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What does Qualified mean to you? To the Wealthy Affiliate members, it is a university degree in Internet marketing using all the skills learned.

Why do I bring this qualified subject up?

First of all, there is a great reason. I have just been chatting with a lady who is well qualified in fact she has after her name a Dr, MBA, MENG and for a job lectures at the University. OK, she has a side hustle as well but understand my point here she is a tad overqualified for a lot of simple jobs.

What qualifications do you have?

Although I have been in business all my life I don’t actually have any formal qualification. I completed a large part of a business degree and went a long way to an accounting degree (Hated It)

I have a few certificates along the way but nothing to hang on the wall until I came to Wealthy Affiliate.

You need to keep working at it.

Take any industry and the rate of change is modest but consistent and last years textbooks will do this year and probably for a few to come.
That was until the power of the internet arrived.
Change is now so rapid that constant attention is needed just to maintain a basic understanding.

This has been to make life easier in so many ways but the rules change so quickly.

I will point out a few things.

Think about advertising, all but a few years ago, mainstream and yellow pages were the go and then along came Webpages.

Throw in email marketing and add to that SMS marketing along the way at least these have stood the test of time.

This led to a massive spend on Adwords to get to the main page in number one spot so people would click.
An industry was born on SEO and is now just a byproduct
Next was Facebook advertising then Instagram and now pixel follows everywhere you go.
If you are not into retargeting you are not in the game.

Then there was Web pages, Blog pages and funnels

How difficult was it to build a web page? We had experts and companies making a heap of money and now you can do your own for pennies.
Oh how times change

I got my certificate to hang on the wall

Yes, I completed the Wealthy affiliate training and received my certificate saying I was fully trained.
Consequently, I went on to the next level to finish training while still in the mood rather than having a break
This is the description of the work. Each lesson came with both audio and visual training and consequently is designed to keep your attention. Furthermore, It comes with a to-do list and free programmes to help you along.
Especially relevant is the free training posted every week updating a new subject.

Online Entrepreneur Certification
5 courses 50 lessons The Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training is a 5 phase (50 lesson) series of courses walking you through the process of creating and growing a business within absolutely ANY niche that you want.

From The Wealthy Affiliate training page

No results without effort

Qualified image
Connect the dots

Let’s face it you need to start the journey and spend the time to get the results, Nothing for free except off course this great training comes to you at zero cost.

Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes.
Learn how to immediately get “immersed” in the awesome community here at WA

 Discover the process of earning revenue online

Create and start working towards a list of new financial and non-financial goals

 Gain instant access to over 590,000 niches

Choose your starting point NICHE for your business

Build your very OWN niche website

Learn how to optimize your website using WordPress

 A simple and free way of making your site search engine friendly

How to create quality website content (that gets ranked)

 Understanding the keyword research process

Quickly and easy creation of your own low competition keyword lists

From the Wealthy Affiliate training schedule

Now that would be a great achievement

In addition, you start from little online knowledge and create your own money-making website while competing the Certificate course.

Not confined to affiliate marketing

Finally, I started the journey to promote my own business and used the training to gain a better insight into marketing in the new world.
Same training, same certificate slightly different outcome.

Qualified, are you?

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Peter Hanley


What others had to say

This is a great foundation course on how to get started with an online business. 

Everything is layed out in a simple & easy to understand format. 
There are no upsells, or any other form of forced payment.

Awesome! 10/10


Get ready to take your first steps towards building your own online business. Level 1 is going to help you understand how this whole process works. It will be the base on which you build your business to start earning an income. Work your way through these lessons and ask questions when you get stuck. Strap in, because it’s about to get interesting.

Ive Tried that rated 10/10

This is an excellent course that will take a person from 0 knowledge to an understanding of the basics but I see many people making one simple mistake when doing this course.

I see people getting a few courses into this and then trying to do the rest on their own or by asking questions in live chat. The fact is it’s all here in this training for those that are willing to dig in here and complete the course.

Work through this one step at a time don’t rush through it or skip steps, if it takes you a week to complete one part of it then take a week but don’t skip.

Ty Johnson rated 10/10

Make your own conclusion

In conclusion, we can but lead you to the very best training available right through to a Certificate of completion.

Furthermore, the action is yours to take

Instagram posts

Business and the Internet

What are the best Instagram posts and can you really match that with your happy snap to gain traction. Here Peter Hanley looks at today.

What is the best Instagram post?

