3 most important online tools in business

3 most important online tools in business

3 best on line tools

3 most important online tools in business that should be set up by any size business to attract and keep customers coming back for the long-term.

The host of options available in today’s market can take your mind and time away from Your main game.

What are the online tools

Is it Snapchat or Instagram that sees companies succeeding or facebook and emails.
Let’s have a look at a couple of ideas but first a word of warning. Ideas come and go, companies depart so if your investment in time and money is important you should stay with mainline ideas.


A Web Page is a must do

First of all, a webpage can deliver a complete information pack to the reader.

Who you are, what you are about and importantly display the brand.
Location, trading hours, products, specials, a blog page with news all the items to make the reader happy to do business.
A contact button and even pricing at times.
The web page will enforce your company image and decisions are made here.

This is someone I want to work with or do business with because I like their style.
Imagine, you want to buy a special tool for woodworking. How do you go about finding one? You or someone close will google “special woodworking” tool and be sent to a web page. Now the results may be large so we narrow it down to stores in City or suburb.
If you are not there the query will go elsewhere. It is that simple.
It is a fact that nearly 4 BILLION google searches are placed every day

If you don’t have a webpage you miss out on many opportunities.


Now, this may be contentious but it has an important job. The job of Facebook is to entertain, teach, educate and deliver buyers to your web page. FaceBook is not to sell product its job is to attract interested potential customers to your website or your front door.

I often see a business promoting a single product on Facebook. The audience for that single product is very small so your buyers would need to be very targeted. If the interested were delivered to a website that had 10 options to choose from the audience widens even more.
I give you an example. Facebook promotes a nice pair of High heels, strapless in colours and available now. Target audience, Younger females going out and wanting that style.
If they were delivered to a web store and could pick from different styles for the older group and even Mens shoes do the audience increase? Surely it does.


If you are online marketing this is all the rage. When someone clicks on a Page or post of yours Google picks up a Pixel and later sends them a continuous flow of advertisements on social media. Yes, you pay per click or per 1000 views but it works really well. I wrote more on retargeting on a later post


There are a bundle of other options depending on your business type and audience demographics but this one has a big upside if used properly.

Furthermore, the product is to deliver buyers to a website or your front door. It is an entertainment medium to capture the imagination and to get the punters to want more.
On its own Instagram can deliver a single message to a selected audience that has a few seconds to make a decision.

One of the more successful at this was Kayler Itsines who built an empire in the fitness area starting with Instagram. Now something like 8 million followers on Instagram from a startup.
I have attached her story because it emphasises the massive effect the internet can deliver.

In conclusion, my friends these are my top three choices that every business must have.

If you want more read some of my other blogs at New business online


Peter Hanley

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The special free  product of the day Wealthy Affiliate

Blog writing made easy


Blog writing made easy

Blog writing made easy with proven methods and the best free platform ever.

Imagine being this happy about writing a blog, creating SEO and getting links to your site


It is recommended by the experts at Wealthy Affiliate that you create a blog with the following;

a) About 1000 words. Now I think this is over the top and Yoast SEO plug-in states that a minimum of 300 words so it depends on the subject. Somewhere between 300 and 1500 words is best.

b) At least 5 headings. The headings should also follow the H1 down to H4 rule from the top.

c) more than 9 paragraphs. Sentences should be short and to the point

d) Use your Keyword in the title and only twice in the blog.

Pictures in a blog

A picture paints a thousand words and breaks the writing up. With a good gallery of over 1000,000 pictures, you will never be short of an idea. Naturally, they should relate to the subject so you build on the idea


writing rules for blogs

You should include transition words throughout the document.

Words like; and, also, first of all, another

Or because so, due to, while

As a result, hence therefore

Seems like maybe, probably

Most of all most noteworthy

Transition words show the reader the connection between sentences and paragraphs.


The average sentence length should be no more than 20 words and in fact sentences over this should be less than 20% of the total sentences in the Blog.

No more than 300 words after a heading and at least 30% of sentences with a transition word.

