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Rule of 7

What is the Rule of 7 when applied to market and social media and How does this affect you? Here Peter Hanley discusses the 7 touch rule of marketing.

The Rule of Seven explained

In days of old. long before Yesterday, there was a well-discussed rule that you had to be in contact with a potential customer 7 times before they would make a decision.

This follows the old Know like and Trust experience that a customer must have before committing money to you.

The rule of seven is one of the oldest concepts in marketing. … The rule of sevensimply says that the prospective buyer should hear or see the marketing message at least seven times before they buy it from you. There may be many reasons why number seven is used.

We don’t treat this as an exact science only one that dictates your marketing needs to be repetitive and consistent to achieve results.

Social media disrespects the rule of 7

In addition, I repeat that the premise remains correct but the likes of Facebook can hit you Seven times in a day so does this achieve the rule? I think not.

I see Instagram and Facebook posts where a half dozen hits a day bombard you with a message driving you to a frenzy.

What of Retargeting Advertising

You casually look up a product of interest and now every page you visit an Advert pops on the page with that product. It could hit you seven times in a day but that my friends are the rule working. Repeat contact works.

What are seven ways of contact that work

In the olden days we had:

  • Telephone call
  • Hard copy mail-out
  • Instore brochure
  • Product flyer
  • Yellow pages
  • Store visit
  • Seminars and Trade Shows
  • Networking
  • Travelling salesman.

Now we have;

  • Web page
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • google search
  • Email
  • Autoresponders
  • SMS
  • Online shopping
  • Referrals
  • Plus a few of the above
  • and a few more social media to boot

Furthermore, the list of contact points is very long and easy to use plus they can be dynamic or preset to go out over time.

First up buyers are a rare breed

Maybe you don’t see them in front of you but they have done their homework and have an idea of what they want before going to shop.

To be first in the queue it really helps if you have developed some Know and like at the start of the experience so that you can quickly build on the experience.
They may have gone to your Website, visited you prior, encountered an Advert and you can only trust they had a good experience.

A real problem in contact mediums

This can be a killer and it is not your fault. Adverse comments in any media drive customers away quicker than an approaching Bush Fire. Some might hang around but most flee on the first hint of danger.

All the contact mediums in the world they won’t help. So what are you to do?
First of all, address every complaint to try and avoid the problem in the first place. If that fails provide a relevant reason for the complainant and how you addressed the situation. In writing on your media

Finally, load your page with compliments so you push the bad one down the list. Not false ones but you can badger your customers and friends for good ones.

Autoresponders are a great example of regular contact

Rule of 7

They are not Wham Bam sales methods that hit people hard.
A proper set up has a real formula for success. Introduction a bit of hand-holding, why you are good and then some sell.

Television and consistent adverts

One of the second-tier political parties in my country is lobbying for support. He advertises every day over a two hour period going on about why he is better. Their spend probably outdoes the two majors combined at about $1 million a week.
His method is consistency, every day he is in front of us, pounding away with political speak before the election is even announced.
like it or love it matters not he is getting cut through to the average worker.
They back this up with SMS messaging and letterbox drops to complete the circle.
His last campaign ended in tatters so stay tuned on how this works out. I mention it because it is a great example of consistency.

There are lots of ways to touch your clients

Let me repeat that regular consistent media gets results and that some system of delivery needs to be in place.

I have a hairdresser friend that posts three or four times a day every day on Instagram. New Hairstyles, colours and cuts. It works for her and it is a very cheap and effective marketing method. It is regular and consistent.

My daughter markets women’s clothing both online and in-store. Every day a couple of posts on Facebook and Instagram. As a side issue here Instagram does better in this.

The latest Nike ad on female empowerment

This follows on the success of the Gillette ad I wrote about recently.
The add is targeted at sharing on social media and not mainstream advertising, every woman will see it several times with no selling mentioned. Why? It is brand building and a place in our subconscious that Nike cares.
I reckon it is about Advertising agents trying to go one up on each other while making a huge quid, but who am I to be sceptical.

Concluding the rule of seven

The rule was devised around the fabled figure of seven that represents memory retention and desire particularly true in the olden days.
Tel someone enough times and it becomes the truth.

Repetition and consistency works, 5-6 or seven is not penned in Ink it is what works for you. Selling a Porsche may take 20 or 50 repeats selling an Icecream 2-3.

