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Business marketing online and strawberries

Business marketing online and strawberries

Business marketing online and strawberries

What does Business marketing online and strawberries have to do with you? It is a marketing experience that you can use for better business and sales.

I am in Australia and we just had a crisis. A punnet of Strawberries was found to have a needle embedded in one of the Strawberries.
This, unfortunately, was eaten by a purchaser.
However, the result was ok and no lasting damage was done.

Finding a needle in marketing

Within days Needles were found in Bananas and other fruit right across the country. About 100 or so cases. Not all were real, some were copycat and some were misreported.
Across Australia, there are probably in excess of ten million punnets eaten every day. That’s a lot of Strawberries and a very few needles. You probably have more chance of being killed by a Kangaroo.

The result, however, was to cripple the growers in the prime market time. People stopped buying Strawberries overnight because of a one in 10 million chance of getting a needle. Crazy but real-world problem.

Honey marketing and your business

So let’s also look at Honey. A local producer had a report that a certain Honey from a region in south Western Australia had great health benefits. The Marri honey where bees frequent the Marri tree forest was, in fact, better than other types of honey.

Business marketing online and strawberries

So what happened? the price doubled as demand grew particularly from the Chinese community.

The Beekeepers are ecstatic but we locals can’t afford good Honey any more.

I bring these issues up not as a health issue but as a marketing aspect that Online marketing can achieve.

The new online marketing era

Google now has incredible power to spread a message very quickly. You can be seen by millions in a flash so your market awareness must always be on high alert.

Using issues to your advantage

You can use some of these issues to your advantage.I did a post on D. Trump recently talking about twitter.
Using Donald’s name got people to read the article and helped in circulation. What has Donald Trump got to do with me?
Well, nothing really but it worked.

And then the Kardashians

We then did a post using the Kardashians as a tag. I declare that I probably prefer the President to a family bent on self-ridicule but that is just a personal thing.

Business marketing online and strawberries

I have nothing going with this mob except they make the news so I can go with them.

Attaching your self to topics of interest get you attention but be warned.
Bad attention is not good marketing.

How to get press articles

One way to get press for your business is to do editorials and post them to any news outlet. Your local paper, TV and radio shows are all hungry for content.
That is where they get a lot of information. People, just like you, feeding them with news items. On days when something dominates the news, they are all busy running around gathering information.
However, they do have low news days when they seek out any items of interest. It just might be your day.

The free press and your marketing

The thing with this is that it is a free press. Cost you nothing but a bit of time.
At times you will be tempted to do Advertorials in magazines or local press.
These come at a cost, often a  pretty heavy cost so work out what you expect to get out of it. I am not a big fan of this marketing unless you are selling Big ticket items where one sale can make a difference.

Gorilla marketing

This is when you crash a party, jump in front of a campaign get attention to other peoples time.
One great example is a company called Messages-on-hold.
The guy is an expert at this and he has had a long campaign around Football.
He purchased season tickets for a group of seats right behind the goals. When a Goal was scored his staff, who are sitting watching the game, jump up and wave a flag with Messages on hold logo on them.
Because the football has national TV coverage he gets seen every time a goal is kicked at that end.
Not once but every game of the year at that oval.
Staff got seats to the Football, he got advertising so everyone was happy except the League. They tried to stop it but eventually gave in.

Then there is Branson.

Business marketing online and strawberries

Sir Richard Branson also does this well pulling stunts that attract attention to his current pet project.
Do you think you can do this and get national exposure?

With the internet everything and anything is possible. All it takes is a bit of imagination, a creative bent and away you go.

Business marketing online and strawberries

Part of a series on business marketing at New Business on line

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make money online with home based business

starting an Internet business


make money online with home-based business

Make money online with home-based business or go into a real business? Here Peter Hanley digs deep into making money at home online in your PJ’s
without any effort.

What a crock of rubbish can anyone make money from a home based business. Well, let me tell you I wrote a book on this and it is available on this page. I looked at over 101 ideas and came up with some really good ones

To start when I say you can make money on-line at home  I mean it takes some planning and some effort but it can be done.

Let’s look at some ideas of home-based businesses.

First up is The Internet.

Affiliate marketing is an easy gig. It’s a great way to start and the learning curve leads you on to other great ventures.
What is affiliate marketing?
it is simply promoting someone else’s product and getting paid for it.
My disclaimer, as usual, there are good products and crappy products so choose wisely.  I promote throughout this post Wealthy Affiliate as the best, without doubt, the most honest product on the market.
Read the reviews of the many others that share my view.