I believe the record has just been taken out by Kylie Jenner overtaking her past attempt. Last year she posted a photo of her daughter that got 18 million likes.

Well, this time with 27 million likes, from one photo is an EGG.

Egg as a symbol
The egg is a symbol

What is also amazing is the 2.8 million comments that follow the post. How do you beat that?

It is all about Brand building

Kylie has the following of over 114 million ( 2017) and that does not come near Christiano Ronaldo at 145 million.

Furthermore, Kylie picks up a cool Million bucks for a paid Instagram post.

What results do you want

What can you do to grow?

The answer is really simple, post amazing pictures, often and encourage likes and sharing.

As a local business, you don’t need a million followers you just need to entertain the ones you have and pull a few new ones along the way.

In many cases, Instagram outstrips Facebook for viewing potential, particularly in the Millenium bracket.

If this is your target market you could be on a winner.

Image of kyla Itenes

Take Kayla Itenes as an example, I know I have told this story many times but it really is a rag to riches story. Kayla started a Hot Body program from a home garage in South Australia. Using just Instagram she quickly rose to fame and wealth. at this date, she has 11 million followers and has posted 8204 times not bad for a basic startup in a busy industry

Know your generation

I am an Old guy and quite frankly I can’t really get my head around the benefits of Instagram over Facebook, But, and I say this loudly all my kids do, and their kids a well so how can I argue with the facts.

I regularly see small business’s smashing their marketing using just Instagram.
It is also basically free.
The only proviso is that you post regularly, in fact, several times a day.
If you can’t do it outsource the opportunity to someone that can.

Instagram stories build following

Instagram stories is a series of posts that tell a story. This is to get people to follow you and stay connected and make comments thus growing your business.
Have a link on all your correspondence with a call to action and seek out opportunities at every opportunity.

How to do it all

Instead of rewriting the world I shall send you off the WikiHow that has a pretty good rundown of the how and why questions and answers.

Instagram also has a rundown when you join. Mine is not to tell you how I am here to tell you why.

My God Daughter is a Hairdresser. She posts to or three hairstyles on customers a day. She is fully booked and this is her only advertising.

Image of a link to Wealthy Affiliate

My Daughter runs a Women’s clothing shop. Started with Facebook now does two or three posts a day on Instagram for better online shopping results.

Wealthy Affiliate has training on all of this

best Instagram posts

Another who is a major in promoting Facebook marketing consistently backs it up with Instagram for results.

They are just a close example of local marketing with results let alone the followers of the rich and famous.

It is no good complaining about business

I was just talking to a client in another Industry line that is fast going out of business, Times are tough, competition is strong, people are dropping prices are all the things I heard in our conversation.

I asked what he is doing about it and the reply was nothing I can do.
Many times I have suggested free marketing tips, using Facebook, Instagram, Affiliate programs among them but none have been done or even tried.
Furthermore, we went further with email and SMS marketing to gather some business. It was all too hard.
If that was hard I said try going broke.

His nearest competitor, in the same Industry, is buoyant and profitable.
In this case partly because he is part of a Franchise and they do some of this for him plus they push him to complete local marketing activities.

In conclusion

No one will do it for you. It is up to you to plan your own results and put the infrastructure into place so that it is done.
However, my word of caution is to not try and do everything at once. Get one program working before you move on to the next.

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Peter Hanley


Best Instagram posts by Peter Hanley

Web page Speed Test

web page speed test

Have you ever done a Web page Speed Test and is it important anyway. Here Peter Hanley explains why it is important and what you can do about it.

Two barrel speed test

It is important these days to consider both desktop and mobile speeds as both are entertained by Google in ranking factors.
To get your mobile speed up to standard you really do need to manage
some of the data with a better selection of inputs

As an example, I just did a test on a post and while it ranked 99/100 for desktop it went down to 76 on mobile.

When I did the Home page with lots more images the mobile went down to about 60 -100. The big factor was off-screen images

0-49 is considered slow 50-89 average and 90+ good as taken from Google page insights.

Now before you go testing the link understand why you are doing it and what result you want to achieve.

Slow sites don’t get opened

Pretty simple stuff really, the site is slow and our impatient mind and fingers just move right on to the next site. Or, perhaps we are on a site and want to open another page and it slowly loads the same thing.
Google and other search engines rate your SEO on many factors and they include open rate and time on site.