Rule of 7, image of author
Peter Hanley

Create a Video

Create a Video

How How do you Create a Video and more importantly what do you do with it.? Here we explain the back to the front of video production do you Create a Video and more importantly what do you do with it? Here Peter Hanley explains the back to the front of video production as applied to you.

Video is a Killer tool to drive traffic

There are basically four Videos you need to consider producing to obtain different objectives. It is not a one product fits all but a targeted product to obtain results to meet your needs.

  1. Product videos

This may include demonstrations or how-to videos, an online course, or training in something your viewers need.

2. Traffic building Videos.
These are usually short targeted video adverts comprising direct benefits. Always with a call to action. just 8 to 10-second snaps.

3. Sales Videos
A sales letter, a problem-solving solution on how to get what you want. Discuss a problem and agitate it into something bigger. Then present a solution and finally an irresistible call to action.

4. A trusted video.
This offers something for free. Here is where you educate and explain Products or situations without an end sell. Generally just practical useful help.

I have previously talked about Know, like, and trust as the critical components behind everything you do. Videos can do this for you

80% of all traffic will be through videos by 2020

This is the claim as Videos go past Google search as the tool of practical use.
So are you going to be part of this or are you going to be left behind?

Where to start with a video?

First of all what sort of Video do you want, Product, traffic, sales, or trust?

Then what are your niche in the market and your keywords? What will people search for to find you?
I have written on this before but if you know it all we will move on.

Writing a script

Whoo up there now we are getting into tin tacks and we need to know what we are doing. I have always worked on the AIDA principle in marketing and it has worked for me for many years.

  • Attention. Your headline and your opening sentence, this is where you grab some interest and keep them on the page. About 1.8 seconds is all you have.
  • Interest. Give them something that piques their interest and keeps them looking for more
  • Desire. They can picture the outcome, they see the problem solved or in the front seat of a new Beema that they must have.
  • Action The call to action. what they need to do to satisfy the soul

There is an easy way

I use a product called Vidsy. This is a line-based scriptwriter that gives you clues on what to write.
Anyone can produce a selling script within minutes using this great tool.

  • Full Examples
  • Does it frustrate you that your product never seems to generate the volume of sales and income you really want..?
  • Is a leaky tap, running toilet, dripping shower, or a blocked drain driving you mad?
  • Have you ever wanted to learn to skateboard, but the thought of flying downhill with no way of controlling your speed has always prevented you from getting started?

You just fill in your product and follow the script.
Yes, Vidsy comes at a price but if you are doing lots of Videos the payback is very quick.

Do you want to try and make a video

A great site I use is Content Samurai

As an Affiliate, I can get you a seven-day free trial and a discounted rate.
Using Content Samurai is really easy. You can do it in several ways.
Make your own video using your mobile phone.
Take pictures and put them in a slide show
Use stock pictures  to capture your moment
use stock Video to overlay your product
Voice your own script using a desktop mike
Have them voice a script in Male or Female voice

Plot out a basic script, load it, add pictures automatically, then select a Voice and load it. All done in ten minutes top.

At the right of this post is one I did on Wealthy Affiliate.
Save it to Youtube, copy the youtube link, and away you go.

If you are using WordPress5 you can also embed the video to your post.

You have Noble Samurai completely free for seven days where you could make a dozen videos for free

PS Unfortunately Noble Samurai was sold and no longer operates

Create a video. image of authorPeter Hanley

Wealthy Affiliate reviews

review Wealthy Affiliate

When looking at Wealthy Affiliate reviews they often miss the main points of consideration and what’s in it for you, Here Peter Hanley provides a deep insight.

What is Wealthy affiliate anyway?

The name does not describe what is behind a multi-faceted product that supplies the basic infrastructure behind every one using online marketing.
Here we will go through what it does do and why you need it.

I believe the very first benefit is WEB HOSTING.
You start with a free service and when you want to expand the cost is just $42 a month for up to 50 sites.

Wealthy Affiliate


  • Fast hosting
  • Free SSL security
  • Site health review
  • Database monitoring 
  • Malware and Virus Monitoring
  • Hacking and intrusion monitoring

Domain names

Comes  next as a subject. We all need a Domain name to build a Web, blog or Funnel. I have found that buying domains are cheap but renewals are dear. At Wealthy Affiliate, it is generally a fixed sum with only a minor if any increase. You can see a search tool here.