Telephone-based ideas for a home business

Cold calling
Debtor collection
Surveys. Be careful on this one a lot are scams
Appointment settings for local businesses

Money for time working from home

Like anything in this land if you expend the time you need to be paid a reasonable return. What is a reasonable return?
If you work at a local business what would you ask for in a pay packet?
You will spend time in learning a new trade at no value so this needs to be factored forward.
You may discount the amount because you don’t need to dress up, travel or waste time and it is achieved in a time to suit you. maybe around the kids or other commitments.
To balance that you should value add the hourly rate to cover sick days and holidays and Superannuation. This is generally based on a 25% premium to the hourly rate.

make money online with home based business

So we know what we are worth how do we go about working from home?

Getting rid of ideas

First up let’s get rid of making things. Knitting, toys, Jam, all the other things you love to do. China does it cheaper and better. My wife made a rug for a granddaughters new baby, bought material, beading, labels and did a great job. Loved by the kid but you can buy in cheaper in target.

Try personal labour as a Job.

Gutter cleaningmake money online with home based business
Home handyman
There is a bundle of these opportunities for those so inclined. It is not for all of us.

We all have a book in us.

We should all write a book. Seriously now this is a great idea because it will provide you with immense pleasure in doing so. You won’t make any money but we should all do it. It is good for the soul.

make money online with home based business
E-books are no different. In most cases, they are used as a give away to obtain your details so they can sell you something else.
When you have a particular skill you may be able to leverage some benefit and cash writing e-books.

Making money with Fiverr

There is a website called Fiverr. Here you can be a buyer and or a seller and it is all about doing small jobs for the small change. Here you can use your abilities to use a particular skill to make a quick buck.
The original idea behind this site was you made us$5 a job. If you are in a third world country us$5 to design a logo might well be worthwhile but to spend an hour or so when wages are higher not so.
Then buying a logo for $5.00 is another thing, cheap.
Here is the twist. You can sell logos or whatever to the local market and get them made on Fiverr. The markup is great, the product good and you are only the middleman.
Log0s, Voiceovers. web pages, you name it you can have it.

The great Amazon makes money dream.

First up you can make money by selling Amazon products. Just do a Webpage, get an Amazon affiliate deal and away you go. Pretty simple stuff.

Hold up there and wait before you get too excited. You really need to understand what you are doing before you plunge in and waste a lot of time and money. It can be done and you can make money but the margins have been tightened over time so you need to be good.

To learn this you can go to Amazon University 

Or similar places to learn the procedures required.
You also need to understand Web pages and SEO and gathering clients so log into the Wealthy affiliate and do some basic training.
I don’t believe you will get rich with this but you can make a regular income.

Wealthy affiliate have a full section of free training that is worth having a look at and setting up a free Amazon site is made easy. This is graet training for later on when you have a real product to promote.

Shopify a good idea

Setting up a home business is relatively easy with Shopify. You can link to payments and products and ship products all day long. Has a small cost to get into and a very big learning curve

Do a few things before you try this because if it is done correctly it is very good but it can hurt you in time, money and incentive to continue.

A cheaper alternative is with WordPress using the Woocommerce free plug-In

Don’t go searching for Shiny objects

We all fall for it, buying a course on a course and the next get rich scheme that comes on line.
Get your basic training so you will understand a scam from a get rich promoter. Remember there is only one person that gets rich, the promoter.

In conclusion, the reason I continually promote the Wealthy Affiliate is that it gives you a good grounding in any of the above ideas. You need to understand, web pages, social media, SEO and marketing to make any sort of entry into making money.

Finally, I wish the best of success in your venture. Working from home is great, I have done it for eight years now and will continue on for many more.

For those that are seniors I have written more.

Make money online with home based business

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Franchise and business opportunities

Franchise and business opportunities

Franchise and business opportunities

So you are looking at Franchise and business opportunities to perhaps start a business or make some money. Here Peter Hanley looks at the Good and bad.

Why take a Franchise.

Have I had a franchise? Yes I have, Do I work with Franchise businesses, Yes I do. Do I like franchises?  That really is a hard question to answer and I will probably take you back to the old 80/20 rule.  Some are great the bulk are just jobs.
Don’t hang up on me yet let’s explore this a bit further because there are some really good sides to a franchise business plus if there is a good side what about the other side.

























What is good about a franchise

All the training is provided in a proper and proven way that allows you to enter a new industry prepared for business.

The training will be or should be backed by a support group available in times of need. How to overcome issues

This is all organised for you. Who to buy from, stock levels, discount arrangements retail pricing. All done and follow the directions. easy.

You will be told where to market and how to do it. Some will be head office some will be Local marketing

The Brand is fixed. That is a head office situation that is established across the channel. Image, logos, colours, uniforms, signage all done for you

The Franchise will be recognised because of the overall image projected and over which you have little control>
You will be told about trading hours, uniforms, presentation requirements and these are non-negotiable.

