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Blockchain info

Blockchain info


Here Peter Hanley explains more on Blockchain info and some basics everyone in business or on the internet needs to learn and understand.

What is Blockchain?

A series of Blocks of information ( called ledgers) that link together with security encryption.
They are then distributed across the whole network instead of residing in one place (think Google)

Originally established to support Bitcoin management and distribution By a fictional person named  Satoshi Nakamoto. Who or what he is will never be known other than he is credited with this new age network.

The concept behind blockchain is not new. Bitcoin, however, wanted to move money around with total security plus avoiding the banks and all the middleman fees.  Faster, cheaper and more secure.

No expert on Blockchain

First of all, I am not posing as an expert on this.  With any new technology, you will get a variety of information, some good and some bad so where to start.
Let’s start with the banks. They may lose a bundle of money if Blockchain moves quickly into their field. Will they take a negative stance on this or encompass it with Joy. The loss of many billions in income may give them a myopic version of the technology.
Business World Magazine recently considered Blockchain as a potential Scam and took a wait and see approach.

Industries destroyed by Blockchain

A whole host of industries could be wiped out if Blockchain takes over so we will be ambushed by doubters.
Yes, I will agree that some work needs to be done on the concept but the advances are coming so fast that it is changing daily.

Enter Etherium

Lots of companies are now developing the blockchain and one of the main ones is Etherium a Swiss-owned company and second biggest in the US exchange. They provide the technology to others to build a business around this new dynamic.
One of the downsides to Etherium is currently the limit on transaction capacity. They can only provide  3-5 transactions per second and need to ramp up the rate very quickly. Then you have, for example, a Singapore based entry titled Tron who are currently achieving thousands of transactions per second.
I state this just to provide some background on what is being achieved in advancing technology in the space of just a couple of years.

The changing model of Blockchain

The original Bitcoin model had no real owners as it was shared across all users of the network. Etherium changed that to a company model so you now have a choice.

Why the Blockchain model works

The big difference is that with a company like Google, the biggest in the information space, all information resides on the Google Web hubs. Massive storage devises spread around the world storing all your data and being shared as Googe desire.
Blockchain, however, is stored on the computers of users in the network and encrypted so you alone can authorise the use or transaction of your data.

Who will use Blockchain?

The list is extensive and starts of course with financial transactions. Bitcoins and all sorts of new financials.
The health industry will take this up very quickly along with Real Estate,
In fact, the Chinese are investing in research to move the e-commerce market forward using the technology. Music and Video distribution, legal, food, communications (Vodafone), crowdfunding and the list will go on and on.

Blockchain info is important because it is coming so you need a basic understanding for when opportunities present themselves and you will be ready and armed with sufficient information to make an informed decision.

I have listened to Warren Buffet knock the idea then to George Gilder talk it up.
This youtube video is really worth a look.
There is a lot of opinions out there but I consider the flaws in our current system and the benefits that Blockchain adds and I say this is a winner.

Blockchain info a must know

Blockchain info

Blockchain infoPeter Hanley


small business marketing solution

image about keeping your list clean



Here Peter Hanley looks at small business marketing solution and how to lift your business above the rest and make some money without paying out a bundle.

Small business marketing

So you have a small business and you want to push it along and grow more sales.
Having a small business usually indicates a local business catering to a clientele within a radius of about 8 km or say 5 miles.

This is what we call the Mom and Pop stores situated in nearly every town and city across the world.

First things first.

Signage would be my first offering. Although it has a cost it is essential that your business stands out to the passerby. Window decals, flags, Overhead sign saying who you are and what you do will stop them in the tracks.
The “what you do” is called you’re USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and it brings attention to your business. The best Butcher, award-winning pies,  hardware without the hard bits etc.
Give yourself a tag that the world will adopt and believe.

Know your customers

You need to get email addresses, mobile phone numbers and names so that you can contact them later. Building a list is not a nice to do it is a must do.
It will become an asset of the business and the more names the greater the value.

An example.
A local Fish and chip shop ran a couple of entry forms into prises and giveaways when they first opened, Now I get a regular email with the current offer specials. We all line up on a quiet night for our free Squid entre or something similar. They are the latest entry of about 6 shops and have become the busiest.
They took the time.

Support local kids sporting club with a small contribution. The other parents will be loyal and bring their friends to shop with you.