Are we getting you there yet? How can you possibly remember all of this and not implode?


What is the best value format for achieving Blog writing? I have struggled with this. Not so much with content because if you research well It is easy to form structures. Layout and SEO was my problem.
I just love the plugin Yoast SEO that lets you know when you go wrong. It is a simple word press plug-in that is free and really easy to use.

Next is The Wealthy affiliate site that is also free to use until you wish to upgrade to premium.
You can stay on the free site for a lifetime and still get most of the features.

One of the add-ons is the Blog builder, now this will blow your mind, templates, rules, training everything you need to know is there.

Free to use pictures

This makes life so simple as you type along. It is new to the market and so far ahead of everything else it is lonely.
included is 1,000000 free to use pictures

Peter Hanley


Update many months later

Since first writing this post, Word Press has changed with the introduction of WordPress 5 using Gutenberg style of block building. This is a big advancement in webpage building.
Many are scared of the change but I love it. In Fact, when I mastered WP5 I moved to an even better platform in Elementor
This is a similar platform that allows even more simple changes by the most basic user into classic results.

Writing posts or pages

WP 5 and or Elementor can be used to make classic page statements or go back to simple editor any time.
This really has been a huge step forward and you will quickly learn to love it.

Peter H

Facebook is dying?

Facebook is dying a common Malay that is highly overstated. here Peter Hanley provides tips and ideas to move ahead.

Facebook is dying?

For those of us in business or internet marketing, you will probably see or hear a lot of press around that Facebook is dying. Mostly that Facebook is fast declining so the end must be near.

Facebook is dying?

Facebook is certainly declining in the younger age group, particularly under 17 ( up to 10% in some segments) and also some marginally older. What does this mean to you?

First of all, what is your demographic?

Is your demographic in this group? If so move your talents on to another Facebook product.


Facebook is dying?

Instagram is owned by Facebook and that is a vehicle of choice for the young.
Facebook recognized this and that is why they paid $1 billion for a relatively new platform.

They also bought Whatsapp for$19 billion just 2 years later. (2014)

This means that Facebook is not missing out they are just diversifying and catering to the needs of everyone.

I use Instagram and can relate some great stories of success but I just don’t get it, saying that I am certainly not in the sub 22 age group so I don’t really count.

Facebook is dying?

Is Instagram going anywhere
Last year Instagram was valued at $50 billion and WhatsApp believed on its way to $100 billion so they just might know something you don’t.

Furthermore, Facebook in 2016 was worth $350b, last year over $500B going to the magic Trillion very soon

If your target market is anything but kids we are still on track.

Facebook has changed

It sure has, in the latest news feed changes many plugged advertisement have gone and more social content is shown. Social. teaching, training type articles and videos What this means to you is not to push advertising but connect with your audience in a more social manner. The end result is the same. Facebook is still a very powerful medium and should be a tool of all that want to promote a business.

Facebook and websites.

Do you need both?

I think so, as long as you understand what each does. Your Web page can sell, It can be information, provide contact details even legal requirement. Not to mention online orders, download information etc The idea is to keep people on the site until they find something that they like and then take the option to buy.

If perhaps you divert people from your website to your Facebook page you are undermining what you need to do. Taking them out of a buying cycle and into an entertainment media. Nothing to buy here.

On the other hand, your Facebook page is a channel to your web page. The reason for Facebook is to capture new clients and deliver them to results. This applies equally to Instagram, Snap chat, LinkedIn etc.

Furthermore, you want face to face clients or internet orders from an online form and these all come via the Web page.

Will you get banned from Facebook if you over advertise? The answer appears to be yes. Facebook want entertainment and followers that get news or learn something along the way.

Your SEO endeavours all lead to the webpage not the Facebook page

Having got to this point Facebook has got even smarter with Re-targeting (or re-marketing) those add that pop up after you have been somewhere similar.

Where does it take you? Straight to the web page or shop page.

Facebook is dying?