General benefit

  1. Low upfront cost.
  2. Low annual payments
  3. world wide selection
  4. Free with generic
  5. Hosting with domain holder
  6. Easy transfer out

Free Key word finder

If you think this is not important you need to duck down to the training and find out why.
A keyword finder is the most important tool in the box


What do you get?

Monthly traffic
Page one traffic
SEO rating
position rating
Competition annalysis

WordPress page builder

You can use the Classic Editor or the latest Block Editor changing when you want.
You can also use Plugin editors by others to enhance the page.
One I generally use is Elementor a free site that offers colour and clarity.


What is available 

You have the free versions of 
WP-5  Classic version and block builder.

Plus  Elementor for free to get  a better block experience and advanced use of colours

Where do I get more information on this?

Next, we will look at the training delivered by Wealthy Affiliate so that you have full working knowledge of web pages and How they work.
In Fact,
the training starts at you building your very first page competely free and setting it up to achive your niche and even make you some money.

Not sure what your niche is? No worries we hand hold you for every single step so that even the newest member can follow along.


Entrepreneur Cerificate

This is in written and Visual format with a small test and things to do after each lesson of about 40 minutes.


All the basics of web pages, and affiliate income.

This is self-paced learning that takes you from day one. For the more experienced you can jump lessons or fast forward to suit your need.

Bootcamp Learning

Now you are really moving along  in the learnibng curve

The Affiliate Bootcamp training is a 7 Phase (70 lessons) series of courses walking you through the process of creating and establishing a business in a niche related to the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate.

Daily blogging

Daily lessons from members and owners on a variety of subjects based around anything internet

Every day members record their thoughts on a variety of subjects. Many posts will help you with training, encouragement, motivation or new ideas.

Live Weekley Hour long training

I never miss these in live or replay because they take you in-depth into a different situation each week. Unfortunately, they are only available with a paid service. 
Most noteworthy is that these lessons alone are worth to small monthly investment

Paid members only

The content is worth the whole membership fee with the value adding so much to your knowledge and skill set

Training is a complete package

Think of a subject and you will find a range of courses by different individuals to walk you step by step to competition.
You are not force fed but you are encouraged to complete the basic certificate so that you can understand some of the more advanced processes of making money.

Affiliate income

Free membership Income.

Even as a new free member you are entitled to join the Affiliate income recurring revenue money making the plan.

Some restrictions apply but it is there for the asking

Paid Membership

Here you get full affiliate commissions for the life time of the member on monthly, 6 monthly and annual plans. Just a couple of refferals and you cover your monthly cost, for a life time. How good would that be

Is it possible to make money?

Every day ordinary people make a living from the training at Wealthy Affiliate. 
An annual competition runs for any member achieving 300 member refferals in a year. All expenses paid, yes Airfares as well,  to Las Vegas for an event you will never forget.
You can follow Little Mama a housewife from The USA or a 20-year-old kid from Taiwan. Perhaps Eddie an African American that has gone several times as a small sample of the achievers.
These are not made up referals  you can follow there own training and posts on Wealthy affiliate on a regular basis

What do you do now?

https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/createaccount/girlyoneFirst of all put your credit card away, You are not going to need it.
Next, log into wealthy affiliate with your name and email and have a look around. Try a few things, take basic training, follow a couple of achievers and set your goals. Upgrade when you want to not when you are told. Here we discuss writing a basic business plan on a budget.

Are there any upsells?

This is an interesting discussion because basically there is no Upsells. I am sure you have bought a product on the market for a low $7 price only to find you need the $39 value pack and the $79 much better value and finally the $199 all in wonder program.

But no upgrades at Wealthy affiliate other than a cheaper price for longer payments periods.


That my friends is my promise

review Wealthy Affiliate, image of author

Peter Hanley is my name and a long time member of Wealthy Affiliate. It comes with my personal recommendation  and guarantee

Wealhy affiliate link

Get Qualified

get qualified

Here we look at how to Get Qualified for a job you need. In this fast-moving world of IT, no qualifications can be better than internet training.

My prior writing on this solicited so much reading I thought I should
expand on a very important subject.

Going through life without a certificate of graduation

Many of us don’t get the opportunity to attend University or College due to a variety of reasons in social, economic and environmental societies.

Should I confess I was one in a whole other category.
I started full-time work at 15 and worked two jobs most of my life.
Then I started a degree in Accounting because my employment demanded it. Since I hated it I left.
Got married and tried part Time University in B.Business, never finished.
This is not to say my career and life were not successful.
I worked Nationally and Internationally over many years, started a small one-man business and went to a stock exchange listing in 5 years and have been virtually my own boss for over 40 years.
I have awards Commendations, recognition but no certificate to hang on the wall.