Fixtures and fittings
Your business will be fitted out for you from front to back

Franchise council
You will have problems, suggestions, complaints etc along the way. There is usually a council of long-term franchisees that represent your interests at the head office. You can approach them to carry your message.

Local representation
There will normally be a Franchise Rep who will visit regularly and review your performance against the group offering suggestions to improve.

Franchise and business opportunities

The downside of Franchising

As a franchise, you must toe the line.  You are told when to jump and how high to jump. Now, this is great in many cases but some are more individualistic than others and find this suffocating. You can not be a maverick in a Franchise, there is no room for it.

Growth Restriction
You have an area and you can not cross the boundaries to compete against fellow franchisees. It is Local area marketing only so you are restricted in what you can achieve.

Franchise and business opportunities

Complying with instructions
You must follow instructions like them or not. I suggest it’s a bit like being in the armed forces, You have a roll and you play it without question

Solicit your own products
You are only allowed to sell anything other than the approved products no matter how good

What businesses are better than a Franchise

This question depends on you and about you. If you are an entrepreneurial type, don’t take orders well, back your own judgement I might suggest a franchise is not for you. Unless you want to have a managed store and sit at home and reap the rewards. The system then helps you.

If you are starting out in business and lack experience this may be a way to go.

Selecting a franchise.

Do your homework, ring some stores, visit some stores and get feedback. Ask questions and importantly interpret the answers. Most store owners won’t confess they are struggling so work the questions to get better answers, things like “is your store for sale?” or perhaps would you consider taking a second store? Or “would the store run under management?”
You are investing a lot of money so you need to do your due dilligence>
One other way is to search the businesses for sale columns if you have a lot of franchise stores for sale it usually indicates a problem. Call them and chat.


Other opportunities than a Franchise

There is always making money on the Internet. Being an affiliate or selling product by Drop shipping or from a store.
Like anything you need a basic understanding of what you are doing. I have found the training, and its free, at Wealthy Affiliate will cover most of it. At the very least it will expose you to some ideas to work with.

In conclusion.

There are just so many franchise opportunities that I can’t possibly suggest one for you. Something you have an interest in, something new that offers an opportunity or a well-proven idea that suits you. remember though that in any franchise you get the good ones and bad ones and that includes the owners.
Balance your enquiries to get a better understanding of what you are getting into before you make any commitment.

Learn internet marketing at The Wealthy Affiliate

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kardashians and business

Kardashians and business

Kardashian and business?
Kardashians and business? What does this mean to you and what do they have to do with business? They are a business and you can be too

We talked about Trump and business and how he went about branding himself now let’s look at something different in branding.

Making a business with a name like Kardashian

Branding yourself brings a degree of trust between you and the reader. Now I don’t suggest that you go to the lengths of this family but what they do works.
They are all good-looking and display themselves as openly and outwardly as they can. Like em, or loathe them they have a following.

The highest-paid writers and trainers all display pictures of themselves prominently in every post because they want recognition. When you see a photo of someone you know you are instantly attracted to it.

How Virgin became a business




Another great example is the guy in the photo. The guy, not the girl back on track here, we don’t know her but we sure know Sir Richard Branson.

He has gone out of his way to brand himself and all the ventures with which he is loosely associated. Does it work? Don’t be silly he is one of the richest guys in the world and a guy that grew up with a Learning disability. Not really good-looking in the traditional way, not a great sportsman so he invented himself as an action man, every man’s man, and every woman’s as well. We love risk-takers and he is one.

I brand all my posts, not because I am good-looking but because I want to be seen as credible and not hiding behind a wall of words.

What other ways are there for visual Branding?

An interesting question but a simple answer. The best way is in person at meetings for all the purposes you can think of. Breakfast meetings, lunch meetings anywhere you can be seen with a group of people.

Hubspot did a post on this recently with a list of 20 LinkedIn Groups that you should join  HubSpot groups
The lists are endless and searching local groups came up with Support groups, Meetups, Communicate, and many more.

Get into Networking and drive your brand.

kardashians and business
Get into Networking and drive your brand.
I hate networking, that is just a personal issue on the types of meetings but many of you just love them so drive them hard.
I do get coerced into groups at different times and mostly come away with a new client after the meeting so I understand the power of networking.
just be authentic, don’t oversell present professionally, and take the orders.

kardashians and business and branding

Is Facebook a type of visual branding?

Facebook logo

It sure is but I say this with a major condition.
If you put a picture of your kids on your page you are wasting space. make it about you, what you do, why you do it, and entertain them.

I often scan a Facebook page to find out about a potential customer and make my mind up based on that search. How often you post and what you post about, how many followers you have, and the quality of the posts. Facebook is there to entertain and send them to your webpage to be sold.

Linked in is a type of Visual branding

LinkedIn logo

Not on LinkedIn, shame on you get up and do it. add a nice Photo, a great Bio, and a bit of self-advertising.