Why is this OK when normal Advertising is not? My friend, the answer is simple, Facebook gets paid for this when you click on it. Second quarter 2017 a lazy $9.3 Billion in revenue for Facebook and they are trying to find more ways to make money from the feed.

In conclusion.

Do you really believe Facebook is dying? Facebook is going nowhere but up. Use it to your advantage and make use of the many ways to maximize your return on effort.

Peter Hanley

Facebook is dying?


Todays free product,

why use WordPress to build a website

why use WordPress to build a website


Why use WordPress to build a website when there are so many other ways available.

What’s so good about WordPress anyway?

Now I am no expert on this but as a user, over a few years, I have developed some pretty strong ideas.
I have tried Funnel builders and other templated sites but have always come back to the basic WordPress.

How to use WordPress


Benefits of using WordPress

Being one of the original website building platforms designed for the average Joe It does have a structure that anyone can follow.
Over the years it has grown in complexity to meet all the market demands but still retains a basic format.


Bonuses with WordPress

Many or I might say most plugins are designed to work on WordPress so the support, quantity and quality are really very good.

As well there is so much training available that you can get an easy answer to any question.
One I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate a free training program without upsells to it. The hosting is cheap and easy as well.

Moving your domain to another host is also available and the website is transferred in whole.


WordPress and graphics

I have tried other site builders and often have problems in handling the graphics.
I am not an artist and get confused with many of the ways to iUsing wordpressmport my pretty pictures, a necessary item in any post.

WordPress makes it so easy including both a library and download area.

This has the ability to resize and add the necessary links.


One important concept is adding SEO attributes to your site.
With a good plugin, I use Yoast all in one SEO, you are prompted to include all aspects of SEO to the market.
Without this, you have no chance of being found.


I believe Word press has it all, a beginner can start a website in a matter of hours and the more expert can enhance the abilities with some training.

It’s a one size fits all model that has proven its abilities over time.

Peter Hanley

About Peter Hanley



My personal link to invite you to free training at Wealthy Affiliate

About Peter Hanley

About Peter Hanley.

This is a brief expose on my life in business and the Internet. As an octogenarian, I bring a few years of wisdom and show that age does not decline the ability


I have been in business most of my life and it has been very good to me. My speciality was an ability to see new opportunities and take them to fruition.one such venture started with a small office, a desk, telephone and not much else.
Within a few short years, that company was listed on the Australian stock exchange and the shares rose to 5 times the original value within days.

I toured Asia working in most of the major centres as a consultant in Radio Paging. One of my more interesting jobs came from The chairman of the company I worked for. I was in Malaysia at the time in sweltering tropical heat and was dispatched to Shenyang in China at about -17c. My instructions were to obtain a paging licence and not come back without it. Working in China is a challenge and I declared never to return after I finally left with Licence in hand.



Why I want to help people

I had to get someone to do a webpage for a business I was operating at the time. Anyone can do a website I thought so I got anyone to do it. Naturally, it was a disaster so I set out to learn as much as I could about the Internet

That got my interest in all things Internet and I recognised the lack of knowledge of most business people.


The goal of this site ( one of Many) is to lead you to training that will provide you with as many tools as you need to learn INTERNET.
I have been in this spot for a few years and wasted money on many courses. That was until I came across THe free training at Wealthy Affiliate.

Things to avoid

At one time I bought a $7 course. The next day I needed to contribute $47 and a few days Later $97 and On it went.

I logged a cancel request and my reason was too many upgrades. The course owner came back with what did you expect?
I expect honesty, clarity and to visualise the journey before I start

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

About Peter Hanley

Peter Hanley

Do cold emails work

Do cold emails work

Do cold emails work? The answer is yes and the answer is no and the third answer is that it may be illegal to spam cold emails so work out what you want and follow a few rules of engagement.

I do cold emails in a few ways that I trust don’t break the law and get me into jeopardy.

