Affiliate ​programs that pay

Affiliate programs that payAffiliate ​programs that pay

So you want to get rich making a bundle of money online with Affiliate programs that pay.

Here’s how not to do it or don’t make all the mistakes I made with Affiliate programs that pay.

I admit to being an online junkie, Having taken a bundle of courses, some for free some that cost money.

Having invested in a myriad of programs and books to learn all the things you need to know. Having spent hours in online meetings learning new things that will make me RICH.

Having played with Social media and tried many of the current trends like Facebook, Instagram. Twitter Google+ messenger, what’s app and some I can’t remember

Having set up a list building page on a niche that I had an interest in Facebook/katiehan1616 The tail of rescue cats and their activities. We did a calendar last year to sell on the site without success and ended up giving them away. The site now has a couple of thousand followers and I spend a small amount of time once a week on the site. Make money? Heck no but Having and continue to enjoy it.

Unpaid SEO

It also has given me a better understanding of how it all works for paid and unpaid SEO

The main reason I started this journey was to better my understanding of the internet for my daily business interest in Verdi messaging.

Plus, I wanted to make some money. I tried Amazon and Web backup services and a few other things along the way.

I now believe my failing was a lack of focus, trying to do everything and nothing properly.

Things have changed so much on the internet over the past few years and continue to do so at an even more rapid rate. It is very easy to fall behind and lose sight of how it all affects our lives.

Where is it all going?

I am not young anymore, well in birth years anyway and mixing with different age groups and maintaining a level of understanding really helps.

When I check my phone in the morning I need to check Facebook, Instagram, messenger. Read the news online, google email, normal email, weather and footy tips to start the day. All of these have only come into daily use within the past 10 years so it really is a keep up job.

Now if everyone is doing the same, how do we connect to them?

So I wrote a book, well two in fact because everyone needs to be a published author. Have I sold many? Not really but given quite a few away. Shame because they were pretty good.

I wrote the book mainly because my wife beat me to it and wrote her own, and it was good but not for sale.

I had a business website that did not work all that well so I wanted to do it better. My journey was to do it better at a price I was willing to pay. That would have been $1 thousand v $10 thousand a big difference

To do this you need an understanding of what it is all about to get the results you want. A bit like owning a car without an engine looks great but does not go anywhere.

Furter reading; do bloggers make money

Where to next

The terms like Keywords, or SEO plus images and H tags and internal over external links. Pages over posts the list is endless.

I wanted to learn and learn quickly.

Backing up a tad, when I started this journey you really needed to know HTML coding to build a site, a computer language that is a degree on its own to write effectively.

Now you have online stores, page builders and themes, menus and Apps, funnels and blogs and the list goes on.

To get this far Having files of training and how to sheets and lost time in front of a computer.

Then I stumbled on a site that brought me some clarity. Although, it was not instant.

Some clarity

Understanding all this takes time so you need to do it a chunk at a time. How you tackle it depends on what you want to achieve.

You might start with Facebook or Instagram and create a following and that is great for retail businesses.

Perhaps an email list is a way to go as you get your contacts or even an SMS message to all your clients on mobile phones.

All this is great but eventually, it comes back to needing a website, plus, importantly being found on that site.

My site new business online covers many of the parts of the puzzle but everything comes back to proper training.

Importantly it may be training you need today and need to find it easily.

Nothing on the internet today is easy, it is all a learning curve and mistakes cost you time and money.

You should understand what you are doing before you fire away. Or the car has no engine.

Facebook page

Having a Facebook page is great, for family and fiends it is easy to set up and reach your contacts quickly and follow their daily transgressions or happy times. Really good stuff.

Affiliate ​programs that pay

Having a business page is different. You need to develop followers that want to know you, they need to like and trust you and go to your WEBSITE where you can sell to them.

As soon as you get out of play mode it becomes more difficult and often costly to establish your brand. It matters not if it is Facebook or Instagram or any other media you choose you need training.

No time to train, not interested then get someone else to do it for you.

Your customers come to you through the internet, in one way or another to understand the journey.

The world has changed so quickly that to keep up is a constant learning curve.

Training to learn

Every week I do an hour to hour and a half long training session with my group that covers something that you should do to maximize your chances in this brave new world.

