Increase Organic Traffic Website

Increase organic traffic website

How to increase Organic traffic to your website. Here we look at some traffic building ideas that may help your website grow.

More great ways to build traffic

  • Follow ad words traffic
  • Use power words
  • General ideas
  • Click to link

Using click to link

Using click to link is a whole new experience that should be used on Websites and Face book posts

How Ad-words can help your traffic?

With nearly every Keyword you will find paid advertising at the top of the page. Ads are expensive and a lot of process goes into finding the correct words. Search your chosen Keyword and see what they are saying and take a hint from them. Pick out the best words and combine to make your page description drag readers into your website.
This one simple act is quicker than keyword research.

Use Power words throughout your description

  • Right now
  • Quick
  • Simple
  • fast
  • Easy
  • Today
  • Immediate

These words will bring readers to heel and grab their attention. 


I like to link to other helpful sites as well as prior posts I have written on a range of subjects so it is easy to supply a step to other training on a subject like selecting a keyword

I don’t mind sending you to other experts in the trade and one I particularly like is Brian Dean who does some great video blogs on this subject.

Another is the training at Wealthy Affiliate where I have attached a real-world sample of the free training at this great site. Do the video and the written notes to get the best exposure to the subject. You can find another 500 or so training series at this site by registering in for free.

Increase organic traffic to your website
Grow your followers with internal linking

Share Triggers

Getting people to share your site or recommend it to others comes down to content.
At the bottom of the Blog is a comment section that will start a conversation about the subject. More importantly, it also gives a backlink back to your site one of the page building techniques we aim for.

Link to Social media

There is no doubt that social media plays a big part in your web site SEO and to increase  Organic traffic to your website. You may choose Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or twitter as your target or in fact all of them if you are so fancy. I like to concentrate on one and do it properly.

Videos and PodCasts

This was the year of the podcast becoming ever popular and guest speaking is as good as your own podcast, in fact, better if you manage a branded site.

Videos and YouTube are a must for every site. YouTube is now a very searched media and offers countless opportunities to get leads. One easy builder is at Content Samurai where you can create a Video in about half an hour and it is so easy. Give it a try

Just touching on Organic traffic

You can not expect to learn everything about increasing organic traffic in one go but what you can do is to try a new element regularly so that they become part of the daily presence 

We haven’t talked about Keywords where it all starts or page set up  for SEO
Another that is necessary is using WordPress 5 a whole new way to build web pages and compete with the free page builders being sold on the market.

  • Do something new every time you build a post or Page
  • Revisit your old posts and bring them up to date
  • Submit them to google for desktop and mobile devices
  • Have a list on your page, google loves it 
  • Learn Video and use it
  • Write longer content even up to 3000 words

Finally, do some training every day on a subject that will help you

image of author

Peter Hanley is a veteran of over 35 years in small business marketing including taking a one-man business to a stock market listing. He realized early on the importance of the Internet for business and has taken this as a passion to pass on to new and existing users.

Thanks for reading increase organic traffic website and leave a comment below.

Free Keyword Search Tool

free keyword search tool

Finding a Free Keyword search tool is the first part of building a lucrative web site or online income promoting your selected word or phrase.

Pay big bucks or Pay nothing it’s your call.

A Keyword is just one small part of the equation. We can all pick a Keyword that attracts traffic and I use for example the word Nike.

free keyword search tool
The keys to successful words

Nike is a Keyword, everyone knows it, most will search it over a lifetime and it guarantees a huge volume of traffic. The problem is it is not traffic to you.

Add a tail to Nike like Nike golf shoes Tiger Wood and you can have a chance of being seen.

The first page of any search term 

The average web user won’t go past the first five listings on a search engine results page (SERP). According to a 2014 study from Advanced Web Rankings, more than 67% of all clicks on SERPs go to the top five listings. Things start to get grim when you look past those first few results. Research shows that websites on the first search engine results page receive 95% of all traffic is seen on page one leaving only 5% for the remaining search results pages. 

It gets worse

With the word Nike, there are over 1.7 million searches a month and If you are on page one you might see 296,000 hits on your website if and only if you are consistently on Page one, which is not going to happen unless?

Buying your way in

On every Page there resides some paid adverts, usually the first three or four spots. Using Google Ad-words you pay every time someone clicks on your advert, pretty easy stuff except for one simple reason. Cost!