Now do it with all your staff and get them involved.
It may not sell a product but it does promote you and your business in a professional manner that compliments your image branding.

kardashians and business and branding

The six types of personal Brands


Furthermore, In an article by Bryan Kramer, he looks at the 6 types of personal branding. I chose mine can you see yourself?

The Altruist

Altruists are individuals who are highly recognized for their commitment to helping others. These are people who not only dedicate themselves in terms of actions, but also with regard to being mindful of their personal relationships.

The Careerist

True careerists are those who have shown a preference for professional advancement above all other personal achievements.  More often associated with business-related networks such as LinkedIn-careerists constantly share information that will raise their status in their industry.

The Hipster

The hipster branding refers to a recognized subculture of progressive individuals who embrace individuality above all else. Although the term has existed since the Jazz age, modern hipsters are usually associated with young millennials who eschew mainstream trends. A hipster is also a person who likes to try things first and share them with others. Hipsters can adopt aspects of both altruism and careerism.  For them, sharing is seen as an essential part of their existence.

The Boomerang

The boomerang brand type refers to people who share content and generate interactions simply to create discord through controversy. In many cases, they do not necessarily agree with the content-choosing to pass on the information for the potential of being seen as provocative.

The Connector

Connectors are people who pride themselves on their ability to bring people together. These are usually the individuals who are well connected and openly use their network to unite. Typically creative, they obtain validation and satisfaction through others.

The Selective

The selective is a person that only shares information with specific people. They usually carefully curated information based on the general needs and interests of the target audience. They are largely known for being resourceful.

So, which of these personal brand types best fit you? To determine that often takes careful self-analysis that will allow you to reveal your values, strengths, and weaknesses. There are lots of excellent resources available which will enable you to determine your most authentic self.

Which are you? I am, I believe, in the selective group that shares only where I choose. That is why I pen these blogs for the small business community and online marketers

kardashians and business

In conclusion and to wrap up I have suggested that this is one premium way to gain recognition and branding in a cost-effective manner.

Finally, though you don’t need to be a Kardashian you need to be your authentic and loverly self.

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kardashians and business by Peter Hanley

Scam reviews


Scam reviews, are they real or are they just a great way to get your leads.
Here Peter Hanley looks at them from a different perspective.

I often look at product reviews when I am thinking about a product or article and have become somewhat disillusioned with them.

The reason is that reviews have become the home of manipulation of the
product away from their sale towards something very different.

How often do reviews just provide a bad comparison

Many of todays’ product reviews have a sole purpose of shifting you from one product towards a competing product.

The review may not be factual, it may not be competent it may even compare unfairly but how do you know?

When the author is blatantly recommending another product it is pretty darn obvious. So just bail from the page and find some relevance somewhere else.

Are product reviews thorough

  • At first glance, you can usually determine the writer’s degree of knowledge of a product and just how much thought has gone into the article.You should remember that writing reviews can be a done with an alternate motive.
  • It is a way to get traffic.With traffic, you can sell advertising on your site so sensational headlines workIt is a way to get affiliate income.
  • This is usually associated with the really good reviews and glowing results of instant wealth with no effort.A way towards selling another product.
  • This is usually done with really bad reviews or as a branding exercise for those in the business.

What is the motive behind the review?

I have written reviews on Wealthy affiliate because I earn money from them. I also believe it is one of the best marketing and web hosting product on the market. Nothing, however, is perfect so look for the bad points and see if they affect you.

Writing reviews

I have a friend that writes reviews almost as a career. It is a branding exercise but she just loves writing to  OUT the scams that appear daily on the web. Yes, she does recommend another way to do things as a consideration but her understanding of the Scammers is really professional.
Writing reviews and doing surveys is really the bottom feeder market of the internet.

Is their balance in the product review

In a rare review, you will see the products lined up side by side so you can see what you get with each involvement.
This is an example of two products from the same owner.

How to write a product review

First of all, do your research. Understand the product and what it should provide.

Do an Introduction.

Introduce the product and why you are doing a review. Who you are and why you have gone to this exercise

Declare the product owner and some background on them.

There are many very good products on the market whose owners have a regular following. The crew at Wealthy Affiliate for starters, Ryan Deiss, Russel Brunson, Davis Purdue as examples.

Who is the product for and what is the best use of it?

No one product covers every need so look at who the target is and what the product can deliver.

List all the good points

Yes, you can find them, and we want to understand just what it does well.

List all the bad points

There are always some downsides, it might be cost, complicated, hard to understand not relevant


Writing and reading reviews is for a purpose that is personal to you.
It can be to make money, a customer service, a branding exercise or many other things so start with the end in mind

Is the review on a scam product

The internet is full of products that recycle the same rubbish over and over. Make a $1000 a day without effort.
Become an Internet Millionaire overnight, Throw in your job and earn $100,000 a year doing surveys.