Affiliate ​programs that pay

These small ideas build a bigger business for you and are there for all members either free or premium.

An interesting aside is you can change the speed of delivery of the message. Normal speed or 1.5 times voice or even 2 times. My intake is quite quick so I do get sometimes bored with a slow delivery in a lecture, flicking to 1.5 times focuses my attention and keeps me on the song for longer. Another internet gains.

This is really worth a try and available to anyone.

We have talked about Social media, websites, training and the many inputs to your business that you need to know.

I searched for many years for an answer and eventually found it. My problem was I didn’t realize what I had.

Affiliate Income on the web can come from many places,

You can get paid a referral bonus to a site you believe in.

Adsense pays you when people click on an Advert on your page.

You get paid a commission for selling products like Amazon

you link to a site that recognizes your code and pays you.

You promote a product you use and recommend
The commission comes as low as 1-2% up to 40 or 50% or higher. When are selling big buck items this is good.

Monthly income, you get paid every month a share of what is paid. This way you can build up a business.

Further reading; Online business marketing

Affiliate programs that pay

An Example is with Wealthy Affiliate, you get paid approx $24 a month for every paid member you recommend.

So the annual return is $272 a good return.

Does anyone make money at this?

They sure do, the top sellers at WA regularly sell over 300 a year and in fact, earn a trip to Las Vegas when they do.

Several go annually and have for years, You can build a business over time.

Learn what to do before you try what you do. This is the answer.

Affiliate ​programs that pay

Affiliate ​programs that pay

Peter Hanley


Internet and business

Internet and business, are they friends or enemies?

Internet and business

First of all, I don’t want to go over every available service on the web, we could be writing a book on the subject. Furthermore, the book would be out-of-date before we had it published.

Knowing the main products is necessary for every business owner to manage their marketing and communications better.


The old way v the new way

In the olden days just a few short years ago we only had a few ways to market our business. One was the dreadfully expensive Yellow Pages that there simply had to be in. Here you paid from just a few grand a month right through to Hundreds of thousands per year. Did it work? Yes because it was the only game in town for consistent inquiries.

Newspapers and magazines gave instant hits as did some local marketing like brochure drops and outbound mail.

All were expensive and the returns often marginal

Internet and business, the new way.

I envy the young, they grow up in the internet age so it is a natural fit. For the older business owner, the transition has been a lot harder, change is never easy.

Online marketing has brought about the demise of paper-based books. The Yellow pages have all but gone and many other media along with them.

Certainly, the WWW is now the master and there to take their dollars and convert them into sales. Unlike other media where costs rise every year the web has got cheaper, faster and more efficient. The advent of competition and new tools has meant that a simple thing like building a web page is no longer a mystery: in fact is something anyone can do.

Google has a lot to answer for, most of it good.

Email back where it startedInternet and business

The email came into popular use around the turn of the century and has grown to be an everyday product. Who could survive without it? We all understand and use email so Let’s move on.

What about Facebook?

This was built as a social forum to connect like-minded people. It then grew to be the most influential media around as they turned it into a Money machine.

As the money focus took control some have turned their backs on social media and its impact.

Recently privacy issues have surfaced that may also drive some to hide from the site, albeit temporarily.

Facebook still remains a dominant product with all its nuances so ignore it at their peril.


What did they do when being attached?

In the case of Facebook, they bought two companies that had the same client profile, Whatsapp and Instagram.

Among the many smaller purchases they made this two stand out.

Instagram has been a huge success for developing businesses and should be in the pocket of any business.


Internet and business

I have seen this product flourish and drive business to a new level. I have a friend who operates her business only on Instagram linking to great success. There is also the immortal story of an Australian girl Kayla Itenes that became a millionaire using Instagram. Ignore this at their peril.

Linked-in for business

What can we say, want details on people in business, want staff, head-hunt, background it’s all here on Linked-in.

Are their on it or in it. there should be if their want to be found.

Other great products

There is a host of communications products on the market and sites for other purposes than business.

You can find them on a simple search but one that will see massive change is messaging.

Messaging on the internet

SMS has principally been a Telecoms product via the mobile networks. It is robust and has stood the test of time.