WebPage and SEO

You need a local web page with a Keyword bringing people to your shop.
When people search for you give them a phone number and address because chances are they are looking to come on down. You don’t need the fanciest site in town you just need to tell them about you and what you do.

Social Media

I probably should have had this at the top of the page. It now ranks as one of the most important things you can do but the trick is to own one media.
First of all, we all need to be with LinkedIn. Current picture, good Bio and phone number and address.
Then register with Facebook and Instagram and set up your business accounts. These are free but the flip side is they take time, everyday updates.

Own a media to succeed

That is why I suggest owning just one of these because they demand attention.
I have a lady’s dress shop near me that is the busiest in the area. She posts three to five times a day, every day on Facebook and it works great.
I have family that use Instagram, two to three posts every day. She is a Hairdresser so all the new cuts get posted. It is her only form of marketing and she is fully booked.


Leave the grumpy face at the door.

Customers like to be liked, they want attention and to feel good about the visit so they will return many times.
I frequented a local coffee shop because I liked the woman that owned it. Always greeted by name and made to feel special. There were cheaper and better places around but the personality got me every time. Not just me but the whole clientele.
I went to a Hardware store on the weekend looking for some bolts to put a lock on the gate. The major chain store stated they could not help but to go to a bigger store. As I drove past a small local Hardware store I ducked in to ask the question, the old guy behind the counter stated that I was just approaching the job from the wrong way, do this and this and it will work. I walked out without spending a dime and fixed the Gate. Guess where I will head first next time?

Letter Box drop flyers

Like anything else, it is consistency that makes the difference. Do they work? Businesses would not keep doing them if they got no return.
Make a plan for a time like every two months and work the plan. It won’t work overnight but it will grow over time.

In conclusion

It ends and starts with a plan. Plan your activities, set a budget and follow the plan religiously.
It is so easy to fall off the rails so if you are to busy delegate, outsource or spend an Hour on a weekend just make sure it gets done.
Regularly blog to the website, post pics to your chosen social media every day.
Discover email marketing SMS marketing and any new form and make it work for you.

This can also be found at my free training site with everything you need to know about small business marketing solutions.



small business marketing solution

Peter Hanley

Small business marketing solutions by Peter Hanley

Find telephone numbers on a website

Find telephone numbers on a website


 tried to find telephone numbers on a website and came up with a host of options. I explain where the telephone number should be and why

Why have a telephone number on a website?

First of all, it depends on your purpose with the website.
If you are a local company, Trades-person, selling real items to real market people who want to call you. Your website is there to do the selling so how do they sign off the deal.
Making a website booking is fine but what if they want more?
Every website in this category should have a telephone number but where?

If it is a basic blog site or funnel and you are trying to get email addresses then a telephone number may not be necessary.

Finally, if you want personal interaction then show a number, but where?

Are there different types of numbers on a website?

Depending on the country in which you reside there will be a range of numbers from local, national, and what is generally known as Free call numbers.
1800. 800, 0800, etc. Plus of course Mobile numbers.
Each of these has a different market and should not be used in error or you may spoil your opportunities.

Local Numbers.

The traditional linchpin of numbers It says local business, reallocation, Ok to deal with and probably known with local marketing.

When your market is local you only want to deal with local people.

Countrywide market

Because your market is countrywide you need a different approach.

800 style numbers

Perhaps you can then hide behind an 800 number. Or, you could be anywhere you are not defined by a location. When you have size, more than one outlet, and are still prepared to deal locally.

Mobile numbers

A mobile number says local guy or Gal, works from home could be ok but lacks backup and support.

Now the world is International. Calls can be made from anywhere to anyone with one exception, you can not generally call an 800 number from overseas.

So what does your number say about you?

Can you see how your number could affect your business both good and bad?

Now I operate a national business so I use an 800 number for the business.
I have a local number for in-state marketing and contact and I offer my mobile for quick contact. Yep, all three are targeted specifically at a market but used in different media.

Where should the number be on a website

If you are a local or national business.

Let’s just step back a bit and look at the purpose of a website.
The website is there to inform potential clients about you and your products.
In these days of instant search, we often look for a phone number or address to search for you So why not make it easy to do.
I have mine on the front page because may just want that. Make it hard and lose them altogether.

Nearly every day I do a google search for a company to get a calling number. I want it easy and displayed clearly on my Mobile phone and not have to search>

Do this and see a difference

Do not send customers from your website to your Facebook page.