You see them everyday popping up on your computer with great promises and exciting posts.

If you think it is a dud product, tell the readers that this is the case and tell them why you think it is so.

You get nothing for nothing, everything takes effort and understanding based on training towards achieving a level of competence


My take on this is towards reading reviews with a grain of salt. Do your own research and compare different reviews for the real results.
Writing reviews can earn you an income. People read reviews and believe them and follow on what is in them. They also believe in magic, so, be the Tooth fairly and deliver some real results based on an honest assessment.

Alert, before joining one of the many make money writing review sites follow a few simple rules.
Don’t pay out any money.
Know why you are doing it.
Obtain a basic understanding before you start.
Research well and entertain.

PS You get all this at Wealthy Affiliate free training

Scan reviewsPeter Hanley



Fear missing out

Fear missing out

FOMO the trend of the twenties the fear of missing out.

Now this can apply to many areas friends, Facebook, parties, jobs the list is endless but there is one important one,
There is one FOMO that should drive you mad with desire.
Are you making money on the Internet like the Nerd down the road?

What! You’re not? But my friend everyone is raking it in.
$5000 a month low end $80,000 chasing the big million and you’re not in the game?

The great internet earnings myth.

Work from home, on Holidays, in your PJ’s whenever you want, life has never been easier.

Everyone is doing it. It’s like a second job taking over so you can leave the 9-5 and tell your boss what you really think.
Now sit back and watch the money comes in.
Making a living online is possible. The figures quoted are real, opportunities abound but so do the scammers.

No free rides with Internet

Fear missing out

Any sort of income making venture takes work. There are no free rides and you really need to know your stuff.
I have personally bought hundreds of products, written books, Coached, had an online shop paid my upgrades and 99% were called experience.
Like Thomas Edison and the light bulb, all the fails were just eliminating what does not work.

How do you get online experience?

Getting experience with online income generation is hard. There are literally tens of thousands of ways to make money on the internet and you can’t do them all.
You can only choose one or two and run with them. Which ones you may well ask, well, I don’t have an easy answer.
My recommendation for foundation training is The Wealthy Affiliate. I and many others searched through a lot of dog products before finding this Utopia.

Is earning money on the internet possible?

Don’t believe me log in and follow some of the members’ comments, it’s like a big family.
Have a look at some of the earnings among the members, ordinary working people just like you and me that went an extra yard and now live on the earnings while travelling around.

Shiny object syndrome

This is a well-known phenomenon when first trying to make money online.
This should be avoided like swimming with sharks and other risky ventures.
Randomly buying get rich products is costly and time wasting. Money can go into many thousands of dollars as you are promised rewards that make me blush. I know you will try it, we all do, it is part of the learning curve but do it with some insight. Understand the market before you venture forth.
One great example was a company called MOBE. They got so many of us mortals involved with an introductory $49 offer.
That offer then went to $199 right through to over $20,000 for the few that went the distance. Fancy paying out $20 grand for some internet training.
Yes, it was slick and the main guy Matt was sincere but splashing a lot of money around. What was the end result was  The American FTC closed it down and clawed back $125,000 million in assets?  A bundle of intelligent people lost money I being one of them but my $49 investment served me well.

 What can you do to learn the Internet?

My advice is to look at what is available and concentrate on that. Make yourself an expert in a product and then tout your wares to others at a cost.

It might be LinledIn, or Instagram, Facebook or Twitter it may be Amazon affiliate or Udmey reseller. You may set up a Shopify site or go into local marketing. Maybe coaching is your role or building websites, SEO or videos but whatever you chose you should target your choice.

We all go to wide to start and that is part of the learning curve. It is like leaving school and wondering about a career choice, some know early and some decide late, It matters not when you decide it matters that you do decide.

Who am I to tell you what to do? I see your strengths and you know where they lay so head in a direction that will end where a decision is evident.

I see the people that have the greatest success are those that specialise.
Do some basic training first, the Wealthy Affiliate has it all, log in for free and learn from others as you advance in the internet world.

Fear missing out

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Internet scams and you

Internet scams and you are a look at a real-life story penned by a friend who nearly went to jail for doing the right thing. A must-read

The internet is like any playground. there are lots to do, and fun to have but dangers lurk around the edges.

I have reproduced the following not as Stranger Danger but as an example of what can happen to the unwary.

The story of an Internet scam


In 2017 my friend decided to start finding part-time employment online as her career of 10 years had ended. She decided to pursue schooling in the medical field as a nurse because she had always wanted to help people in some way. But still needed to earn a living so why not try the internet at home while attending school. Others do it why can’t I?