SMS is now an internet product working from emails on the web making it a more internet product.

It is however still a product of the telephone carriers who control price and access.

That is today but what about tomorrow?

Related Articles

  • Is Google a good choice for communication? With the exception of email, Google is not considered a leader in person-to-person communication apps and services. Skype, owned by Microsoft, tops the video calling space. Facebook dominates social media. Slack leads business chat-room messaging. WhatsApp rules mobile messaging. And besides the big platforms from the big companies, hundreds of startups have created appealing and innovative communications apps and services.

Google offers 11 communications apps and services. Alphabetically, these are Allo, Chat, Gmail, Google+, Groups, Hangouts, Inbox, Messenger, Duo, Project Fi and Voice. If their look at the various communication actions there might want to take — voice calls, video calls, email, text messaging and social posting — Google has at least two offerings for each. ( Taken from Computer World)
Unfortunately, Google is also well-known to simply drop a product that is not working so adopt with caution.

I for one find messenger clunky to use but then again I am old. The younger seem to have adopted it as a first choice product.

Google is now about to release a new web-based product called chat. This may change the world as we know it. charging for Chat is not message based but simply comes out of their data allowance so a few bits of data in a message is minimal compared to current pricing.

This has a little way to go yet and will probably be launched as an analogue mobile phone product and a desktop application. Negotiations are still unclear whether Apple will join the band or go their own way, Stay tuned for this one because it may change the world of messaging as we know it.

The Humble Fax machine

Internet and business

Is this an internet product? It sure is now with the old clunker machine relegated to the bin. Sending and receiving faxes on the internet is easier and considerably less expensive than ever before.

There will be no fax machines within a few short years, now that’s an internet change.

YouTube a game changer for business.

Is their tube an internet business tool or kids playground? Have their ever wanted to demonstrate something? Show a product, explain something graphically? Well, To tube is the answer. The ideal business tool.

It is a mass storage device for all types of videos and can be connected to anywhere by anyone at any time.

It sells, it shows it builds businesses so grab this by the handle and use it now.



This handful of products should form the backbone of every business. A multimedia mix of products that will drive consumers through the doors at a price any business can afford.

Internet and business

Peter Hanley


Free website hosting

Free website hosting

Free website hosting is not possible unless you get hit in other ways. The exception is that one company having a very simple option to provide free hosting.


Nothing in life is free

So imagine you set up a hosting company, invest your money, spend to get clients and then give the service for free.

When you run out of money and close the doors what of your clients? They are out in the cold and lost their website.

All that time and effort for nothing.

Don’t let it happen to you.


Is web hosting such a big cost anyway?

The cost of web hosting varies considerably between companies. From just a few dollars a month to around $100 in the extreme.

It is often a symptom of you get what you pay for.

The number of sites you want to host.

The speed of the website

How much is stored on the site

Security features included protecting your site.

Having a site builder enabled

Support services when things go wrong

Backup availability

The ability to transfer domains in and out when you want.

Site monitoring for Hacking, performance, malware and virus plus file system monitoring.

Google linked

Do you get free training included?

Can you earn affiliate income?

No, web hosting is not a big cost but bad web hosting is.

You will spend a lot of time on a website, building and changing to reflect your business in the best possible manner.

Losing this to a bad host is just not worth the effort. There are a lot of longtime hosts that have stood the test and have recognizable names like GoDaddy and name cheap that host as a sideline to domain purchasing.


Choosing a web host and why?

I have used quite a few different hosting companies because of different needs and with a mistaken idea that I could find a better low cost alternative.

You can search the web and most will direct you to a site from which they get paid, I am no different except that if you take free hosting I get paid nothing. I want you to take of this opportunity with all the relevant benefits to host your Ste for free. As you learn from the included training and begin to appreciate what you need to promote your site you may wish to take a paid option but you will do it loaded with new knowledge and make an informed decision.

Why I picked Wealthy Affiliate as my host

Like you I started with a free site to test the system but now have a dozen sites that I actively promote on a regular basis.

You get 2 free sites to start with.

They have over 300000 members so going broke is not an option, you will also amaze at the level of involvement and feedback forums that help you with every step.