A word like Nike might cost you about $40 a click. Then only 1/10 might buy so your cost of sales would be $400 hardly worthwhile.

So you need to get to page one for free if possible.

How many are ahead of you

This is a very important question with a very easy answer.
Having Nike in your domain name always helps but it is  protected by copy-write so that is not an option

In the USA there are about 100 pages ahead of you or some thousand companies that you must be better than so that is not going to happen.

There are many factors that come into the equation before you make a decision. Age of the website, the number of backlinks, internal links,
to name just a few.

Addressing the keyword issue

The answer is, of course, long-tail keywords. This is when you construct words around Nike to narrow the search term. An example could be Tiger Woods  Nike golf shoes where you could be on page 3-4 quickly and go to the top by adding just a bit more like a location.

How do you check your keywords?

OK, now we are getting down to Keyword checkers. My favourite is actually free for limited searches, great for amateurs with an upgrade for pros.

You can play with this and get a basic understanding of what you want to find out.

The other end of the market 

I really like Content Samurai, this provides all the information you will ever need but it takes a bit of training

Try Market Samurai For Free!

I can go on with this to Google trends, Semrush, Moz plus you can search google for lots of paid versions but I have given you the top choices so don’t waste time looking for a better answer.

How to use your Keyword

Knowing and having a keyword is just the start of the offering. It is using it in the best possible way.

  • Great if you have it in your URL
  • Use it in your heading.
  • Must be in the first paragraph of your post
  • In your Title and description
  • and one H# heading

Finally, a warning to not overuse it in any post or 
page, Keyword Stuffing in a past issue and you can now be penalized for it.

All things Internet and training

The Keyword is just part of the broader picture. For complete training on the internet I recommend starting with the free version of Wealthy Affiliate, you even get a free keyword analyzer thrown in.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment on the free Keyword search tool provided.

Free keyword search tool by Peter Hanley

Image of author
by Peter Hanley

Affiliate Internet Marketing

Affiliate Internet Marketing is a way to make money working from home. Here Peter Hanley
provides ideas, tools and training to quickly

To start

What is Affiliate Internet Marketing all about and are there many opportunities to make money without a lot of knowledge or training.

Over 111 opportunities available

Here you have exclusive access to a list of opportunities that would take months to gather.

We list out links in all sorts of opportunities that you can earn from. Affiliate links

You will need password access to this site and this may change from time to time, for now, use Topcat16

Knowing and doing Affiliate marketing

The wealthy affiliate site is an entry to a new world. It is packed with training that takes you from start to Earning money and beyond.

With very little experience you can be moving like an industry shaker and have the money coming in the door without spending a penny.


Would 7 million be enough?

That’s what the top earners make from selling other people products using Instagram as a platform. 
 Jason Stone known as the millionaire mentor did this in one year selling other peoples products.

“In the early days, I treated Instagram like a blog. I posted consistently, shared my story, my experiences as an entrepreneur, and found that motivational quotes with pictures of cars, luxury items, and public figures would get a lot of engagement”       – Jason Stone –

It all started with some training

There is no power without the knowledge and this only comes at the expense of time, your time in understanding the basics

What others have to say about the Wealthy Affiliate training

“WA offers you the blueprint and the right tools to do that with the help of many others in live chat, questions, blogs or comments. Not to forget Site Support.”
“Wealthy Affiliate offers you everything you need to become competent in this online business world…I have used it extensively since joining 2 years ago…”
Dave SW

“I appreciate all your likes and for ‘friending’ me here. You have all given me a ton of encouragement when I read your tips and lessons.
Kyle, Carson and Jay and to your staff … words can’t express what I really want to say, other than I will think of you all tonight!!”

“I am really enjoying watching the content in the training. They are long enough to get the point across but don’t waste your time by beating the point to death.
I like the “bite-size” pieces of the training broken up by the slates. I also like that I can pause and try the information on my own website. I’m staying up so late because I just keep watching and watching the content.”
TV# Chick

Are these real? I went to just the first page of Wealthy Affiliate blog and copied these in minutes as an example. There are thousands more to be had by simply ready through a few posts

So waste no more time starting your journey

Affiliate Internet marketing
by Peter Hanley

Positive attitude

positive attitude

Maintaining a Positive attitude is all in the mind they say but there are things you can do to help you have more up days than down.

