WP leads the easy way

WP leads the easy way


WP leads the easy way. For years I did not understand getting a good stream of leads to my Webpage until I found this easy plugin that guaranteed me results.

Hi, My name is Peter Hanley and I have been on the internet for a few years.

What has always puzzled me was getting any amount of leads to a site?

Furthermore getting those leads to click on my product.

You build a great website and do all the SEO stuff and still, they don’t come.

First of all, you need to know how to build a great website using WordPress

the Worlds most used site builder.

To learn all about this I used a product called Wealthy Affiliate.

WP leads the easy way

Now, this is a free site that gets you going.

Still, I struggled to get my leads just rolling in, I think some of the training was a technical issue that I could not quite grasp.

How do you know your site is set up properly?

Do you link to Google the biggest search engine?

Can you see the results in Analytics

These are the things I struggled with until I found the answer.

Unless you connect your site to the outside world you can not achieve a result

WP leads the easy way

Maybe you have the best Keyword or the best and prettiest site but unless it is connected to Google You are spitting into the wind.

The answer when It came was so easy.

A simple WordPress plugin called Rapid SEO indexer.

First of all, they say this is a two click process and it is when you are set up.

You will achieve a Google index in a few minutes and then watch the leads come rolling in.

This will make a difference to your internet life.

Watch the video to see a new website ranked in just 30 seconds.

Connect to Google analytics and count the leads that can turn into sales.

WP leads the easy way


Install Rapid SEO on your website today.

Peter Hanley

WP leads the easy way

Improve WordPress SEO

Improve WordPress SEO

Improve WordPress SEO

How to Improve WordPress SEO is a subject that is not as hard as it looks or sounds.

It is a simple matter of following some rules and starting at the right point.

Where to start?


First of all Use Yoast SEO or All in one SEO Plugin

since these two plug Ins do most of the heavy lifting for you. As a result, I have always been a fan of Yoast SEO because it tells you where you are going wrong with instructions and a final green light on Writing and SEO

All in one SEO has good links to Google and social media so it adds many other benefits.

Of recent times I have started using both to cover every eventuality


Improve WordPress SEO

This is one of the most important features in WordPress that must be established before you start.

Your Keyword should be in your Title, your first paragraph and an H2-3 heading in a post or page.

When I started this post I started with a Keyword that has a reasonable chance of being rated. I used the free Jaaxy tool at Wealthy Affiliate to find out the traffic and degree of difficulty. Consequently, I  built the post around that set of words

How to Improve WordPress SEO

Content is King and the set up is important. Each post should be a minimum of 300 words with a target finish at about 1500 words.
You need at least 5 headings and a dozen or more paragraphs.
Spell check is imperative and I use a three-fold approach. I have Grammarly installed for all writing, This is a free Product from the net. My Template builder has word and grammar check installed and when I transfer to Word Press I use their one. Yes, you may mess up the odd word but generally, end up with a great product.

Pictures make it easy to read as do short sentences.
Hence the use of subheading after no more than 300 words is vital.


Improve WordPress SEO

A really important part of the page. They should relate to what you are writing about and have The Alternative text box filled out with your page title

Social Media

Linking social media to your website will really help your results.
I always recommend you being on LinkedIn with a photo and good Bio coming back to the site. Then it’s your choice on Facebook ( recommended)

Instagram or any othersImprove WordPress SEO

Google plus

Being seen on Google, Bing and other search engines is an absolute must.

Therefore your SEO plugins will help with this.


.Improve WordPress SEO

The next easy way to SEO

One other critical element is knowing that your site is properly set up.

For Beginners and Not so beginners, this is quite difficult. I use a cheap
plugin called SEO Audit.

It fixes small errors and tells you where you can improve the site. You can buy it at Warrior forum for just a few dollars in a one-time payment for all your sites. A really good investment. SEO Audit


Following the rules and using the tools available does make a horror job somewhat achievable.

Finally, There is a lot of free training at Wealthy Affiliate and I recommend you venture there for a look.