Take a look around for free and then make a calculated decision for your future,

Free website hosting



I have absolutely no problem in promoting what is the best web hosting site available. This is because it has so many extras and a dedicated following of people that shout the praises and this is what you need. User testimonials say it all.

Peter Hanley

Free website hosting






Make free website look stunning

Make free website look stunning with just a few ideas, domain, hosting, training and SEO in fact, everything you need to be a success

Make free website look stunning


Where to start

Every website must have pictures colors and character so that visitors relate to the content.

They say a picture relays a thousand words and it might or might not be true but it sure grabs your attention.

Their are lots of free pictures available on google but be careful you don’t infringe copy right conditions

At Wealthy Affiliate they have a page builder that contains about 6 million pictures that are free to use and also 3850  free themes for your site.

Building a funnel

I am using the free version of Elementor as
my funnel builder because this provides a very interesting funnel.
is a recent funnel I developed. Ok it is far from perfect but it is working quite well and shows you examples of what can be done

Taking your website to greater heights

It’s all about traffic

A good looking website invites traffic so make sure your site has both imagery and a call to action so that you capture the customers.

Training for web site building

The best free training on websites and all things internet is at The Wealthy Affiliate. You can even start a website for free to practice as you go.

Canva is another free option

To complete  the picture Canva allows you to build, headers, adverts, logos, Facebook covers, just about anything you want.
It is easy to use and import to your page

I made this for a post on Facebook and use it here as an example of including a self built picture into a web site using Canva

That’s three great free tools

If you are new to websites, or relatively so these three free tools will get you well on the way to building great websites using images, calls to action and making money.

Affiliate Internet marketing
by PeterHanley    home

PS Make free website look stunning the easy way

Telegram messenger

Telegram messenger and other items of Interest.

Telegram messenger
Why did the Russians ban Telegram

Was it banned in Russia? In 2018 a Russian court ruled that Telegram should be banned because the service refused to hand over user data. The Russian authorities claim this was to combat terrorism.

Telegram has gained notoriety as the terrorists’ messaging app of choice. It was reportedly used by ISIS, who

recommended it to its supporters and members because of its security features.

Telegram responded by blocking public channels operated by ISIS to spread propaganda. But it refused to censor private messages based on “local restrictions on freedom of speech”.

What is Telegram

Just like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger Telegram Messenger is a messaging app that works over the internet. What’s more, you can send messages for free by using your Wi-Fi connection or your mobile data allowance (providing you have data of course)

According to Telegram, the service has more than 200 million monthly active users.

What is Slack

Telegram messenger

Slack brings team communication and collaboration into one place so you can get more work done, whether you belong to a large enterprise or a small business. Check off your to-do list and move your projects forward by bringing the right people, conversations, tools, and information you need together. Slack is available on any device, so you can find and access your team and your work, whether you’re at your desk or on the go.

Slack is an internal messaging service for business sending about 9 million messages a week to the 50,000 paying companies that use Slack

We Chat


This was launched in 2011 as a premium Chinese based product. It claims hundreds of million users mostly Chinese.

They all so offer a smart pay platform and other social ideas like games, stickers etc as the Chinese market would dictate.

Probably a very good choice if you are dealing with that country. Wechat


The world of communications and messaging is growing every day so you need to stay ahead with these regular reports


Telegram messenger

Peter Hanley


Create your own website free


Create your own website free

Create your own website free


Create your own website free is a look at what goes into building a website. It is easy and free as we hold your hand to simple training and quick completion


So you want a website and you want it for free but what about all the other bits and pieces you will need.

Things like Domains and hosting and SEO and Pictures and writing and set out. The list is long but stay with me and I will take you on an adventure.

What’s your webpage about?

Is it a simple blog page, maybe for a Create your own website free
business or even a shop front to sell lots of great products. Or, perhaps you just want to learn how to create a site.

Now you have made up your
mind what will you call yourself?

Every website has an address. A www.your Sometimes this depends on what is available and we can search for that later.

You need to buy a domain name for about $10 or piggyback on someone else’s domain.

Create your own website free

I run a facebook site about Rescue cats. I wanted a simple webpage but did not want to outlay funds.