Now have a look at your stats

Here are Google Page speed insights

Type in your URL and it will deliver results for Mobile phones. Interesting that Mobile is first and most important in the ranking. This has changed in the last year or so from Desktop. You will see on the page a toggle to also get Desktop results as a comparison.

For those of you who host with Wealthy Affiliate, you have access in your dashboard for increasing and measuring speed. There is, however, nothing you can speed up if you have terrible images and links that throttle you back.

Different sites different measurement

Different sites measure Latency and other issues using different metrics ideas but the results are the same and based in Poor average or good band
and time to load in Msecs

About the PageSpeed Insights API

The PageSpeed Insights API (PSI) reports on the performance of a page on both mobile and desktop devices and provides suggestions on how that page may be improved.

PSI provides both lab and field data about a page. Lab data is useful for debugging performance issues, as it is collected in a controlled environment. However, it may not capture real-world bottlenecks. Field data is useful for capturing true, real-world user experience – but has a more limited set of metrics. See How To Think About Speed Tools for more information on the 2 types of data.

What can you do about page speed?

There are actually quite a few variables but let’s look at the main ones.
First of all from one expert

A cheap web host offering monthly plans for $3.95 complete with unlimited page views and unlimited space might seem like a bargain, but the trade-off is usually slow site speeds and frequent downtime during high traffic periods.

If you want your site to be lightning-fast and ensure your site performs well, you need to invest in a decent web host. If you really want your site to be fast, you may want to look at hosting packages that aren’t on a shared server.


The more pictures the slower the speed, pretty easy to believe and add to that using JPeg images over PNG as an example.

Pages that converted visitors contained 38% fewer images than the ones that didn’t. (Click to tweet)

53% of people leave the site if the loading speed is greater than 3 seconds

And believe me that percentage rises quickly over 3 seconds.

Perceived speed

Perceived performance can be described as simply “how fast does your website feel when it loads?” This can be slightly different than how fast your website actually loads. Perceived performance is all from the perspective of the user, not from a website speed test tool.  (key CDN)

This is mostly the above the fold content that is seen first on the page.

Lot’s more you can do

In this page, we don’t want to become all too technical and scare you away. If you are a web developer you know this stuff anyway but for us mortals, it is enough to know there can be a problem. We can make a difference with a few basic changes.

I use Wealthy Affiliate web hosting because it contains everything you need to understand on a web page.
It can be yours for free, check how.

In conclusion

Page speed is but one element in SEO. It is, however, a very important element because of the high drop out rate at slow speeds.

Web page speed test

Have I Been pwned

Have I been pwned

A question you must address is “Have I Been pwned”? This is a security breach where your email address and Passwords are distributed on the internet after being stolen from secure sites.

What is pwned

First of all the word is not a play on Porned where your safely saved pictures are posted by an old friend without your permission. Is actually pronounced Poned as per Wikipedia.
It is a website for checking your emails. The meaning is debated by many without a real answer other than it means Owned maybe with a Typo or maybe just Geekspeak. Owned seems to fit with the fact that your passwords have been compromised

I have noticed activity

I have had a couple of dark web messages to my email soliciting money or threatening to close my address down and showing my email address. So today I did a check on my address at Am I being pwned.

Recently, it emerged that more than a billion unique email address and password combinations had been posted to a hacking forum for anyone to see in a mega-breach dubbed Collection #1.

The breach was revealed by security researcher Troy Hunt, who runs the service allowing users to see if they’ve been hacked called Have I been Pwned. He has now loaded the unique email addresses totalling 772,904,991 onto the site.

Oh no — pwned!

Pwned on 6 breached sites and found no pastes (subscribe to search sensitive breaches)

image of pwned logo
Check yours now

This is the result of my main email address., and I am not happy.

Then I went to another email address another carrier and guess what

Oh no- pwned but only one site.

My first to do is to change my password s on all email accounts and go for a very secure password, capitals, numbers, punctuation marks or even get a supplied one.

Many of the experts are saying to use the service of 1password a paid-for service that records all your passwords. It is only a couple of bucks a month and maybe a good investment

Make the changes

Image of have I been pwned
Don’t let it happen to you.

Most importantly, if your password is on the list, do not ignore it as it can be used in credential stuffing attacks mentioned earlier.
Hunt says: “People take lists like these that contain our email addresses and passwords then they attempt to see where else they work.
The success of this approach is predicated on the fact that people reuse the same credentials on multiple services.”