She came across a few websites that offered to pay you for taking surveys. She thought this was easy enough. So began doing them every day every spare minute she had. Saying I must have done thousands of them. Then I realized a month had gone by and there was no talk of when I actually was going to get paid. There wasn’t even a place on the site to show how much had been earned. She figured that it was wasting her time so stopped doing the surveys and proceeded to see how else to work online.

A few weeks later she received a Federal Express envelope in the mail with a letter thanking her for doing the surveys and a check for a little over $1000!! I could not believe it she said. It stated in the letter they had many other opportunities for her. They then started emailing back and forth. She thought to herself, ” I hit the internet jackpot of working from home and getting paid”. Boy, was I wrong? It was actually the beginning of a nightmare.

Getting paid for Internet work.

Internet scams and you

She took the check and deposited it in her bank. It cleared about 3 days later and she paid her bills. Approximately 1 month later, there was a police officer at the door asking her to come with him for questioning on a bad check. She immediately knew it must be that check. So took the letter and envelope with her to show where it came from. At this point she wondered why the bank hadn’t contacted her first and why would they clear the check?  Confused but very confident that the officer would see she was scammed.

After giving her story the officer then told her she was being charged with felony fraud.
She had no criminal record and really felt her life was now over.

How was this even possible?

Fortunately, she didn’t actually go to jail, the officer was nice about that. She got a ticket and a court date to come back. A  court-appointed lawyer was provided who told her she should never have been charged. There was a lot of strain and duress waiting for a court date. The lawyer wasn’t moving as fast as was deemed necessary and she was scared and couldn’t obtain any employment while a criminal charge was pending.

People caught in a scam

It took nearly eight months to discover this scam had been done to thousands of people trying to get their bank info, a judge correctly decided she was wrongfully charged and dismissed the charges.
The charges are actually going to be expunged from her record like it never happened! Luck and good fortune were on her side!

She was then afraid to go anywhere near the internet. Much time passed before she was again tempted back inline.

Internet scams and you, getting back on the horse

Getting back on the Internet

Seeing an advertisement about affiliate marketing she decided it was time to dig in and give it another try.
As luck would have it she came across an email from Wealthy Affiliate.
She even emailed them asking if this was just another scam sight before starting out on a lot of research.

She said it took about a month before she would even go onto this website. Once on she was still skeptical. However, it was free to join so she went ahead and within a month or so upgraded to premium.

She commented that although she had been through so many heartaches and tragedies this was a breath of fresh air. To be a part of an honest, helpful, online community like Wealthy Affiliate.

An internet story with a happy ending

This is a terrible story with a happy ending. Now three months on Wealthy Affiliate she is loving it and penned the story to warn others.

Doing survey work is the very first venture of many to the Net, it takes no skill and appears to be a money-spinner. Not every survey is a scam, this was an extraordinary event showing how things can go wrong.

The basic training at Wealthy Affiliate, which by the way is free, covers this and many other situations to be afraid of. They give you ideas, and direction and build your self-confidence.

The internet is a great place to play, learn and earn but do it with an understanding of the basics to give you a great start in life.

Internet scams and you

image of authorPeter Hanley



Internet scams and you by Peter Hanley

Does affiliate marketing really work

Earn money at Home

Marketing and business strategy

Small business confidence

Marketing and business strategy

So you want to take your business viral, make a heap of money and sit back
watching the pile grow with a quaint Marketing and business strategy.

Don’t we all?

The marketing world is changing so fast that any report over about 12 months old is not current.
I lived in the olden days when Yellow Pages were the primary marketing tool for business. It cost me about $18,000 a year and we never knew if it worked or not.
It was like Blackmail, you had to be in it.

Seems to be a bit like a web page now.

The difference is a Webpage lasts the distance, you build it once and then just manage the content.
The big boys are still paying out $600 plus a month for SEO and many thousands for Paid clicks.
A friend of mine is paying over a thousand a day for clicks, yep you read that right. Selling a finance package so they get a return.

Marketing and business strategy

Another friend promotes her Hairdressing salon completely free on Instagram, Full studio and lined up for bookings. In fact, her brother rang for a Haircut to go to a special occasion and she had to recommend a good Barbour.

So what is your business strategy?

I posted recently about Donald Trump using Twitter as a strategy. He is brand building and using controversy to ignite the readership of his posts. Not only do people read the post the News agencies rehash it and talk about it. Like him or loathe him the strategy works.
I have talked about Kayla Itenes who branded her Bikini body workout using Instagram. Millionaire overnight.Marketing and business strategy

Marketing strategy or building a marketing plan.

You must have a great Website and SEO policy in place.
If you want to learn more about that go to The Wealthy Affiliate for free training.

Are you and your Key people registered in Linked In with a full Bio.
It is where important people will find you and a must do.