We used
a free hosting service with Wealthy affiliate because it was a way to see if it worked

Now you need a hosting service.

This is an in the cloud type services where all your domains live and anyone can look at them at any time plus you make changes when you want, all very secure and cosy

They cost money, well nearly all do anyway and anywhere from a few dollars too much more, either monthly or annual payments. But hang in there we will get to the free bit.

You have a name a domain and a host what comes next?

The correct software to
build your webpage.
But it must be free as well.

Create your own website free

By far the most widely used software is called Word Press. This is what they call open source software that is built so anyone can use it without paying any money.
It is good and easy to use.

What’s more, it comes with a lot of supporters called Plug-ins that do a lot of the work for you. There are some you need to pay for if you want special things done but generally, most are free.

You don’t need programming skills or any special talent and it all comes really easy in a WYSIWYG format. What’s more, if you are into programming they have an area just for you.

What about all the beaut
pictures that are on sites?

Create your own website free

I will take you to a million free photos to use when you build your site that you just click and paste anywhere you want. There are also sites that supply
pictures for free or amounts like a $1 or two if you want something special.


Yep free as well. Try for your daily dose of fun.


Pay for this by searching the web or follow me further for the best free training on everything  WordPress and site-building you can ever ask for.

You really need some basics before you roll this out so hang on in there as we roll on down.

Finally SEO or setting
up your site, so people find you.

Create your own website free

You can pay hundreds of dollars a month or do it yourself for free with a little help from a couple of plugins. Yep, the plugins that tell you what to do to make the site better and be

found by anyone searching for you.


There is only one place to get everything for free.


Create your own website free

In conclusion, I use and recommend Wealthy affiliate every day.



Create your own website freePeter Hanley   Create your own website free

WordPress free at Wealthy Affiliate

WordPress free at Wealthy Affiliate

WordPress free at Wealthy Affiliate or just about anywhere for that matter but when it comes with a website, domain and training this really is the package.




Wordpress free at Wealthy Affiliate


IS WordPress really free?

Wordpress free at Wealthy Affiliate

Yes, it is. WordPress is built on an open source platform that anyone can use. It is however just the software to build a website, sort of the structure to develop what you want. See more at Wiki

So what comes with free WordPress?

As they developed the WordPress platform they were followed by a bundle of, what is termed, Plugin Builders.
WordPress plugins are bits of software that can be uploaded to extend and expand the functionality of your WordPress site.

There are literally thousands of plugins that are available free and these help with site security, SEO, tracking, picture building etc.

Plus you can buy plugins often at a little cost to really add to the functions of WordPress.

When do you use WordPress?

There are two things you need to build a WordPress site.

You need a name for your site and a host on which to store it. This site is built on WordPress with a domain of and hosted at Wealthy Affiliate. In this case, a paid hosting but you can get it for free.

Do you need to code to build a WordPress website?

Wordpress free at Wealthy Affiliate

No answer is ever 100% but no. Word press has two sides to it. a visual side or WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) and a text side for those a bit more experienced.

You can write, use pictures, draw all sorts of things as you build a site without any coding knowledge, sort of child’s play.

Do you need a lot of training to build a WordPress website?

No, you don’t. Although to do it well yes you do. Like anything, there are right and wrong ways to do things but you still get a result they are just not as good.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you can start with a free site, chose a name and start the experience. Not so sure? Well, there is also free training on every subject relating to WordPress so you can’t go too far wrong.

Will you cope with WordPress?

If you are 8 or 80 you can do this. What’s more, it is so much fun. It can be a hobby or a full-time job it’s all up to you.

Wordpress free at Wealthy Affiliate

Link here 

The Author is Peter Hanley

Wordpress free at Wealthy Affiliate

Email marketing lists

Email marketing lists are a great asset adding real value to your business. They can also be a burden that need be managed.

Email marketing lists

So listen up as we go over just a few of the issues.

Email list

Your own email list has a real value. It is an asset just like bricks and mortar only the returns are better.

The industry judges say that everyone on your list should average a return of $1 a month or better.
So a 2000 list should return that much in real dollars IE $2000 every month, provided you follow the rules.

It may sound optimistic to many but pessimistic for those that have it working at a far better rate.

