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Check My Site Rank

I upgraded to WordPress 5

Check My Site Rank

Here Peter Hanley looks at how to “Check My Site Rank” and what this means to you in the long term of site building and SEO

The reasons we want to rank.

We all want to be seen, want to be noticed, be the Belle of the ball or whatever floats your boat but the idea of a website is to be found and a customer or buyer delivered to you.

We do this in two ways; when they know your domain name or when they search keywords in your site that bring the random shoppers to your door.
We do this every day. It might be a general search, a Dr Google search
or any number of keywords.

Domain names

For instance, the domain name for this page is www.newbusinessonline.net and this will always appear as number one on the page when searched. That is however under the paid advertising that always ranks first.
The keyword for this page is  Check My Site Rank. Now you won’t see this site as I compose because I have not yet submitted it to Google but hopefully by the time you are reading I am somewhere there.
The exact search, however, is www.newbusinessonline.net/Check My Site Rank.

This will always come up number one

Searching your website Performance

Google webmaster tools v Google analytics

A simple way to describe the difference between Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools is this: Webmaster Tools provides information, or you can say, insights on how search engines interact with your site, while Google Analytics provides an information on how website users interact with your site.

Google search console

This provides information on your SEO potential and covers several very important points.
It provides an overview of your site plus the performance and coverage.
Importantly it shows mobile usage a feature that must be included in any current website. If you are not set up as mobile friendly you are dead in the water.
Google now ranks mobile before fixed sites so make sure you use a Mobile friendly appearance for all your sites.


This is essential on every website. I use mine with a Yoast plugin and a search today showed that every post was listed on a sitemap. all 150 of them.

Google uses this to wander your site so make sure yours is current.

Google analytics

The be all and end all of the tools. Here you have just about anything you need to know about traffic to your site.
Where from. by whom, by the time of the day all in easy to follow graphs so you can adjust what you are doing to meet the best attention

Alexia Ranking

This is a bit of a big boys toy and requires considerable traffic to show your ranking.


Much the same as Alexia and mostly for the big kids. You can, however, get a good idea on Backlinks and Keywords plus the cost and ability to pay for traffic.
They report both Organic traffic and paid traffic and provide an analysis of each.


This is a new site that completes a pretty good summary of your site performance  http://nibbler.silktide.com
In fact, when looking at it I found something I was doing wrong. I scored highly on nearly everything except Social media a very important part of today’s world.
It is important that my site scores well when I am telling people what to do
so I need to really adjust this and check later.

Wealthy Affiliate stats

When hosting with Wealthy affiliate you get backup stats available at all times.
The first and arguably the most important is Google ranked. Without ranking, you are nowhere to be found.
Next is site trust where any black marks are not nice to have.
Furthermore is regular posting and article quality having an effect on the site. Articles should aim for 1500 words without Keyword stuffing.

Checking your website

When you are unsure about your site you can always do a webpage audit so that you can see your SEO rating as well as performance levels.
This can be found using a simple webmaster tool at https://web.dev/

This may be a bit over your head but it comes with a guide to fix any problems they encounter. Take a note of the address you may want to use it again in the future.

Your website is important so is how to Check My Site Rank

Most of my learning has come from the free training at the Wealthy Affiliate where I host my websites and Learn all Internet.

Link to Wealthy Affiliate
SMS marketing, image of authorPeter Hanley

small business marketing strategies

image about keeping your list clean

Here Peter Hanley looks at small business marketing strategies and how you can elevate your business without spending a whole heap of money.

Every small business is different yet there are many common factors that are essential to survival.

Your chance of failure in business is about 66%

The SBA states that only 30% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 50% during the first five years, and 66% in 10 years.

The biggest cause of failure is a lack of planning

I want to cover this advice first because it relates to marketing.
You need to do two things, a business plan, and a cash flow for the next 12 months.
I know a lot of experts will say a 5-year plan but at the current rate of change, I believe that is too far ahead to understand.
If perhaps you need it for a Bank or any reason just grow your one-year plan by a reasonable 10% a year in growth.
It will look impressive.

First up, pick your Social media

Because there are many to choose from it will seem daunting at first but choose something that suits your purpose.
While you may ask why not all of them the answer is simple. You won’t do it!
They all take time and time is scarce so having a selection that meets your plan won’t hurt too much.