Furthermore, the training will provide a greater insight into the subject

Improve WordPress SEO
Peter Hanley


Work from home ideas

Work from home ideas. Can you do it and make money?

Here I cover just a few topics that lead to my free book that has over 69 pages of ideas.


Multi level marketing

This is probably the easiest venture to embark on but comes with some cost involvement and a lot of time contribution.

There are many MLM opportunities and you will know some of them by name.



Herbalife, Arrix and Kyana are into nutrition

Nuskin and other cosmetic builders


There are legal and bookkeeping plus many others that can be searched online.

Most likely you will be approached at some time with a great opportunity that will take your fancy.

You will get stories of the money made and career opportunities.

This is mostly for the top 10 producers, the rest work their butts off trying to keep afloat.

It is, however, a good training ground. They have set formulas and If you follow the guidelines you may be relatively successful, Top 10% unlikely.

Making things at home

This is ideal if you have a particular skill set or interest. Toys, plants, clothing etc come to mind.

A friend of mine sells flowers in peak times. She goes to the markets, buys up flowers and then sets up a roadside stall.

This works well for Mothers day, and other public holidays but any weekend will probably achieve a result.

The other is buying cheap fruit from the grower and bundling it up on a roadside stall, You might get moved on by the council authorities occasionally but you can live with that.

We could include Vegetables as well in season

Selling on eBay

What have you got to sell? You can buy cheap goods from Alibaba or others in China and resell under your own name.
What can happen is that people also search the wholesale site and buy cheaper than with you.

Always trial a product before you go full-fledged into this.

You might get products from other areas that are collectables and resell to your area.

Team jumpers or artefacts are a good example

Selling on Amazon

You can Go to Amazon university and learn a new trade. Takes a while and commissions are low and if you can’t manage to sell they close your account.

While it was good in the past maybe we have moved on. They certainly own the market and affect other businesses.


Internet affiliate sale

If you want to learn all about the internet be prepared to spend some time and a little money.

Furthermore, one site that has it all for free is Wealthy affiliate where you can learn the whole roll without spending a dime. Most of us on the Internet have invested in all sorts of training and programs to reach a level of competency



In conclusion, my full book is available for free at 100 home business ideas with over 100 great ideas.



Peter Hanley

Further reading; Online business marketing ideas.

Working from home ebook

Working from home ebook

The crowd rushing to a launch of my book.

              Working from home ebook

Some time ago I wrote on working from home ebook. It was at the start of my training at Wealthy Affiliate course and I thought it was a good idea.

What I forgot to do was promote it. Naturally, the take up was slow in fact very slow so it has resided dormant for over a year.

Now being active in the community forum at  Wealthy Affiliate  I have got a new incite and enthusiasm so I have updated the book and inserted a few free giveaways and bonuses.

One of the other WA people is getting so many hits on her book that I was embarrassed I had done so badly.

Working from home ebook


That is the beauty of working in a good forum environment.
It has driven me to do something, got me off my butt and pushed me to achieve.

Writing an ebook

Writing an e-book is time-consuming and needs constant attention but at least you have done it. Include lots of ideas and pictures and don’t get too technical.

Working from home.

This was a challenge that I was presented with a few years ago. Just do it for one month whilst we move office I said. Now eight years later I am still at home operating a business.

There are many advantages in this and I believe the biggest is a time advantage. No travelling to and from work, no parking, water cooler chats and varied hours. As an early riser, I have done an hours work before the morning arrives.
The main downside is having people to bounce ideas off and contribute to tasks.

The cloud environment.

A few years ago this would have been a major issue but now everything is online. we share a diary, accounting, business backend and email etc.

When writing a book you find a subject of interest and build from there. Well, business is my interest and that’s why 100+ great business ideas was born,


Take it for free, be my guest and grab some ideas.


Peter Hanley

Working from home ebook


email v SMS in marketing.

email v sms in marketing




email v SMS in marketing.

