will generate great returns for little outgoing or even time commitment. You can even outsource the demands for a small payment.

For you, the hardest part is constructing a list and maintaining it in a current manner.

Emails can be obtained from sales sources, billing lists, enquirer forms, staff requests, web pages, lead pages, referrals. In fact just about anywhere you have obtained the details legally in the course of your business.

The form of Newsletter sending

Now, this gets interesting, it can be done as a general email message or a template message that is constructed around your branding.

I use templates almost exclusively because I believe they typify a business newsletter and can be recognized quickly.

Know like and trust

Customers open mail from people they know and trust. Being consistent with your template, logo and layout is essential overtime

Newsletters have an informative view and term commitment.

Email newsletters how to

Don’t oversell in Newsletters, they are there to inform, entertain and keep you at top of mind

Keep them relatively short with a good headline and all your normal details.

Yes have a call me option or call to action but no big buy me buttons.

Links that can be clicked

Newsletters need to have clickable links so you can gauge readers interest and act on that interest.

If I posted, for instance, the best deals on I-phones and Android phones I would probably get a 50/50 split. You can then segregate your audience into two separate streams for those products.

More on emails
Segregating your list can achieve greater results

Not everyone has the same interests and you can have lists within lists. I have an overall list and then break them down into categories for special mailing.

Reviewing your list

In conclusion, it is important to regularly review your list and delete those uninterested parties. If they don’t open a mail over a few tries flick them and move on

Who do I use for newsletters

Finally, I use Constant contact because it is where I add my lists. There is a cost but that is often forgotten with results. If you search the web there will be many opportunities to send a branded email


Peter Hanley

Email newsletters how to


Internet Small business

Internet Small business

Internet Small business for super powering your sales is discussed by Peter Hanley and how to apply world leading ideas to small businesses.

How to add Rocket Fuel to your business


Internet for small business can be helped by these basic models used by the Big end of Town.



We recently looked at four business models that can make a difference and provide for rapid growth in your business


We look at how a local business can enjoy the benefits of large corporations.


1 The on-demand model

You order what you want and expect instant results. Think Uber and Uber eats as a model.

Internet Small business


The growth in Home food deliveries has been startling quick in its adoption.


Coles and Woolies and pre-arranged dinners are achieving massive growth results.


Interflora was an early adaptor and has survived the long-term growth to a particular market.


Can your business adapt to this model?


2. The Freemium market.


Give away your product and on-sell upgrades and bonuses.


Most of us have a LinkedIn account which is free for all to use but they continually push for a premium upgrade. The premium product offers some advantages over the normal model. DropBox and Mail Chimp are also internationally recognized


The model is based around the premise that a small number of payers (as low as 5%} will cover all the free market.

Being free you draw on many more customers than a paid service, dependent of course, on service delivery.

In its own way, Facebook qualifies in this. It is free for all to use but they get massive advertising revenue from those using the service

A premium web hosting company Wealthy Affiliate offers free hosting for two websites which includes free training and other benefits. They then show you all the advantages of a paid service.



A Tyre company checks your Tyre pressure for free, mechanical does safety checks, your health service provides a free consult.




3.The Virtual market

Internet Small business

A great example was the recent game Candy Crush. It was free for everyone.


They then offered to sell you a cheat sheet and other ways to get on top of the pile and they went on to make a bundle of money.


There are many other examples like this in the market.



4 The Shopping Annuity

(Annuity; The payment of an allowance or income)


This is where people shop for things they use every day and build a valued income stream from the actions of others.


Internationally Shop.com has done this in over nine countries and states;

Internet Small business


In a recent interview the chairman said;


“The Shopping Annuity is converting everyday spending into earning —it is the foundation of our business model and is like rocket fuel for our un-franchise business,

The basics are building a level of affiliate incomes across everyday products


“People don’t just shop for luxury items, they shop for the things they use every day. By making those purchases the cornerstone of a Shopping Annuity we feel this concept will revolutionize the retail industry as well as our economy.”



Lots more on business at New Business on line

Internet Small business

Internet Small business




My Way Email

My Way Email


This is my way and the best way to email

Do you know the rules about emailing? Follow my way email to learn the rules.

The rules of the land

Before you start on any campaign you should check the local laws on emailing.

Why? Because the penalties can be very big for bucking the system.

Many of the Email generators have a double opt-in process when you send an email and this cuts down the success rate dramatically.

Of recent times this has been cut back a bit to allow more discretion on your part.