Take Your Meds

I don’t say this lightly as I understand that some people rely on them because of a medical disorder and trying to go solo most often ends in disaster.

My simple solutions to a positive attitude

Simple solution #1
                  Have a plan of action on what you want to achieve. Not in your head, on paper with dates and outcomes so you can track progress.

When you have no goals or outcomes and you simply wander free you are not achieving anything worthwhile.
All of the most famous achievers had one thing in common. a well thought out plan.

Wishing and hoping are not planning nor is mindlessly doing a day Job. Rock up at 8 and wait for payday is a plan for mental disaster. I HATE MY JOB. 
Hello, anyone in this camp that wants out? What about a change of attitude with some outcomes that you want.

Not all plans work

That’s why they call them plans not outcomes, you are allowed to change and modify with circumstances that are out of your control.

Meditation is a plan

Simple exercise #2

I am not going all Buddhist here but clearing your mind of negativity works on your soul. Spend time by stripping all thought from your mind. Sounds easy but it takes practice to eliminate those nagging negatives streaming into your brain and draining you of power.
You can Hum, chant or imagine a relaxing pursuit just relax, relax.

Does exercise work on attitude?

Simple exercise #3

There is unlimited evidence on exercise increasing your endorphins and giving you a feel-good attitude.

It can be a Gym, a run a walk, Yoga, Pilates, swimming. Bike riding or any exercise that dominates the body.
I Swim most morning, Sometimes I struggle to the beach and make excuses all the way on all the reasons not to do it

positive attitude

Afterwards, I bounce up the beach ready to take on the world. At night I walk to break between work and family so I can change attitude.
There is an old saying that you should leave your problems at the door, hang them on the coat rack they will be there when you get back. That includes the work door and the home door. They don’t mix well.

Simple rewards for achievement

When you achieve something you have planned reward yourself in some small way as recognition of success.
We all love presents so be the giver and the receiver to experience gratitude for effort applied

When you have a problem have a plan

We all have worrying problems that eat away at us and even keep us awake at night. You’re not on your own in this everyone has problems real and perceived. The difference is how we handle them.

Back to planning, Get your problem, have a strategy and work the plan. you will stop worrying if you are doing something about it.
Lack of action the greater the problem the more the worry leading to negativity.

In conclusion

These are a few simple ideas from a layperson without training that I hope can help.
In my 70’s still working, a couple of jobs 5 kids and partners, 13 Grand-kids and a lifetime in business has helped me stay sane and focused using all the above even to this day.

Hope I have given you some simple insight

positive attitude
by Peter Hanley


Internet marketing training beginners

How about Internet marketing training beginners to help out the new kids wanting to achieve results, here Peter Hanley takes you by the hand and leads you forth

Internet marketing training beginners
The journey

What is Internet marketing and how to get training

Nearly all business marketing is now done on the internet, from emails to Twitter and all in between.

It has been steady growth since about the year 2000 with new products regularly being introduced.
You Tube 

Its a lot to learn and a lot to do

My best advice on Social media

Learn one media in full and practice that before moving on.
I will take you to University for free but it takes time, your time in learning about the internet.

This is not your usual pay on entry and then keep paying. This is entirely free to do the training and the only cost is when you are ready to build websites and make some money

Read the reviews and follow the blogs and pick your training from hundreds of subjects

Pick your training module

Emails are still a product that works as well now as anytime in the past 20 years.
You must, however, follow a few simple rules and in a recent blog, I have gone over this to help you

Further beginner training

I regularly blog on all sorts of small business ideas and internet ways to gather customers for business or Affiliate marketing on the internet.
My site New Business Online has nearly 200 free articles many with giving away products and ideas to quickly elevate your internet experience.

Any new experience requires a commitment in time and sometimes money to learn everything you need to know.

That is why a general overview is good and then select an area in which you wish to excel. It may be Web page building. SEO, one of the Social Media platforms email marketing or even SMS

The University of the Internet

I can not teach you internet in one blog post. What I can do is take you by the hand and keep you from harm’s way.
Ask anyone that knows internet marketing and they will tell you about a list of products bought from the market. $10 products to $5000 products to speak internet. 

Buying training programs is not necessary

I am Guilty. I have files of programs that have taught me little and cost me lots and just about everyone else is in the same boat.