Yes, a Facebook page is necessary, Don’t groan out loud it is still the number one tool for delivering people to your website.

How do Facebook and web pages work together?

Let’s take a little sidetrack here and explain something really important. The role of a webpage and a Facebook page. They are different and have really different roles.
A Facebook page is to entertain and explain, to educate and to Brand your business.
Facebook will send people to the webpage, not the other way around.
Your Webpage is a sales Vehicle, it takes customers on a journey that will end up with them buying a product. You don’t want to send them away to waste time on social media. You want them in the sales door fully armed with product information.
Don’t get these confused, Use them as tools to achieve an end.

Targeting your clients.

Pick your market and work your market. You can’t be there for everyone. Yes, there is overflow marketing and an example could be a Kids store.
A majority of buyers will be young mothers but what about the Grandparents? They will be buyers as well. The difference is that you can target the Yummies on say Instagram but the oldies won’t be there.
Look at the bigger picture.

Social media must be current

One problem with all social media is that it must be current. You must post and post regularly or you achieve a negative impact. This is both easy to do and really hard to do.
You can do posts a week or month ahead by using web tools or just the Facebook post Scheduler.
The hard bit is doing it.
Think about when you visit a page and see no activity for a month or worse longer. They don’t care.
So why should you?

Where do you want to market, local or national or even International?

For local marketing use Trade Directories.

For local marketing pick out every trade directory you can find and place an advert in them.
How do you find them? Google whatever business you are in and they will take up most spots on pages one and two. Do they work, not that well but in total they give you a presence and will generate some traffic.

Google and YouTube, are they for business?

Marketing and business strategy

Yes, they certainly are, Youtube searches outrank the others so you need to be seen to be believed.
This is a younger demographic search but the older do as well.
Have you searched for how to do something and watched a video. I did it the other day. I wanted to adjust the brakes on my Pushbike and I could not get it right. Google YouTube, watch the video and all done.

I use Noble samurai as my video builder because it is easy, cheap and reliable, try it out for free and my connection here, you get a bonus by using this link.

Google my business, a free listing of your address and how you can be found.

Now a word of warning on your marketing plan.


Don’t do a plan and stick it in the draw. It is a daily review if something is not working to make changes on the fly.
When to make changes?
A couple of examples for you:
I do a lot of SMS marketing, I will send out say a thousand messages for about $150. The responses will be instant because people read act or delete so there is no shelf life. If it does not work we change something and try again until we get it correct.
If I place an Advert in a magazine that ends up in a Doctors surgery it has a long-term shelf life, perhaps years so it is hard to quantify.

Branding and your marketing plan.

In small business don’t fall for the old branding trick, your Advert is not delivering sales but you look good, rubbish.
For the small business, you want customers and sales and branding will be in the background. Concentrate on getting them in the door at a cost you can afford and delivering an ROI that you can be proud of.

Consistency is the key to marketing.

This is the age of instant gratification, we want to be fed information and the more the better. If you are using social media the target is daily, or twice daily not monthly.
Your Web Page needs new input at least weekly and your results need viewing daily. Things change so be ready to go with them

My final say on Marketing and business strategy.

This is not a nice to do subject, it is a must do project that will impact your business. Make a plan, review the plan and make changes when things don’t work. A few words can make a difference, a nice picture, addressing people by name, just little changes can make a big difference.

Enjoy the journey

image of authorPeter Hanley


Understand Google analytics

Understand Google analytics


You must Understand Google analytics if you are serious about SEO and websites. We look at the fundamentals and necessary blocks to success

This is not a comprehensive guide to Google analytics because neither of us has that much time
It is just a few tips to get you started here at Newbusinessonline

First off all do you use analytics and how do you start.

Signing into a Google account is really very easy and analytics is just one of the programs on offer.
You should have analytics’ for every website you own and actively monitor the results.

Your analytics account offers a code to be embedded at the top of your page or post. This is invisible to the reader and is simply placed at the top of the page.
Let’s just run through that; this is for WordPress and some others

Skip this section if you are using analytics now

Log into Google Analytics and sign in ( or start for free first)

Choose your account if you have more than one at the top right Picture
Then log in to Admin at the bottom left column.
The middle row should be Property settings under which is Tracker info.
Copy and paste the code and go to your web page or post.
At the top right, you have two boxes Visual and text.

Click on the text and go to the top of the page above everything else. Go up a couple of notches and add the word in brackets
<HEAD> then, directly underneath paste the code you copied from analytics. Update and carry on.

Now we have set Analytics we move on

There are a few important issues with your analytics account that show out and make the difference.

Understand Google analytics

The first is mobile verse Desktop percentage.

You should now write for Mobile readers because the Google ranking looks at mobile-first and ranks from there, it was the other way around until very recently but things change so change with it.