LinkedIn is the first choice

First of all register for LinkedIn, fill out your Bio and that’s done.
When people want to find out about you LinkedIn is a  valued source. It might be a Bank, a lender or a supplier so do it properly. Add a nice Photo, write a good BIo and give some interesting information. If you are shy about adding a photo get out of business. This is all about self-promotion and is absolutely essential.

Now for the interesting media

Facebook, Instagram, or others?

Let me take you on a journey of success.

My friend a Hairdresser only uses Instagram to market her business. Several posts every day of Ladies Hair just done. Booked out for months ahead.

Kayla Itenes started out on Instagram with a fitness program, Became a
millionaire almost overnight with a Fit body idea.

New Restaurant opened close by after a change of ownership. It had a really bad past and failed to attract a client base so they changed the theme completely. From day one an instant hit, When I asked the owner how come the dramatic change he said FACEBOOK.

I follow a few ladies’ dress shops locally, not because I am into cross-dressing or anything like that it’s only that I watch the marketing out of interest.
The winning shop by far posts on Facebook about 3-5 times every day.
Yes, 3-5 times every day and she is killing it.

small business marketing strategies, image of facebook

Pick just one media and work it hard.

Why not do them all? My only reason is that it takes time and if you spread so wide it won’t get done.  Running a business takes time and so does maintaining your social media and media will lose out every time.
Outsource your media or appoint a full-time adviser. The idea is a sound one, the reality in small business is that You either can’t afford it or won’t do it.
You must, however, maintain one of them with consistency.

An Up to date website with a regular posting

Let’s be clear here in saying you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a website. It does not have to be over flash it just needs to deliver some basic information.

Name of the business, contact details, bio, and what you do. That’s not too hard now is it?
The purpose of the website is an entry to your business so you can sell something. It is an electronic calling card that directs traffic to you.
Yes, it can do more and you can get all this for free and learn all about it at Wealthy Affiliate if you need to.

Why have social media and a Website?

The purpose of social media is to entertain and transport interest to your website and hence to you.
Think of it this way. A person comes into your counter and wants to buy something but you say to them check out my Facebook page. So they do, they log in and see all the great posts, then they see someone else they know to go off looking at them, then another, etc. You have looked at a feed and wasted time so don’t just entertain your buying customer

That is why I say Facebook or Instagram or any social media is there to move them to you, not the reverse.

A list. A goldmine most often ignored, small business marketing strategies

small business marketing strategies

Get the name, email address, and Mobile phone number of everyone that has contact with you. Your contact list will have a value nearly equal to your business and allow quick contact at any time.
You can do it in a simple excel file or buy an expensive Contact management program just do it.
You can write to them, email them or SMS them to keep in contact.
I said not having a plan was a cause of failure not having a list is there with them.
I had a friend that had a business around tropical fish, things happened and she had to close the business. She walked out with almost nothing after bailing a few fittings. Her closest competitor rang me and wanted to buy her list and was willing to pay good money to get it. It would have been a simple exercise to direct all those customers to the new premises.
Unfortunately, she had no list, she lost out on many thousands of dollars a good list would have delivered. It was sad but true so don’t make this mistake.
Ask for details, put them on your invoices, have a login on your website, and run a competition any way you can get the details.

Emails and Newsletters

This is the cheapest form of marketing you can do and still to this day gets results. I have written about this elsewhere so I won’t go deep into the hows but giving you the whys.
Why because it is a form of contact to stay top of mind.
It provides the ability to market a single product.
You can track results
Also, you can obtain referrals.

Referrals in Business

I know this is old Hat but it still remains as a great and inexpensive market.
How do you get referrals? You ask for them in person, in writing, in emails anywhere you can.

Loyalty programs

Do they work? The answer is in the continued use by all the major retailers across the world. Coffee shops have learned that it brings customers back by offering free coffee for every 9-10 coffees.
So the top end retailers do it and the bottom end coffee shops to in-between must as well.

Non Internet ways

Movement catches the eye so have a few banners or flags outside the business to catch those going past. These are relatively cheap and work really well.

Letter Box Drop

Again we query if they work? Have you ever wondered why they keep doing it, stuffing the letterbox with the promotional material? They do it because it works particularly for local business.

All this and more available at Wealthy Affiliate for free
link to Wealthy Afiliate

small business marketing strategies, image of author

Small business marketing strategies by Peter Hanley 

Customer relationship management

Does affiliate marketing work

Target Black Friday Specials

Target Black Friday Specials

Target Black Friday Specials

Here Peter Hanley looks at how to Target Black Friday Specials and get a better deal than you normally would but this comes with a disclaimer.