The Facebook page or Instagram is to entertain and send them to your website that gets them to you to sign the deal. How often have you visited a social media site only to flit around being entertained? We all do it and often never return.

Saying that, make sure you have contact details on these pages as well just in case they want to buy something.

Internet-based website

In this case, a phone number is not required but some contact regime is necessary, in the comments or an email address.

In conclusion

I have provided you with an insight into numbers that you can use to your benefit. Use them well and comment below.

Finally, you can learn everything about your
website, marketing, and numbers at this free training

Find telephone numbers on a website by Peter Hanley

Find telephone numbers on a websitePeter Hanley



Find telephone numbers on a website by Peter Hanley

Small business marketing strategies

Does Affiliate marketing work

Blockchain and your business

Blockchain and your business

Blockchain and your business

Here Peter Hanley looks at Blockchain and your business. What is Blockchain and how will it affect you in the future. You need to understand the technology.

Blockchain was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 to serve as the public transaction ledger of the cryptocurrency bitcoin.[] The invention of the blockchain for bitcoin made it the first digital currency to solve the double-spending problem without the need of a trusted authority or central server. The bitcoin design has inspired other applications, and blockchains which are readable by the public are widely used by cryptocurrencies. Private blockchains have been proposed for business use. Sources such as the Computerworld called the marketing of such blockchains without a proper security model “snake oil”

Is Blockchain good or is it Snakeoil?

Far be it for me to dispute such an erstwhile magazine as Computerworld but I am about to start.

Computer World stated that;
Blockchain is good for low trust engagement where you don’t know who you’re dealing with, you have low trust with that person or business, but you have a ledger or series of ledgers that can give you some validation or some support,” he said.

They also said Blockchain won’t take on:

that DTA is “not saying blockchain doesn’t have potential” but there are challenges around a lack of standardisation and consequent fragmentation.“When we get to a better standardisation the opportunities for blockchain will grow,” he said.

The opportunities for Blockchain technology is mind-boggling as we advance into a new generation.
In basis, the spread of public information in blocks is controlled by the sender and receiver and no one else can affect the outcome.

The first uses were for Cryptocurrency because there is no central database. In Fact, Blockchain is aligned with Cryptocurrencies as the transaction vehicle that makes it safe for anyone to use.
This allows the movement away from banking controlled systems and becomes truly international in its outcome.

Will the Financial monopoly stop or join Blockchain

To start with  I believe the banking industry will negatively slam the technology following the old Tobacco road. It’s not bad for your health.
A couple of court cases and adverse publicity will be front and centre until realisation sets in. BlockChain technology is here to stay.

A brief description of the technology

Blockchain. a transfer mechanism for secure data.

Cryptology The coding required for security.

Bitcoin   A standard of currency. There are many new ones of these.

So Blockchain and Bitcoins  are completely different, Currency is the money and Blockchain is the distribution medium

As technology expands the use of Blockchain will be an everyday matter not only for money but many other forms of contact.
It is not a fad, the same as many new products the uptake has its sceptics.

Bitcoin values an explanation

You, like me, maybe a bit confused about Bitcoin values. A Bitcoin is currently worth about au$9000  so who can spend that?

The Bitcoin network can never exceed 21 million coins. This is because  Bitcoin and similar currencies like  Litecoin are divisible into nearly infinitesimal amounts. In fact, the minimum quantity of transferable Bitcoin is one hundred millionth of a Bitcoin (0.00000001 Bitcoins) known colloquially as one “Satoshi.” Users of either currency should, therefore, have no difficulty purchasing low-priced goods or services, regardless of how high the general price of an undivided single Bitcoin or Litecoin.
In the olden days, the dollar or pound was based around the value of gold.
A value that could change overnight so how is this so remarkably different.

In the olden days of Money.

You transfer funds from a bank to a central agency who transfer to a bank to you. Simple. Time a few days
Now you post a ledger to a recipient a Miner creates the transfer for a small fee and the transaction is complete. Time a few minutes

Is Blockchain International

Now back to Blockchain the technology that allows something like an International currency to work.

The growth of Google will come to an end because it relies on its own computing power. Some 80 centres around the world all nearing peak load.