With the rise of two-factor authentication, its use should be considered if available and the use of complex passwords is really necessary.
You can check passwords at amI being pwned/password

Is Pwned just a Gimmick?

Troy Hunt, a regional director at Microsoft, is highly respected in the world of cybersecurity research. Not least as he is the driving force behind the popular ‘have I been pwned?’ (HIBP) site. The site aggregates data breaches in order to make it easy for people to find out if they have been impacted by malicious activity online.
This is a real new world problem. They are not doing it as a money-making deal working on donations only.

It does help sell sites like 1password but generally, the site runs on donations and is trying to achieve a bit of control over your business life by keeping your data safer

In conclusion

This is going to grow, as the days pass, into something bigger than we can imagine. This is the tip of the Iceberg. The greatest companies are being hit regularly with missing data so act now to stop the rot

business email format
Peter Hanley


I have been hit and changed my passwords and trialling 1password

Are you ready to do it?

Gillette Commercial and your brand

Here Peter Hanley looks at the Gillette commercial, what it means to you and how you can learn from it for your marketing.

Don’t tell me you have not seen the Gillette Commercial

OK, your the only one in town or perhaps like me you are a Man and don’t give a fig over the hyped up response to a commercial.

Wait on, don’t take sides we are not here to debate the integrity of the advert we are here to judge on the effect.
So first of all find the advert and view it.

Did Gillette deliberately set out to get readership?

If they didn’t they certainly got it, everyone is looking at it and getting all in a knot over the masculinity of men.
My take is that the Gillette brand, owned by Proctor and Gamble, needed a boost into a new marketing niche.
The younger age set and this was the lever to achieve it.
They were deliberately controversial to get a Brand fixed in the mind of buyers.
Do you think it worked?
I do because when I go to buy a new razor the brand jumps up and says buy me, and I do. Why? Because of brainwashing, advertising and or promotion, whatever it is it worked.

An interesting format in the Gillette advert

The advert was deliberately made long format at nearly 2 minutes to move into Social media where most views will be seen.
It tells a story and keeps your attention to the very end and then you jump out of your chair with an opinion.
Buying a two minute Add on commercial TV is extremely expensive and in most cases avoided at all costs.
The Ad Agency (Grey Global Group based in New York) certainly should know what they are doing but being a risk taker sometimes backfires.

I see this as taking a Brand into a new demographic by targeting an age group that care.
We old blokes have been buying Gillette for years and find this mildly entertaining. Because the 20-50 age group are the buyers now they are the new target.


Lets face it Gillette is all about brand recognition

In marketing parlance, you can solve a problem, overcome a fear or put yourself in the result.
A simple version is a travel advert, they don’t show long queues or boring plane flights they show crystal clear water lapping on white sand and buff bodies strolling hand in hand down a quiet stretch of beach.
Hardly reality for most of us but we dig it, we want to be like that.
Gillette put you in the advert, you take sides, discuss issues maybe even rant and rave but hence you remember the name Gillette.

A great Advert or a misfire?

Furthermore, you should take your stand and be outraged but also remember what they are trying to achieve.

In conclusion

You will learn more about brand building and how you can advance your business into a new market in the free training at Wealthy Affiliate.

Gillette Commercial and your brand


I am a pioneer in business marketing based over many decades and have moved into the new millennium of Internet sales.

In conclusion, I provide coaching and an almost daily blog on a business subject

Image of author
Peter Hanley

Gillette commercial and your brand


Take your side but remember this is brand building.



Gillette Commercial and your brand, a discussion.

Business Email Format

Best Bulk Email Sender

The business email format takes many directions but here firstly we look at the answers to a lot of questions you need to understand.

How to structure an email

First of all, I went to Aweber the home of email to seek an answer from them. The team there should have a good understanding of what works and what does not.

  • how long or short should an email be
  • How many characters in a subject line
  • What percentage of subject lines include Emojis
  • How do experts capitalize the subject line

The most important part of an email

We will talk about every part of an email structure, the process and the follow-up but let’s start at the beginning.

Your target audience is the most important aspect of email marketing and will define your success before you start.

It is no good firing a shotgun at the world, you need to aim your buckshot at a target and chase better results.

You will be challenged on opening rates, click rates and importantly Spam complaints so let’s look at the list first.

Segment your list into interest groups and watch your rates go up.

We are emailing to sell not to entertain

We need to determine our results before we start the program or simply put we need to plan the whole procedure.

Yes, how we do it may change along the way but we understand the end result.