Why is Black Friday so important?

First of all, because people go mad with discounts trying to increase sales and turnover in the one day.
The trouble with all discounting is that people use it to their own end. Why buy when you know a sale is coming up?

Saying that as a buyer it is really a great time to save.

Online purchases only here.

I know you can take yourself down to the shops and buy some deals but what about online?

All year I have plugged Wealthy Affiliate as the very best Web hosting and training site on the market. I have been a member since 2015 and am ranked in the top 200 members for my contributions to the portal.
One of the owners Kyle recently wrote:

“There are close to 1.5 million members here at WA, both free and paid (currently). Wealthy Affiliate is the largest network of affiliate marketers and online entrepreneurs in the world.”

That was in October 2018 so now a few more

First of all the free service.

You can sign up for free and host a couple of websites and get a whole bundle of training. So if you are just starting out click in here.

Target Black Friday Specials
But for those that have been around the block a few times, this is where to Target Black Friday specials really kick in.

The Monthly fee is $19 for the first month and then $47 after that, a total of $564 a full year.

When you consider that you can host up to 50 websites included in that plus access all the training and each week a live training program it is excellent value.
So what is the deal? well here goes.

Target Black Friday Specials

If you only get one Black Friday deal this is the one.

Now Kyle is also throwing in some bonuses this year that are not to be missed.
A 5-week live training on setting up your own business, This alone is worth the money.

So what are you waiting for?

Click here now and save big time

Peter Hanley       Home

Target Black Friday Specials

Black Friday Specials Online

Black Friday Specials Online

Black friday deals online

Here Peter Hanley looks at a special deal with Black Friday Specials Online and how you can become an instant winner and money maker.

Affiliate marketing is the growth product for 2019 and you need to be in it.

The affiliate marketing industry has grown just so quick. The anticipated growth in the affiliate marketing industry is double digits once again, and by 2020 it is going to be close to a $7 billion marketplace.

You need to be part of this

Here I shall introduce a great product that will blow your socks right off your tired feet.

Plus I will throw in some special bonuses.

A live Video class

A live video class highlighting the seven factors to online success.
This will include a breakdown of actionable tasks that will take any newbie, and turn them into a thriving expert in the online world.
Plus a White Paper you can download and action.


Creating a Lucrative Niche Website in 2019 (5 Weeks)

Jay is going to show how to take a brand new idea and establish a business in the matter of FIVE short weeks. Lots of shortcuts and great ideas to turn your 2019 into the best year yet.

So on Friday  just click here to gain this super deal

You can thank me later

SMS marketingPeter Hanley



PS If you want to try before you buy enter for free right here.

Wealthy affiliate complaints

Wealthy affiliate complaints.

Here Peter Hanley talks about Wealthy affiliate complaints. What are your rights, obligations and how do you go about addressing them?

Everyone has complaints

How true is that?  The complaints are always very real to the complainer and it affects your rational judgement when you have an issue.

The problem is exasperated when it can’t be attended and fronted with real solutions as we lurch from an attempt to try, to again fail.
The problem gets bigger and the waste of time gets more annoying when we can’t get a quick answer.

Are the complaints real?

You don’t care if the complaint is deemed real, It’s your complaint and boy it sure is real. So let’s get this out of the way.

wealthy affiliate complaints

We do see members complaining about problems in the forums and the good thing is that many contributors put a good light on the complaint and also offer reasonable solutions in a kind and friendly way.
I sometimes tend to be a bit harsher when it is really a  mess up.
At Wealthy Affiliate, there are hard and fast rules and members get banned for breaching the rules and they usually cry “Why me”?.  It’s the rules honey don’t mess with them.

Support is there to help

Your second port of call is support. My experience has always been good, I actually typed great but backed up a bit. I  could maybe add a Very in there in most cases.

Support doesn’t know everything. It’s a fact but they will try their very best to address the problem and arrive at a solution. However,  sometimes they fail.
I am sticking pretty much to Wealthy Affiliate here as that is the subject line and I know we have all had problems elsewhere but I can’t fix the world. I, like you, have suffered some nightmare experiences trying to get things fixed. In fact, I was with another hosting service with a training site that I had built. I lost the ability to log into Word Press and went to the Host, and then to the owner of the theme. Ended up scrapping the idea.

Go to Live Chat

Here you get community support with an answer to most questions. So vent your spleen to the full extent because most are pretty forgiving. It does not always work but back to support for another go.