Eventually, I came across one product that had the answers. There is no upfront cost and no upgrade charges until you want to start your own websites.
The most you will ever pay is $49 a month with 50 included websites. 
As I say if you just want the training it costs nothing.
Here is just a sample  of our training
This is about starting your journey and what you need to do. It is written and aural but do both as they do include different elements.

Take a social media option

 You can pick your training from the basic 70 modules that assign you over 207 simple tasks so you really get a hold on what you learn.

Perhaps Web building is your buzz or any of the other elements you can choose but I advise not.
Why? you scream at your computer so I shall tell you.
When I started and because I knew it all I skimmed the course missed the Audio logs and jumped around. 
Eventually, I went back and started from day one and did it properly.

The internet changes regularly so how do you keep up?

I did a recent blog on the changes in just Social media over the past few years and you need to keep up.

At Wealthy affiliate, members are regularly posting training programmes on all sorts of subjects. Where to make money, How to make money changes to websites.

Just recently WordPress the most used website builder did a 360-degree change to building website. It horrified many and there was great resistance to change. So much So WordPress allowed the old method to continue.

Learning WordPress 5 is not difficult. change is difficult for many established players and it will take time. I embrace change because it is generally done with a purpose to better the product.

My point here is that constant learning is necessary because the internet curve is constant.
With this training, you stay ahead of the market and can pass your knowledge to your industry or market

In conclusion on the internet training

You have an advantage starting now, you can learn from the mistakes of others and advance your learning at a far greater rate. 10 years ago half the products were not yet thought off and 10 years time there will be many more.

Internet marketing training with
Wealthy Affiliate

By Peter Hanley a 30+ year small business and internet marketing coach


Internet Marketing Training

Is Internet Marketing Training really necessary? Here Peter Hanley explains why it is and things you can easily do to increase your and your staff knowledge

What is Internet marketing?

We start at your Basic emails probably the oldest form of Internet marketing which started about 20 years ago. Still, businesses have hesitation to use emails and a gross misunderstanding about how effective it can be with a price to suit. 

What about web pages? 

The general use of Web pages started about the year  2000 in mainland USA  making it slightly younger than emails to the market.

Web pages have become a mainstream product but still to this day we have businesses that don’t believe in them or simply launch a shabby product and let it sit.
The more senior of the readers will well remember the exorbitant costs of the Yellow Pages directories and the nebulous results obtained back.

We also remember the original cost of a web page based  on the many thousands of dollars to build a competent site

That was, however, not the end of it. In about 2005 along came Google and SEO to really complicate the issue. Search engine optimization costs were in the mid-hundreds every month so people could find you. Keyword targeting was all the buzz.

This was also the real start of YouTube in 2005 when purchased by Google.

Then LinkedIn with a miserly 10 million users in 2007
started their journey to the stars

Not an exact History

The years I have used are approximate dates of mainstream acceptance and there was a lot of prior history in building up to all these products. I just wanted to show growth so don’t shoot the messenger.

FaceBook followed shortly thereafter with general acceptance in about 2010 after some shaky starts and then bought Instagram in 2016 has about 600 million users.

OK, there are others like Twitter, Google + (oops gone)
Pinterest and Tumblr to choose from before the messaging apps Like Whats APP

  • In order of popularity in 2017, they are 
  • Whatsapp
  • LinkedIn

This may change at any time.

Compare these to the old Yellow pages who had the market from late 1800 some 110 years as the market leader.

That’s the History lesson over

Now everyone ( well almost) has one of the above Social media activities and they are your customers.
So what are you doing about it?

I have a couple of answers but first of all which ones do you choose? 
Actually, all of them is the correct answer because they are all avenues to new business.

Stop! As a small business person, you can not possibly spare the time and effort to do them all properly.
Half done attempts are not the answer as It will possibly hurt you more than gain.

It all starts with a WebPage

The address to your business, your shop front, your salesperson plus location guide and maybe even online shopping.

I am going to show you how to build your website and do your own SEO in case you are one of the few who don’t have one. If you do we will tell you how you can you make it better?

Let’s look at Social media

There are two that stand out as a must-do and I will explain why?
Not in order although I believe LinkedIn is important to you and your business as a must-do.
Why? People want to know about you and regular search results. It might be bankers or suppliers, customers or Job offers but you need to be found.
You need a good photo and great Bio and it is done.
Yes, you can market with it and do a lot more but for most of us, presence is paramount.