Next the Name line

Your first step is to have a look at your own emails and review what attracted you to open or delete.
I know I scan by name first and then the subject line.
If I know the name as someone I trust then they have a chance of being opened, Name unknown small hope.
You may notice a lot of spam mail with a name close to a movie star or someone well known, it is there to get your attention, it works but it is not recommended.

If you are going to a new list always introduce yourself first. Tell them about you and what you do and that to expect more exciting mail from you.

Get your name recognized to get better open rates.

The subject line

This is pretty important and covered in part in
the A-Weber  
It should;

  • Show how to solve a problem
  • How to overcome a fear
  • offer a promise
  • Authority

I went through a page of my spam mail today and they included

  • You don’t want to miss this; seriously A promise
  • How to get people to notice you. A fear
  • I wrote the book on getting clients Authority
  • Get more done this weekend (without doing anything) Solve a problem

That was in just one page and I got the results I wanted but did I open them?
I knew three of the senders but not one got read. Why? I was not in the mood and was to busy.

That is why a headline is an art form, the sender trusted and the information relevant to have any chance of success.

A business email format is on top of your agenda.

That is before writing a word in the body

Short or long that is the question?
The answer is not as easy as you think nor as easy as the experts make out.

I go back to my traditional marketing and Advertising training and quote the very elaborate Mercedes or Porsche adverts. These would include a big car picture and underneath all the relevant specs and details.

You may glance at the picture or just turn over unless you are a potential buyer. For those very few in the market, we will devour every written spec on the car and can’t get enough words to fill our enthusiasm.
99.7% will never read them the 0.3% need a call to action and we have success.

Generally, though our attention span is pretty limited so short is better and of course pictures. Chose the pictures carefully.
You want to go on a holiday but do you look at pictures of Airport queues and shuttle buses or long sandy beaches with few people and crystal clear waters lapping on a lonely shore.


In conclusion, email marketing is as relevant today as ever before. The difference is the skill set required to achieve a result.
A full understanding can not be achieved in one article. You can learn more at The Wealthy affiliate free training programme that takes you step by step into the process.

business email format

business email format a need to know

Is FOMO Real?

is FOMO real?

I am often questioned Is FOMO Real? As a long term veteran of this industry and a long term FOMO sufferer, I want to tell you it is real and manageable

What is FOMO?.

It is described in modern day parlance as “The Fear Of Missing Out”

When you search the web you will find a bundle of articles on this mostly related to teens and Facebook users.
I searched Wikipedia and Urban use pages and did not find the one I wanted so had to make up my own mind on this.

My family have accused me of this since before the word was first introduced and it predates the electronic version of the word.

I do like to be included in the fun things and would feel rejected if left out.

In fact, there was a saying along the lines of ” Don’t ask Peter unless you really want him to come.” The belief was that I would accept every invitation offered me. Hardly true of course but I accept the comments graciously.

Along came Facebook and messaging and the world changed, now add Instagram and a few others and we really have a reason to be anxious.

Yes, I have Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and LinkedIn because I just have to be there.
We need to like every post or make a comment lest we are thought less of.

Fear of missing out, or FOMO, is “a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent”. This social anxiety is characterized by “a desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing”.

Where it all starts

I experienced this recently at the birthday party of a two-year-old. This is a great time for the kids to get presents because they can really enjoy them for the first time and lots of Aunties and Uncles are keen to show they care.
At the same time, the four-year-old sibling is having a national crisis with no presents coming their way.
I am old school and let them suck it up but many buy a special present to appease the tears and tantrum. Does this create a life long phobia?

Yes, every time someone else gets something or does something good they need to be rewarded as well. A special present that will last for life.

My problem started in reverse. I had an older brother by four years so he was able to do and get things before me. New Scooter, a push bike, a car the list of my envy goes on and stays with me to this day.
I was missing out, pure and simple.

We are also guilty of promoting this in children’s’ sport. Think about this for just a moment.
The kids play a team sport and every week someone gets an award. It is something small in size or price but huge in consequence and recognition.
To make sure everyone is included it is not given for achievement it is rotated among everyone on the team. Each week little Johnny needs to suck it up a bit but understands the rules that their time is coming.
Would you think this as a training school for FOMO

The Internet took FOMO a step forward

Your Bestie posts great photos of a recent hang out on a tropical Island.
Everyone message to say did you see this and you quickly load Facebook for a gander at suntanned bodies sipping Pina Coladas in a Pool bar.
Oh, how the envy starts.
Not for them of course but the better photos they posted and everyone else is raving about them and forgotten your Ski trip of just a month ago

The young teens have a hard time with this when that invite to a birthday bash does not come to them. It even surpasses FOMO and is upgraded to social bullying. How dare they forget your little darling.