When all else fails

Now, this is something you won’t see in many places but I have seen and experienced it many times.  You must exhaust the normal channels first but if you can’t get an answer there is one last solution.

You side message one of the owners on the facebook page or on the main page and state your problem, what you have done and that you can’t get an appropriate response.
Now, Kyle or Carson, the owners of WA will respond to your request. You might like the answer or not but you will receive a positive outcome.
I did this with a well-known Plugin that stopped working.  I went through all the channels and ended with Kyle. The response was the PLUGIN was not supported by WA because of security issues and could not be used. End of story. Not the answer I wanted but a formal conclusion to the problem.

So there you have it.

Members Forum
Live Chat
The owners direct

If you can’t get it off your liver by now you can always change carriers it’s your choice.

Wealthy affiliate complaints by Peter Hanley

SMS marketing, image of authorPeter Hanley

Earn money on the internet

Earn money on the internet

Earn money on the internet

Earn money on the internet is the story today by Peter Hanley who takes you on the easy path to understanding the possible from the impossible.

Is it really possible to make money on the Net or is it just a great big scam?

The answer my friends is it is both, it is whatever you want it to be and the choice is all yours.

Don’t listen to the naysayers.

We all have them around us mostly those that try very little and achieve even less.
Those that tried and gave up. Be like Thomas Edison with the light globe. He found 1000 reasons it would not work and one that would.

Now I will be first to admit that the internet is a Minefield of scams and shonks with many ways to take your money but listen up and learn a little here.

I have done the road testing for you, as they say, I have BTDT or been there done that on a long journey on the internet.

Is making money on the net hard?

Working on making money on the net can be the best fun you ever had, learning new skills, sharing your experiences and finally that first dollar.
I started my journey to back up my 9-5 business and to this day still, use the skills developed over the time in promotion of my product.

More than that is when I ask someone to do something I know what I want and what it contains.

There are hundreds of ways to make money.

There are many ways to cook the goose but the one underlying principle is that you must do the basic study. Understand your strengths and what you want to achieve before you start off.
You will make mistakes but if you follow my advice I can limit the mistakes and guide you to the promised land.
OK, laying it on a bit thick here but I really mean there is an easy and a hard way.

Buying course after course leads to frustration not to mention the expense that mostly takes you nowhere. Do you want some second-hand courses?
I have a veritable room full of them I can donate to you.
Being a coach, a store, an Amazon affiliate plus others, Then I build websites and advise on SEO.
Plus I am a blogger and have a Facebook page on cats with thousands of followers. Then I am a specialist in emails and SMS for business and it has all come at a cost.

Today I still spend a few hours on the net every day whilst running a normal business and fulfilling family commitments.

The Internet can be a hobby and a business.

I started the journey just to learn the basics. To understand what it was all about.

I then chased the easy money  and get rich quick path
before finding my direction

For me, it is a hobby, it is also a business necessity plus a way to make money.

Now I should state that I am in my 70s so no longer a young man but remain as keen today as I was many years ago.
We talk the internet with my kids who use it in different ways. One with a store, another a Facebook specialist, a retailer and a large business owner. All different all using the internet to meet their needs.

Where do you start an Internet journey?

I believe the basis starts with a website. A business site, a blog or a funnel but with a website.

Yes, you can master in Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram as a start but I would suggest otherwise.
Why? Becuase it all ends at your website. Social media is a gateway to your products. It is designed around entertainment and captures it is not there to sell.

So how do you learn all this stuff on the Internet?

How would you like all the training needed to learn everything and anything about all in one place and for free?
Build your own website for free and host it at no charge forever.
Use the Keyword finder and see what works for you also at no charge.
Join a group of like-minded people and ask questions seek help and get support without paying a penny.
Earn money by recommending others to this wonderful service full of opportunities.
Upgrade at your leisure to an expanded version where you can host 20 websites and sell of the potential
Where can you get this?

Earn money on the internet

That’s right click through at no cost and enter the rabbit hole of achievement to Wealthy Affiliate
What can you lose? It costs nothing, it delivers big and you make all the decisions as they guide you through from rank amateur to confident professional.
You will learn all about building web pages, achieving free leads, how to do SEO, all about Social media and so many other topics at the click of the mouse.
They will teach you to write and what to write about and how to be found on Google.
You will share your experiences with friends and laugh and cry as they share an Internet life.
Finally, you will learn from others how they made money so you can follow the experts as they share the most guarded secrets with you.