I am often asked which one a business should use to get maximum benefit in marketing.

As a result and having used both they have very different roles and should not really be compared as a tool.

While both are a  contact medium and probably go to a similar customer they serve radically different purposes.

First of all, let’s look at some differences


Email can be used in a lot of ways and many different purposes.

In the olden days, a couple of years back, emails were for computers and SMS for mobile phones.

Not anymore. Most phone users now have an email address linked to the mobile  plus the recent increase

In SMS to email has broken the mould. Both can be used the same way.
emails can be a single send or automated in a series to tell a story.


The main difference is in the message. The email can be long and involved with pictures but the humble SMS can only be around  160 character messages.
That changes the playing field quite a lot.

cost of email v SMS

Emails can be virtually free other than some sort of background plan that you send from.
Whereas SMS are usually charged per message. This gives an entirely different cost structure to your marketing.



The benefit of email v SMS

Therefore the main benefit from my point of view is in customer reaction.

Generally, an email may sit around waiting time to be responded to as there is no urgency. Open rates are relatively low
depending on things like headlines, calls to action etc. In a broadcast, open rates can be down in single figures with a high rate of about 50%. So much is wasted.

Open rates in SMS is very high, above 80% generally. The best part is that the response is generally instant.

Hence yes, I will do this, no I won’t, delete the message and move on.

A customer of mine sent 130 SMS messages to past clients that had not booked for a long time.
It was in a health club style operation where memberships went for a period of time. Value about $500.

Especially relevant was that the result was 30 bookings within the hour.


In conclusion,  choose your vehicle depending on what you want to achieve. I always recommend in any marketing plan that you analyse the financial impact v Cost. Did it get me business, how much and at what cost.

Remember to include set up and wages cost as time is money because this reflects true value.

Send  1000 SMS at say $200 and get a 15 % response rate V 1000 emails at almost zero cost for a 1% return.
You do the Math on this depending on what you are selling.

Both these products should be used regularly in your marketing practice.

Peter Hanley is the owner of Verdi messaging and provides support and training on both items.

email v SMS in marketing.


Especially relevant is that you have good information at hand and furthermore conform to local laws

Best SMS services

SEO with internet marketing

SEO with internet marketing

This is just the tip of the iceberg in detailing all you need to know about this great subject.

Let’s clear up a couple of points first before we dig right in.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization or being found on the Internet when people are looking for you or what you sell.

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo convert words that you enter linking to what you want.

They then take you to your web page.


SEO with internet marketing

What is Internet marketing?

Internet marketing comes in many forms. Wikipedia

Web pages

Social media Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc


Email marketing

Ads, display, pop up, follow or retargeting,

Any marketing done through the Internet is included.

How does SEO affect Internet marketing

SEO is the road to you, it is your address, where and what you sell and it needs to be done correctly.

You must be easy to find at any time someone does a search on the internet. Either by your name, product, brand or location. You may want to buy a pair of shoes, Nike, Runner, male sizes 8+ in Earls court London area.

OK, one advert, 88 search results with eBay and Gum tree plus a host of other topics. One store stocks them.

Where would you go?

Keywords which ones?

SEO with internet marketingYou have Broad Keywords and niche keywords and they are different but the same.

If you search Health products, for instance, you have 1.53 billion searches to be found using this broad term.

“Health products in the UK to cure arthritis in young people” long tail keyword about 2 million searches.

But how can you be on page one of 2 million searches?

Well, first up you can buy a position at the top of the list. Every time someone clicks on you it costs money.

AD words Is a great example of this and the cost varies on demand. When it started you paid pennies now in tens of dollars per click.

The other way Is SEO. Now, this is a skill set you would need to learn or buy. It has many variables with the main ones being Keywords, site trust, domain address, quality of web page etc

If your domain name was ww.healthproductsintheUK.com you start at the head of the queue for searches in that term.

Meta description. Now we are getting technical but basically what your web presence is about. So if I arrive at Nike shoes in my suburb and there are several choices I will pick the one with the best description or sale patter or discount.