The next is Facebook. Forget the family interaction and social stuff this is business and a great business tool. However, understand what Facebook is doing for you. 

The naughty child of Facebook

Facebook is like a naughty child, it wants attention and to be noticed and needs constant input but quickly defers to the parents.
We want people to notice your Facebook and think it great but quickly defer to your webpage where you can sell something or deliver a real message.
In our training, you will learn that you never send someone from a webpage to a Facebook page to lose them to entertainment. This simple lesson can make a big difference.


Internet marketing training

This is a winner for a lot of businesses. Instagram can turn you into a millionaire overnight like Kayla Itenes the perfect body Trainer.
Kayla with over 8.5 million Instagram followers became an overnight success.
She is not alone this can be a great venue for your marketing and we will tell you how.

Business Insider asked Itsines what was the secret behind her international success. Her reply: the combination of a solid program, focusing the business around fitness and not about “Kayla” and, of course, having a good social media game plan.

It’s not about you it is what you can do for others that make a difference

YouTube videos

With more than 3 billion searches a month YouTube is the second biggest search engine behind only Google.

More searches than Bing, Yahoo, Ask and AOL in total so it can’t be ignored
Want to see how something works, can be fixed, looks or simply rubbish it is all on YouTube.
Did you know that having a Youtube video on your website helps your SEO? It does in a couple of ways.
The longer lookers stay on your site is a factor in SEO.
So watching a 2-minute video keeps them there and you gain plus sharing is always an advantage.

We train you on all of this and much more.

Twitter and the others

With all the marketing you have two main goals. The most important is results, sales, cash in the pocket. 
The other is branding. Having your image out there and remembered for all future activities>

The big business concentrates on branding small business want to eat every day 
Google brands, Nike brands products because you buy the product from any designated store and not directly.
I think of Twitter as a branding exercise and great to build a following. Most often a personal following. Politicians use it and those would be famous. I am not knocking it just leading you to a path.

Every day a new product

I lie, not every day but most weekdays a 1000 word exercise on something 
that you can use in your business or online.
It’s pretty simple really, businesses you can log into new business online and choose a subject of choice 

We offer free products to help with your experience like Grammarly the writing corrector that everyone should have. Website diagnostics, Keyword finder and lots more. nearly every report has a value-add for you.

And then there is the complete training package 

Now Wealthy Affiliate costs you nothing to join and you can share it with staff or others just as freely. It is packed with training on all subjects around web sites and marketing.

I post here a starting example so you can try it before you free it said he. no credit card required.
Have a look at some of the reviews on Wealthy Affiliate as the most honest site of it’s kind. people search for years and waste countless dollars until they finally settle her.

Internet Marketing training by

Image of author
by Peter Hanley

Small business confidence

Small business confidence

Small business confidence has taken a hit lately and many are doing it harder than they should. Here Peter Hanley gives you some ideas to help move ahead

Let’s look at the world first

When I look at the world economy I first look at the leaders and the problems they have.
In the USA you have Donald Trump who spends time-fighting off allegations of fraud and corruption, sparring with his Chinese opposite, trying to stop a Caravan driving through a wall and a wife not talking to him. 

In the UK we have Theresa May fighting Brexit with everything she has and trying to control the past immigration problems. Her tangles with the EU are coming to ahead.

Australia has changed Prime Ministers regularly of late so no one has a chance to settle in and finish a job.

You can only wonder why the attention has been taken away from business?

So what of the small to medium business owner?

Increased regulations on labour, health, local conditions have all added to the pile of things we need to sort out before we can conduct our business.

Small business confidence
Small business

When our focus moves from marketing and selling to administration and clerical duties something is going to suffer and that is profit.

I can’t fix a President but let’s focus on you, the business owner

The issues that have made the biggest changes, that I see, are Online trading payment ability, Social media and the rise of the Megastore
If you are not seriously looking at these issues and working them to suit you it may just mean failure on your part and we don’t want that.
Keep your attention on the most important issues to you and your business.
Things are changing so here I provide some important aspects you may not have noticed and can apply.