FOMO in business

My take on this is that it is a good thing. I don’t care whether it is called Jealousy or FOMO it drives me to be competitive.

This fear of missing out has driven me to compete more aggressively and to lift my achievement level. Then I get a reward for effort not just for competing.

I need to be seen as successful on my terms not because everyone gets a reward it’s because I went out and earned it by hard work and persistence

I post on Facebook because, not to, is not a consideration.
If someone is doing better than me I don’t sulk and throw a hissy fit I find ways to catch up and be in the winner’s circle.
You then get rewarded by success.

FOMO started in my childhood

FOMO starts in everyone’s childhood. It starts early and it’s now promoted by parents who encourage participating for fun and rewarding mediocre performance.

Everyone is your friend, we are all equal and we should be treated thus.
However, life is not like that. there are trolls and bullies and preferential selection of invite lists and we will miss out.

We just need to suck it up and not get all emotional about it and challenge our selves to do better.
FOMO is not a disease it is a learned art that needs to be unlearned. We need to self-cure to move on and be more comfortable in our own skin.

Is fomo real, image of penguines ignoring one.
Say no to FOMO

In conclusion

In conclusion, I would like to say I am no expert, have no formal training or background to make comments. Being a relatively new problem we all have an opinion. Feel free to share your below


I have been in marketing for more years than I can remember. This includes being very active on the Internet for over 10 years. I promote free internet training at The Wealthy Affiliate.

link to Wealthy affiliate

and post on a different subject on most days.

Is FOMO real?
Peter Hanley


SEO Website WordPress

SEO Website WordPress

Here Peter Hanley looks at SEO Website WordPress and how things have changed with the intro of Gutenberg and WP 5 to make life easier for you.

How are you doing SEO on your site

First of all there are housekeeping things to do.
There are two plugins that you can use to a lot of the work for you.

Both are free and widely supported with millions of uploads.

  • Yoast SEO
  • All in One SEO pack by Michael Torbet

Some will say don’t use both and to chose your favourite but they do have different roles and personally, I use both.
They are downloaded from the plugin page and activated to allow the use.

Furthermore using WordPress 5 will provide you with all these options as we go through this.

SEO starts at the top

Your Keyword needs to be in the opening paragraph and a H1 or H2 heading.
But let me take a little side step  here and talk about WordPress 5.

You need to upgrade to the Box builder format because not only does it make page building easier it provides SEO guides as you go.
What is your Category?
Add your tags.
Set your feature image
allow comments
do a precise

Also, I also use Rapid SEO Indexer plugin to ping the site map and submit to google. As a result I am nearly done, well, not quite.

Writing is important with SEO

While you need lots of subheadings be careful to not range in H# You start big and go down from there I like to use H3 throughout the page.
You are directed to write less than 300 words between headers so don’t ramble on.
short sentences are best.
The use of Pictures that are relevant to the subject is encouraged because it draws attention to the subject>

Image of person writing
Remember to provide Alt Text 

Yoast will guide you on a writing guide by providing tips along the way therefor making life easy.



There are two types of links which are internal and external. Internal is on a page or post you have on your website and external are authoritative sites. A good example is Wikipedia for more information.

Each picture posted can also be linked to another post or section. Importantly you have the option of passing the reader to a new platform or making them come back to you. This is really important because you don’t want to lose your reader to another site.
When you load the image and provide the link you have a small option to
open in a new tab.

SEO Website WordPress
Don’t link to Facebook

Don’t waste them on Facebook because it is filled with exciting offers and posts of interest. Therefore they will never come back.

Introducing  colour

The jury is out on this, particularly on background colours. Certainly, don’t use dark background colours that make reading difficult. With Basic WP 5 your choice is limited.
I don’t believe this has any effect on SEO but it can distract the reader along the way

Writing in colour is also optional and you have some ability to shade the colour through a very narrow spectrum.

It is simple to shade and change as you go.
For a greater range of abilities, I chose the page builder Elementor that can be used with WordPress. It is a similar build but a lot more abilities.

Adding lists and quotes to WordPress

It seems like Google loves lists. So they, the experts say anyway. I always try to add a list somewhere and as I write I am wondering where to do this so that it works with the article. I think I shall save it to a summary.