You can not Spam email

Email marketing lists

This is not legal advice but you may only email those that had interaction with your business. Buying a list may be illegal and you should check with the authorities in your area.


Clean your email list

Email marketing lists

You will have many on a list that have never opened an email. This will not matter how good the list is, the headline or how well you write.

When your email lands the first job of the efficient office gatekeeper is to delete any emails that they don’t know.

You probably do it yourself, scan and delete.

The most important point is who the mail is from and have you established a bond.

I know I scan and mark probably three saves a page, the rest never get read. Yes, I have my favourites of the day they get a look in but even those go out of style quickly.
I recently emailed to a list of around 2000 and said, “Please unsubscribe if I am annoying you”. The result was 27 actually took the hint and did the work for me. Far less a number than I anticipated.

Why do this? mostly because you generally pay by list size and you want to keep it down if you can. Furthermore, it distorts your figures when analyzing results and finally you will never create goodwill with these people.



Segregate your email list

Not everyone on the list wants everything you have to market.

email marketing lists

I mail to small businesses but the needs of a Dentist are far different than from say, a bricklayer.

If you use a good product as your email generator this is easy to do. I use Constant Contact but it is expensive.

You can then segregate the audience or as we sometimes do broadcast to the whole group.

One of my segregated lists is my working customer base, people whom I regularly bill. I had a problem with a supplier recently and needed to advise them of a pending downtime.

I quickly composed a message attached my list and sent it. time involved about 10 minutes.

How would you cope in this time of crisis? No list you are lost at sea.

Always have a full customer list.

How often should you email?

Every day!

Email marketing lists


Well no seriously most of all It depends on what you are trying to achieve.

A monthly newsletter is once a month, an autoresponder series is once a day, new products when they come in.

Don’t ever be afraid to send legitimate mail. Customers want information and if they are sick of you they will unsubscribe.

Storyline emails should be daily so you build the excitement and head to a sale


From and subject lines

I notice lately that many senders are picking very common family names that have a likeness to an actor or actress.

It does catch your attention with the name but it is generally coupled with a poor subject line so quickly joins the delete rate. You only get caught in this once so it is short term.

It is only time that will build trust in the From column so be consistent in your delivery and use a standard delivery name.

The don’t do on this is sell and sell. Your job is to entertain and capture interest  but always have a close in the mail


Treasure your list, work your list and develop a return from your effort.

Email marketing lists



In conclusion, your list has an intrinsic value when you sell your business so cherish it along the way.


Email marketing lists

Peter Hanley


Affiliate programs that pay​

Affiliate programs that pay

Affiliate programs that pay. What a question to ask a struggling entrepreneur.


This is the most famous program used by millions to sell a product. It is easy to set up and they are not in the highway robbery business. You can truly believe you will get paid on every sale.

Affiliate programs that pay​


Amazon has a great habit of cancelling accounts for no reason at all. Just one day they are gone. Sometimes this is from a lack of sales or effort on your part, sometimes no reason given.
When it is working well it is a great move.
Amazon University is a paid course on becoming an affiliate

Warrior+ and JV Zoo

Deals every day and again to big to upset the little people. It is all automated and shows on your login so feel comfortable that you are safe here. Both have training programs for the uneducated.

Affiliate programs that pay​

Affiliate programs that pay​

Recurring income

I have spent my life around recurring income businesses. You can build a future income as you go that can take you into financial comfort. Even become a saleable asset.

Selling a product today and getting paid is great but you need to maintain a consistent and relentless push to get sales.

What if you had a month off and your payments kept rolling in, every month a growing cheque.

That is what happens with recurring income.

Affiliate programs that pay​

Wealthy Affiliate

this is probably the best value on the market today.
First of all, it’s free to join. Furthermore’ you get complete training on becoming an affiliate in any Niche you choose.

It does not stop there either. You can build a free website and learn as you go.

If you want affiliate income you need to learn how first.

Join now

Many more affiliate opportunities that pay

We have just skimmed the top of the tree above with the best available. It depends in some ways on your interest or niche or where you want to be taken.

For instance, to do  training on any subject the leader is

Affiliate programs that pay​

Here they sell courses on thousands of ideas and you can become an affiliate.