Again I failed at my next attempt

As I recognised that the new paradigm was the Internet and that I started equally with many others in my learning.
The early entrants had to learn coding and building with obscene languages that were beyond my abilities and I left them to it.
Then we started marketing and anyone in business needed to come up to steam in Internet talk.
Furthermore, I spent countless hours seeking answers across the net and finally came to a resting place at the free Wealthy Affiliate training.
I did the first courses jumping ahead with excitement as I filled many gaps in my learning and applying strategies to my marketing.
Thinking I knew it all and steaming along but not getting the results I wanted.
What could be wrong? Did I miss something?

Then I went back to day one and completed every single course to achieve a certificate to put on the wall.

More importantly, my understanding was greatly increased and allowed me to continue to an advanced course.

Then I lost my certificate

So proud was I that I qualified the Wealthy Affiliate university that I forgot to securely save the evidence.
Not to worry it shows on My Wealthy affiliate site every time I log in

get qualified, image of a certificate
get qualified at Wealthy Affiliate

Online Entrepreneur Certification

5 courses50 lessons

The Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training is a 5 phase (50 lessons) series of courses walking you through the process of creating and growing business within absolutely ANY niche that you want.

Now that’s not too hard is it.

Don’t get me wrong, This is not a formal Qualification, in fact, Kyle one of the founders recently posted.

This is not an “accreditation” program, if we were accredited by the government and were institutionalized, not only would our training become dated very quickly (like it is in Uni/College), we would be forced to charge up to 100 times what we are charging ($30,000+ per year)

Your “knowledge” is your certification and you with what you learn here at WA, you could easily go head to head with any internet marketing firm or SEO agency in the world.


Certificates are paper knowledge is power

I use the learning at WA every single day in one form or another. It drives me to perform at a greater rate and seek achievement knowing that I am backed by a group that really support everything I do

You will join this group starting at zero cost as you start the training and work through to a full entrepreneur level and earning money.

It’s not all easy, in fact, it is time-consuming and will stretch your abilities beyond what you expect. Therefore it will fill you with so much gratification at the levels of achievement you meet.

Best of all you will join with like-minded strugglers who share there successes and failures as they achieve the daily hurdles.

Wealthy affiliate link

In conclusion, click on through without your credit card and see just what is possible to take you to another level. Furthermore I know you can do it.

Get qualified, image of author
My Name is Peter Hanley and my site New business online chock full of training on the internet for yourself and your business. I am a Wealthy Affiliate graduate.

Getting you mojo back

Start my blog for free

Start blog free

Start my blog for free is the desire of every new blogger and it really is possible if you chose the correct tools to take you forward

What do you need to start a Blog

First of all, a keen desire to write interesting and correct articles that others want to read. This may sound simple and even patronising but you are writing for other people otherwise just keep a diary.

I can give you everything for free, that is not a problem the issue for you to confront is what you are trying to achieve and what is your plan to get there?

So you want a blog but in what Niche?

This is your starting point. A niche is what you want to blog about. It could be cooking, mummy blogging, tuning cars, gardening, fishing or any subject that interests you.

The point of blogging is to be read

To be read you need to be found so narrow down your niche to something that will attract readers. Take cooking for example where there are so many bloggers you will be lost in space. Unless you narrow down the search term.
1.Cooking 3 billion searches
2.Cooking Indian food 488 million
3.cooking Indian food with paprika 13 million
4.cooking Indian food with paprika for vegetarians
down to 11 million and adding a location like
in Texas just 1.4 million monthly searches
You have a chance.

Now you need your own URL

This is your unique internet address and is bought from the likes of GoDaddy or name cheap for about $10 a year, You can do your own name like DonaldFrump.com or Indianintexas.org if they are available names.

Using a carrier address you can get a free name like
Texasindian.siterubix.com that will do the same thing.

When you want to upgrade and start paying is up to you but you are off and running for free.

Parking your blog name with a carrier

This is the next vital step in the chain.
You know what you want to write about
You have selected a niche
A registered URL has been achieved for free
Now a web host.

Another item to this is where I issue a word of caution, all web hosting is not equal, free is too cheap but expensive is too dear so we need to find a middle ground.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can get two hostings for free, don’t be fooled these are premium hostings with all the bells and whistles. In fact, there is no better hosting on the market.
Furthermore, at WA they know you will achieve and upgrade to a paid service because of some extras you get around training and support. Take this at your own time.