Quotes are also good value and can give the reader some things to ponder and consequently build some like and trust.

Building tension is great but it is an art form and one that I have not managed to excel at.  Especially relevant is that the best is yet to come.

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”
― Anton Chekhov

Tell a story not a fact

“You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.”
― Jodi Picoult

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”
— Louis L’Amour

The gallery should be what you are writing about.

OK, I am not writing about cats or injuries but I love a good gallery of pictures and these come from a series I do on Rescue cats, a bit of a hobby
horse of mine.

Writing for mobile

This is an important part of all writing on The web.
Google now rates your mobile SEO before the web and
maybe if it is no good you are Dead in the water.

Luckily most themes these days are mobile friendly

Where to find out more?

I use and recommend the Wealthy Affiliate free training and web hosting site for all my activity. While there is training on every module and advanced support it is free and consequently great value.


Finally, I list out your check sheet

  • Install Yoast or All in one SEO
  • Use WordPress 5 or higher
  • Best Keyword use the tool
  • Use the toolbar for Tags etc
  • Writing for success short sentences
  • Linking. Internal and external
  • Pictures, great assets
  • Colour background and words
  • Mobile phone for Google to see
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by Peter HanleyHome

Rather than guess your way through because of a lack of knowledge you can do the Wealthy Affiliate training and easily get up to steam.

Builder Funnel

Create a Video

How to Be a builder of funnels and do it for free? Here Peter Hanley takes you on a short journey with a funnel builder that really works

Why have a funnel anyway

A funnel is just a web page with a purpose. 
It is to take the reader on a captivating journey ending in a call to action.
Pretty simple stuff really but watch the experts complicate the process
with $ 200-month funnel builders that will instantly drive visitors into a frenzy. Or not.

If you are into high priced funnels this is probably not the read for you but for those starting out read on and we shall solve a few mysteries for you.

The best funnel in the world is a waste of time if you have no traffic.
That said, then traffic is the question and a funnel is an answer.


image of traffic
Traffic is important

Traffic is delivered in many ways although it generally starts with a Keyword  
Then there is SEO, and paid advertising, referrals and lots of other ways to get traffic to your site. You understand this so we won’t dwell long on it.
So, traffic is the question then A funnel is an answer.
If you have mastered traffic great if not you can learn a lot more about it at the Wealthy Affiliate free training site.

Back to building funnels

As I explained you can spend a heap of money on a funnel page but it is still basically a web page. The most expensive is probably the Russel Brunson
Click Funnels and you will pay between $100 and $300 a month for a template to build a page. If you have that kind of spare Moolar hanging around it is probably a good investment but out of reach for most of us.

With a bit of background, you can easily use a WordPress site to be a funnel.
WordPress has recently upgraded to a new design format called Guttenberg. This is a box builder and a great step forward in webpage building. Those that have been using WordPress for a long time generally found  WP 5 (Guttenberg) intimidating because it is very different. I found it great but after mastering the concept I wanted more. 
The use of colours and fonts, sizes and shapes, positioning on the page offer the ability to create a better product. I wanted MORE.

There are other page builders on the market including Thrive. Lead Pages, Wix,  Beaver and many others that cost a little and or a lot.

Thrive was very popular over many years but like all things they change and Elementor has been able to build on the success or otherwise of others

image of Elementor logo
A page builder

I then found Elementor

is a simple plugin

Yes, you just go to Elementor and download the plugin.
Go to Plugins on your WordPress site and upload Elementor

You can now build pages with WP5 Block editor, the old Classic Editor or Elementor, the world is yours.

Elementor has all the training online so it is easy to follow.

What I did the first time was to build my site while going with the video. Run the video for a while then pause and do it on my site. They cover all the options so you get pretty hands-on with it. Somethings will leave you early but just skip on through you can always return later

You can advance to the Pro version at a small annual fee but save your money until you are competent and ready to rock big time.

Where did I start the first funnel? I tried it on a complementary site about 
working on the web at Market my business online

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by Peter Hanley

Facebook for small business

SEO Website WordPress

Here we look at Facebook for small business and consider if it is as good today as it was last year. Peter Hanley shows that it is getting better for SME’s

No need for Facebook Introduction

We all know Facebook and what it does but first of all let’s separate the fun stuff for the business side.