Cryptocosm is the new architecture for a world currency and data sharing. Banks will fight it tooth and nail because it will destroy a way of business.
A Blockchain distribution network is an architecture for the world currency. Faster, cheaper and more secure as it grows beyond the status quo

Blockchain and your business

You should learn all about ledgers and miners and end to end security and how Blockchain is like your DNA it can’t be changed.
The point is that it is coming faster than you think.
An example is a post just like this on the net, the post is owned by Google and they can distribute it as they desire without returning income to you. With Blockchain technology, you can own the data and distribute it for value when you desire.

This is the first article on this as we all need to understand where it is taking us.

You can learn more at The Wealthy Affiliate who provide free internet training for everyone.

Blockchain and your businessPeter Hanley


Blockchain and your business by Peter Hanley

Reach, definition applied to marketing

starting an Internet business

Reach, definition applied to marketing

Here Peter Hanley looks at Reach, definition applied to marketing and how it affects you in your search to make an online income.

It is always good to look for a definition of a word and here it states

Reach, or reaching is a synonym for come, coming, arrive, arriving, attend, attending etc. In Australia, we also use it for vomiting so If I am making you sick just switch over to my free training A Wealthy Affiliate

I  thought this is an opportunity to reach into your planning and your attempts to make money online.

It is hard work and I am sure you will agree but the great thing is that it is possible.
Possible for anyone at any age.
You have many ways to make it big and land a stay at home job.
The main thing is you need to pick a direction, make your plan and follow the plan to success. You stay in the plan until you reach your objective.

You don’t reach out for every shinney object, this is possible if you are following the road you chose. Diversion tactics are everywhere and all they do is scuttle your attempts at reaching the finish line.

Training is important on the web.

You must be trained in what you do. You are the master in your product.
It might be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, affiliate marketing, web page building, SEO, writing or any number of online situations.

Just stay focused until you reach a goal. Off course you can reach out to others for support and we offer that at Wealthy Affiliate with a great community to help.

I had a problem today

Just today I had a problem with a new Affiliate program being launched and I wanted to understand it better, Scam or opportunity  I was unsure.
So I posted on the forum and asked the question

Five minutes later about a dozen replies on what others had experienced so I had content for a scam alert. I had reached out for help.
Some of the relies were average, not everyone has the answers but two of them filled in all the gaps.

What I want you to do is achieve your online goals with a minimum of time wasting.
We all do it, sidetracked to attention getters at any drop of the hat. Now is the time to check my emails so back in a moment….. Great news item on the Cricket in Bangladesh that needed reading, oh and what is Kym Kashadarian wearing today, boy some cleavage.

Ok, back to where I was.

I try to work hard in work bites of 30 to 45 minutes where I avoid distractions and set a goal. It might be 300 words, picture gathering, keyword research it matters not other than focus.

I am working my plan to reach a goal and market my product and you should as well.

I Rang my daughter the other day and said What’s Up.
She replied that she was dithering with a subject that required Attention.
We worked out there was just two maybe three thirty minute blocks until picking up the kids after school. Now her decision was to waste that time or make the most of it.

Reach, definition applied to marketing
Focus set in and the writing was completed, the kids picked up and no pressure regarding unfinished work carried into Kid Time.

How do you know stuff

You need some training and I use the free service offered by the Wealthy Affiliate to cover everything I do online.
I also recommend the service and make a buck but that is another story. It is, without doubt, the best value product on the market for everything web and marketing.
Don’t believe me as a lone voice. Reach out to others using the site and get their opinion. Cost you nothing and plenty to gain.


You can say thanks later.

Reach, definition applied to marketingPeter Hanley



Webtalk, Scam alert

Webtalk, Scam alert

Webtalk Review – Is it a scam

Webtalk Scam alert. The latest scam or the best thing to come to market Will, you make money or lose a load. Here we cover the issues

I am in some doubt about this new product. I have taken the time to consider it further

Website: Webtalk. co
Price: Free forever Plan (with options to upgrade for additional services soon)

Owner: RJ Garbowicz is listed as The Founder and CEO

Webtalk Introduction

This is a product that should equal Facebook in its reach and provide valuable income from the Beta testers.
Unfortunately, they have been making these claims for nearly 10 years without achieving a whole lot. Webtalk, Scam alert

It sounds great, the promises are exciting but something is wrong here.
I am a user and collecting the following but I have put the breaks on with concern.