The important issue is that you are responsible so don’t treat it lightly.

OK, lets get to the meat of the subject and give you some ideas.

Who to email?

My Way Email

The very best way is when shoppers subscribe to your online offer and they provide an email address.

Go for it, they want information and put them into an Autoresponder and follow their activities.

More on that soon.

The next way is to obtain properly assessed email addresses from a reputed supplier and start from there.

Even then I generally fly off an initial email as an introduction saying where I got the mail from, what I intend to send them and an opportunity to unsubscribe.

My results in this see very few unsubscribes but a few wrong addresses that I can delete or correct before putting them in a responder.

The third guaranteed way is to call and ask for an email address. This is a good authority and excellent good open rates particularly if you get a contact name.

I did that today with a product I wanted to launch in a particular area to a specific and targeted audience.

I had no refusals and the opportunity to really market these people to a result.

An introduction

My first email is an introduction about myself and a bit on why I contacted them. What they could expect and that I would follow up in a near future time.

The next email was posted as a press release announcing a new product that they had been briefed on but telling just a bit more.

The next mail had some benefits and a hint of scarcity because the product was not available to everyone. I put a link in to gauge a level of interest and a trial close and then finished with a whats next teaser.

On each mail

on every mail, there is a soft close

A link

plus a teaser

Include a graphic of some kind.

Eyes are drawn to pictures as long as it is appropriate to the subject.

Why a soft close?

We are not in the entertainment business our purpose is to lead the readers to a specific action.

To this end, you must ask them to do something. Remember the old adage that states

“if you don’t ask you don’t get”. The reason for a soft close is that they may not yet be ready, not enough information, wrong time of the day all the normal reasons we procrastinate.

Why a link in the email?

My Way Email

The reason for a link is to find out more about their interests. If you ran a link to ladies shoes and men’s’ shoes and they chose one over the other you can then segregate them to a new focus.


Therefore if you have a singular focus perhaps it could be a time of day issue, colour, fabric etc

What is a teaser

You need to keep your audience engaged and not hitting the Unsubscribe button and losing them forever. Keep them excited and keep them coming.

The two absolutely most important issues to confront and use effectively in your mail

The number two issue in emails is your header or call to action

No, I am not interested in shoes today, delete, gone. 30% discount today on selected shoes, OK let’s have a look at this.

The number one issue in emails

Who the email is from, it is a trust thing and If you don’t know the sender you may just delete it.
I know each morning I skim my emails and delete by name because I don’t want to do anything with them at the moment.

This is why an initial introduction is necessary and to tell them to expect a further mail from you.

Try it your self. Skim your emails and see what grabs your attention first I am willing to bet that name comes first.

Furthermore, you only get an open after establishing trust in your name. This may be the answer but the question is how do you establish trust and the answer is read again from the start and follow the basic rules


Tell them what they can expect from you

Re-state benefits

Open curiosity

Links to click

Trial Closes

More benefits

More benefits

Saying goodbye

I like to say goodbye after about 10-15 emails.

My goodbye will include a call to action and then I put them into a general newsletter.

I clear my wrong numbers, my unsubscribes and my non-opens from my list as they hurt your performance and you won’t sell to them anyway. I have a disclaimer that sometimes opens don’t register and on some services, mobile opens don’t show so consider this carefully.

Do emails work?

A definite yes and a positive no. It’s a numbers thing and you need to consider this carefully.

Review your stats to see what you are doing right or wrong.

Too many rejects then your email source is bad.

Not enough opens consider your subject

No clicks then make it more worthwhile

No sales, start making changes to the whole structure and improve one item at a time

In conclusion, you won’t sell to everyone it is a numbers game at the best.

My Way Email


Enjoy the experience.

My Way Email

Peter Hanley



Feed Shark

Make money working from home

Make money working from home

Make money working from home

How many ways are there to make money working from home?

The list is very long and the products many depending on your skill sets.

I recently wrote a book on this available to download for free with 100+ work from home ideas. ( free link below)

I have also posted many articles on this subject in different ways to make money.

You can sell things both physical and online

You can promote your own skills and knowledge by training. Coaching or mentoring.

The question I am most asked is what can I do or sell if I don’t have any money?

Nothing comes for free, life is unfair like that, you rarely, if ever, get showered in buckets of gold
whilst sitting in the lounge chair wishing for wealth.

It ain’t going to happen.

It reminds me of the woman that prayed to god every night asking to win the Lottery.