It’s all about making money but first, you must learn the rules and put in a bit of effort to achieve your goals.

Earn money on the internet, image of authorPeter Hanley


Earn money on the internet by Peter Hanley

Earn money on the internet

Check your website SEO

Increase organic traffic website

Check your website SEO

The way to Check your website SEO is a must for everyone involved in website building or even those having someone else do the work for them.

Your SEO or Search engine optimisation is described in Wikipedia as;

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility a website or a web page in a web search engine‘s unpaid results.—Often referred to as “natural”, “organic, online visibility  “earned” results. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a website appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users; these visitors can then be converted into customers.


For many of you that may be a tad technical so let’s shorten it up to say basically it is how you are found on the web without paying for it.

It is the number one priority on any of your websites and without it, everything else is lost.


What effects SEO

How your SEO performs is affected by your choice of  Keywords, your Meta description, the number of words in a post, Headings, pictures, spelling, writing, subject and a few more.

So what can you do about SEO?

When you are using WordPress as a platform it is really easy. You will simply download a plug-in like All In One SEO or Yoast SEO  ( you can use both) and they will guide you to success.

Let’s look at these before we try and check a result.

How you will use Keywords is really important to your website SEO so you need to choose carefully and use it in your headline

Your Meta description in under 160 characters should include your Keyword.

Your Keyword should be in the first paragraph but then hold back.
I like to use it in a #3 heading at the end of the post as well.
Headings. Start big and go down from there and not the other way or jumping around.

Pictures and SEO

Your pictures must be relevant to the subject. They should draw the reader in and then get them to read. The more dramatic the better.
Then use a description and here we have some conjecture. Many will say the description should be your title, which is what I use, but others will say identify the picture eg a tree in Apple blossom.

Spelling effect on SEO

You will likely understand that Google hates bad spelling and punctuation so I have a great way to overcome this.  I use Grammarly.com free service to read and offer corrections to my spelling. It is a great back up supports and FREE

Number of Words in a post

There are many different ideas on this but the majority will tell you that a minimum of 300 and a Maximum 5000  is appropriate. Then with the best at about 1500 words an article.  I try for about 1000 a time depending on the subject.

Sentences and paragraphs

The way forward is to write short sentences and short paragraphs and a sub-headline often. No more than 300 words between headings

You have now completed an outline of what is needed so how do you check?

Now find this so easy https://web.dev/  and insert your URL

Because you now know how to Check your website SEO it is up to you.

Peter HanleyCheck your website SEO, image of author


PS google rated my SEO at 100% for this post

You must have a page one priority

Over 90% of website visitors do not move past page one.
The level of importance in this subject is extreme for you.

MLM free leads

Trying to find customers in any marketing is hard but MLM adds a tier of difficulty. Here Peter Hanley introduces a proven way to MLM free leads.

Growth hacking

One new entrant to the market is doing things a bit different and experiencing real results.
We have all tried earning money or clicks by
spending, or should I say wasting time clicking on other peoples sites to earn a few tokens.

It’s the newby trap looking for good leads that will drive our own marketing.

We also spend money on getting clicks but these are useless unless people read what you have to say.

yea, its great to see lot’s of traffic but if none of it stops in to have a chat and buy something it is a total waste for everyone.

Bounce rate is as important as traffic.

I try to manage my bounce rate as much as I do traffic because this is the shopper experience.
Some will say, so where do you get this, and my answer is Google analytics. If you are not using this free tool hop to it right now. Off you go because if you don’t know what is happening on your site you are pushing the proverbial uphill with a pointed stick.

Plus the rest of this post will mean nothing to you.

Now Google does some awful things with traffic that us Lay people will never understand. They make changes that impact us all and there is nothing you can do about it.

Whilst writing this November 2018 many at Wealthy affiliate are complaining of a sudden decrease in traffic as a result of Sir Google.

What can you do about it? Well, the answer is perennial. Write a better product, write for Mobile phones, Use better Keywords or get some more traffic.

Whooo, you say spend money on traffic you have tried that with poor results and no return.

That my friend is about to change as I introduce you to the new kid on the block

I would never lead you to a product that has no guarantee. I have tried many and fallen foul of the return policy so I just love a try before you buy offer.

Try before you buy

A company that offers a free service, although limited in volume certainly understands the market. I stepped in and got a monthly free service just to see the results.