 Webtalk, Scam alert

Pros and Cons

Pros of Webtalk Account

  • Free Forever Plan, well maybe?

  • Ability to Use on a personal and professional level.
    This is a good feature and you can have your lists

  • Opportunity to generate revenue through sharing content, well maybe?

  • Control what is seen by your contacts, perhaps

  • Develop new contacts for business. This works well.

  • The Founder is very active and provides a lot of videos and posts to help new users.

Cons of Webtalk:

  • It is not  NEW and pretty ordinary in appearance

  • Beta Mode could well be just a marketing ploy

  • Affiliate Programs are  promised but vague

Product Overview

The site is vaguely similar to other social media sites
And perhaps it comes as a Facebook copy with LinkedIn set up.

The user is listed with an extensive profile similar to LinkedIn.
The interesting part is that you can divide professional and personal profiles and what they can see.
However, they have a real opportunity to share you with the greater world if this is a scam. They say you will be able to see and share with other media in the future. This is a wait-and-see.

The pagers are littered, a bit harsh, and loaded  with ads
of interest, you have recently clicked.
I suppose this is ok to income build the site but distracting.

The site is hard to use.


See more on this Webtalk Product Demo

Affiliate Program


The affiliate program is coming and provides endless opportunities to make money. They have a five-level income tier that seems to be all the rage at the moment. (see Shop.com)

This looks great and leads to instant wealth with a great big What if.
It is not, however, a pyramid scheme if this concerns you. This method has been proven to be a Multilevel income program

As of today (October 2018), Webtalk’s affiliate program has not been launched and will not be available until some time in the future.

People can only join by invitation so this starts the linking process and supports the algorithm-building process.

Webtalk claims great growth with Alexia ranking in the top 33, 000 websites around the world.

Webtalk says they will offer the best of all worlds into one site. The best on Facebook, the best on LinkedIn, and a host of other ideas.
There is talk of a CRM system ( Slack) and cloud hosting (Dropbox) where both CRM and hosting are chargeable markets. I believe the charges will start and you might make some money.

To the members and users at the site, the company is allowing all users to build a group of affiliates by referring people to the site. You can join for free and invite others to join for free right now. Everything is tracked through the system. When the affiliate program is ready, you can simply join and earn from the people you introduced to Webtalk.


I have joined  Webtalk and I see friends from the Wealthy affiliate on the site that is sufficiently savvy to understand this is OK.
I am also starting to see RED flags being waived over the promises on the site and poor quality presentation. Plus the time they have been around
in Beta mode without a real product

At this stage, I am a fence sitter. However, I suggest you proceed with caution. It is free at this stage but upgrades are coming, no affiliate program yet so let’s keep in touch as we investigate this further.

You need an invite from someone that is already a member. I would be happy to send you an invite and answer your questions. – Here is the Link to your invite

Webtalk, scam alert by Peter Hanley


image of authorPeter Hanley

PS: The free training at  The Wealthy Affiliate covers many of these issues and teaches you all the necessary skills to understand. Webtalk scam alert exposed

Webtalk Scam alert by Peter Hanley

Mobe v Wealthy Affiliate

Does Affiliate marketing work

Affiliate marketing networks

Affiliate marketing networks

Affiliate marketing networks


Do you need Affiliate marketing networks and how to use them to your best advantage in making money online? A brief outline by Peter Hanley.


Affiliate marketing explanation

First of all Affiliate marketing as explained by Wiki as;

“Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts”

In short, you recommend and sell someone else’s product and get paid for it. No stock, no billing and sometimes recurring revenue.
The biggest example is Amazon consequently a raft of opportunities.

Where to find affiliate marketing networks

You start with Amazon and move on from there. As I am in the training area I am an Affiliate for the Wealthy Affiliate where you get free entry into the training package that is really packed with value.

The Jaaxy Keyword tool is another great example where people need to use this. AWeber is another for sending emails.

Be careful though and research well before you start

Do networks work for affiliate marketing

Networks are good for all sorts of marketing as you share ideas and income sources. In fact, most affiliates start close to home recommending those in contact including family and friends.
Furthermore, it leads into other opportunities that you can learn from


What can you achieve from networking

Affiliate marketing networks

Every new local contact is a possible source of income plus those contacts that are made on the web adding to your list. Joining groups and networking them is a sure fire way to getting traction.
Some people do it better than others even making a career out of network clubs and associations.
I admit to being a poor networker but every time I do I believe I pick up a new contact.