Online trading

We all have the Amazon effect in some way unless you are selling a service only. Sales through Amazon and similar outlets continue to grow,  so you need to actively compete. If you are selling physical products someone is getting part of your business and hence a bit of your income.
Can you set up an online store and compete 

The Megastores

small business confidence

This would also relate to the Megastores, an example is ALDI where the arrival in any town has an effect. You could even go to the lower level and include Starbucks and Hamburgers. In your country, you will see the superstores with massive marketing budgets and slim margins pounding away at your customers, the best you can hope for is poor service and delivery in the equation. The closer you are can also enhance your problem
So don’t ignore it, fight with Service and local marketing efforts

Social media and target marketing

The word is remarketing and it is having a big influence on your business
If you don’t know what this is it is the advertisements that pop up after you visit a site on the internet associated with a product. Try any major brand and see what happens.
Say I  search Gucci handbags and all of a sudden Adverts are popping into my news feed or it seems everywhere I look thus 
creating a possible dilemma at Xmas
As my wife follows my news feed, she may get an inkling at my gift intentions, but, that is the least of it.
Your customers may go online to price check or search products at another site and will get bombarded with popups taunting them away from you on an impulse or a whim.

There is nothing you can do but join them and pay the price to compete.
Most of the major companies are spending over 20% of their marketing budget on retargeting for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.

Image of shopping items
an example advertisement

You can read more on this problem in a recent blog I wrote on remarketing

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin all must do’s

It is not enough to set up a Social Media site and forget it, you may as well not do it at all unless you are proactive.
As a marketer, I often cut to the Facebook site to see what they are up to.
If there is nothing there I move customers, it’s as simple as that.

It is relatively easy to program posts well into the future to save the daily struggle  and I have more on a template approach here

While I do suggest being in all my recommendation is to use just one in your major focus. Instagram can be as effective, if not more so than Facebook whilst others choose LinkedIn. Just focus on one to get that working as good as possible

Instant payments

This is a real game-changer with Instant credit. Most of the market is cash strapped particularly the under 25 set who still maintain a constant need for clothes and accessories. This means they will shop on credit with instant money where and when they can. If you are not in the market you will miss out.
Yes, it cost you about 10%  of the sales value which is more than the 2.5% credit card fees but a hell of a lot more than no sale at all.

Many, if not most of the majors are now offering this service so pulling customers away from you.

I reckon it’s a do or be dammed outcome.

In conclusion

While the world leaders can’t maintain focus how do you expect to do it better. The answer is doing the things that will have the most return or benefit and concentrate 80% on that until you have it working as you want it

Small business confidence by Peter Hanley

Image of author
by Peter Hanley



A lot of free training at Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to do things to grow your business on the Net and get that small business confidence back

Small business confidence 

SEO outsource

How to plan your marketing

SEO outsourcing is no longer needed for most small businesses. Here Peter Hanley tells you how to save money by doing SEO in-house. Times have changed.

SEO Outsource not needed 

I was paying $600 a month for 10 keywords to try and rank on page one.

The site might have made it a few times but most of all they asked for more time and another month of money. I thought Yellow pagers people were robbers but these guys take the cake.
Still to this day I regularly get offers to take my money but now manage my own SEO.

Writing content to win

First of all how many words go into a blog that is acceptable to SEO.
The jury varies on this except that 300 is considered a minimum and that around 1500 optimal. The content value, however, overrides everything else.
Your Headings should be from largest to smallest going down and paragraphs not too long. Sentences short and too the point without waffling on.
Google does not read words but senses structure and grammar. 
Spelling and grammar mistakes are easy to pick ( spell check) up as are length and style.

Pictures in a Blog

Seo and image of young girl

The Pictures are an asset provided they can be associated with the writing.
although good looking people usually get a look in.

You must fill in the Alt image box describing the picture. Houston we have a dilemma. Do you place the Keyword in the Alt Image or an actual description of the picture? Again there are two trains of thought. I always place the Keyword in the Alt box and don’t get marked down on it

Lists, Links, and videos to complete the blog

To this, you can add quotes, comments, audio and galleries all designed to keep you inline, online and achieving.

You need both in and out links to complete the party and as many as you can gather. Link to other pages or even on the page as well as outside authorities websites. Government, universities, corporations are all good

Categories, Tags and excerpts

Categories are the most important of the three because Uncategorized is not a good look nor good for your Seo so make sure you fill these out.