Do not spam emails

One way I tried was to get a call centre in India or the Philippines to contact a particular demographic with a simple statement and question. “Hi’ I am from XYZ and we have just introduced a product that will support your business.
Can I send some basic details to you at (email address) so that you can pass it on to the right person?
Thank you and have a good day”

Now you can do this yourself by spending say 45 minutes a day to build a list of about 1000 subscribers over a month.
Or hire cheap labour to work the numbers. 22 hours at say $10 an hour is $220 a small investment if you hate the phone.

Use an Autoresponder

Do emails work

Plug them into your Autoresponder and follow up on the clicks.

One other way is to select a niche and send a personal email introducing your self and the product.
On the bottom of the email have a line saying something about the next mail.

this is where your headline writing skills come in. A really interesting headline.

Also at the bottom indicate how you found them and tell them to please unsubscribe by answering no thanks to you wont be offended and you part friends.

Then you put them in the autoresponder series.

Niche target

I have just done this with 500 Chiropractors. I achieved a 49% open rate and just two spam comments.
There were perhaps a dozen unsubscribe on the first email with several saying thanks for thinking of them.

This was all built on 25 emails a day and then putting them in the series, about 45 minutes tops.

My emails discussed topics that were general to the group, SMS, messaging, after hours support etc to obtain a good readership.

Every morning I go through my emails and delete those I am not interested in without reading them. I look at the sender name and content and make a 2-second decision. Delete or read.

By introducing your self and telling them what you have coming keeps you in mind. I mail every weekday but sometimes miss a day.

The important issues are Subject lines, your identity even before content.

do emails work

Is word press difficult to use?

Is word press difficult to use?



Is word press difficult to use? Yes, it sure is but like any skill, it can be made very easy for you. Have a look at this free page builder idea to start the journey now.

Is word press difficult to use


We don’t expect you to believe in the unbelievable but it can be done.

If I am a Septuagenarian ( that’s over 70 years old) and have built several sites following the free training at Wealthy Affiliate and you can too..

I started the journey of learning so that I could understand the whole system with some clarity.
The internet world is filled with hucksters willing to take your money and to avoid wasting money your Knowledge is your Power

We are not here to take a penny from you. In fact, you can spend a lifetime on Wealthy affiliate without a single cost.

Buying a course

You will often see courses advertised at silly amounts like $7.00 only.

In this business is a thing called Upsells. Once you pay your entry you must continue to buy more and more.

In fact, one course I subscribed to had a starting fee of just $29. Within a short time of selling me on the wonderful opportunity, we were at a  $1900 Investment and it went on from there.

It is Horses for courses but you need some basics to understand the good from the bad.

Is word press difficult to use

If you are happy with the Wealthy Affiliate and wish to go to a level that includes Hosting. training and affiliate sales you do have a monthly fee.

Is word press difficult to use

That is it. No upsells, no cross-sells, no bright shining objects what you see is what you get.

In these days of instant gratification understand that the Internet world is a big learning curve and you won’t do it in one day.

You will, however, be able to keep up with the best if you are willing to commit some time and effort. Not Money, it does not buy results.

At Wealthy Affiliate, we have a community site where you can ask questions,

make comments, post blogs, build training and lots more. Here is what Darren had to say.

How good is Wealthy Affiliate?

What Darren had to say.

“I believe there is no such thing as a get rich quick system, or I would have found it by now. Believe me, I’ve looked hard. The only thing that can accomplish that is winning the lotto, or inheriting money from a rich uncle. Any genuine venture takes some degree of effort and some time. There’s no avoiding that.

While there is so much to learn in this business, it’s great to be learning new skills. Not a day goes by where I don’t acquire new knowledge. The community here is unbelievable and selfless. Everyone wants to see everyone else succeed, and I believe that’s the true heart and driving force of Wealthy Affiliate.”

No way I could have said it better.

By clicking on any of the pictures you will be sent to the Wealthy Affiliate  site,

Sign in and look around. No money, no credit card no false promises.

   Is word press difficult to use

Thanks for reading
Peter Hanley