To become an affiliate you need to apply to the company and tell them why you should be accepted. Details of your website, the number of leads those sort of things.

The best way forward is to choose your market or product and then set up a website. With a bit of traffic that you can learn how to do Here, you have a chance of being accepted.

Big ticket affiliate sites.

Most of these are based on training and leveraging you through an upsell program. is one that was going to work. You could earn thousand per lead but it costs you thousands to get in.
Your initial entry cost is just a few dollars and this allows an introduction to the course and the Blue sky opportunities.

Affiliate programs that pay​

Then the upsells start, you are sucked into the scheme and keep handing out money to achieve a greater level of income.

When I originally posted this page MOBE was all the go. It has now been branded a scam and shut down by the USA authorities and put them into bankruptcy. I have left this in as a warning that the market is full of challenges

Can you make money as an affiliate?

Of course, you can, people just like you are doing it every day, making a regular income every month.

Some even make it to the top and make the big Million plus a year.

You cannot, however, achieve this without effort.

Unless you have basic skill levels and the ability to invest your time in education and know how there is no magic wand.

Nothing comes for nothing.

Finally, now that I have put in a few roadblocks I believe

” it is the best game in town.”

Affiliate programs that pay​

Peter Hanley


Affiliate programs that pay

wordpress SEO

WordPress SEO. An Easy game changer.

wordpress SEO

What is SEO and what can you do about it

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results.Wikipedia

It is how people find you without you paying for advertising to bring them to your website.

It is not as hard as you may think because of great plugins used in WordPress.

In the past like a couple of years ago you needed an expert to do this for you, companies charged hundreds and thousands a month to promote your site to the top of the list. Now, this is becoming easier as products and plugins make it a lot simpler.

Yoast SEO v All in one SEO

Yoast SEO is my long-term favourite because it tells you, on every post or page what to do to improve

your writing skills and also your SEO input. Once you meet the desired range you get a green Tick of acceptance.

There are rules with good SEO and these should always be followed, Yoast tells you what you have done well and what you should improve on.

wordpress SEO

All in One SEO has a great set up structure to ensure that you are linking to the correct places.

I now use both for every site I build and It has improved my number of hits dramatically.

Both these are free plugins though you can opt for a paid upgrade. Not necessary for the average slugger.

I also use a paid plug called SEO audit to make sure my page is structured properly. This has a cost of under $10.00 and represents great value. Sites get indexed by Google in minutes, not weeks


The most important thing with SEO is, and will always be your keyword. The word people type in to find your page or offer.

wordpress SEO

With a word like Nike, you have over a billion searches so how can you ever get found?

The simple answer is for long tail keywords. Nike ballistic boots men in store Sydney now would rate far higher on the page. This is a whole subject but basically choose your keywords carefully’
I use a free product at Wealthy affiliate called jaaxy.  The wealthy affiliate also has a lot of training on this as well



Other SEO ideas and plugins

I use a product called Rapid SEO indexer. A paid plugin for WordPress.

Rapid SEO makes sure the site is indexed in Google because this is where people search. Cost is under $10.00 and represents fantastic value.

blogging for SEO

wordpress SEO

Blogging or writing posts is also important because Google needs to trust you before pushing you to the top of the page.
This page is a blog for my website new business online and sets out to inform and help you plus increase my SEO.
The more blogs you do, the frequency and quality determines your site position.
How many blogs do you need to do? The answer is at least 6 a month but more is better. You have full free training and writing templates at Wealthy Affiliate on how to achieve this


Self-help SEO

Things in Internet change quickly. Skills learned yesterday are lost today as advances in technology grow at a rapid rate.

It was only a few short years ago that self-help SEO was not possible. Now with a few free services you are able to compete with the big boys on an equal footing.

wordpress SEO

This page has only touched the tip of the subject as each heading is a full course on its own.

Not everyone uses WordPress. However, it is estimated that over 40% of bloggers use the free platform and in Feb 2017 it was further estimated that 77 million blogs a month were produced


SEO is an art that you must train for. The difference is that you now have tools and training to tackle the subject and mostly at no cost to you.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you can build a blog and train for free to learn these skills and apply them to any business

wordpress SEO

Peter Hanley