What tools can you use for WordPress?

There is any number of people that sell you on this. I get about three emails a day promising to better my SEO.

If you are using a WordPress site there are a couple of great Plugins that help with this. Both Yoast SEO and All in one SEO are great tools of the trade. They prompt you to load in your keywords your meta description and other vital components

Where do You get training on web building?

This is a very extensive category that can not be answered in a 1000 or so word article.

SEO with internet marketing

I use Wealthy affiliate for all my training from start to finish. It’s free to start and provides in-depth training.

What results do you expect with SEO

What you achieve with SEO is success or failure. Get found or get lost in the market.

You can have a nice web page, but if no one arrives at it you have nothing. As the old advertising slogan goes

“it’s like winking at a girl in the dark” Only you know.




In Conclusion

This is just the tip of the iceberg as I stated at the start.

It is things you must know if you are in business, not necessarily to do it your self but not get oversold.


SEO with internet marketing


Peter Hanley

Work from home business ideas

Work from home business ideas.

This is a very big subject and it depends a lot on YOU.
We are all different and have our own needs and wants.
Your time commitment is important and face to face contact can be daunting so chose a comfortable Opportunity

My book

I wrote a book a while ago on ways to work from home. It is a free book that may provide a few ideas.

At the bottom of this article, I shall add a login to access the free book.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is both the easiest and hardest to achieve. It takes quite a bit of training to understand what you are doing but when you get there its great.

I use Wealthy Affiliate free intro and training  to gather all the information you need

Multi-Level Marketing

Amway, Herbalife etc. This is really a numbers game and 80% never make a thing despite all the hard work.
You work with your friends and close acquaintances and when they wear out you move on. You spend money to achieve a result but mostly hour on hour trying to break through.
The high achievers can make it big the rest struggle.

Go in with your eyes wide open.


This is not new but the way it is applied can be new. The Internet is such a vast field that you can never know everything so the idea is to specialise.
Find a subject of interest like Facebook, youtube, SMS marketing, email writing etc and learn everything you can about it.

When you are the expert your knowledge will shine out as you share it with others. You can then charge for the experience and build a following of paying customers


The subject is vast the opportunities endless; all that is required is an idea and dedication.


Work from home business ideas


Peter Hanley

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Best way to advertise your business

The best way to advertise your business

Best way to advertise your business

Best way to advertise your business is an easy question with many answers to consider based on time, energy and financial input.


The olden days still apply.

But only if you want to stay there. Remember Yellow pages and the huge costs imposed on you. If you are new to business this was the main advertising portal and costs ran from a few thousand Dollars to tens of thousands. Google killed the yellow pages print edition.

Local business marketing

If you are a local business some rules still apply,
Shop front.Best way to advertise your business
Street signs
Being nice to customers
Knowing your customer, not just high John but telephone numbers (mobile ), email address and street address.
Reward Card or vouchers.

A form of internet marketing. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or similar.

More old school ways

Email marketing (if that is old school), post box letter drop or addressed mail.

Ways to advertise your business

If you are not on the internet with a webpage plus other mediums you will miss out, probably end up out of business.

An example of internet marketing that worked

Near to me, within a few Klms radius are Four fish and chip shops servicing the local population. The latest entrant ran a promotion to win something like free fish and chips for a year. Everyone that walked into the shop gave an email address to enter the comp. Guess what, every month they mail me on a special. Perhaps a new dish, free chip upgrade or similar things.
This jogs my memory and I think Fish and chips that night.
Has this worked? Sure has, they are always busy whilst others are floundering.

The monthly cost of the promotion is really small the results really big.

Best way to advertise your business


One of the most inspiring transitions is the story of Kala Itsenis. Kala launched a fitness program using Instagram only and is now a multi-millionaire. Of course, Kala has now used all the mediums to success.


Best way to advertise your business

It still works.

I just did a whole article on this at  Facebook is it dying. 