This went on for many years until at last god answered her.

Make money working from home

In his booming voice, God said to the woman, “So you want to win the lottery? Can you at least help me out and buy a ticket!”

There are no free lunches nothing comes without effort but again they tell me God helps those that help themselves.
This is not a religious exercise I am just trying to get across that Action works.

You need Internet training

If you want to work online and use the Internet to make your fortune you, first of all, need a bit of training. You need to know about websites, and funnels, about keywords and SEO and all about marketing online.

There are a lot of online courses but you must be very aware of the muddy waters of the internet that are teaming with sharks. They will make big promises and offer to get rich schemes that are designed around getting them rich, not you.

I have been doing this for a few years now and learned from experience the many pitfalls that await you.

Be careful of training courses

I have a pile of courses that I have never completed, shiny objects to instant wealth I have bought.

And never used so let me start you on the right path.

One such scheme got you in with a $49 investment that quickly rose into thousands of dollars. You don’t have $5000 to spare that’s ok we have a finance company that will lend it to you.

That company was called MOBE and is now in the hands of the feds.

Yes, there are some good ones but they are fairly rare depending on what you want to achieve.

Nearly everything that you attempt these days is connected to the Internet. A web page, social media marketing.

Specialize on the Internet

Specializing in any one of these is a great way to start a journey to making some coin in both the short and long term. Take some time and learn a subject and then on-sell this learning to others.

If this sounds too simple it’s not, Facebook marketing, emailing, local directories pin interest, online shop the list of opportunities is long.

All this is available at Wealthy Affiliate and it’s for free until you wish to upgrade.

You need some basic knowledge before you start on any direction.

Say you wanted to sell widgets from home. Putting these on Facebook will deliver an endless stream of customers if you do it the right way. But, you need to learn first.

You can go to Amazon university, Udemy or other great training resources although mostly at a cost

and they will implant ideas in your head. Ideas on which you can start to build a dream.

Let’s get started today, log into Wealthy Affiliate and start some basic training that will provide all the answers on how to make money working from home.

I know you are looking for instant answers, they are all there it just needs you to make a start and look for what is the best model for you.

I can’t give you a pot of gold but I have just given you the Rainbow, It’s there if you want to look.

Peter Hanley

Make money working from home


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How to work from home without investment

So you want to work from home and have no money

Gee, you’re asking the impossible here but let’s look at what you can achieve
on how to work from home without investment

First of all trading time for money is not always a good idea.

If you spend two hours to do something that could be done in 5 minutes with a simple tool
it is not a good investment.
Your time should earn you money or move you in the direction of money.

Your time really is worth money, so spend it wisely.

Working from home could mean a lot of things and cover a lot of opportunities so we will narrow it down just a bit.

A computer is needed for just about everything

How to work from home without investment

A computer internet and a phone are necessary unless you can use someone else’s Internet for example:
a local café or shopping centre where you can achieve free internet.

On phones and computers look for good second-hand deals that you can trade for.

My grandson buys on E bay and then resells at a higher price until he gets to the model he wants.
He might only make $50 or $100 an upgrade but it is not long before he gets enough to buy a gaming computer.
Beware the scams he once bought an empty computer box in a great trade that come undone.

You can get a free website and Hosting that is secure, safe and permanent at Wealthy Affiliate if You follow my link. You can also pick up a bundle of training here that may speed up your progress.

Email is your best contact

How to work from home without investment

You can get a free email address at Gmail, Hotmail or Google that can provide outside access to you so that bit is solved.

Your second-hand computer will come with basic packages like word and Excel that are programs that cover most issues.

I use Grammarly as a spell checker which is a free tool and WordPress for my websites that is also free.

I do My own SEO based on two free apps called Yoast SEO and All in one SEO that teaches me to construct and monetize my free website.

Knowing what you are doing onlineHow to work from home without investment


Google Analytics is also free to tell you all about your web page performance.

Doing emails is also pretty easy as most companies have a starter membership. Do some on Constant Contact, some on Mailchimp and then search the web for more as you grow.

Most office furniture can be scrounged from old house throw outs and with a bit of thought, you can make a trendy environment in which to work.

Search Vista print for free offers and get business cards made and printed for just a few dollars. Go to a local printer and do a job for a print.

Search the web for free anything before committing to dollars and always use a trial package to make sure it works.

My full site is New business online 
At this site, you can learn many things or go to Wealthy Affiliate for your free site

Peter Hanley

How to work from home without investment
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