Bounce rate and Google analytics

The next is the bounce rate the lower the percentage means the more people that are actually interested in what you write. At 100% you are only getting trollers that mean nothing to you.
You can have massive traffic but no one comes in the door so do something about it. Change your header, review your content or more importantly review where traffic is coming from.

You must Understand Google analytics if you are serious about SEO and websites. We look at the fundamentals and necessary blocks to success

Your country and Analytics, does it matter?

You should also look at The country where readers are, Are you writing for a local area or worldwide.
I do one general site on Cats that was just a trial but aimed at my market in Australia. 80% of readers are in the USA so I have changed my writing to reflect situations and words that mostly fit that region.

Understanding Google analytics

What pages rate in analytics?

Understand Google analytics


And Finally, the pages report what people read, how long, and how often giving you an insight into your writing and whether you are entertaining them.

This is but a small percentage  of what analytics can do for you and there is a lot of information on the report page to troll through

Analytics is real-time but reporting the next day. You can see active readers live at any time but the day’s report follows. This can be adjusted.

Knowing your progress means you can make changes so look every day.
Google has a habit of doing mind-blowing things where your followers can be wiped out at any time.
If you understand what is going on you have a chance to correct the issue.

So take the top issues that concern you and by following the results make changes to improve your post /page.

I recently changed my Header and increased my readership by nearly 20%. I was just not getting an early bite and they were not taking the time to consume all my great content.

Keep tweaking until you have it right

To summarise this ;

1) You must have analytics on your site and check them daily.

  1. Target your audience and write to them
  2. Write to a mobile phone set up.
  3. Use Headlines and headers to get attention
  4. Maintain attention using great  Content
  5. Add videos to enhance time on the site.

Understand Google analytics by Peter Hanley

Understand Google analytics, image of authorPeter Hanley


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Pictures in a blog
Trump and Business
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Affiliate marketing and you


Pictures in a blog

Pictures in a blog


Do you put pictures in a blog and where do you get them?

The impact of pictures came hard at me this week in an email

I received.




Pictures in a blog

I had been given a parking ticket for overstaying my time in a parking bay.

The next day I received a photographic proof with My car showing the number plate, the ticket on the window, a clock showing the time and the $65 fine.
There is nowhere to go from there.

WordPress and pictures

In WordPress websites, they actually have a spot in the builder to feature a picture at the start of an article so they push the idea. They know so we follow the rules of Google.

All pictures attract attention and the old saying a picture is worth a thousand words may just be correct.

For instants, the rise of Instagram as a media has seen huge growth simply based around a picture.

Pictures in a blog

You would not attempt a PowerPoint without using pictures you would lose the audience very quick
because the attention span is limited to a level of participation.

Using the wrong images can also be damaging but in saying that a picture of a pretty girl always draws a crowd, from both sides of the fence.

Magazines and newspapers live by the picture so why not you.

There are technical issues and rules to follow with pictures so read on for more.

Pictures in a blog

Firstly only pictures owned by you or in the public domain can be used on your website. a great place to get these is  at Pixabay or at Wealthy Affiliate

Rule number one is using an appropriate picture for the article. This rule can, however, be broken when you want to hijack a reader.

Every picture should have an Alt tag attached embedded in it. There again is some conjecture with using the Alt-tag. Most say that it should be your Blog heading and this covers the SEO requirements of Yoast and All n One SEO but is it correct.
A friend of mine is considered legally blind and he believes the Alt-tag should reflect the image value so that it tells the impaired readers what is going on.
He is very strong on this so tread your own path.

Using an image as a link is very useful but beware.

It is great when you can click on an image and be taken to another world. It is not so great when you realize they have gone forever from your site, you have just lost them to someone else.

When you construct your image there is a little trick in the setup.

Click on the image and the edit button.
Enter your alt tag
now go to advanced settings
Enter the URL where the new site is
Click the box that states OPEN THE IMAGE IN NEW TAB

Save and close.

With this done they will always come back to your site when they are finished with the redirection>

This is probably the most important message on this page so make sure you try it out now.

The picture in a post to the centre or to the right.

Pictures in a blog

You read from left to right so placing images in line with your reading supports the flow of imagination.

I believe full-page images distract but this is not a common belief where many plaster the page with images

Social network and share buttons

I get controversial here because I have a belief that social media drives traffic to your blog.
Your blog is there for a specific purpose, it might be to sell a product or lead them somewhere like an affiliate site but it has a purpose. If you send your readers off to Facebook to be entertained by a bunch of irrelevant posts you have lost them for all time.

Yes you can show them you have a Facebook and you are savvy with all that but you want them on your page not wandering the Social world.

Save the redirects to your social world again having great Pictures redirecting to your Blog or web page.

Pictures in a blog  part of a series of information

Pictures in a blog, image of the author

Peter Hanley