In your settings and reading fix your category on the most used one in case you forget to fill the box

You can learn more about this at Wealthy Affiliate in the University training  which is a free course

Comments and reply’s

Interaction on your site is always positive for several reasons.

  • Feedback is good and recognized by Google
  • Time on the site is an important Matrix 
  • Other users stay longer reading comments

Key phrase and its use 

This is probably the most important issue we will discuss because it is the start and end of the journey.

We have talked about Keywords and how they apply to your business now we will discuss placing them on your page. 
In the olden days but a year or so past Keyword stuffing was all the rage. This has done a three-sixty and is now considered bad format.

Certainly in your domain name is great for your main page but in a blog or post the target keyword in your heading.
Then in the first paragraph and one in a H# title
The Meta description is vital that you have the keyword included as well the associated slug.
Yoast tells me Keyword density is a minimum of 0.5% with a maximum of 2.5%
so use them cleverly and mix them in the writing.
If you use keywords correctly the SEO outsourcing is not needed as an example 

Check your site ranking

There is a very easy way to check your site ranking at this free site ranker

I have discussed at length in a post on check your site rank where 
 there is a section on checking your whole page for errors and corrections.

This is particularly helpful as errors and problems subtract from your SEO

Social Media

Social media impacts your results with linking and sending traffic and as the search engines like Facebook and Instagram among others because of the link juice they provide.

Warning though your updates on Social media need to be current  with good quality material

SEO outsource

Blog posting

Consistent and regular blog posting is required to keep your site in front of mind and Google penalizes lack of attention. Make sure you link your posts through to Social media and link to High profile sites for extra value

Outsource some of the work

Posting to Social media and Blog posting can be a hassle so maybe give a staff member some authority to do this on a regular basis.

I recommend Scheduling your posts for a week in advance so you take the one-time slot to do this. I regularly adopt this method to keep up to date

Do some extra training

We recommend you use  Wealthy Affiliate for all your training on everything website and SEO and because it is free you can slot your staff in as well.


It may seem like a lot of work but with a  bit of organisation and thought you can make this quite easy. your managers can outsource internally or externally for much of the work. Go to places like Fivver .comWhere you can get anything done for a low price particularly blog writing.

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by Peter Hanley


SEO outsource

WordPress 5


WordPress 5 is not a bad word, in fact, I have found it really helps with building a blog page but you need to find your way around

First of all, you don’t need to be all in or all out. WordPress comes with an optional plug-in called Classic Editor. You will need this to modify your old posts and pages and if you are a scary cat about the new page builder.
You load the plugin to your site and then just turn it on or off.
Pretty simple stuff

Little boxes all in a row.

Just like the old song WP 5 is all about little boxes. You choose a box using the little + symbol and then follow the prompts. This allows the correct separation and aligns the work for you.

This really is a great time saver because it takes a lot of the manual work away from you and becomes second nature after a couple of runs.

The boxes start at headings and move to paragraphs then every element you want to include. 

Yoast can help you

Having the Yoast SEO plugin installed still comments on both your writing and your SEO either at the end or along the way.
A quick check and I am told my sentences are too long so trim them back for easy reading.
I will also start to be more positive along the way. 
Using Yoast as you go helps your structure.

Now the (i) button

You are going to just love this new addition.
It gives you a count of words, paragraphs, headings and blocks as you go.
Your headings should always flow down as your page builds.
Just yesterday I checked a blog and I had inserted a couple of H2 headings when I needed H3. Under the traditional system, this would never have been noticed and affected my SEO

I upgraded to WP5 

I had tried Gutenberg and became disillusioned for some reason so trying 5.1 was an experience that I shared here

So I don’t want to go line by line because you will learn that on your own.
I want you to go in the deep end with a few things to help write your blog

The sidebarcontrol section

This takes a bit of getting used to as you go to the different section.
One is the current block you are working on where you have text, colour and advanced settings. This drop cap is an example.

Then the document settings showing information on the Post, then your categories, tags and picture header

In the old version, the feature image would not download unless 200 pixels deep. Now it matters not. I don’t know whether this will affect your SEO so to be a safe stay at 200 deep where possible. You can only crop down in the image window not up.

Writing or placing code

You can write in code or use a block. Here I have used a block

WordPress 5

Here I have used code using a formatting block and what is difficult is the ability to place it on the page.