Just blogging or paying for clicks will still achieve what you want.


An absolute must for any business anywhere.

Who you are and what you stand for, hours of trading, what you sell.
about you, contact details, promotions.


Did I say WEB Page?


That goes without saying to have a great web page that is SEO correct  and at the top of the market.
A  Webpage is there to sell your brand, your products and your service.

It does not send people on a social media search, it is the opposite.
Social media is the delivery mechanism to your web site, where you will gather contacts and record sales

Keep your webpage current

Google loves activity and needs interaction on your site. Blogging is an ideal way to achieve this but it must be regular and consistent.

The correct use of keywords will accelerate your returns.

Email and newsletters help drive business.

It is said that people will only buy from you after being touched 7 times by some form of marketing. Newsletter sent every month certainly support this activity.

These are not selling documents but entertainment and information regarding your products. They must be consistent so map out your twelve months and make sure it happens.

I said they are not a selling document however always have a call to action somewhere in the document. You never know how far down the track your reader is. When they are ready they want to push a button and not scamper around looking for contact details.

The world revolves around Keywords

If you don’t understand keywords you will surely drown in the pond. They are the link to everything you do and your address that you want to draw people to.
It is a long subject so do your research and make sure you use this to the maximum for Best SEO results

The use of SMS drives instant action

When people receive a short message they make an instant decision. It is usually a yes/ no answer and then they move on. This is unlike email where they may park it for some time in the future.

New stockCome and see our latest arrivals
Running out of stockBe quick only five left
Price decreaseFor one week take an extra 20%
Stock moving quicklyWe can’t get any more
New coloursYou loved the blue now we have pink

These are just examples to show what can happen with a quick message.
A customer of mine sent out 130 messages and made about fifty sales at around $300 a sale.
SMS works really well so have it in your arsenal.

Do you have a marketing list?

This is the single most important question you can be asked. Your list has great value as a selling tool and a business asset.
Get the details of every contact and actively manage them for your marketing.
You need a list to email, SMS, call, write to or any form of contact.
Without a list, you are back in the pond so now is a great time to reflect and gather as many names as you can.

Branding your business for results

This final piece of advice should be considered as a consistent application of your brand.
Maintain the Logo, colours and structure as consistently as you can and work the brand at every opportunity.
When you run a promotion you will be immediately recognised and liked because of your past efforts.

The best way to market your business is the one that works.

Only you can establish the greatest impact by trial and error. Every business is different with varying aims and ideas so pick one or two that suit your market and analyse the results of cost over the return.
If it makes you money grow it as hard as you can.


Internet marketing is a great challenge however there are rules and formats you must follow.
You can’t do them all. Pick the one that will achieve the most impact and work that to its best return before moving on.

You can learn a lot more about internet marketing for free at Wealthy Affiliate by clicking the graphic below.

This will take you to all the answers and methods to ensure you are the internet master.

Best ways to advertise your business by Peter Hanley

Best way to advertise your business
Peter Hanley

Does wealthy affiliate work

Does Wealthy Affiliate work?

Wealthy Affiliate is a multi-dimensional business that defies the name. Wealthy Affiliate (WA) encompasses most parts of the Internet for those that are site building, marketing or trying to make a $$ on the Internet.

They base the site building on WordPress an open source platform.

Building a website starts right here, you can buy a domain cheaper than most places and start your journey.
Does wealthy affiliate work



Your website must be hosted somewhere. Furthermore, it must be accessible and changeable at will and connect to the Google search engine. SEO is important and this is well covered in my last article.

At WA you can actually host two websites for free with most of the facilities. When you want to increase the number of sites it is a fixed monthly fee up to 50 websites $49 a month.

However, it does not end there, With your hosting, you get a free website builder that has an anti-spam facility, speed upgrade, site health meter, comments and feedback, support and security.

No one does it better!