I was really amazed that my clicks went up by over 200% and my Open rate went down by about 30%
and it took about a minute of my time.

Beliefe is in the pudding

Ok, so no holding back anymore as I just know you desperately want to try this out for free, test the results and leave me a comment. Ok; just thank me later

The answer is Pingl and your free service is
right here, now, you can be going in maybe 5 minutes and check the results and see for your self.

Notification referer service

Pingl is a growth hacking technology dedicated to qualified lead acquisition mainly for B2B transactions. Growth hacking is used by the giants of the tech industry, in particular, to grow their user’s database.

It is guaranteed and has a powerful reach to your market and selectable by country and language.

What more can I say, use the free version every month forevermore if you do nothing else

MLM free leads by Peter Hanley


SMS marketing, image of authorPeter Hanley
I put my face and name to all products and stories as my own guarantee of continued quality.

ps Did I say Pingle has a referral program. Sure does so log in and check it out but don’t expect riches with free services, just saying.

SMS marketing

How to plan your marketing with SMSHow to plan your marketing

SMS Marketing

Here Peter Hanley looks at SMS marketing and how you can make a business working from home or just marketing to your own customer base to achieve huge results.

To start with SMS

Wholesale carriers supply services to the market and then retail against them creating an essentially dirty market, but not necessarily so.
There are several great reasons you can compete against the biggest of them and come out looking very good.

Price based platform

The first way is to build a marketing platform that is price based on the number of messages sent.

0-100 at $.20 each billed monthly in advance
100 -300 $0.18 each
300- 500 $0.17 each

The carriers demand volume or paid in advance because the cost of billing is high. Not for you though it is simply a matter of an online bill and collection.
Most people won’t use the full complement of messages so you gain on the unused proportion. For an example, you sell a 300 package at $54.00.
The user only sends say 250 messages and you don’t roll them over you get
$0.216 adding to your margin. When you Buy at say $0.10 this is good money.

Value adding to SMS

The next way is value adding. You send the SMS messages to their list and charge an hourly rate to do this, or better a fixed amount to do the job.
When you are new it takes a bit of time but as you increase your skill sets it
becomes a breeze. You can cut your time spent massively very quickly.

Business numbers

Sorting their list

Many customers have a list of clients in no particular order. Numbers gathered at random but legally harvested. Your job, based on a rate is to sort the list into a proper format that will allow the messages to be sent to the correct niche.

Selling inbound numbers.

This, my good friend, is a real winner. An inbound mobile number that goes to your email is a business advantage in that you have a full record of all transactions.
A local Gym requires cancellations prior to a certain time. This could be doctors or anyone that has appointments.  They set up an inbound number so that their client can send an SMS  to cancel. It is a busy world yet people live with short messaging. A phone call is a drag an SMS possible.
An initial problem was that the sender was unsure if the message had been missed and would send several messages awaiting a reply. We overcame this by setting up an automated reply saying your appointment has been cancelled, please remember to book another. This solved the problem.

SMS and spamming

This is an important function and penalties can be very high to those that break the rules. In basis you cannot harvest numbers you must have obtained them in the course of a business contact. Secondly, if you obtain a number from selling Icecreams you can not then use it to sell tractors. This is simplified but every country is different so check the rules and be the local expert.

SMS and Opting out

Again an important issue. If you keep sending after an opt-out you are in breach of the rules. Many carriers will do this automatically for you but you should maintain your own list in a current manner. Delete the Opt-outs and avoid sending to them at all costs, nothing irritates them more than continued mail after unsubscribing.

Meeting schedules

This is a great performer for any business that conducts meetings.
I have a wholesale customer that markets to a group of Tradespersons. They run a regular breakfast meeting with suppliers presentations.
Traditionally they would do a ring around of the 100 plus members to tell them about the meeting. attendance was random and the time involved considerable.
Thet set up an SMS broadcast one week before and a second on the morning of the meeting. The time taken just a few minutes. Attendance grew from around 50% to over 80% so it was a real success.
A one-time wonder? No, they have repeated this every couple of months for the past 2 years.

In conclusion

It is true that Short messaging is getting cheaper and that many mobile phone plans include it for free but we are looking at commercial SMS.
Using Email and permanent records. You can prebuy a bulk lot of messages and resell them but I feel you lose some control doing this.
SMS is a result based medium for all business. Messages are opened and acted on instantly so feedback is immediate and changes can be made.
It is an effective, low-cost marketing medium for every business.

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Peter Hanley