The Wealthy Affiliate network, a real opportunity

At Wealthy Affiliate, you have a network of thousands of like-minded people. However direct selling is not allowed but learning from others provides great opportunities to advance your skill set.
Social media is a form of networking that can work for you developing new and current contacts. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn are all examples of networking in the new age.

Finally, a new one to hit the market is Webtalk where you need to be introduced in the beta testing mode.



Affiliate marketing networks are everywhere and opportunities will come from your active participation.

Image of authorPeter Hanley



The best keyword research tool

The best keyword research tool

The best keyword research tool

What is the best keyword research tool? Here Peter Hanley looks at keyword research, what it means to you and what you can do with it.

What is a Keyword

“The best Keyword research tool” is actually a Keyword. It is what is typed into Google or Yahoo to find what you are looking for. That my friend is how you got here.
Some words have lots and lots of searches so you may get lost in the maze but other words are easier to near the front.
This is why they have what are called long tail Keywords so the search is made easier.
“Timber” is a Keyword but boy is it busy.  205 million searches
“Oregon timber in planks in Texas” makes the search more local. 1,750,000
So to pick a good Keyword you need some research.
Oregontimberplanks in Waco Texas. 5 searches and only two selling things.
But what tool do you use to find this?

Why have a Keyword

As you can see Keywords are the search terms to find you online.  Just like finding a street address. The words need to narrow down the search to minimal competition.
You want to be found for not only your name and webpage but for what you sell as well. If you only sell Oregon timber promote that but you may also sell Pinewood planks, a whole different search term. We may end up in the same location in Waco but from a different direction.

How to choose a Keyword

There are several important criteria when setting up a keyword.
How many monthly searches go to the keyword.
No searches or too many
How many searches to page one
Page one gets about 80% or more of all search results
How many people on this exact match keyword
This is the number of people you need to leapfrog to get seen
Your SEO score
A figure based on search results

So how do you find this out?

The best keyword research tool

The best Keyword tool

The first keyword tool is a basic google search. Think up your Keyword and Type it into google and then refine as you go along. pretty easy.
Then there is the free Jaaxy tool shown below. This gives you the results plus other recommendations.

Jaaxy pro or Noble Samurai have a professional service as you get better at this.

Is the Keyword tool free

Jaaxy basic is free with Wealthy Affiliate, Google is free and you go up from there. As a new start use Jaaxy free until you need to spend money

Wow, Jaaxy is so good.

Jaaxy is so good, it tells you what you need to know and recommends other ideas to sharpen your choice


For the amateurs among us, Jaaxy basic is fine for everyday use for the more professional the paid version gives you even more.

The best keyword research toolpeter Hanley


Is writing a blog important?

Earn money on the internet

Is writing a blog important?

Is writing a blog important? Here Peter Hanley discusses blog writing and the change it can have on your business success for the long term.

Why write a blog

Th purpose of a blog is many folds but mostly to maintain a band of followers that buy from your website. Let’s begin at the end and realise that we are trying to sell a product online and that our website is the vehicle of choice.

Social media, blogs and similar all take people to your website to be sold.
So your blog is a tool to get attention, gather interest and build desire.

Who do you write a blog for

So we now understand why we are writing a blog and will continue to use this end result knowledge in building the word scape to create interest.

Target interested readers with a good Keyword and interest.


What are the results of writing a blog

A blog is all about SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. When Mr Google recognises you as having an effect on the reading community he elevates you in the search engines so more people read your blog, then go to your sales page and buy a result.

Without this interaction, you are missing out on traffic and as you know traffic is important, the number of visitors that may buy something eventually.

So a Blog is a delivery mechanism for traffic.
When your readership grows and you get a lot of followers some will sell advertising on the blog. You have seen it, a nicely written story with pop up ads everywhere. That is because the blog writer gets a financial hit when an add is looked at.
You will still find a redirect to the main product of the writer probably to read more blogs and see more adds.

The internet is an advertising medium use it to your best interest.