When you search the Internet you search with Keywords to find what you want. They are the dominant factor In search terms

Using Keywords on your web page is a real art. Most of all it determines whether you will be successful or not In web page building. WA Hosts a free Keyword Builder for basic searches. and as a result, you can search before you choose. There is an upgrade for the more gregarious but the basic is free.

Does anyone else give you this?



Does wealthy affiliate work


Where do I Start? Well first up the training is free and furthermore, it is as good as anything on the Internet.

The training is as easy for newbies as it is for the more experienced and is modulised so you can return anytime.

Pick a subject and go to it, You will have both a written summary and a Video course on each subject.

If you are considering either building websites or wanting to go to affiliate marketing this is:

The best training available, you would pay thousands elsewhere.


The active community is available at any time for help, support and feedback. Many do regular posts with encouragement and ideas to succeed. On many sites, high achievers cannot be identified or approached. Here at WA, you have access to any member to follow or comment. Many declare incomes or ways to achieve it.

I have seen posts where they state you can not make money out of WA. We can prove to you a part of the income of any member because of the competition banner which is on every header.

Affiliate site

Yes, you get paid for recommending Wealthy affiliate and any links on this page will take you to a login page. Now, I don’t earn a lot for a free service but if eventually, you upgrade I make some money and the world goes around. There is not much you do on the internet that someone does not make a dollar. Want to join in?

Click here and have a look. Oh, and by the way keep your credit card locked away you won’t need it.


Alice in Wonderland a journey down a hole.

Does wealthy affiliate work

I just commented to a new member that had joined WA and was wondering where all this would lead to, I said “

It’s like the Rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland; when you enter and participate anything is possible.

I suggest starting a Rubix free website in any niche you can think of and then start the training at “Get Started here” By the time you finish, you will be like the Mad Hatter doing a dance.

It is a journey you will enjoy.

I am glad I entered the Rabbit hole but I made mistakes because I thought I knew more than I did.I had previously built sites on another Hosting that could not succeed because of a lack of knowledge.

In addition, I recently asked a top 20 members a question on success. He replied that he followed the training and it found him. No better way than saying that.

Does wealthy affiliate work

Thank you for being in the Rabbit Hole with me.

Peter Hanley
Does wealthy affiliate work


Ps Be prepared to be blown away by success.



SEO and word press

SEO and word press

SEO and WordPress would seem like a major challenge. WordPress is a free website builder working on an open platform enabling many add-ons and valuable inputs

In addition with just a few concepts, you can be an expert in word press, SEO and furthermore get results.

SEO and Word press
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the ability to have your website ranked and have visitors connected to you or your business.

Anyone can do this providing you undergo some training and trialling.


Plugins are tools that make your life easy by connecting you to a selected area. Available on any WP site you have a choice of tens of thousands of plugins tested over a long time.

An example is “an all in one SEO plugin” What this does is guide you on the things you need to do to get your site ranked for SEO. It is a follow the bouncing ball system that anyone can do.

Another example is Yoast SEO with over 1 million installations. This plugin tells you how to write and what to do so that your SEO can be achieved. Antispam, sales, accounting, forms, shops, the list is endless.

SEO and word press

Webmaster tools

To enhance your SEO to an even greater degree Both Google and Bing help you to achieve results and show you statistics and trends to help guide your future.

You can use google analytic or a plugin to do this. Every time someone comes to your site you can see all the details so you understand fully the return on your actions.


Keywords are the connector to the world, They can be short like a name, Amazon, ” Nike” or any brand that will take you to a website. They can be expanded to “Nike Running shoes” to take you in a new direction or even “Nike running shoes for ladies and pricing in US dollars” When you type a keyword it takes you to a choice of sites

think about the last time you searched and what you achieved.

Create a free site

Finally, if you want to try this for free create your own site and get all the training you need to go from rank amateur to expert in a short time. Learn all about the above topics in easy paced training both visual and written with no payment.

SEO and word press


Both WordPress and SEO go together as one. Therefore they need the support of many other inputs to achieve any degree of acceptance.

Seo and wordpress