While you are looking at the right panel and changing the size etc You need to go back to the top panel to position the block and insert your link.
This was a bit confusing at first but easily learned.

In general, you have the ability to build a better post more quickly and far more accurate than before

I dropped this link in because your Keywords are still the most important item on the page. People search for Keywords. not good writing or nice pictures so do your research before you start. You will notice that this is an interactive block with just search regularly changing. When you insert your HTML code right-click the block and go to the top left and alt between HTML and preview

Another quirk in WP 5

When you pick a heading box it automatically selects H2 and you need to change each one to the size you want. You should work down as you complete the page. Fortunately, when you click the Info (i) it tells you what you have done and you can change it easily by just clicking on the box and picking the size you want

In conclusion

I can only find benefits in this new WordPress 5 product. There will be issues I have not communicated but you can gather those as you use the product. Remember you can always go back but I dare you, never!

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by Peter Hanley


I upgraded to WordPress 5

I upgraded to WordPress 5

I upgraded to WordPress 5, a very brave move considering the changes made but I came away with a positive feeling that all will be OK


I upgraded to WordPress 5

Considering that I upgraded to WordPress 5 a very brave move with the changes made but I came away feeling that maybe this is better than I initially thought.

If you are scared of WordPress 5 and Gutenberg take the journey slowly because it takes a considerable brain shift to get it going.
Gutenberg was a template to ease you into WordPress5 and no longer necessary.

The First thing to do on upgrading

Back up your website using a plug-in or save feature. This is just in case things go bad.
As I host at Wealthy Affiliate they back up for me so this is not a big concern 

You can use WP clone or Update plus plugins as a great free service


Now to download classic editor

The classic editor is a plugin for WordPress5. You can change to the old or new editor simply by activating or deactivating. This is particularly useful when updating old posts. Let’s stick with the new editor for the moment as we whizz through some of the changes.

The little + at the top left

This allows you to add all sorts of boxes to your site and is used every time you want to change a box.

  • Paragraph; The most used writing block
  • Headings; start big and work down
  • Images; import or use library
  • Gallery: this is a group of images
  • Quotes, Adio, covers, files 
  • Embed, this is new and for Youtube etc

When the little + appears you just select what you want to do. In the classic editor, this was fraught with problems as your paragraphs would blend with your headers requiring separation problems and fixes. This is one of my favourite fixes saving heaps of time.

Try to use every block

My first attempt was to try and use every block in my post so I could see how it worked. I could always delete later and you discover just how easy it can be.

I upgraded to WordPress 5

We must remember to fill in the alt image and any links you want. You can go back and right-click the box and edit at any time.

Now for a Gallery

In the past, I had always found this to be hard work but now it is very simple, click on the gallery and add pictures relating to the post

You can see I added words to the pictures to explain why they were there. This took but seconds

Peter Hanley said;

WordPress 5 is really easy and saves you a lot of time.

Testimonials in pages work really well and this one was easy because I am the author of my own destiny.
I also use and recommend a product called Wealthy affiliate and have completed the university degree there.

I used the custom HTML box and inserted my affiliate code supplied by WA. Again a simple process.

The word count

Over 300 words in a post are necessary over 1000 is good and over 1500 is great if you believe the experts. Furthermore, I always use Grammarly that checks on my spelling and writing as an essential free tool.

Where to find the word count

This one had me bamboozled for a while as it has moved from the bottom left of the page in a little box to the top left with a little (i) it said 754 words, 9 headings 16 paragraphs and 22 blocks. A heading and 5H# headings.

This is certainly an advantage over the old counter as it checks all the important points.

Using Yoast

Yes, Yoast is still there in a big Y up the top right criticizing my writing and giving me suggestions to improve my SEO. Once you have two green lights you are good to go. 
We all having writing styles and Yoast has made mine more positive over time to contribute to a better writing style. You just need to accept criticism and use it to your benefit.

Document panel in WordPress5

Before we finish here flip over to the document panel top right.  Here you will complete your categories, tags, visual header and a quick excerpt all to help with SEO. 

In conclusion

There are a few more things you can add in like music and embedded you Tube, but start with the easy stuff and get all that working before moving on. I hope I have given you some support in this new career as a WordPress blogger that has moved on.

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by Peter Hanley