You need a bit of knowledge to start a blog

like learning any new skill it is best to start off with the ground rules to improve your chance of success. At Wealthy Affiliate, you get all the training you can ever need, and mostly it is free.

Plus a free keyword tool to use. Why and what do I do with that you may well ask?

This simple tool will assist you to far greater success than you can imagine.
You will use it every day and no other site offers the same for free.

Maybe you might also have a look at my site at reading my blog for a little more on this subject as I go over many other attributes of a good blog site.

You can learn the difference between a blog, a funnel and a page as you develop new skills.

In conclusion on blogging

The aim is to inform, entertain and more importantly make money. We will show you the way to achieve your personal greatness in your area in the easiest possible way.

Start blog free, image of author
Peter Hanley

Read my blog

Coronavirus and business

Why would you want to read my blog?

Why would you want to read my blog? First of all to see what I have to say, more importantly how I say it and what action you will take because of my content.

Blog writing starts with the end in mind.

You are writing your blog to achieve a goal. That goal may be to convince people that paleo is the diet of choice, Nike is the best shoes, The world is really flat or any conversation you wish to have.

Do you want to know exactly how to achieve this?

There is more than one way to write a Blog

First of all, A blog is a story to be told, A story that won’t be read unless your title has intrigue. No matter how good the story, unless the cover gets you in nothing, will happen. There are however exceptions to this.

  • A subject of great Interest still needs to be exciting
  • An Author you follow. Not everything ill is read
  • A great photo at the start, halfway there
  • Using celebrities to headline your story
  • Posting a mystery to be solved, gets them every time
  • Intrigue, a bit of mystery
  • A brand. Something you follow but the title still opens the page

So no matter the subject the title is the second most important element.

Image of blogging
What takes your interest

I get lots of emails and read just a few. I search many articles and read-only selected entries usually on the first page.

This all then comes down to niche blogging and defining your Niche.
If I am into fishing I won’t read housing sales and If I am into Flycasting I won’t read deepsea trawling.
The art of defining a niche is really important because that is how you will be found.

Image of blogging
Pick a Niche and let’s get going

The most important element is Your Niche

A niche can be too broad as in the subject fishing for example when I am interested in Trout fishing during winter on Lake Ontario.
If I Googled just fishing I would never get to my desired location and find out what I wanted to know.
When I get to Lake Ontario then the subject line will draw me into what I will read, it will probably be in the first four entries on page one of a search.

Creating a Brand for your blog

This is not an overnight item and it may take months or years to have a Brand that people follow. When you are considered an expert in your particular niche you may pull a following of people with similar interests.
This comes back to the Know, like and trust formula for internet marketing.
Think about who you follow and why? You will have seen prior material, almost certainly a photo of them and have liked an article written by them.

I personally don’t know any Fishermen in Ontario having picked that out of thin air but I do follow certain people.

At Wealthy Affiliate where there are over a million bloggers many on a daily basis, I follow just a handful of the top contributors because what they have to say is generally relevant but contains factual information.

Saying this I am still attracted by the subject line and maybe the pretty picture before I commit my time to read the article.

Although we are in the same niche of internet marketing that has a billion sub-niches I have followed them for their brand. They are high achievers and want to help others in interesting ways to achieve better results.

Halfway through this blog and we have not yet got down to what we want to say

My point in all this is that you can write all day and no one will ever read it unless you promote your self, your niche or brand and have a way to market.
There is no doubt that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other Social media entities provide a pathway to your door. Either organically or paid searches
but they, the visitors, still have to drink from the well.

Image of blogging
Blogging tips

Some niches are easier than others, what to look for.

I guess this is not rocket science although it mostly comes down to how broad the search terms are or how local you wish to be. The narrower the search term and the area for the greater the chance of being read.

Now to blog writing and three must do’s

At last, you say what are the tips on writing a good blog?

Spelling, headings and pictures are my first three issues. No one wants to see a lot of spelling mistakes or grammatical errors as you read. You will lose readers very quickly. I use a free product at Grammarly to help me.
For the speed-readers heading summarise the writing and pictures pull them to attention.

There should be no more than 300 words between headings and over 1000 words a blog is good

headings should range down with the largest H1 at the top and the smallest at the bottom.

Other blog writing tips you need to know.