I like Facebook because I have 5 kids with family’s that regularly post happy snaps that keep me up to date. Everyone gets in and comments and it is lots of fun. What I don’t do is spend a lot of time on it. First thing in the morning and maybe a late look as well.
Saying that my wife does regularly monitor my feed because she does not like Facebook, go figure that out.

Lets only consider business Facebook

Every business should have a Facebook page that is active and attended regularly with updates.
Buyers, sellers job applicants in fact anyone wanting to do business will you will want to look at your Facebook page.
The result when it is not up to date is probably worse than not having a site at all, it shows that you don’t really care about Social media.

Not having social media displays that you are still in the dark ages of marketing and would I really want to do business with you?

But does Facebook really work?

It really does drive traffic to you and your website and it can be proven.
I follow a local dress shop marketing program because I Find that they do it very well. In my feed, I regularly get 2-4 messages a day every day. This site is done by a professional group so it is done correctly. They have a good website and Instagram account as well.
They recently posted figures bragging 8000 customers through the door last year and 3896 online orders. What amazed me is the number of online orders. Yes mostly from Facebook posts. Yes, the girls are hot and even provocative but they are targeting the look-alike customers.

Milk fashions

Facebook is a delivery mechanism

Milk had a great post today, Go to our website to get 30% off Zarba or similar brand. They send you to the website because there you can place an order. When on the Website the Facebook link is hidden down in a corner so you need to search for it. They don’t want you to go back to Facebook.

Now I reckon the Online orders to be worth just short of a million dollars in turnover at a 100% margin, a tidy business if I do say so.
It appears that Facebook is the prime marketing medium. I have not yet seen evidence of retargeting on Facebook so that could really add a new dimension.

Who needs a Shopfront when you have Online

Facebook for small business

The Million dollar in turn over (estimated) is a good business all on its own.
Though you would not sneeze at 8000 walk-ins either. About 22 a day on average.
Probably another couple of Million in turnover. Remember this is not the cheap end of the market it is the Young trendy females.

Why do I tell you this? First, let me clear up I do not know the owners and have no association with them at all. I have not purchased from them at any time.
My interest is purely academic and to point out to you how well it can work and that three posts a day every day is not overkill when the content is all class. The figures quoted were in a yearend Facebook post by them and not made up by me. don’t shoot the messenger

How hard to post every day

I have a site on rescue cats, this is an exercise in building followers and not at this time monetised. With about 5500 regular followers it is growing nicely. I want about 20K before I am happy.
I post once a week on the weekend. I gather a few interesting pictures or ideas and then schedule a week of posts. Done and dusted about 30 minutes. Hardly a chore and I get some delight with it.
If I can do this so can you or someone you nominate. Do a week’s posts and sit back and enjoy the action. Because I am not monetising this I generally only do one post a day but it is every day.

Does quality matter when posting to Facebook?

A pretty dumb question if I do say so myself but surprisingly many don’t think of this.
Off course it matters, pictures work, smart headings work and calls to action work. Short written posts get skimmed over and not read. simple really.
Have a look at your feed and see what gets your attention and make that an action point.

What is retargeting

This is Facebook advertising at its very best. When someone visits your website and selects a page or product they are tagged by Google as interested. An advert will then pop up in all sorts of places reminding them of your site.
important to know is that no private data is shared or kept so it is not Big Brother. A few pixels are collected and replayed at choice. It works really well.

I wrote on Retargeting in a recent blog.

Using other social media

Facebook for small business

The more the better. A must do is LinkedIn because many will search for your details there.
Have a good BIO and photo and upgrade occasionally

Instagram is the new darling of the younger set and compliments Facebook with a similar approach>

Some just use Instagram and gather a following but I prefer Facebook for your target audience.

Your webpage

Everything ties back to your Web page the ultimate selling tool with great SEO and lots of well-written blogs.

You can do this yourself if you follow the free training at Wealthy Affiliate    

or outsource it to others just make sure it is done.

So what about YouTube

Video is a must do product and YouTube is catching up to Google in the number of searches. It is a whole new subject and I don’t want to dwell here but you do need to understand it

In conclusion

Social media my just be the difference between success and failure. Everyone is doing it in one way or another. All the multi national corporations are in on it and the stories of success are everywhere.

Peter Hanley is a pioneer in small to medium businesses going through to Public Listed companies. He has over 40 years of continual experience.
In about 2006  decided he needed to know everything about the new way of marketing and has dedicated time to learning new skills. He is happy to share the learning