A Blog and Social media

Social media is entertainment but contains a business element. You can use social media to drive readers to your website. You don’t use a website to drive people to social media, there is nothing to buy there. My belief is that Social media and a blog perform a similar role. they entertain the reader and deliver them to a selling page. They do this whilst helping your total SEO. So, yes you have both.
Remember, people get lost on Social media. They read your post and then wander off in all directions reading rubbish and being stimulated by gossip and nicety of family picks.
you don’t want readers to get lost you want to funnel them in a direction, a direction that ends in a sale.

Pictures in a Blog

Is writing a blog important?

Pictures work everywhere, that is why Instagram achieves a result. A warning though use pictures that have a purpose and link to the content. Or perhaps a pretty girl working on a blog.

Also headings in a blog

Similarly, headings are also important as many read headings until their interest button gets a hit. Start from an H1 or 2 and work down

Links in a Blog

Hey, a link in a blog might just take them somewhere else and never see them come back.
So you need to be selective in your linking to retain the reader focus on your product.
You can link to another website and bring them back when they have satisfied the reason for the search>
Yes, you can link to your website and keep them heading to the finish line.
As I have said above, never take them back to a social page and lose them in entertainment

Linking to authority sites is good because Google likes that and they are not selling against you I use Wikipedia a lot to explain situations.

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Coffee and Marketing

Coffee and Marketing

Coffee and Marketing

What is this Coffee and Marketing all about. Here Peter Hanley uses Coffee as a way to the market that you can use in your business.

First of all, it helps if you make a plan and focus on what needs to be done.  Never start a marketing campaign without having your morning coffee or even two.

What can coffee be?

Coffee and Marketing
It can be a drawcard as a giveaway so you buy other products. Free or cheap coffee.
McDonald’s do this with cheap coffee and seniors free coffee to get people to buy burgers.
It can be the main product as in coffee shops but they still take you to the food they sell.

Coffee wholesalers give away the machines that make coffee for free so you buy their coffee in bulk.
Coffee shops give coffee away. An example is one cup free for every ten bought with coffee cards and the like.

Coffee retailers give away biscuits and bits to encourage sales.
Milk comes included plus sugar off course unless you want something like Soya milk or Almond milk then it may not be free.
So let’s have a recap here.

We buy the coffee for very little from the poorest countries in the world.
We give the retailer a machine to make the coffee
Then Free take away mugs, sugar and sweeteners
Plus we give one coffee free for every ten bought.

Is something wrong with this coffee model?

The margin on a  retail cup of  Coffee is huge with a 20 times markup but who gets the most out of it.
It is a volume business from start to finish with only the consumer picking up the tab for the whole chain.

Nespresso and the coffee market.

Coffee and Marketing

Now here is a marketing plan that has taken coffee to a new level. I believe it is based on the fundamentals of APPLE.
Stylish, modern, very functional, can’t be copied easily and repeat business.
You pay more for a Pod than it costs to make a retail coffee with Cup, milk, sugar and accessories so what can go wrong.
The machines are cheap to get you in and then the marketing is really swish to keep you locked.
even George Clooney gets a cut

What’s all this got to do with your business?

We all have different businesses so the principles may vary but you should learn from what you can.
Have a high margin so you can give something away.
Use that high margin product as a giveaway.
An example:
A friend of mine runs a Fresh food shop in a local area. At the front of the store, he has a Coffee section and a Flower section that is designed to attract clients. Works well
Within 100 meters there are five opposition coffee outlets all trying for the same customers. Two new ones started that meant sales were down.
In Sams case, the coffee is a drawcard for other sales and not his main product.
What Sam did was to discount his coffee, one price any size take away coffee all day.
Added a nice biscuit and a few frills as well.
The result was an increase in coffee turnover by about 5 times plus in-store sales increased by a satisfactory amount.

Leverage your sales value.

Coffee and Marketing

Just selling coffee will never make you rich unless you are Starbucks I suppose.
Think about this. If you sell 300 coffees a day you earn say $900 gross.
now on a 10 hour day, that’s one every  2 minutes so you are travelling.
Overheads are fixed so your margin is locked in.
But throw in a Cake, Pie, sandwich and you take your sales up many times.

So how can you leverage in your market?

I run a message service for business, base service,  recurring income billed every month.
Then I do a Maccas and ask if they want fries with that.
A professional message, another service, extra calls all things that add extra value to the base sale. Still one invoice, one customer three or more times the value.

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In the training at the Wealthy Affiliate, they show you how to leverage your internet income by value adding a base product to increase your opportunity to make extra money without extra cost


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