You should write in a positive voice being the authority than you are and include many transition words throughout the article. I use the Yoast Seo Plugin for word press that corrects me for my failings.

Next and no less importantly is both Internal and external linking to your other writing and outside sources as reference material.

I use here as an example Wikipedia

Where can you get more information on blogging

I use the free training at a wealthy affiliate where many guest bloggers lead the way in telling you how it should be. This training by my friend Israel titled Blogging is fun and you won’t get bored and is worth a read.

Wealthy Affiliate is a hosting platform, training system and affiliate program that leaves all others behind. It starts out free for a basic service including a free blog page. You will learn the difference between a Blog, a Page and a Funnel and how best to get to your market

read my blog, image of author
Peter Hanley
Home page

In conclusion, I believe this can be fun, interesting therapeutic and make you money. The trick is in how you achieve it. Without basic training, you have little chance of success. To improve your chances and join me at Wealthy Affiliate

Cloud Marketing

Cloud marketing

Cloud Marketing is the way to take you to the top quickly with great organic growth and super sales for your very own internet business.

Why does Cloud marketing work

First of all, let’s define the cloud. If you are new to this style of operation you may be very confused talking of clouds and other mystery words.
The internet cloud is simply where you host your own material for access by anyone.
Probably the best-known cloud is EMail. Yep, your everyday email is hosted in a cloud. With some minor exceptions, but let’s move on.
What about your Website, where is that garaged for everyone to access. Amazon has hosting sites all over the world and you could be in any one of them.
I found an interesting article by Ingrid Burrington a writer based in New York that explains somethings and you can read about AWS Data centres here

Therefore email, websites, google, facebook LinkedIn etc are all cloud-based services that you can use to market.

The cloud is just a short description of something you can’t see or hold

Yep, there are so many things in the cloud that we could not list them all. but think;

  • Social Media, all of it
  • Banking online
  • Web Hosting, emails, blogs, funnels
  • Accounting systems
  • Billing systems

Hears what Wikipedia has to say;

Clouds may be limited to a single organization (enterprise clouds,) be available to many organizations (public cloud,) or a combination of both (hybrid cloud.) The largest public cloud is Amazon AWS.

Cloud computing relies on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economies of scale.

So how does Marketing come into the cloud?

Nearly everything we do these days is cloud-based.
in the olden days of Marketing, we used Yellow pages, postal service, letterbox drops, handshake meetings all one on one type situations.
Now we use Email, Social media, Web Marketing and all things cloud to interact. It is so much more fun, cheaper and quicker to the market.

So if you want to learn cloud marketing here is the answer.

cloud marketing, image of author
Peter Hanley

What is Affiliate Marketing Online

What is affiliate marketing online?

What is Affiliate Marketing Online about and can you still make money? Here Peter Hanley takes you from learning to earning without spending a penny.

Marketing for others

First of all affiliate marketing is bigger than it has ever been, there is no end of opportunities and many people just like you are earning or making big incomes. Six and seven-figure incomes and we will take you there as you read on.

Affiliate marketing is selling someone else’s product and getting a percentage of the profit. Your job is simply to introduce the buyer and sit back and enjoy the income.
You might call it referral selling or introduction fee or even a Kickback it is all the same thing wrapped up in a trendy word.

The biggest and most well-known affiliate program belongs to Amazon. You join Amazon, market the products and get paid. The percentage may be small but the opportunities are great. Don’t be fooled by the word Amazon, yes they have $5 products but they have $100,000 products as well

Affiliates generally have a webpage

It might be a webpage or Facebook page or even Instagram just somewhere to promote a product by pushing buyers through to a seller.

When you apply for an affiliate program and are accepted you will be supplied with marketing Links and material to promote their products.

Your links contain your affiliate code so the seller recognises this and credits you with the sale.

In affiliate marketing size counts

This is mostly true because making 5% on a $10 product does not compare to making 5% on a $500 product. Same effort but a hugely different result.

The size of the earn also makes a difference because 5% on $500 does not go near 40% on $$500. Both variables you can achieve.

Then there is repeat buyers who take a monthly subscription on service and stay for years so you get paid a percentage every month.

And finally you wrap this all into one product and you have a triple-decker income. good discount, reasonable price and billed monthly for years to come.

I have thrown these example in just to show you two watches, same supplier different prices.
The good part of this is if someone links through your page and selects any watch or in fact product, you get paid on the sale

Getting excited yet on Affiliate sales?

What is affiliate marketing online
Now starts the journey

One program I really like is a triple-decker product that also gets you high in the knowledge graph.
Amazon runs a University course that is probably worth the investment once you have a few fundamentals in place.

Well, you should be because we haven’t really got into this yet. I have used Amazon as my first example because it is the best-known program but it is busy and competitive and has some downsides.

Amazon does not accept everyone

To become an affiliate for Amazon or in fact anyone you need to prove that you have the ability to direct traffic to their site.
In fact, if you have sold nothing in 3 months you get booted out, gone, all over. Well almost.

So how do you get traffic?

Website or Facebook or paid advertising?

There are many ways to get traffic to Amazon and these may include,

  • A WebPage or Funnel
  • Doing product reviews
  • Facebook or Instagram
  • Paying for advertising
  • handing out flyers
  • Writing blogs
  • Target an audience group by networking

This is not an endless list but you really need a Webpage to start so how do you go about that without spending any of your hard-earned.
You are also going to need some training on the basics because it is not a walk in the park if you really want to make some money you must have some idea of the basics.

Basic Amazon training available here

You can enjoy some training here that is supplied free by Wealthy Affiliate
if you like what you see then simply sign on for a free service.

They will also give you a free website to start your journey and help you along the way.
Plus you can sell Wealthy affiliate as an affiliate and make money, not a bad deal and as yet you have not spent a cracker.

They will tell you how to get accepted by Amazon and what you need to do.

Lots more affiliate sites

There are just so many, thousands upon thousands all over the world Looking for your help, they want you promoting their products and willing to pay good money along the way.
Can you make a living out of promoting other peoples products? Yes you sure can work from anywhere and at your own time

You really need to be online

By building a Blog site, a funnel or a Website and attending to Social media you are part the way there.
It is not all easy if you are new to being online but everything is at hand to teach you more and to open your eyes to a much wider world.

Amazon competes with you

What is affiliate marketing online
Not always your friend

I am raving on Amazon a bit too much because they are the best-known site but they are becoming harder to compete with because they are in the market.
Nearly 55% of people will go straight to Amazon to buy direct and not to your site when they know what they want. Just 28% use search engines and 16% retail sites (Sept 2016 figures).

Doing product review for Amazon

Now, this is an interesting idea that can be a gain/ gain for you. Product reviews really work. They say that over 80% of people trust product reviews before even there friends.
So you want to buy an Apple watch but is it better than Samsung which is cheaper and can link to Apple.
Taking info from Google you write a review recommending one over the other and having a link to your affiliate program.
Now read this carefully because you may have been here before. The Samsung people probably won’t believe that Apple is best or vice-versa>
Both products are linked so it matters not which one they buy, it only matters they buy from your link.

Reviews draw the search engine lookers

It is no mystery doing reviews work and to take that a step further dong Youtube reviews probably work even better. Youtube is now the second largest search engine available and it is not all that hard.
Anyone can do it with a bit of training

Using Youtube for Affiliate marketing

Image of YouTube
Search engine

This certainly can get the juices going but again I emphasise you need some basic training. It is basically another channel to use. I use Noble Samurai and am in the Affiliate program because they stand the test of time in providing a reliable and great Video program.

My take on affiliate programs

Amazon is competitive, very low margins, demanding and ultra-strict. Break the rules and walk the plank
JVZoo, Warrior+, Clickbank, etc are low-value products with high refunds. Another site gives a good rundown on many of these I chose the site at random but he has done the work for you.

In conclusion, give yourself a chance of success and join Wealthy Affiliate. do some training, find out the good and the bad and move on.

One last ps on Affiliate programmes

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Peter Hanley

Popup plugin WordPress

Popup plugin Wordpress

Here we look at Popup plugin WordPress. I have tried quite a few of these without success and here I explain my choice and why.

Warning you are in popup territory

First of all, what is a popup? When on a webpage an unsolicited message will jump out in front of you. It might be a full page a Thumbnail in the middle, slide from either side, scroll down from the top usually making you an Offer or asking a question.

Many websites use them for a variety of reasons and many companies provide the way forward with paid and unpaid Popups.

What do Popups really want

Attention-grabbing is the principal aim of any popup. When something is thrust in front of you the idea is you respond to the offer or make a decision.

popup plugin WordPress
Question popup as an example



Here is an example that was taken at random.
Used on adult sites or age-related material. Ok. everyone probably presses yes but liability moves from receiver to sender. Clever.

Then the discount offer


What about the discount offer as a last minute attention grabber. If you are a fence sitter this will surely grab your attention and lead you to buy.


popup wordpress

Example only

Thank you image





We could go on with examples but you will have seen quite a few if you have been on a website recently what we want to look at is why.

A nice way to wave a client goodbye after they have paid for the product. Customer touch is everything and this is really a nice one

The reasons for a popup

  • Attention-getting
  • a great offer
  • Perhaps a Thank you note
  • Go to checkout
  • You may also like?
  • Send to another site
  • Improve your SEO

Improve your SEO with a popup

Two of the critical factors in Website SEO are the time on a site and clicks and this grabs both.
On this site alone I reduced the drop out rate down from 90% to just 20% and the click through up by over 100%

What Popup did I use?

As I used several products from IM Income labs I chose a basic one of theirs. Traffic up.  
Yes, there is an upfront payment and I would go for the unlimited version at about $16.99. One time payment as many sites as you wish. They offer a real 30-day money back guarantee and it is so simple to use.
If you are going to an affiliate site your clicks will be so many more, therefore, increasing your opportunity to make money


Peter Hanley

Image of author


Home page

PS make sure you click through on my popup for more value

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is an important part of marketing in any business and here Peter Hanley looks at several key touch points.

Ignore your customers at your peril

Have you looked at the big stores and thought they do a lot of promotions but I can’t afford that?
I suppose you may have even though they waste a lot of money and it makes no difference to you?
Let me tell you they do it because it works. There is a choice in all areas so why do we stay loyal and mostly to one store? That is why customer relationship management is so important.

Image of Woolworths store who are great at customer relationships
  • Loyalty rewards cards
  • Letterbox drop
  • Facebook
  • email
  • Billboards
  • Websites

Consider why you go to one store and not another and what has affected you and then think about what can you do better.
Further discussion on emails here.

Customer Relationship Management

My Loyalty is divided

Certainly, loyalty cards and programs have a major contributing factor to the shopping experience. However, value or novelty still pulls you away to the other side.

Coles and Woolworths compete in our town for the shopping dollar. Coles have Flybys and Woolies their own card which is pretty ordinary. There are a few other outlets but these are the main two.
A friend of mine loves Coles because of Flybys and the only shops there. Until Woolies introduced a must-have novelty pack that was all the rage. Woolworths sales went up for that time but most went back.

I drive a little further to get Coffee because of one free after nine coffees. The thought is just to buy a couple more and I get a free one as I drive by three other outlets.

Recently I was in a hurry and stopped at one closer to home, the customer experience was really good as they joked and laughed with me. What happened? I still need to buy more coffee to get a free one as my loyalty changed to customer service.

Service and satisfaction will win out every time

That is called good customer relations but it still needs to be underpinned with other contact elements.

Therefore,  what are the things you can do to support the customer?

  • A bi-weekly or monthly newsletter by email is Cheap and easy to do.
  • In-store programs to encourage joining.
  • win a hamper, evening tutorial, survey
  • Birthday wishes by email
  • SMS reminders
  • Facebook marketing
  • All social media channels

Know your customers

A golden rule is to know and understand your customers. Your market to buyers, not to lookers, and this is done by market analysis. Understand every customer and put them in lists within lists so you can target them on a regular  basis

Channel marketing rules

Marketing can be done cheaply but it is expensive time-wise so you should concentrate on one channel until it is working.

When your target is varied and mature email is great.
Facebook demographic has moved out past millenniums so the over 35 s are still there.
The younger 20-35  have generally moved to Instagram as a media of choice.

For younger groups target the parents.

Consistency is the main rule of marketing, especially on Social Media

It can never be too often but it can be done blandly and without interest.

I understand there is also mainstream advertising like Radio, TV, and Press but leave that to the big spenders.
If you want to spend money think of FaceBook and retargeting as the place to be.

You are lucky in the days of Social Media

It is very easy to brand with Instagram and Facebook and follow the followers.
It requires a daily posting of unique content that has readership interest.

In Summary

Keep in contact with your customers regularly.
Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram.
Provide a great customer experience with service.
Loyalty programs work
Use branded giveaways or other gifts.

There is a lot more to learn at;

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management by Peter Hanley

Image of authorPeter Hanley


Customer Relationship Management by Peter Hanley

Affiliate marketing income potential

Customer journey touchpoints